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on June 2, 2011
Received my new TV today. Amazon refunded me the difference between the 299 price and the 244 memorial day price at a major dept store. So, it was a very good price. As for the TV, I was expecting something to meet basic needs in a home office. I don't have an HD box in the room so I started out just connecting to cable and seeing what the QAM tuner could find. I didn't count the channels but...there's a lot. The major channels are coming in HD and the picture is nice - bright and clear - color is nice. I'm not extremely picky so if you are a videophile: 1) don't take my word for it 2) why are you looking at a bargain basement 32 inch TV? But if you are looking for a basic set, seems fine to me. Doesn't seem as crisp as my panny plasma or mitsu dlp Remote is basic, but fine. Sound is fine. I see lots of picture and sound adjustment options but haven't played with them yet. There are no weird bars on the right side and no pixels wrapping around to the other side (in other words I didn't get a faulty set). And for the person who wrote a review based on different TVs they bought 4 years, this one doesn't have that problem either. I can't speak to longevity for obvious reasons. If I run into a problem in a few months I'll try to remember to come back here and update. If you are like me and were looking for an inexpensive set to do a basic job, I don't think you will be unhappy. I'm tempted to give it 5 stars based on the fact that it is everthing I wanted/expected it to be didn't change my life or anything. And that's my story.
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on September 17, 2011
For 230 dollars its a steal. I am not techie but I am happy with the quality of the pictures and accompanying features are easy to manipulate.
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on July 19, 2013
Power supply stopped working today, I bought it on September. 28. 2011. I don't think it worth a repair. It was alright till now.
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on May 31, 2011
UPDATE/EDIT: about a year after i originally wrote this review (May 31, 2011), just within the warranty period, the tv started blacking out for a few seconds, about every ten seconds. called support, and they suggested i turn the brightness up a bit, which sounded fishy, but worked. had to do it one more time not long after, which probably means it's pointing to a finicky/dying backlight, but it's been fine since and it gets left on probably for 5+ hours every day for the past two or three years..

finally got it in less than two days (w00t amazon prime), after it came off backorder. plugged it in, turned it on, popped some batteries into the (very cheap looking/feeling) remote, annnd--the remote didn't work. fortunately, i had a universal remote from one of those staples deals i was able to use, and googled the tv (turns out it uses sony codes, iirc).

once i got that working, i was able to configure all the menu options, etc. the source/input menu isn't as pretty as say, on my 46" samsung (bought this tv for my parents), but there are plenty of inputs, which all worked. solid picture quality, really no complaints other than that the fitting/scaling options didn't quite seem optimal..might've just been the dvd i was watching, however.

the tv itself looks and feels pretty solid; the stand leaves a bit to be desired quality-wise, however, but i'm not worried about it breaking or anything. they even included a screwdriver for the four screws required to secure the base.

all in all, solid value for the price paid (~$249), and not a huge deal with the remote, at least for me.
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on August 20, 2011
At first I thought this TV was DOA - but after fiddling with the remote control and changing out the included batteries I figured out that it just wouldn't turn on with the remote - the switch on the side of the set works just fine. Other remote functions seem to work.

As noted by other reviewers, the built-in speakers are of low quality. This wouldn't be an issue for me since I use my stereo for TV sound (Pioneer 100-watt/ch receiver, vintage 1980 and has never skipped a beat; original Bose 301s). However with the internal TV speakers turned off the TV remote doesn't control the volume. That's a design issue, not a quality control defect, but it's a big negative for me. [Edited to add: I take sound from the TV's headphone jack to the stereo - that output's volume is adjusted from the remote.]

On the plus side, I like the picture quality. This is my first new TV since the '90s, so it's possible that anything at all would look good to me. Streaming Netflix looks great.

I was attracted to this off-brand TV by the recent sale price of $239. I'm going to see if Amazon or Sceptre can send me a new remote. [Edited to add: Sceptre sent a new remote with no hassle after a call to their toll-free support number] If not, I might try exchanging once to see if the next one works right. Otherwise I guess I'll go back to my 27" CRT for a while.

I ordered this item at 4am on a Monday with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping; The eta slipped to Thursday and then once again to Friday. UPS says that Amazon didn't give them the item until Wednesday. Unsat. I whined for a while and Amazon coughed up a $20 credit but I'd rather that they had fulfilled their promise.
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on September 16, 2011
It is alot lighter than I expected. But then again the 29" CRT it is replacing is a monster.

First powered on with 1 dead pixal but it cleared up the next day and I must say its a great picture.

The 2 reasons for 4 star vs 5 star is only one Componet and one Composite input. The second reason is the sound. Others have left reviews that cover that. It is hanging on a wall in a teenage boys room it sounds fine to him.

Good buy.
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on May 10, 2011
The TV is terrible. There is a vertical band on the extreme right hand side of the screen, that will display a wrapped picture. ie, it will display some pixel on the left side of the screen. The color is also washed out. The TV menu system is very awkwardly laid out. All in all, a cheap TV brand and it shows. It does still function as a TV, so if you may be able to live with it.
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on July 31, 2011
I needed a new television, and the Sceptre was a good value. The picture and sound are fine when you're watching television. I don't have cable (I use antenna), and one major broadcast channel does not come in, whereas with my old name brand television it came in just fine. Slightly annoying, but my biggest issue with this television is that, when playing a DVD, the "widescreen" aspect setting stretches out the picture. You have to set it on "normal," which then under-utilizes the screen, because you have a 32" screen but a 22" picture. Also, it is pretty slow to turn on and slow to change channels. However, it is a decent, value television and it is way better than the old fashioned kind. I will probably keep it around for a few years and then upgrade to a higher quality later.
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on December 23, 2011
I had never heard of the Sceptre brand before, but after researching (thank God for the internet, huh?), I see it is made by Hitachi, which is a reputable brand. I had been following the price of this TV, and it has continued to come down; I wound up getting it for $229 with free shipping; so the price was outstanding, to say the least. I unboxed it, hooked it up to my DirecTv HD receiver, and was watching it in fifteen minutes. If you have a newer DirecTv remote (RC65R), there is a Sceptre code for it (apparently older remotes use a Sony code to program), and I programmed mine on the first try. I watched a football game right after powering it up, and I was simply BLOWN AWAY by the picture quality; my 50 inch Samsung in the living room has NOTHING on this inexpensive Sceptre. The menu is very easy to navigate, and since the speakers are not top quality (what do you expect for $230), you will need to get into the audio mode and modify the factory settings, or use external speakers as others have said. It has an internal equalizer, so making the speakers sound more than tolerable was very easy. I've only had this TV for a month, so it remains to be seen if it is of good quality, and lasts a long time. So far, I can't say enough good things about this little gem; the picture quality for the price paid is out of this world.
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on May 18, 2011
It's a 32" tv that has clear picture, and sound, with ports to spare. After comparing it to my 32" Vizio E322VL tv, it is more pixelated when viewing it at a close distant. But at a proper viewing distant, it presents a clear image that looks nice with HD channels. it's also as bright as the Vizio. The stand doesn't tilt up and down, but it can be turned left and right if needed. All and all, for 250$ (what I bought it for) its a great bargain for a no name brand.
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