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on October 15, 2015
For years, I have been using the Katadyn water bottle for my filtration needs while I am on the trail and on my MSR pump filter around the camp and this has replaced both of them. The Katadyn bottle was nice, but had only ok flow so you find yourself squeezing and sucking like crazy, not so with the Sawyer. You can use the included pouch or any bottle with a 2 liter screw top, such as a smart water bottle(get the one with the sports top and use the top to replace the one that came with the Sawyer) and the flow is AWESOME! You squeeze and it comes gushing out the other side. Bye bye Katadyn(especially with how expensive the replacement cartridges are) Now for filtering at camp. Before, I either pumped and pumped and pumped some more to get enough water or I would use iodine tablets. Sawyer again saves the day. With the addition of a $2 tornado tube and a couple of collapsible water bottles(I recommend Evernew bottles, Platypus work but the pitch of the threads seem to be a bit off) you can make a simple gravity system that works great. Just fill one bottle with "dirty" unfiltered water(put a couple of holes to put rope to hang everything in the welded section. No holes where the water goes), put your tornado tube on the "out" side of the filter, put your empty collapsed "clean" bottle into the other end of the tornado tube and then put the side of the filter away from the arrow on the "dirty" water bottle. turn it upside down and hang it from a tree and go do other stuff. when you come back, everything is filtered. No more pumping for me. I still bring tablets or auqamira drops as an emergency backup, but haven't needed them yet. I attached a couple of pics of the setup I used on a 9 day backpacking trip I just got back from in case my description is hard to understand. Any questions, let me know or do a search for Sawyer Squeeze mods on youtube.
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on November 30, 2011
Light, simple and easy to use. Takes between 7-10 minutes to drain the 64oz bag and leaves an oz in the bag. Easy to string the bag up to run into the container of choice with no effort.
Since this is a hollowfiber filter it can not be allowed to freeze so if it is cold I keep it in my pocket and sleeping bag.
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on December 10, 2015
This product is light, durable, and absolutely essential on long day hikes, over night camping trips, or extended wilderness excursions. It is simply to use and the maintenance is really minimal. If you plan your trip well, you can carry minimal water with you throughout your trip saving considerable pounds due to water weight (1 liter = 2.2lbs). It allows you the ability to discard the bulky (yet convenient water bladders) for external water bottles (smart water bottles are a great light weight alternative) saving that valuable interior space for other essentials!

I no longer worry about bringing enough water or the water weight that I am carrying because of the awesome Sawyer Squeeze! I have never had a squeeze bag ever come close to bursting because I am mindful to not apply too much pressure when filtering water into my water bottles.

Great product, life saving product (literally), and I highly recommend it.
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on February 19, 2016
I am an Appalachian Trail thru hiker, which means I have 2,200 miles of hiking experience under my belt. For my entire 5 and a half month hike on the AT, I used this water filtration system. Most thru hikers who choose to use a filter (instead of Aquamira or other chemical alternatives) used this filter for many reasons. It is remarkably fast, lasts a very long time (reportedly 1 million gallons), and is so much easier than pumping.
I recommend buying a smart water bottle (the filter will screw onto the top) and either drinking through it or squeeze it through into another bottle. The included squeeze bags break easily and are more awkward to squeeze than the bottle.
Also, don't skimp out and get the Sawyer Mini. It's soooooo muuuuuuch slowwwwwwerrrrrrr......
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on April 22, 2013
I have used this on a couple backpacking trips and not only is it FAST and convenient to use, but it removes giardia and cryptosporidium. Much better that the PUR (now Katadyn) Hiker filter I was using.

I like all the attachments that enable this filter to be used during a disaster or in a exotic location where water out of a faucet is suspect. I have added one to my disaster kit.

It is very small and lightweight, meaning I now take this filter on day drips, just in case.

Highly recommended!

=== New Updated Info November 2013 ===

I have used the filter extensively now, and still give it a 5 star review. I would like to share a few tips...

1. Some have reported that their squeezable pouch leaks. I have 4 pouches and none of them have leaked at all so far. Your mileage may vary.

2. You can't simply submerge the pouch to fill it. This may seem obvious to some. I carry a military canteen cup to ladle water into the pouch when I refill from a puddle, lake or similar water source.

3. I use a bandana to pre-filter the water before putting it in the pouch. This helps keep the filter clean from blockages.

4. I carry a couple extra 32 oz pouches which you can buy separately here -> Sawyer Squeezable Pouch, 3-Pack. You can fill them when you come upon a water source and then continue on your way, and filter it when set up camp. Especially useful during the summer, when you can't trust that you will have water where you intended to stop for the night.
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on August 29, 2015
I am an Appalachian Trail THru Hiker, so I used this a lot more than most. I have not gotten sick using it, and I have used some pretty suspicious water sources. I only gave it 3 stars becuase of a couple of issues.

The first problem is that the gasket that fits between the screw threads and the bottle or bag of raw water has fallen out, and without it raw squirts everywhere when you use it. It will still filter, somewhat, but it becomes a long and wet process. Since the other option is to drink raw water, that can be a problem on an extended trip. Garden hose gaskets can be used as replacements (Outfitters don't have them) but also fall out, as do plumbing o rings. I carry a pack of spares with me now since I have had so many issues. This is a common problem with this device on trail.

Second problem is the bladder bags burst up near the neck. over the last 5 months I have used 9 bladder bags, of different sizes, that have all burst. Replacements for these are usually available since this also is a constant and recurring problem for thru hikers. The bladders are 6-10 bucks for replacement, which isn't too much, but then 8 replacements add up. Additionally, I was always carrying a spare, either for myself or to give to another hiker in a burst bag emergency. Fortunately the thread matches a number of drink manufacturers thread for their plastic bottles, which don't burst but are more awkward to use, and I now have a Smart water bottle and a Lipton tea bottle that I use instead of bladders.

Just as an additional note, the Smart water bottle tops are the same size as the nozzle on the filter, and can be used to backflush the filter, eliminating the need to carry around the syringe thing

I realize there is a lifetime guarantee, but that is of no use when you are out in the woods, and the bladder bags have so many disclaimers that good luck to you getting free replacements from any retailer near a trail.
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on July 31, 2016
This came in the mail fast and well packaged.

I did a lot of research before choosing this product. Obviously, this one won but I'll spare you the details. I do suggest choosing this over the mini!

However, I'm not pleased with the bag that is provided. They know it's a subpar bag, quite obviously, because they even include a disclaimer stating that they won't refund it. My suggestion is to find another brand bag that will match up to the filter! I'm buying this for the filter and surringe only, I do not trust the bag when I'm out in the wilderness and need it most.

I'll update if anything goes wrong with the filter itself!

review image review image review image review image
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on July 30, 2013
I've been on an outdoors kick a lot lately and was looking for a purification system several months ago. I was very close to putting in an order for a katadyn water filter when I saw this little beauty on the corner of some random page. I started doing more research and was absolutely sold on the product. A couple months later I was in the Uintas of Utah with a buddy and we both brought our water filters, the sawyer being mine and the katadyn being his. After about 10 min he finally gave up trying to fix his (it had only been used once) and used mine to fill up his hydration bag. This is my most favorite piece of backpacking equipment. I think the katadyn filters are normally very good quality and I was very close to getting one but the ease, simplicity, quickness, and weight of the Sawyer is so incredible, that it takes the cake, not too mention the price is also awesome. I absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone.
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on March 18, 2017
Works as expected. I broke the backwashing syringe after a while though. The syringe could be more heavy duty to prevent breakage. The filter seems to work great and filters all of the crap out of your water. This kit is pretty lighweight alternative to other methods. I recomend buying a few 1 liter bags to go with this though, the bag that comes with it is pretty small.
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on March 21, 2017
Love it! Lightweight, easy to use and clean. I take weekend and short multi-day trips and know ahead of time I'll be near flowing water, so I haven't tried filling the bags out of stagnant or shallow water too often, but it can be done. Works as it should and you can't beat the price. I work as a naturalist and frequently recommend the standard size SS during backpacking preparedness programs.
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