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on July 5, 2014
Saunders is the best Review for the NCLEX hands down. I can't personally say that I have tried other books, but I'll start off by saying that I passed the NCLEX. On my first try. With 1 month to study. After being out of nursing school for a year without reviewing.

For reasons that are too long to detail here, I was having difficulty scheduling my NCLEX due to various factors. Due to some miscommunication mostly on my part, I found that they had scheduled me to take the NCLEX and had given me a test date which was exactly one month away. You can imagine the overwhelming panic that came over me as I realized I had been out of nursing school since December 2012, and it was now mid-January 2014. Anyone reading this that is thinking of "taking a break" from nursing after graduating before preparing for the NCLEX... do not wait a year like I did. This will help prevent a lot of unnecessary stress.

The tools I used to review included this book (the Kindle version) which is the 6th edition, and NCSBN's learning extension review for the NCLEX online. Now the reason that I purchased the Kindle version of Saunders was because I had ordered the physical copy of the Saunders 5th Edition book and it was taking much longer than expected to arrive to me. At the time I was living in a small town in Alaska, and Barnes & Noble or was not readily available to me to purchase an NCLEX review book. As I became more and more anxious for the 5th Edition to come in, I could not NOT study and wanted a textbook in addition to the lessons online on NCSBN. I opted to purchase the Kindle edition of this book so that it could be delivered to me right away electronically and I could begin reviewing. I wanted the physical copy of the 5th edition for a reason though. Many reviews online from students expressed that the CD that comes with the 5th edition hard copy was very valuable and the practice questions and lessons on the CD helped other studying students tremendously. That CD was what I was after, to help me review & master the material that I would be going over in the book. I had an issue with the 5th edition not coming with that CD... and other reviewers online had the same concern.
But I will clear the air and say to anyone using the CD as a deal breaker between these two editions, the 6th edition may not come with the CD, but it comes with an online membership to a website containing the EXACT SAME MATERIAL found on the physical CD that comes with the 5th Edition! Once I received the 5th Edition in the mail I was able to compare the two, and really, the content on the Saunders review website with the 6th Edition is the same as the content on the CD with the 5th Edition. Even more, the content of the entire book of the 6th Edition is nearly identical to the content within the 5th Edition. The difference between the two texts are unnoticeable besides the fact that the content is reordered in the 6th Edition.

The content in these books were incredibly informative. For someone who had not reviewed for a long time, I was able to get back into the swing of things using these texts, and the "Pyramid Points" were absolutely KEY to remember. Every chapter was equipped with important, to the point information, highlighting facts & strategies that were imperative to remember. Each chapter then concluded with review questions that were similar to what I was actually tested on. I would also recommend the audio reviews on the CD or review website. Use the testing strategies that are outlined in these books. When I was stumped on a question because I just didn't know the answer from not knowing the content, I was able to use the strategies they taught to narrow down options to find the right answer.

When I took the exam I used up the whole time and I answered questions at my own pace. I tried to not feel rushed, and I didn't really utilize the breaks except for once. At the time I took it, I didn't feel completely confident that I passed, but at the same time I knew that I had been prepared well and a lot of the content I was tested on had been covered in my Saunders texts. A couple days later I found out that I passed!

What a gratifying feeling, and I do owe it to Saunders mostly, and in part to NCSBN's review, but if I could weight it I would give Saunders 89% of the credit and 11% of it to NCSBN. Bottom line, I would recommend these books, both the 5th and 6th edition, to any nursing student preparing for the NCLEX. If I could pass the NCLEX studying only for 1 month (technically, 3.25 weeks, as I was delayed in starting from waiting for the 5th edition to come in before I began studying with the 6th edition on Kindle), and I had been out of school for over a year, then you definitely can pass using these tools especially if you have a lot more time to study than I did.

Hopefully this helps! Good luck to all studying!

Nicole, RN-BSN ;)
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on May 28, 2014
This book is actually harder than the test. After the first 10 NCLEX questions I knew I had it in the bag :) Good luck future test takers!
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on December 11, 2014
I didn't understand why I was getting such horrible grades on my exams in nursing school. The questions are never str8 foward and they were always complicated. Finally I said I need to start practicing NCLEX style questions everyday to understand how to answer my exam questions. It works and I earned my B+. Hope this works for fellow nursing students that struggle like I did
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on December 6, 2015
Saunders, you've been faithful to me since I took my NCLEX-PN board exam. Last year Dec 2014 I took my NCLEX-RN board exam and aced the test with only 75 questions. This book is very comprehensive. Do yourself a favor, buy this. I am now a RN working as a school nurse.
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on March 16, 2015
Used this book along with another well known test taking strategy program to help me pass my NCLEX on first try with 75 questions. Great for content review and the questions were also good.

TIP-- Get the cheaper yellow one... My friend and I compared the books and there was VERY little difference. Save yourself some money :)
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on December 22, 2016
I've had this book for about a year, since my very first semester in nursing school. I initially planned to use it to study, but soon felt overwhelmed with all the readings and assignments coming in that I felt too overwhelmed to open it. THAT WAS A MISTAKE. In the middle of my 3rd semester I was doing all of the readings and assignments and my tests scores were slipping so I decided to try something different and read sections in this book that correlate with the concepts I was learning. This book is so easy to follow and has such great information. It had all the important information covered in my assigned readings, plus more! My test grades went back up! I'm now entering my last semester and I'm definitely going to be using this book from the start...
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on August 10, 2016
This book was very helpful when studying for the NCLEX, espeically the first few chapters on tips/tricks for the test and it gives you a very good picture of what they are looking for. My school used the Kaplan program, but I only used it for practice tests online- never looked at the book(s) they gave us. I would take a kaplan test, review what I was weak on/strong on and then refer back to this book for more reading/brushing up. It explains concepts very well and has charts that are very helpful as well! My friends in school used this book as well, though maybe not exactly in the same way I did; regardless we all passed in 75 questions!!! Some of the questions in the book are a bit easy, others aren't, so you definiely need another resource like Kaplan to practice going through as many questions as possible- seriously, do as mnay practice questions as you can and then review them to see what you got wrong, WHY you got it wrong/right. The best advice I ever got, was that the 'right' answer nay not always be the credited (one you get points for) .
Id also recommend the NCLEX mastery app for your phone, bc they have great questions on all topics and it's nice to have if you're wating on your oil to be changed, or friends to show up, etc. you can get a few questions in!
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on October 6, 2015
Saunders has good pathophysiology review (great for Med Surg 1!), but I've found that the questions don't prepare you for the NCLEX or exams in nursing school, especially select all that apply!

My Med Surg 2 class was killer, and the exams consisted of 50% select all that apply questions, a-e option, no partial credit. It was brutal, to say the least. What did we all use to prepare for the same rigor? Lippincott-this is what the professor told us to use. If you "weren't getting a 90% or above" two days before the exam using Lippincott, we weren't going to pass her exams.

Even our professors at our top Boston ABSN school had told us Saunders does not well reflect NCLEX rigor, although the content is the same. This is just what was reflected at my particular school, but from my exams having just been through many ABSN exams-Saunders doesn't reflect the rigor. I do love the outlines and feel it's worth the money for this reason alone.
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on September 8, 2016
I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions, although it wasn't entirely because of this book. This book is great content review, I read it cover to cover, however most of the questions are not "Competency Level" NCLEX questions. The questions are good to help you learn the content but I highly recommend Uworld for NCLEX level questions with amazing rationales.
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on September 7, 2016
I am currently in my second semester of nursing school (I will graduate after 2 more semesters) and have had this book since the beginning. I mainly purchased this book based on previous reviews to help me get through my classes. This book has been THE BEST investment I have made during my nursing school career so far! I have been able to use this to supplement my studying for ALL of my classes. Nursing text books are dense, and Saunders does an excellent job at pulling out the most important material and simplifying the information in a way that you will remember what you have read.There are also tons of NCLEX style questions in the sections, along with a code to access more, plus their rationales. The questions, overall, are not all that challenging; however, reading the rationales is extremely helpful when learning the material and how the information may be applied in a question or situation. Ever since I started REALLY using this book to help me study for my exams, my grades improved and I was actually spending slightly fewer hours trying to learn the information because I was able to understand it better the first time when reading the simplified content. I could not vouch for how helpful this book is in regards to passing the NCLEX exam itself, but it is a great review for the content/information and it was worth purchasing for how much it has helped me in school so far. I highly recommend this to nursing students. The earlier on you get it, the better off you will likely be.
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