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Style: Plymouth Keypad|Color Name: Aged Bronze|Change
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on August 15, 2016
I have never been so incredibly angry at a lock in my life, yet here I am purchasing another. Why? Glad you asked.

Three years ago we purchased our first Schlage keypad deadbolt for our MIL suite door and we loved it so much we bought two more for our other exterior doors. It's amazing how much your life improves when you don't have to worry about carrying/losing keys. We changed the batteries on every New Year's Day as a rule, just to be on the safe side. The override keys were stored in a safe place, or so I thought. I'm sure you can see where this is headed.

Yep! Locked out in the pouring rain with guests arriving in five hours. The battery died after I'd accessed the suite to collect the linens. I'd locked the door behind me, went downstairs to load the washer, and when I returned it was a red blinking light and I was out of luck. But I knew where the key was, so no problem! Except that the key wasn't where it belonged AT ALL and my husband had just boarded an airplane. Did I mention it was pouring rain?

So after a few minutes of panicking and ransacking every drawer in the house, I called a locksmith. I felt instantly calmer when he arrived but alas, he couldn't pick it nor could he couldn't bump it. He tried for 45 minutes in the pouring rain, bless his heart. He called for back up. She couldn't do it, either. They couldn't pick it, they couldn't bump it. They couldn't do anything. Heck, even WITH the key you have to do some Key Gymnastics to engage the bolt and it just wasn't possible to do that with the picks, even with three sets of human hands trying to hold the various bits all at once. She offered to come back and drill the keyhole part but expressed concern that all she'd accomplish would be the destruction of the lock without the benefit of it actually unlocking. She apologized profusely and they left. She gave me the number of "a safecracker" she knew (yeah, I don't know and I didn't ask.) but sadly that call went to voicemail. Maybe he was out busting into banks, who knows.

After half a dozen phone calls to locksmiths all over town I was getting more and more frantic. My husband's plane had landed by this point and no, he had no idea where the key was. He did, however, call a friend with some power tools who was kind enough to rescue me. We decided to start violently (since I was so so angry, now) by trying to beat the damned thing off with a ball-peen hammer. No dice. Why? Because that damned thumbturn just spins and spins and spins. Pretty brilliant design when you think about it. ANYWAY, he finally got in by removing the door trim and sawing through the bolt with a freakin' 6" grinder blade and even THAT took a spell. Then he replaced it with a cheapie Kwikset he had on-hand so my guests could lock their suite. It was an unbelievably stressful day that I do not ever wish to repeat.

That being said: I sure did sleep better knowing how damned hard it would be to break into the house via the doors!

SO here I am, buying a replacement. Was I ticked off the lock didn't seem to give me an adequate enough warning about the battery? Absolutely. But I sure do feel safer knowing what a complete and total pain it was to get through that lock. Our local burglars are just not down for that kind of difficulty. They lack the drive.

I highly recommend this thing BUT make sure you buy top-of-the-line batteries. Don't skimp on those and DON'T misplace the key otherwise you're going to need some heavy artillery.
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on November 11, 2015
Heavy duty and nice looking. This deadbolt seems to be better quality than the kwikset keypad deadbolt I have. I actually like the fact that you have to turn it to lock and unlock it instead of a little motor moving it, seems like this will last longer and the battery won't drain so fast. It's a little bit more complicated to change the code than any other electronic lock I've ever had. You have to actually type in a preprogrammed code that is printed in the instruction manual and then enter your own code. Not really a problem, just more difficult than kwikset. All in all I'm really happy with the product.

Update over a year later 12/22/16

I'm still on the same 9v battery this lock started with in November of 2015. the 4 AA batteries in my kwikset deadbolt have died and needed replaced 3 times this year. Both doors get about the same amount of use. This not only saves money but i never worry about getting locked out because of a dead battery. I would definitely recommend this deadbolt over a kwikset any day

Update 8/27/17
I'm still running on the same 9v battery after almost 2 years. I went ahead and replaced my Kwikset with another Schlage because I was sick of changing batteries.
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on August 22, 2014
I bought this on August 15 and amazon had it delivered to my door on August 17.

The exterior escutcheon plate did not cover the exterior mounting plate and caused a gap between it at the door which could lead to water infiltration.

I contacted Schlage for warranty service and spoke to Deborah Acosta on August 16. I explained to her my situation and she wanted photos of the defect. I did not hear anything back from her for a few days.

On August 20, I asked amazon for a replacement. They had it delivered to me next day!

The replacement had the same problem as the original purchase but not as severe. I sanded down the exterior mounting plate and the escutcheon plate finally sat flush with the door. The replacement also had a lot burrs inside from the metal molding process that were not trimmed off. It also did not come with the 9V battery. I believe I received the two locks from a bad batch and lazy quality control.

As of August 23, Deborah Acosta of Allegion (parent company of Schlage) still has not contacted me.

I still recommend buying this item because after you get it installed and properly flush to your door, it has a lot of good features:

1) I like the fact that it is a manual turn keypad lock. In other words, you still have to lock or unlock it manually after entering in the pass code. It does not automatically lock and unlock the door for you. I figure that the less motorized parts, the less chance of failure.
2) It's convenient when you need to lock it from the outside because it's smart enough to know that you're trying to lock the door, you just need to press the Schlage button, and turn to lock.
3) Convenience of not having to remember and take keys out.
4) I'll never lock myself out again.
5) Matches nice with my Schlage Georgian style knobs.

Shame on Schlage's customer/warranty service.
Big yay to amazon's fast delivery and awesome service!

Photos can be seen on amazon's product page on the Customer Images section.

Finally after 6 months, Deborah Acosta responds with absolutely incorrect resolution and sad attempt to assist me with my warranty claim. This shows me she has no idea what she's doing. Horribly disgusted. Taking this rating down from 3 to 2 stars. After all, the warranty is also part of the product.
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on November 16, 2015
This is a replacement for my Master keypad deadbolt. After a little less than three years, the Master gave up. I had three Master keypad deadbolts, and they served me well, but they had several eccentricities when it came to function. Most notably when low on power they became a simple latch on both sides. Battery replacement was a pain and sometimes (though I still don't know why) require complete disassembly and reassembly to work again.

The better quality in this Schlage is apparent immediately. It's heavier. The inner latch doesn't feel like some cheap, flimsy thing. Having the lock button on the outside is much more convenient, and it works well.

Cons: The key type doesn't match my Master locks so I can't key it to my other locks. The passcode is 4 numbers, My master lock is 4 or more, but there are only 5 buttons on the Master vs 10 on the Schlage.
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VINE VOICEon October 29, 2007
This keypad deadbolt is a great replacement for a standard deadbolt. Here's what I like about it:

1. This product is a deadbolt that you can lock and unlock without a key. Instead, you enter a 4 digit password to lock and unlock the door. Using a code to unlock the door is much faster and easier than fumbling for keys. Also, you'll never be locked out unless your forget your code.

2. If you have a deadbolt on your door, you can easily remove it and install this deadbolt using a regular screwdriver.

3. You can set multiple codes (at least 5) to allow friends to access your home. You can easily delete the codes later when access is no longer required. Codes are set up using a 6 digit master password (which can be used to add and delete 4-digit access codes, but not to lock or unlock the door).

4. You can lock the door without the code. Just press the rectangular Schlage button (at the top) and turn the knob to the right, and your door is locked. You will still need a valid code to unlock the door. This makes locking up when you leave very convenient.

5. This lock can be made "bump-proof." Bumping is a relatively new, and very easy way to pick most deadbolts. It can be done in about 10 seconds and renders most current locks worthless as security devices. If you want to know more, search the internet for "bump key" and you'll be horrified at what you see. If you take this deadbolt to your locksmith before installing it and tell him to disable the key mechanism, your deadbolt will be completely resistant to bumping (and keys). I haven't used a key to get into my house since I've installed this.

6. The keypad is backlit, but only if you push the schlage key before you enter your code.

7. The unit uses a standard 9-volt battery. I've had mine for more than a year and haven't needed to replace it.

8. The one feature that I wish this deadbolt had was time based entry rules. I'd love to create a password which only works during certain hours, so that a housekeeper could access the house on a certain day or at a certain time. Alas, nothing is perfect...
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on May 24, 2017
Very easy to install & set-up.
I may end up putting one on every door of my house.
It's so nice not to have to try and pull keys out of my pocket when approaching the front door, especially if my hands are full. All I need is a free finger to hit the keypad. It's also nice if you are out of town and need someone to stop by and check on things, just give them a temporary key code and their in. You don't have to make a set of keys or leave a key somewhere.
This key pad does not automatically unlock itself after entering a code like some of the other key-less entry locks, which I was fully aware of and assume it will allow the battery to last longer.
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on July 15, 2016
We chose this model over the one that you can operate with your phone because with this one, you punch in the code then manually flip the lever. The more expensive model, you punch in the code and the motor operates the lever. That means you better have good batteries!

Best yet, it went right in the same hole we had our old Schlage lock in, and we even had it rekeyed to match our existing keys. Great idea, what took me so long?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon May 11, 2016
I should have bought this years ago. I have a car that doesn't use an ignition key and found I was digging in my purse trying to locate my door key while juggling mail in one hand and maybe a couple grocery bags and purse in the other. I'd have to set something ( or everything ) down just find the key......etc then pick up everything and enter. Leaving the house, again I'd be digging in my purse to get the key out to lock it.
So when I saw this, it was the answer to my problem. I Already had deadbolt from this Mfg so I knew it would fit. Only adjustment that was needed was the door jam needed to be reamed deeper so the full length of the lock would slide all the way in. Be sure to note in the instructions what TYPE of 9V is recommended when it comes time to replace it as they are specific. Took about 15 minutes to install, works like a charm and is very stylish. Best part...........NO MORE KEY HUNTING!!! They give you 2 regular keys in case your battery dies or you forget your code. I hid mine in a fake sprinkler head.
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on February 20, 2017
Purchased about 2 years ago. Love it. Battery lasts a long time since it doesn't have to actually move the deadbolt. Very quick to come and go. I replaced all the exterior locks and rekeyed them all myself. Two are keypads. Each family member has their own code. We still keep a key on the keyrings just in case but never have had to use them. Plus with two keypads, even if a battery died without the expected warning, odds are we can still get in the other door. Just don't get caught out because these aren't easy to bypass from what I've heard.
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on January 8, 2016
This is a good product that could be great. Solidly built on the outside and works well. We love being keyless! It's 2016, why is everyone still using keys?? However, the lever on the inside is hollow, loose and noisy. No reason for this and something Schlage can easily fix. Paid a locksmith to install and I'm glad I did because there were some minor complications I wouldn't have been able to resolve. Besides the lever issue, this is still a good buy for anyone looking to go keyless.
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