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on April 17, 2012
A couple months back I decided I would finally purchase myself a water filter system for those days that I forget water.. Or I decide to go camping where fresh water is not an option.. As in backpacking into some of the 1,000,000+ acres of state forest land that is found here in southeastern Minnesota..

After looking at many different options... MSR.. .Katadyn... Aquamira... I decided to go with the Sawyer 3-way Inline Water Filter.. I chose it based on reviews I found on-line.. And unlike the different pump systems out there that could(and have from reviews) break down.. I went with what seemed simple enough... Connect to hydration pack and sip.. I also liked the idea that this water filter could be used in many different ways.. From a simple straw system where you connect the tubes and dip directly into the water source and sip.. Or gravity system where you can fill up your hydration bladder with water.. and allow it to drip down into another container.. ie: water jug/dish tub/nalgene.. Or it can even be connected to a water faucet if you are in an area where you should not drink tap water..

The filter is good and guaranteed for up to 1,000,000 gallons.. How you would keep track of that is beyond me.. But I imagine it's guaranteed for life by that statement. It is equipped with a 0.1 micron absolute hollow fiber membrane filter.. Protects you from 99.99999% bacteria and 99.99999% protozoa and cysts... The filter weights in at a whole 3oz.. So it's definitely light enough for the hardcore backpacker..

So Saturday I finally got to test it out as I had forgotten to fill my hydration bladder before heading to the stream to do some fishing.. So I unhooked my platypus and dipped it in the nice cold stream and filled it up and my thirst was instantly quenched... First thing I was impressed with was how easy it was to draw water from my pack with the filter on.. Could barely tell that it was even hooked onto my hydration pack.. The second thing I noticed was how clean tasting the water was.. Even fresh well water has that metallic/earthy taste to it.. This water tasted as filtered and fresh as possible without the nasty chemical/chlorine taste that is added to municipal water sources.. Or from chlorine/iodine tabs.. Even with nymphs and all swimming around in the bag.. It tasted great! And 3 days later.. I'm not sick! So it obviously does it's job..

I would recommend this to anyone looking into a hydration system as it's simple to use and on the cheaper end at only $50-60.. No maintenance besides maybe having to backwash it as it get's used more or is used in very dirty water.. And the chance of this thing actually "breaking down" seems slim
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on January 4, 2014
I haven't been backpacking in ages, and how the technology keeps changing! I bought a separate water bladder ("Camelback") and put it in the compartment of my backpack made for this use. Easily installed the Sawyer filter in the water line per instructions and put the drinking spout clipped on to my shoulder strap.

Perfect! When I'm on the trail I can now quickly fill the bladder with the murkiest of water and go -- no pumping; no waiting. Every time I take a sip the water runs from the bladder through the filter and into my mouth. I didn't even notice any difficulty drawing.

Note that over time, especially with particularly dirty water, the filter does get clogged, as noted in the instructions. It's an easy fix out in the field -- take a mouthful of clean water (the filter never got completely closed; just very slow) and force it through the filter going the other way. Done! If you're at home there is an included tool for hooking it up to your sink to do this backwash.
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on February 21, 2015
I got this for my GEIGERRIG hydration bladder over their water filter. The filter can filter 10,000 times more than the GEIGERRIG Virus filter Outdoor experts say viruses are not a problem in the US. If it gets clogged a simple back flush will get it going again. No disassemble of filter required. In the long run it saves $$$$$$. Easy connection to the bladder connectors.
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on August 13, 2015
For the weight and price, this is one of the best in-line filters out there. I love Sawyer products. I've used this filter in the Everglades for 3 days (gross, pre-filter that water!!!). I used an older model in Peru for 2 months (Amazon and Andes waters). Neither have given me problems (digestive or in terms of functioning correctly). To cut down on wear, I do try to filter out the grit and such before running a lot through this. Coffee filters work well. Using the gravity method with this filter works great, or you can just suck on the straw at your leisure and drink at will. They also sell an extra hose kit online or at stores like REI if you want to switch or extend the tubes. I have one attached to a camelback and one attached to a platypus. By the way, do not drop or freeze these or any water filters. Frozen water will crack the insides and dropping them on hard surfaces will possibly damage the insides, too. If you are nervous about just filtering, bring some iodine tabs, too!
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on January 24, 2016
I purchased this after an experience with a steripen left me vomiting in the tent...then burying my vomit at midnight because I was in bear country. (Seriously...steripens work great if you get EVERY. LAST. DROP. sterilized, which takes so much more time.

I use this as an inline filter with my Geigerrig Hydration Engine (3-Liter). It's a little bulkier/heavier than some other inline filters, but you basically don't have to worry about ever replacing it. Flow is good with the added pressure from the giegerrig and I haven't had to back flow it much. I haven't traveled abroad since getting it, but the tap adaptor is a great addition that will provide me with extra peace of mind.
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on August 6, 2014
The included instructions clearly explain some important points:
-Does not remove viruses. (No water filtration system of this type can remove viruses, only purifiers and chemical tablets can.)
-Periodic back flushing is suggested.
-Do not freeze.
-Do not use soap to clean.

I found that the fittings included in this kit are compatible with Camelbak's Quick Link fittings. In fact, they appear to be made by the same company "CPC", and are the same fittings. The only difference is that the female fittings included in the Sawyer kit does not prevent flow when the male fitting is not connected. I have set up my Sawyer filter up to filter as I drink from my "dirty" reservoir. Using additional Camelback fittings on my other reservoirs, and if I happen to carry a second reservoir, I made it so I can also filter water from the "dirty" reservoir into the "clean" reservoir.

Additionally, the included back flushing kit is actually useful in filling the Camelbak ("clean") reservoir with tap water without removing the reservoir from the pack.

This filtration system does not remove smaller particles such as viruses or chemicals. Therefore, extra consideration must be used when attempting to consume unfavorable waters.
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on March 5, 2015
I love this filter! I hooked it up in line with my 3L Platypus Big-Zip. I like that I can speed up my water stops to the time it takes to fill the Platy and move on. I've only used it in clear running water here in Texas so I don't have any experience with cloudy or really stagnant water yet. I used it at a spring on the Rancherias loop in Big Bend that was barely more than a seep with a lot of animal tracks around it and and didn't get sick or notice any taste. The flow rate is great, I barely notice it when I'm drinking. It is fast enough that I've used it as a gravity filter for others when hiking with a group. One thing I've noticed is that it can get filled up with a mix of air and water when you disconnect and reconnect it and the flow basically stops until you get the air cleared out (I haven't found out a quick way to do that yet). The weight isn't even noticeable, no moving parts, never wears out and the only thing to worry about is making sure it never freezes.
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on March 27, 2017
These worked great for us in Uganda. We saved a lot of money on bottled water, and didn't have to worry about getting sick from the water. We had the of these, and would use them to backwash each other. They did get clogged fairly quickly, even in clear looking water. But if you have an extra one it is quick to backwash.
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on January 30, 2013
This might be the best $50 I've ever spent on camping equipment! Where to start....

-Super light weight
-Easy to install
-Filters everything except viruses

This filter is an evolution of the Sawyer water bottles with the built in filter. I intended to order one of those after I saw a Youtube vid of someone who had removed the filter from the bottle and rigged it to attach to a hydration pack bladder instead. When I searched for it on Amazon, lowe-and-behold Sawyer had beat me to it and come out with this factory version purpose built for attachment to hydration bladders. Awesome.

Installation is simple, all you need is the filter kit, a hydration bladder, and a knife. I hooked mine up to an old Camelback bladder, but if I did it again I would use the Platypus brand instead, The design of their bladder (with the hose coming out of the VERY bottom of the bladder) makes it easier to use as a gravity filter, and I think the Platypus is just a slight overall improvement on the older Camelback design. That said, I've had no issues with the Camelback setup, including use as a gravity filter.

Cut the hose where you want the filter, and just plug the male and female adapters straight into the cut ends of the hose. The filter then connects by plugging each end into these adapters. You now have (according to Sawyer) a MILLION GALLONS of Britta quality water from almost any water source. The adapters can plug directly into eachother as well (hence the male-female layout), so if you know your water is clean and you want to save the filter, you can just unplug it.

Make sure to carefully plan out the location of the filter (on the hose). I attached my filter down near the base of the hose (where it connects to the bladder). But this has created problems with certain bladder carriers because the filter will form a bulge in the bag that digs into my back. If you have a pack where the bladder pouch is directly pressing into your back, make sure the filter is positioned so it doesn't cause any discomfort.

The true beauty of the system is it's light weight and versatility. I weights no more in your pack than a regular, empty Camelback bladder. Because the filter can be detached from the hose at either end, it can be used as a traditional hydration bladder, as a gravity filter for filling up other water bottles or whatnot, OR as a drinking straw-type filter to allow you to drink directly from a tainted water source.

This is the ULTIMATE lightweight, versatile, durable filter system. I'm going to buy another one soon just in case Sawyer ever stops making them. Buy it now and get outside!!!
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on May 19, 2012
Pointing out the obvious, this thing will filter to .1 micron, which is the best you'll find ever in a portable water filter. Nothing beats this, and this will take out nearly everything. HOWEVER, since this filter does not have a carbon core, there is no change in water taste, so if the water is nasty, it will be clean, but still nasty. Excellent however for ultralight backpacking and hydration bladders.
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