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on June 1, 2016
I just came back from a nine-day trip deep into the Peruvian jungle -- into the reserve part of Manu National Park. It was an incredible journey! Fantastic nature, and incredibly isolated and pristine (an area never disturbed, and still inhabited by non-contacted peoples). But ahead of time I was extremely nervous about mosquito bites, because twice in the last ten years or so I have been to the emergency clinic with dozens of bug bites and a very strong allergic reaction to them. I practically obsessed over what to do to prevent mosquito bites as much as possible, because I have had such a strong reaction to bug bites, and the jungle is certainly full of mosquitos and other biting insects!.

I am very happy to say that everything that I did worked -- I got very few bites, and I didn't even notice them until I searched for them. Everyone else in our group got plenty of bites, and they were itching like crazy, but not me!!!

Here is what I did and what I brought:

1. I have a Peruvian friend who is a doctor. He told me to take Vitamin B complex every day for a week before the trip and every day in the jungle. I used these: Nature Made Super B Complex Tablets, Value Size, 360 Count

2. I bought two bottles of this Permethrin spray and very carefully sprayed ALL of my clothing, carefully following the directions on the bottle. I sprayed all of my clothing at home in my garage, and then packed it all in these giant ziploc bags: Ziploc Big Bag Double Zipper, Large, 5-Count (by the way, those bags were great for packing everything and really helped to keep things from getting too damp in the 100% humidity jungle!). I sprayed the three pairs of hiking pants I brought, three long-sleeved shirts, all of my thick hiking socks, and my sunhat (both sides). I put extra spray at all openings - pant cuffs, shirt cuffs, and shirt button seams.While there I always tucked my pants legs into my socks. The tour company had suggested wearing a cotton t-short under long-sleeved shirts because the mosquitoes bite through clothing, but I never did that; I didn't need to as I just didn't get bites through the Permethrin-sprayed clothing. This stuff really worked, as I did not get bites through my Permethrin-treated clothing!

3. I took the antihistamine Loratidine (generic for Claritin, this one: GoodSense Allergy Relief Loratadine Tablets, 10 mg, 30 Count Bottle) as a prophylactic every morning, to prevent my strong reaction to bites. This worked GREAT -- I did get a few bites, as I could see the tiny red dots, but I didn't feel anything at all from them! I took only enough for the days that I was in the jungle. In the two days in Cusco before returning to the US I started itching a little on a couple of bites. In hindsight I should have taken a few extra tablets to take in the next few days after the trip. (Another hint - some people get drowsy on this stuff; I tested it first at home before going on my trip. There are other OTC non-drowsy antihistamines you can try if this doesn't work, like the generic for Zyrtec.)

4. I bought DEET. In my paranoia about insect bites and my prior reaction to them, I bought several different versions of DEET -- spray, wipes, and lotion, but I used only this spray, and only three times: Repel 94101 6-Ounce Sportsmen Max Insect Repellent 40-Percent DEET Pump Spray, Case Pack of 1. That bottle is plenty for lots of people; to minimize weight and volume in your pack you might even want to put it into a smaller travel-sized spray bottle. I sprayed the backs of my hands, and then wiped from the backs of my hands onto my neck, cheeks, and forehead.

5. I had a mosquito head net that I purchased many years ago. Amazon has others but not the one that I have, so I can't give a link. I used this only two or three times when the mosquitos were especially thick. I had sprayed this also with Permethrin before leaving home.

6. I also brought with me an over the counter anti-itch creme (hydrocortisone), and a prescription-strength anti-itch creme (Clobetisol). I never used either one!!!!! But my travelling partners sure were happy that I had it so they could use it! I also had Sting Eze (StingEze Max2 Insect Bite Itch Relief Dauber, 0.5-Ounce), but this too I never needed, and my travelling friends were very happy to use.

I worried a LOT before the trip about getting mosquito bites and my reaction to them. Really worried. I questioned my sanity for going! But with this Permethrin spray and everything else I did to prep, I had NO problems with mosquitos and I was able to totally enjoy the trip!!!!
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on August 17, 2016
Nearly two years ago, I got Lyme disease. It took such a long time to diagnose, I was left with permanent damage. I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone. When I realized what was causing all my misery, I got very scared about my sons or my husband getting bitten by ticks. They camp often and hike in the mountains near us. They are outside most days, and knowing that I was bitten by a tick in that same area, I started researching the best insect sprays I could find. I came across this and bought it based on the reviews. I make sure my sons ALWAYS have this sprayed on the legs of their jeans when they go into the mountains, and it's been sprayed on their tent, too. The spray is nice, much nicer than the aerosol ones that spray all over and half of it is blown away by the breeze. This stuff sticks to the clothes and stays there. It doesn't stain, doesn't smell, and the most important part is that it works. I haven't seen a single tick (or any bug) on them since they've been using this spray. I still make sure they check themselves over each night for ticks, but this gives me peace of mind. Believe me when I say, Lyme is a nasty, horrible disease to have, and you don't want it! This seems to be the best defense I can find to prevent ticks and still let my kids enjoy the outdoors.
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on June 27, 2016
I hike with a wonderful lunatic in the New Jersey area who thinks nothing of it to take 3 or 4 "short cuts" through waist-deep, flowing, prickling, itching grass...places pretty much deemed tick central. I sprayed this stuff on my pack, pair of leggings, and hiking boots 2 weeks prior to my hike(everything but the tank top I was wearing) When it came time to exit tick land, (after trudging thru several of these spots each at least 15-minutes) all my hiking guys had ticks on them, one pulled about 7 off his legs...I had NOT ONE. I expected at least something on my shirt since it wasn't treated even though my backpack was, nada...not one freaking creepy tick. I am so beyond impressed with this stuff.
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on February 23, 2017
Hard to say whether it works excellent vs. good enough, but the convenience of spraying clothes once before a mission trip and worrying less about having a Deet based spray with you when you come across mosquitoes is why I like it. Also, there is some concern about absorbing the Deet and it's just a tad sticky. It is key to spray and let clothes dry at least overnight, better yet 24-48 hours (smells like gasoline) but the smell does amazingly vanish and is not an issue after drying.
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on April 24, 2017
We live in NE PA and the ticks are HORRIBLE this year. Every time my husband would go out in the back yard or near our woods - he always came back with ticks. He's used this twice this year and NO ticks! Would highly recommend it. Not for use on animals - just your shoes and clothing.
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on June 29, 2016
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on May 1, 2017
4/29/17 - Walked all day in the woods in the height of tick season. Even laid down and took a nap on the ground. At the end of day....."not a single tick". This product is super effective. Not sure how long the treatment will last but first report is that this is a very effective product to keep ticks away.
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on July 4, 2013
I am trying this new version of permethrin....So far, so good... Deer ticks and Lone Star Ticks are associated with various Lyme disease infections. The Lone Star tick is newly associated but also with a couple of different strains of Lyme that hadn't been seen before. This is breaking news, really....Having had Lyme meningitis, I am freaky floored by seeing these %$#$% things. I never want to be as sick as I was, ever again. Nearly died. If you do the research, you will find that nothing works the way permethrin does. So while you cannot spray this on your skin, it is worth your time to spray your clothes, let the spray dry, and then cover up as much as possible when going into any area where ticks could reside. I have had them drop from a tree branch onto my arm; I have had them get on me from my lawn and ornamental grasses. They show no mercy, and they are endemic in my area (Maryland). The infectious disease specialists are reporting high incidences of Lyme, as we have had very mild winters for the past two years, and that means bumper crops of ticks.
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on May 8, 2017
Absolutely love this stuff. I going deer hunting in east Texas. And there is no avoiding the chiggers in the woods during the warmer months. I could never escape without chigger bites before finding this stuff. Now I'm pushing through brush in the middle of the summer and zero chigger bites. This stuff is magical!!!!
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on May 24, 2017
I've been using this for the past 4 years with outstanding results. Follow direction to treat clothes. I sprayed two thin hooded sweatshirts to wear while gardening. I wash them with cold water, gentle cycle and hang to dry, using just a tiny bit of soap. This allows the treatment to last a long time. No ticks attach to the treated clothing and I Garden every day in a heavily infested area. I also wear a headnet, treated beige pants, rubber boots, and gloves - all necessary where I live. This stuff is amazing.
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