Customer Reviews: Save Rock And Roll
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on April 29, 2013
When I first listened to My Songs Know What You Did, I wasn't convinced that I was going to like the new FOB album. Then I listened to it a few more times, really loudly, in the car. It got stuck in my head - what is the line from Dead on Arrival, "But the songs you grow to like, don't stick at first"? Then I got the album and fell completely in love with Young Volcanoes. I listened to that song so many times the first two days that I could sing it front to back without thinking about it. Now I've moved on to Where Did The Party Go, stuck in my head the whole weekend.

So, just like Folie a Deux, this album is growing on me. I miss the poppy punk from the old days but, no one, not even a favorite band, can stay in one place forever. I am very much looking forward to the concert, Fall Out Boy didn't disappoint with this one, it just needs a couple of listens before it sticks.
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on May 16, 2013
I've missed hearing good music during these pop filled days. Always nervous when a group seems to disappear and then makes a comeback. However, this entire album is fantastic and what I think of as FOB. Will admit that hearing Elton John on Save Rock and Roll was a bit perplexing. If you're a fan of FOB and how they've grown over their albums, you should definitely buy this!
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on May 27, 2013
I was never a huge fall out boy fan. I probably like a couple songs from each album. So I assumed the same would be true with this one. But when I first heard Save Rock and Roll, I was surprised with how much I ended up loving it. Its an amazing album from beginning to end. I highly recommend getting it!
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on July 20, 2015
Absolutely love this vinyl, the sound quality is great and the clear red color of the vinyls is beautiful. If you are purchasing the vinyl format be aware that the pressing is on 2 double sided 10 inch records, they are not on standard 12 inches! I have an automatic turntable, but it only has size settings for 12 and 7 inch records, but this isn't a big deal because I don't mind manually setting the tone arm. Also, there are only 2-3 songs on each side, so you will be doing a lot of flipping when you're listening to the album, once again, this isn't a big deal for me but I know that it bothers some people. This LP set does not include a download code, so if you want it digitally, you'll have to buy a CD or MP3 (I collect both CD's and vinyls so it didn't bother me). Overall, this is an incredible album, and I think that it perfectly captures everything that Fall Out Boy is about. I highly recommend this album to anyone who loves current rock/alternative music
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on August 29, 2013
This is my first Fall Out Boy CD; I purchased it because I fell in love with "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark." Since then I've fallen in love with pretty much every other song on this album, so if you like one song, I would say you should get the whole CD - it's completely worth it!
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on September 14, 2013
I'll admit, I wasn't an overly huge fan of FOB before; I mean, they had some songs here and there that I really liked. But after listening to this album, I have to change that. This has skyrocketed to one of my all-time favorite modern albums. The first day I heard this album, I listened to it at least four times. I bought the vinyl the next day and received it two days later. When I opened it up, I was surprised to find my two favorite things in vinyl: clear vinyl and red colored vinyl! This 10-inch double LP album comes in CLEAR RED vinyl... how awesome is that!!
This album rocks and has definitely saved rock and roll for me!!
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on November 10, 2013
I'm so glad that they decided to come back. I was not sure about buying music online at first cause I never have before(usually from a store) But I wanted to get it so badly I could not wait. Anyways, the only thing I really disliked was the CD case. Its just a folded type piece of card board, It doesnt really protect the CD much. I would have also really liked a booklet with some pictures of the band and lyrics. But the CD and the music is good and it was packed up good.
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on May 16, 2013
Patrick and Pete teaming up again, just the way it should be. All is right in the music world again.
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on April 27, 2013
The title of the album pretty clearly gives away the meaning of this album to "Save Rock N Roll" in a society that is so concentrated on synthesized and electronic music, this albums gives a good combination of the traditional instrumental with the new fad of what I'm going to call remixing. Although there is tonalities to the electronic the sound is, at the core, a rock album.
As a fan of the older Fall Out Boy music, I must admit I was skeptical about this new album after time away, and I was afraid they would loose what, at the core, I felt was Fall Out Boy. I am happy to say that I was wrong. Each song on the album has a sound that is different from their original stuff, but at the same time sounds like Fall Out Boy should. The album is catchy, up beat, and the song will get stuck in your head. The music itself has, dare I say, matured from the agnsty emo music of the younger days of the band, and has almost an R&B feel with Patrick's voice but the rock feel with the music and the band. But now on to each of the songs themselves.

The Phoenix: I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it when they released the music video. It is clearly a "single", catch in an almost epic manner. The juxtaposition of the loud rock parts that are in your face and the calmer that are more understated parts just make the song work.

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em' Up): The other "single" on the record, as made evident by the single status. It is by far one of the catchiest songs on the album, with a hook that draws you in, then makes you want to start thrashing around like a wild child. The strong beat just begs for listener to sing along with.

Alone Together: This song is more like the "Old" Fall Out Boy than the first two songs on the album. It feels like an anthem song with the cheering in the back ground and the "oh-oh-oh-ing" and the lyrics that really doesn't make much sense "My heart is like a stallion they love it more when it's broken". But then again, when has lyrics in any music made sense when taken out of context? However, when I listened to the album the first time, this song was the song I liked the most at first because of how simple it is.

Where Did the Party Go?: Another song that sounds more like the "Old" Fall Out Boy, at first, but as it progresses has more a mature vibe. There is a clear beat constantly thought the song, and Patrick's voice has the opportunity to show off his range going from higher pitched, to a lower pitch within seconds of each other.

Just One Yesterday: This song features the female singer Foxes. The song is slower than the other ones thus far on the record. It relies mostly on the vocals and the harmonizing between Foxes and Patrick is something that the first time I head made me fall in love with the song. To be honest, the first half of the album I could not deny was great and worthy of my money the first time listening to. The same could not be said about the second half.

The Mighty Fall: This song features Big Sean. And I must say, it took me about five or six times listening to the song before it started to grow on me. My first though on the song was "Big Sean? Really? What are you guys thinking?" It's not a rock song, at all. I actually have a hard time categorizing where exactly this song falls in the music radar. In the middle there is a rap, with the beats of what could be a rock song, with hip-hop undertones at one point. It's hard to categorize it. It took me a while to like it because of all the confusion on what exactly it is, but it is certainly unique.

Miss Missing You: Now that we've walked away from Big Sean you get Miss Missing You which right off the back sounds like we took a train back to the 1980's and picked up a synthesizer and started playing it next to Wham! And that tone is throughout the entire song. It's a drastic change from the previous song, and confused me even more the first time listening to it because of how it goes from a hip-hop/rock/rap to the 1980's pop. Not bad, defiantly diverse and unexpected, and shows just how different the band is.

Death Valley: Now we get back to the "Rock N Roll" part of the album after take a side trip to Big Sean's house and the 1980's. It's not a bad song, but, in my opinion, one of the more forgettable ones on the album. Not forgettable as in "I can't remember the lyrics" but more in the aspect of "I forgot this one was on here even though I listened to the albums a million times because there are defiantly better songs on here that I love". If you get what I mean.

Young Volcanoes: There is no question as to why Fall Out Boy decided to make this the third music video in their epic story that involves chopping off Patrick's hand and dancing around a table drugged up with naked women. It is one of the most catchy songs on the album that is bound to get stuck in your head, so beware. The raw sound of the acoustics brings the song fully around and gives it a fun vibe, with the unscripted laughing inserted it's a song about being young and living life to the fullest while you can.

Rat A Tat: *Before reading the review for this song please beware of my extreme bias of dislike, I ask you go into each song with an open mind and I will try to be fair to the music despite this being my least favorite song on the album* To begin with Courtney Love. Actually, that's all I can really say, this feature on the album really made me cringe when the first words were "It's Courtney B****" It feels out of place in the song, and the song is rather repetitive. And I think it best to leave it at that before I begin ranting.

Save Rock and Roll: This song features Elton John. At first, you think Elton John is playing the piano and not singing, like John Meyer playing their cover of Beat It, but then he starts singing. I will admit the first time I heard it, much like all the people I shared the song with, I was really freaked out when hearing Elton John singing about halfway onto the song. It's not something that I was expecting, but after the initial shock of Elton John (go figure) the song began to grow on me, to the point where I feel like I'm rocking out with Elton John going "You go Elton John you save rock and roll!" It's not what you would expect from fall Out Boy and the only song of theirs that this is even slightly comparable to is "What a Catch Donnie" and that is simply because it's a slower tempo with a piano accompaniment. After that, this is, in my opinion, like no other Fall Out Boy song, and is worthy of finishing the album off.
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on July 15, 2015
Got this for a really great price so I was still happy. However when I purchased it there wasn't anywhere in the description that said this record isn't the standard vinyl record size. So we weren't able to put the cover in a record frame to hang on the wall like we wanted.
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