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on September 23, 2014
Ok, I just got my pre-ordered copy and I can answer a couple questions many of us had.

1) It is Ultraviolet Digital HD which is great. The only issue I saw was that this particular collection is only available on Flixster right now as far as I can tell. The individual Saw movies are available on VUDU but they are not all the unrated versions as in this collection. It really didn't matter to me as I use Flixster as well as VUDU.

2) Although I have not watched the movies as of yet it appears that it is just the movies. NO bonus material. No where on the package or discs is there anything about Bonus Material. I don't care much about this as I have most of the individual movies with the bonus material and I hardly watch the bonus stuff anyhow.

All in all I am very happy with this purchase. I got my Blu-Ray copy of the collection for $22 as I pre-ordered early. I only had the DVD versions of 1-5 and did not own 6 and The Final Chapter at all. So for $22 I now have all 7 Saw movies on Blu-Ray and Digital HD, that is quite a movie deal.

***Update 9/24/14***

OK, I am watching the movies and the collection contains just the movies, no bonus material. It does have subtitles though.

Disc #1 has Saw and Saw II Unrated versions
Disc #2 has Saw III and Saw IV and Saw V Unrated Versions
Disc #3 has Saw VI and Saw The Final Chapter
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on October 6, 2014
The Saw Franchise is simple - viewers leave your logic at the door and you will enjoy these movies.

The premise for this franchise is that there is a person, named Jigsaw, who pits people in a puzzle (game) that they have to figure out how to free themselves, while they are inflicting some sort of injury either onto themselves or onto others.

Logically, no man or team, would be able to construct these traps, games, puzzles, within the time frame that they are set up. Nor would anyone be able to know that much information about everyone involved. Additionally, police stations are often deserted or with only a few employees working at a time.

Now, if you leave this logic behind, and just watch the movies, you will be entertained by the notion of a "game" where the "players" have to make life-saving or life-ending decisions. The games are very intricate and the players all have some reason why they are in the game. I recently bought this 7-movie set and watched all 7 over a weekend. It is amazing how different directors are able to piece together pieces of all the movies together, like a Jigsaw puzzle. Get it?

There are many scenes that are not for the faint of heart but if you are watching these movies then I assume you are a horror fan. I do not want to give anything away, but all 7 movies are inter-connected somehow and each movie has its own plot twists that are clever and leave you going...oh now I see it! Towards the end of the franchise (which I am not sure if it actually over), the movies tend to get a little more ridiculous in terms of the games, players, and plots. They are still enjoyable to watch, but by the 5,6,7 movie, you may be like, that is impossible or what was the point of that?

I gave this movie 7 a 4 star rating because there were NO extras! The movies all seemed fine to me in terms of the ratings. I believe people are complaining that they are "Rated R" not Unrated, but they are gory movies that seemed to have enough gore for anyone. The box itself says all the movies are Unrated and there seemed to be scenes that I don't remember seeing the first time around that I watched the movies individually.

Now, if you read this review and it influenced your decision, then make your choice...
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on June 23, 2017
saw (2004). nice, stripped down intro to the series, cary elwes and leigh wannel play it beautifully. found myself digging the challenges faced by the characters. also, jigsaw's intentions are somewhat...noble? pleasantly surprised.

saw 2 (2005). slightly altering the format, i dug how saw 2 pits a group against jigsaw's traps and moral conundrums. i've always loved shawnee smith, so it was nice to see her role expand. and donnie wahlberg, he of new kids on the block fame, not bad. and always nice to see dina "dizzy" meyer.

saw 3 (2006). despite an over-abundance of flashbacks, i might have liked this one the best, and it (seemingly) wraps up a nice arch throughout the first three movies. more delightfully inventive traps and dilemma's. again, despite the bad name these movies get (i loathe the term torture porn, and hey, no coincidence that these flicks and hostel rose to prominence during w's torture happy response to terrorism. again, horror is just reflecting our own horror back at us), saw 3 is essentially asking us to rethink our deeply held feelings about vengeance. also, this movie is excruciating and refreshingly bracing with its' violence. i cringed early and often.

i also really enjoyed saw 4 and 5. both make steady, game attempts at furthering the story, and saw 4 in particular is a definite mindXXXX at times. there's sincere effort to keep the story moving organically, while doing little ret-cons and add-ons to the past. it works nicely. i also hafta say, saws 3-5 are more excruciating then its' two predecessors.

saw 6 (2009). more folks get exactly what they deserve as john kramer continues to play games from beyond the grave. shawnee smith shows up for some newly filmed flashbacks, which is refreshing, because flashbacks from previous films were really being overused. solid entertainment with excellent production values. i give them credit, the story moves forward and some of the traps still manage to elicit legit excruciating revulsion.

saw 7: the final chapter (2010). man, i gotta say this is a series that never forgets its' characters, which i love. you never know who'll pop-up for a cameo or will be ret-conned into a central role. more great traps, the most difficult involving a fishhook, a key, and a stomach, the most satisfying placing four skinheads into an elaborate four-person car of death, make saw 7 a perfectly serviceable finale (yeah, right) to this engaging and quality series. loaded with unrepentant gore.

blu rays are gorgeous; this is a perfect series for clean, sharp, clear pictures. you can really see the rust on the traps.
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on June 3, 2016
Great collection of an interesting movie series: Saw 1-7 films in a nice bundle that is a lot cheaper than buying them individually. Make sure you pay attention because these movies will confuse you if you miss a scene or important details that tie the films together. A great purchase of an intriguing series. FYI: Saw 8 is in production, so get this bundle to help refresh your memory or to help you understand what's happening in the next film.
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on December 2, 2016
Literally my all time favorite movie! They only have one movie on Netflix and I wanted my friend to understand my love for it. It is more than a movie full of gore- it is full of plot twists and an amazing storyline. I will never get tired of this movie. It is a must see!
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on March 28, 2016
I have been down sizing my film collections as my ever shrinking video shelf space is well over its limit. I have thousands of films on DVD/Blu Ray... even some on VHS. I won't compromise my most cherished films, but franchises such as Saw, Friday The 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, I don't require all the bells and whistles, just a complete collections with quality sound and audio, some interesting bonus material is a plus.

I have been looking for compact collections to replace of the larger ones that fit this category I have in my collection. I already upgraded the others mentioned above, but was a little more hesitant with this box set because it holds 7 films on 3 discs. Yes, it is pushing the capacity a bit, but I can tell you first hand that the films look very good on this blu ray set. Would they have looked better if only 1 film per disc? More than likely, but the films do look much better than their DVD counter parts. Extras? NONE! This isn't a deal breaker for me as while I like the films I don't feel a need to own any bonus material. The set is super compact with a hinged spindle case.

The films, well if you're a fan there isn't much more to say, but I can tell you underneath all that grisly blood and gore lies a very well put together story, in fact, out of all of the horror franchises that come to mind I think the Saw series may be the most consistent when it comes to quality. I may like the original Halloween better, but there are sure a few clunkers in that series, ditto, Friday the 13, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the list goes on. I don't think any of the Saw films are bad films.

The Blu Ray quality looks very good here, I don't think they are as sharp as they could be at all times, but I didn't notice any artifacts or problems with playback. It's a tough call to judge as the lighting is over saturated in many scenes with odd lighting effects too. Most of the time the video is crisp and clear, but there are some minor instances that may appear slightly softer, It is hard to tell if this is from the lighting or the compressed video presentation. Regardless, I am very happy with the quality, the films included are all the unrated versions, which I'm glad they were consistent with, no one wants some unrated and some theatrical version in one collection. I would have given this set a little better rating if they would have made it four discs instead of three, maybe adding a few trinkets about the series. I found this for $10 around Halloween, so it's pretty hard to complain about at that price and most importantly I can sell off my deluxe DVD editions which had become too cumbersome for my shelf anymore.
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on January 28, 2017
Some of the scenes are pretty disturbing but if you like that kind of stuff this is probably a pretty good movie to "kill" some time with. It's probably a good idea to not watch the whole series at once.
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on August 8, 2015
Seven films. Wow.

Saw is a great film. Pretty good idea -- have a serial killer that doesn't actually kill, but puts his "victims" in a situation that they must scar themselves to live, whilst also teaching them the value of life. It was pretty well written, and kept my interest all the way through. The end had me cheering. A great twist to the whole story. After watching it in the theater, I told all my friends and they too agreed that it was a great flick.

Saw II: Okay story. I started to realize that the movies were beginning to focus more on the traps rather than the story. This formula stuck throughout the other films. Not a bad thing, but the story began to suffer because of it. We learn a bit more about the Jigsaw character. How he thinks, how he picks his victims, and why he does what he does. The cast does an okay job. Shawnee Smith reprises her role as Amanda Young. Another twist, this time not as big of a surprise as the first one.

Saw III - 3D: Each film going forward now work on the plot twist structure. Who was a good guy last film is now a bad guy the next film, or was he. The traps become more and more elaborate to the point that I think some of the characters aren't smart enough to build some of them.

Again, they focus way too much on the traps, which loses the feel of the first film. The message got lost, and that message was, that Kramer didn't want people to waste their lives. Now, they have just started with ideas of torture devices and wrote a thin script around them.

Don't get me wrong, they're not bad films. But, they're not great either. I've watched them all, and well, will watch them again.

Some great gore in these. The traps are the selling point for these flicks, not the story.
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on January 18, 2015
Avg high quality MP3 runs at a bitrate of 320kbps. Do the math, here. I see it in other reviews, now. Old school Dolby. On a Blu-Ray release?!? That is 640kbps. Bare bones. You get what you pay for. I mean $14.99 for 7movies (compressed to 3 dual layer BD's). I've never even seen all of this franchise. I may have made it to IV years ago, so I am not mad given the price. Just throwing caution. No features. Just the movies w/subtitles. PICTURES STILL 1080/60p

review image
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on December 9, 2016
Still a really enjoyable party horror series.
Invite your friends over, grab the snacks and lock arms for the jumps and scares.
Loved the series all the way through
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