Customer Reviews: Saw II (Widescreen Edition)
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on January 31, 2006
The diabolic Jigsaw is back in the follow up to the smash "Saw" which came out of nowhere to become one of the biggest grossing horror films of all time. Not content to rest on the mayhem he created in the first film, Jigsaw is back kidnapping those he deems unworthy of life, and forcing them to earn their lives back in a series of brutal and bizarre games, where death is all to often the result.

The sequel picks up shortly after the events of the first film where Detective Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) is investigating yet another victim. The fact that the victim is missing a puzzle shaped piece of skin leaves no doubt as to who is behind this killing, and Matthews and his task force set up their efforts to stop the killer before he can strike again.

A sudden inspiration leads Matthews and his team to a factory where they soon discover Jigsaw amongst all of his toys and traps. The frail Jigsaw is dying from a terminal illness, and he reveals to Matthews that he has a game underway, one where a group of people are trapped in a remote house filled with traps that are also filling up with a deadly gas. Only those who can survive the traps and decipher the clues will be able to locate the antidotes and survive the mayhem.

Matthews is even more determined to find the locale of the house as his son is one of the individuals trapped inside slowly dying from the poison. Matthews and his team can see what is happening in the house via a video monitor and while the team attempts to determine the location and save the individuals, Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), plays a dangerous game with Matthews as he attempts to interrogate him for information.

The film moves back and forth from the interrogation to the individuals trapped in the house and keeps the tension going. While not as claustrophobic or as gory as the original, "Saw 2"

benefits from an interesting premise and a rousing finale that sets the stages for the pending "Saw 3". Some may find a bit of issue with the pacing as it does not contain as the tension and scares are scarcer than they are in the first release.

Solid performances throughout makes "Saw 2" a cut above most horror films and is not to be missed by fans of the original.

Bonus Materials Include

Commentary with director Darren Lynn Bousman, Donnie Wahlberg and Beverley Mitchell

Jigsaw's Game Making-of Featurette

Bits and Pieces: The Props of Saw II

Bits and Pieces: The Traps of Saw II



4 stars out of 5

Gareth Von Kallenbach
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on September 3, 2012
Running Time: 92 mins.
You should see the first film, SAW (2004), first to understand this second film, however, SAW II (2005) is a great movie to start with too.
Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Dina Meyer return.
This sequel is an excellent companion piece to the first movie, Saw [Blu-ray] (2004), and I will not reveal any of the twists and surprises in this movie, but it is another mind blower. In my opinion, SAW II is the best in the film series.
At the opening of the Twisted Pictures production, we see Michael (Noam Jenkins) wearing an opened iron face mask contraption and he must obey the order of the Jigsaw Killer. He has only a small amount of time to find the key that will set him free and alive. If he doesn't "retrieve" the key, the iron mask will close on his face and kill him.
Cop, Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) must bail out his son, Daniel (Erik Knudsen) from jail. He is tired of dealing with his son's behavior and is so stressed out, he wants him to live somewhere else. Matthews must answer to a call of a homicide. The Jigsaw Killer has struck again. He comes face to face with the Jigsaw Killer (Tobin Bell) and Matthews and his team find themselves under timed pressure.
Eight people (Shawnee Smith, Franky G., Erik Knudsen, Emmanuell Vaugier, Beverley Mitchell, Glenn Plummer, Timothy Burd, Tony Nappo) are locked in a room somewhere in town. They must find them because Matthew's son is also trapped in that room and time is running out.

That is just the start of this film. Memorable, shocking scenes you will never forget.
Donnie Wahlberg and Franky G. really are interesting in this film. They both give strong performances.

I wonder if this role by Donnie Wahlberg helped him get noticed for the role of "Danny Reagan" in the Blue Bloods: The First Season tv series.

Producer, Gregg Hoffman died December 4, 2005. Age: 42. He was admitted to the hospital complaining of neck pain. He died of natural causes.

Full Screen Rated "R" DVD edition includes informative audio commentary with Director Darren Lynn Bausman and actor Donnie Wahlberg. It can be found in "Set-Up".
Featurettes will show you how all traps were created including the oven and hypodermic needles trap.

The DVD container is wrapped in tight plastic, but be careful, there is also a protective see-through cover slip that lifts off that you need to save. Notice the security seals on your container. You will have to peel these or cut them to open the container. I like to leave my seals intact. The DVD itself looks like a saw blade with Jigsaw's face on it.

Followed by:
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Saw: The Final Chapter (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) (Formerly Saw 3D) (2010).
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on October 22, 2015
Pales in comparison when compared to Saw I, but if you're in the mood for ridiculously gory grind house type blood show with inclusion of convoluted 'taa-daa' type of reveals, then you'll enjoy this movie. It's a time killer, not a classic.
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on July 8, 2007
The film has shock value, suspense, gore and realism. I didn't have very high expectations for this film thinking it would be a typical slasher flick, but it really surprised me. I haven't been watching many horror films lately. Maybe there are quite a few good ones being made. Saw II definately delivers.

The film's plot has nothing to do with saws and I have not seen Saw I. Any horror film that gets me thinking is a good film and well worth the price of rental or maybe even purchasing for horror film enthusiasts. The main thing I got out of the film is that we all tend to conjure up our own realities and this can make or break us.
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on January 24, 2006
After watching the incredible SAW that graced our screens last year - it was a given that I would see the MUCH ANTICIPATED sequel.

This film seems to have more of a story-line than the original... JIG-SAW is at it again and this time locks up 8 people inside an abandoned, creepy old house. They are trapped in the building and a lethal gas has been pumped into the house for a while. They have exactly 2 hours to each, find a room marked for their attention, crack the game needed to be played and won and inject the antidote into their systems. They also have the option to play each game a little "further and harder" in order to find a 2nd Antidote : perhaps for a friend they have made amongst the 8 strangers. Inevitably, going for the 2nd one - may end in death.

To add an incredible dimension to the story, DONNIE WAHLBERG, who plays a cop in the film : catches JIG-SAW at the start of the film and then finds out that JIG-SAW has his son in he house. The race against time plays out awesomely in the film, as does the films running time and the fact that each and every character in the house is running closer to death from the lethal gas.

DONNIE WALHBERG is awesome, as is the cast of basic unknows. TOBIN BELL (JIGSAW) is incredibly creepy.

And finally : if you thought the original ending came at BREAK-NECK-SPEED... this one is going to hit you LIKE A SACK OF BRICKS TRAVELLING AT MACH 1...

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on September 5, 2014
Saw movies are some of my favorite horror/suspense movies. Not just the blood and guts but the story line is what gets me to watch them over and over again. Worth it to any horror fan and the blue-ray looks awesome.
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on October 30, 2005
I took my friends to see this movie yesterday. As a fan of the first, I expected this one to be awesome, too. It is.

INTRO: The original Saw was quite a horror movie. It told about a killer who would put his victims in deadly situations, and they had to figure out how to get out.

The ending was quite a cliffhanger, so we KNEW there would be a sequel. And now we have it. And the sequel rocks!

THE STORY: This takes a few months after the first. Det. Mathews has found Jigsaw and it seems that it will end swell. But Jigsaw reveals that he has Mathews's son in one of his games. The son, along with other people, are trapped in a house filled with nerve gas. They will have to find antidotes to the nerve gas while avoiding traps to survive. Can Mathews find where Jiggy's "game" is? Can Mathews's son survive?

OPINION: What a great horror ride! Suspense, horror, and tons of blood! What I liked about this film is that it goes back to the roots of horror. With all the PG-13 horror movies out, it's nice to see an R-rated one for once. Plus, the ending has a HUGE twist.

If you liked the original, you'll love Saw II!

Oh, and BTW, this film has made over $30 million on it's opening weekend. It's a hit!
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VINE VOICEon February 12, 2006
Great sequel
I saw this movie in the theater and I really enjoyed it! It is in my opinion way better that the first Saw. It keeps you guessing the whole movie and just when you think you have it figured out, another twist develops and you're wrong again. I really loved it and look forward to adding the DVD to my collection.

Don't get me wrong the first saw is ok but its rare that a sequel is better than the first...

I just wanna say you have 2 types of people on amazon, the type who really likes something and the type who hates on everyone for liking it, not because they think its bad but because they don't want to jump on the wagon like everyone else and admit its a good movie...
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on May 26, 2013
"Saw II" is an impressive sequel! This is a solid follow-up to the original "Saw" (2004). The cast led by Tobin Bell as John / Jigsaw and Shawnee Smith as Amanda (who, both reprise their roles from the original) is great. The directing by Darren Lynn Bousman (who also wrote the screenplay) is great. The story & screenplay by Leigh Whannell (who starred in the original as Adam and also wrote the screenplay to the original) & Darren Lynn Bousman (who also directed) is excellent! The music by Charlie Clouser (who also did the music to the original) is excellent! The cinematography by David A. Armstrong (who also did the cinematography to the original) is great! The film editing by Kevin Greutert (who also did the film editing to the original) is great. The casting by Stephanie Gorin (who also did the casting to "Godsend" (2004) & Amy Lippens (who also did the casting to the original "Saw" (2004) is great. The production design by David Hackl is great! The art direction by Michele Brady is great! The costume design by Alex Kavanagh (who, most recently, did the costume design to "George A. Romero's Land Of The Dead" (2005) is great. This is an impressive follow-up to a horror movie original. This is just as inventive as the original "Saw" (2004) was, or is! This movie will keep you guessing until the very end!
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VINE VOICEon November 9, 2007
I was excited about this film, truly excited. I really enjoyed the first `Saw' film and just had the highest of hopes for the sequel. I think that's why in the end it proved to be such a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, when I walked out of the theater I was in heaven. I loved what I had just seen. It was gruesome, disturbing and to an extent quite scary. After a second watch through though I realized that this film is so far below the original it's ridiculous. The concept for this film is just too simple when compared to the original film. The only similarity between the two is the villain and even that takes an unwarranted twist. Yes, the final sequence was a head-scratcher but it couldn't hold a candle to the mastery that was the original `Saw' conclusion.

The film centers again around mastermind Jigsaw as he sets up yet another elaborate trap, this time collecting a group of ex-convicts in an abandoned house filled with deadly gas with antidotes spread throughout the house. In order for them to get these antidotes they must do some horrific things. One of the victims is young Daniel Matthews whose father, Police Detective Eric Matthews, has captured Jigsaw and is trying desperately (and quite uncivilly) to force into giving up the houses location.

Sadly `Saw II' becomes a showcase for gruesome deaths and disturbing sights over mental breakdown and mind bending horror. I say `sadly' for a reason. The original `Saw' was not all that gory. Sure there were some bloody sequences and some disturbing events but for the most part `Saw' was a mental game, a mind tease if you will. `Saw II' feels like a cop out almost. It feels like any other slasher film and that is a disappointment since I expected so much more.

There are some good things about this film, Tobin Bell for one who expands upon his original role as Jigsaw with some exceptional results, but story wise `Saw II' fails. As far as the death scenes are concerned, sure they make you squirm and that's a plus right, and that pit of syringes still gets to me when I think about it, but all of this can't make up for the lack or originality. It's dark, it's disturbing, it's gory and it's very uninspired. I have yet to see the third and fourth `Saw' offerings mainly because this was such a let down. I'm sure I'll get to the rest of the series to form my own opinions; hopefully they will be an improvement.

The acting here is an improvement upon the original, well, at least some of it is. Donnie Wahlberg (who could be brother Mark's twin I swear) has a much better grasp on his character than Cary Elwes did. Shawnee Smith does decently here as does Erik Knudsen and of course Tobin Bell. The rest of the cast is decent at best. Franky G is horrific, Beverley Mitchell (from `Seventh Heaven'...what's she doing here?) is annoying as all get out and Tim Burd is just plain non-effective. Emmanuelle Vaugier does little else but be really hot and Tony Nappo is gone too quickly to make much of an impact so that leaves Glenn Plummer to pick up the pieces and he does a decent but not too impressive a job. Still, the acting is an improvement if you will.

In the end I can't say much else then this was a major disappointment when compared to what it could have been but when you place it in the perspective of `most' (I say `most' because there are a select few horror films that truly are brilliant) horror films of late then this fits in the with pack as disturbing, gruesome and brainless.
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