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on May 23, 2014
I wish someone could have saved me from reading this book. My only defense is that I have enjoyed Ms. Scattoline's previous works of fiction so much I felt obligated to stick with this tripe until the end.
One interesting fact: I now know what chirped the car means. She must have used it a few hundred times throughout the novel.
I found the book to be bland to the point of aud nauseum until page 160 to be precise. Then things started to pick up when some lawyers entered the plot. Unfortunately this was a short lived respite.
To sum it up quickly there is a mother named Rose and her daughter Melly who has a large birthmark who is teased at school. There is an explosion and Rose is blamed for not saving one of the bullies and rescuing her own daughter instead. She plays the role of victim for most of the story as she is consumed with guilt. Add to the mix a cookie cutter portrait of a husband who we never get to know and characters we don't give a fig about.
Normally I would feel so bad for a child who is teased and left out of schools typical cliques but this child seemed extremely immature and needy to the point I wanted to tell her to shut up and read another Harry Potter book. Only her mother annoyed me more.
There is actually an interesting subplot in this heinous excuse for a book that details an event in Roses past where she once (spoiler alert!) ran over a little boy who raced in front of her car as a teenager, and she has carried the burden of this guilt with her all her life. THIS was very believable. I just wish the rest of the book was.
In the last third of this novel Rose suddenly dons invisible superwoman clothes and discovers (spoiler alert!) hidden far fetched and totally unbelievable conspiracies involving sending peanuts to foreign countries so their children would die of peanut allergies-a crooked politician involved in murder and the peanuts, and the list goes on.
Superhero Rose dyes her hair and dons disguises. A metamorphism that no one in their right mind would believe.
What we have here is a very boring and tedious book that seems to go on forever and then an absurd ending tacked on which I still find hard to believe Ms. Scattoline wrote, yet I know in my heart of hearts she did.
Since this book I have read a few terrific books by her so do NOT use this novel as a template for the authors talent. We all have a clinker now and then. Being a writer I know this too well.
Read her last three novels and you will be happily surprised. Skip this one by all means. And to all a good night.
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on April 4, 2013
The story line is interesting ... what choice would you make in a fire if children who had been harassing your child were in your care and your child had to be found? The moral dilemma occupies most of the book with the mystery involved taking a back seat. The main character alternates between mother's angst and aggressive behavior in sleuthing... maybe true to life, but not to my taste.

LIsa is focusing on motherhood in her recent books and this one spends way too much time ruminating on the nature of it.
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on December 29, 2014
I thought the story was compelling until just after her past was revealed. Then, to me, it became a little convoluted and a little unbelievable in what I would call the superhero Mom part. I actually was wondering if another writer wrote this part of the book. I read this as a selection for my monthly book club. It is the first Lisa Scottoline book I have read and I am not sure I will read another. I would recommend this to women interested in Chick Light Lit or young female readers. There were relevant themes covered in this book and we should have a good book club discussion.
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on June 13, 2017
Not sure why I bothered to finish this book. I guess I was hoping it would get better. It didn't, it actually got worse.
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on May 14, 2017
I thought this novel started pretty slow, but then I realized I had no idea what direction the story line was going . A very suspenseful read with an outcome, fair to all involved .
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When Rose McKenna and her family move to a small Pennsylvania town, they are hoping for a more supportive environment. But this has not turned out to be the case, and the bullying that traumatized young Melly in previous settings has followed them to this small, peaceful town; for Melly has a large birthmark on her cheek, and suffers regular taunts and teasing.

Volunteering at the school in the lunch room offers Rose the opportunity to oversee things and to provide a safety net, of sorts. But on one tragic day, the cafeteria explodes, endangering lives. Rose's efforts to direct the children outdoors to safety, and then return to find her daughter trapped in the bathroom, leads to applause for the "hero mom," only to have the tide turn drastically when other mothers blame Rose for endangering another child. For seemingly, Amanda, one of the biggest bullies, did not make it outside to safety and lies in Intensive Care in a coma.

The media frenzy skewers Rose as negligent, with hints of criminal prosecution and lawsuits hanging over her head, even as she sits beside her daughter's bedside, awaiting her recovery from smoke inhalation.

Moral, legal, and ethical themes provide a backdrop for this series of events, beginning with the media frenzy, legal posturing, and serious dilemmas that have arisen from the tragedy. Rose is determined to get to the bottom of what happened that day, but as she asks questions, more arise, leading her down a pathway and on a journey to construction companies, local factories, and politicians. Wending her way through her questions, she uncovers more and more clues pointing to blackmail, conspiracy, and murder.

What connects a construction company, a potato chip factory, and a politician? What do any of them have to do with the fire in the cafeteria? And what unique situation lies at the center of it all?

Scottoline has a talent for leading the reader on a nail biting journey, turning those pages rapidly in the pursuit of answers to these questions. I couldn't help but love the characters of Rose, her husband Leo, and especially the plucky Harry Potter reading Melly. Save Me is about so much more than the initial questions of who you would save during a tragedy. It led to questions about responsibility, negligence, and what nefarious individuals might do for profit and fame. Five stars.
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on May 18, 2011
SAVE ME by Lisa Scottoline

With only a split second to decide between finding your child or helping other people's children, what would you do? What if the other children were bullies? That issue is the subject of this emotionally powerful novel by Lisa Scottoline. Most mothers will easily relate to this story and identify with Rose, the mother in this story who is faced with these issues and many more. How do you feel when your child is bullied? How fast can you think in a crisis?

Melly, Rose's daughter, is born with a wine-stained birthmark on her cheek, which has been a constant source for bullies to tease and mock her so severely, that the family has up and relocated to a new town and school district that holds to a "zero tolerance" policy toward bullying. Nevertheless, Melly falls victim to the same treament by one of her new classmates.

It seems that all too often in bullying cases, the victim is considered to have done something to cause it. Even in schools with a 'zero tollerance' policy, staff and volunteers will look the other way, and consider teasing a normal childhood behavior. If there isn't hitting involved, it's not thought of a real 'bullying'. Many expect the victim to somehow figure out a way to stop the teasing by being more socially acceptable.

This book deals with bullying, forgiveness, making good choices, and even the issue of local's bonding together and being negative toward outsiders. As our society becomes more and more mobile, one would think that we would not be so closed toward new comers...but, in many communities it is very difficult for new people to 'break in' and connect with their new community.

In this time in our society when bullying is at its highest levels, Ms. Scottoline's book is very timely. She has given us well-written, relatable characters, and this book is a page-turner guaranteed to keep you up long into the night to finish the book.
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on July 3, 2013
This story didn't really get started for me until about 1/3 of the way through the book. The author really takes her time developing this story. So much time, in fact, that I found the first several chapters difficult to get through. The painful pace, and a seemingly unimaginative set of characters had me just about to give up when the story really began. A story much more about following your instincts and listening to your intuition while learning about forgiveness and trust than it ever is about who a mother would or should choose to save when a fire breaks out in her child's school.

It's well worth the read. Ultimately, a great story that goes in an unexpected and intriguing direction with well rounded characters whom I grew to appreciate and delivers a very satisfying conclusion.
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on February 24, 2012
I didn't think this book was terrible by any means, but the book was very unrealistic. The whole main story was the main character being terrible for saving her daughters life. In all seriousiness as a mother, I would do everything in my power to save my own childs life and deal with any consequences later. The only consequence I wouldn't want to have is not having my child. I also think the characters are all very child like. Especially some of the nurses at the hospital. When you get to that point you'll be amazed at how they act. If I acted that way with a parent, I would have gotten fired. Then the end it finally makes you understand what's going on. That's where I grew interest in it. Yes the mom did turn into some super hero over night but it shows how strong a mom really can be. Plus as a woman i enjoy books that make the females more the hero. So it had many ups and downs, more downs then ups. But it wasn't all that terrible, it's worth reading for a rainy day.
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on July 26, 2017
The story began so intensely, then settled into a page-turning mystery. It brought tears to eyes. Another memorable book by Lisa.
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