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on December 16, 2010
As others have reviewed, this is a quality product and I'm very glad that I purchased it.

Let me start off by saying that I am 6' 8" and weigh over 500lbs and I was very concerned about buying this with the stated weight limit. I contacted Schwinn and they advised me not to order this product, but I assume it was required due to liability and what not. I didn't know if it was going to fall apart or break or whatever, but let me tell anybody out there who is over the weight limit of a consumer grade bike and can't afford $2G for a pro grade unit, this bike is VERY sturdy and has no problem supporting me whatsoever.

The included seat, while not at all designed for somebody my size, is totally adequate and maybe now that I have something to excercise with, will start to fit me better as time goes by.

The Pros:
Very solid construction, convienient handle in the back for moving around, comfortable seat with good adustment for tall people.

The Cons:
I'm very technical, but the user manual is not very helpful in configuring the "custom" circuits, which is a required step when setting up a user. In fact, the manual is pretty much worthless and unless they have something better on-line, I'll probably be figuring this thing out myself. Almost gave took a star away for the manual, but I'm so happy it will work for me that I had to give it 5.
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on March 24, 2012
We bought this Schwinn 240 based on good customer reviews, but unfortunately we are one of the unlucky ones who got a bad unit. This happens to any manufacturer. But its the quality of the customer service that makes or breaks the relationship with customers.

I called the support number and explained to the rep that the bike was not changing resistance. He told me I'd have to disassemble the pedestal to ensure there was a good connection on the cable that connects the control/display unit to the internal parts of the bike.

Okay, not a great start, asking the customer to disassemble the thing they just worked hard to assemble, but okay got my tools out and started to follow his instructions.

After I disconnected the display/control unit from the bike he told me to disconnect the cable from the back. I told him it did not seem to want to come out, but he told me just to pull harder. What he didn't tell me was that there is clip that you need to squeeze to get it to come out. Well, I pulled harder and it disconnected, along with breaking the little plastic snap off.

I told him that it broke and he told me that now he'd have to send me a new cable before we could do any other trouble shooting. He told me it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get the replacement. I asked why it would take so long to get what seems like a pretty common part, but he couldn't give me an answer, but he'd "see what he could do to get it priority."

4 weeks later after no contact from Schwinn/Nautilus I called back. The new customer support rep told me it was going to be at least another 4 weeks before a cable could be shipped.

I asked if there was an explanation of why it would take 8 weeks to get this very common component, but again could not get an explanation, but that she would look into it and get back to me.

I received an email back asking me to send a picture of the broken part so "so I can see if I have an alternate part to get this fixed faster for you?"

I've got no complaint with the technicians, they have both been courteous (although the first one could have avoided the problem with better explanation of how to disassemble) but technicians cannot make up for poor policies and processes.

To make customers have to disassemble the bike and do numerous trouble shooting efforts to help resolve problems with a defective brand new product seems a bad policy.

Making customer with defective new units have to wait more than 8 weeks for replacement parts (that they have to install) is also bad policy.

Very disappointed so far with Schwinn / Nautilus experience so far. Will update later with more when they get back to me.
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on January 2, 2012
Overall I find the bike fairly solid, and I'm happy with the product, but there are a few frustrating flaws that keep it from being perfect.

First, the good: despite some other concerning reviews my bike arrived with the packaging intact. Assembly wasn't too bad, taking a little over an hour and being fairly straightforward, though a few screws and wires in the main column took a little dexterity.

The bike itself runs very well. It's super quiet, and the range of tensions go all the way from very easy to very hard, with enough variability in the middle to keep me happy, and enough left on the high end for me to grow. It's comfortable enough, though I get a little fidgety in the seat toward the end of a ride. It seems sturdy enough for my size and weight (6'2", 220 lbs) and the balance has been good.

I like a number of the computer features. I'm a statistics junkie and appreciate I can create a profile and it'll save my lifetime stats. The pre-programmed courses also offer some good variety, but it's also easy enough to adjust on the fly as the mood strikes. Despite a limited interface most of the common functions are pretty easy to get to and adjust. The pause feature is particularly handy - I've already put that to good use.

The frustrations: The computer interface is painful at times, particularly creating a new profile, which requires a minimum of 50 button pushes, and could easily go to several hundred or more if I'd bothered to create a custom route. Opting not to create a custom route still requires hitting the enter button 30 times just to scroll through it -- slow and frustrating, but something you only have to do once. Also, the computer seems to think it belongs to some other machine, perhaps an elliptical, because it keeps giving me messages about using my arms or pedaling backwards, options not available on my model. (Also, a minor nitpick, but a lot of the messages have typos. It's inconsequential to using the machine, but it looks really bad when "arms" is misspelled as "amrs" instead.)

The little ledge on the computer is theoretically there to be able to hold a book, and it's a nice idea, but in practice it's barely big enough to hold an e-reader (almost knocked mine off once) and would never properly hold a paper book.

The seat adjustment knob is poorly designed -- to loosen it enough to slide the chair forward or backward (my wife and I both share the bike, so we do this a lot) basically means the screw has to fall out of the hole entirely, and it doesn't always go back in smoothly unless you crouch down at eye level with the seat to line it up. It seems like it would have been trivial to design that differently, so you could loosen and adjust the seat without having the screw completely come out each time.

The heart monitor is pretty slow to get up to speed, but I don't use it much anyway, so that doesn't really bother me. It times out fairly quickly, but there's enough time to adjust your position or change a page on an e-reader and have it pick back up.

Finally, there's something weird where the computer lets up on tension for a moment as it transitions from one step to the next, even when the two steps are supposed to have the same difficulty level, or when the next step is supposed to be tougher than the current one. Maybe this is a requirement of the mechanism or intentional as a way to signal you're going from one step to the next, but I find it disconcerting when the tension drops away and the pedals start spinning a lot faster for a moment before the proper tension kicks in.

All told I still consider the bike pretty solid. It does just about everything I'd want it to, and I expect to put in a lot of hours and miles on it. Most of the frustrations are fairly minor, though I suspect the seat adjustment screw is going to make me wish I didn't have to share.

One final grumble related to Amazon rather than the product: I bought this at what seemed like a good price, and two days later it was offered for $50 cheaper, but of course Amazon doesn't guarantee prices in its marketplace-style shops, unlike other stores that generally honor the discount if something goes on sale right after you buy. For more expensive items like this one it can be frustrating trying to determine what's a good price or when to buy.
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on June 21, 2010
I received my bike through Amazon Prime in exactly two days with no damage at all to the packaging. The bike was put together in about two hours and wasn't too hard to do. I love my new recumbent bike. I have foot and back problems, and this bike is incredibly comfortable to sit in.
1. The walk-through design makes it easy to get seated.
2. The seat itself is nice and cushy with very good support for my back.
3. The noise level is absolutely incredible in that there is no noise. None at all. I'm used to the loud noise of my treadmill and it's almost creepy how silent this bike is.
4. The pedals are also sized well and hold your feet comfortably in place.
5. Pedaling is smooth and the resistance levels change fluidly.
6. The computer display has a lot of information and is a bit on the busy side, but the information is useful and interesting and it stores your information; i.e., you can track how long, fast, etc. you've ridden.
7. The bike is easy to move around in that it has rollers on the front and back, which do not cause the bike to move around except when you want it to be moved. And there's a handle on the back to help with easily dragging the bike to where you need it to go.
1. The power plug is flimsy and can be pulled from the machine more easily than I liked. I was expecting a nice, solid three-prong plug permanently attached to the machine and this is a wispy power cord adaptor-thingy. I took extra care in the placement of my bike because of the less-than-sturdy-power cord so that it's plugged in a way that I or anyone else, including my dogs, won't accidentally kick it loose.
2. The owner's manual is a joke. I'm having a little bit of frustration getting up to speed with using the programs and setting up my user profile. Reading the manual makes sense while you're reading it, but as soon as you try to apply what you are reading directly to using it, you quickly realize all sorts of steps are left out of the manual. I am not a complete idiot so I'm muddling through and figuring it out, but the owner's manual is of very, very little help.

All-in-all, I highly recommend this exercise bike. The drawbacks are minor and once I get the programming figured out, it'll be 5 stars!
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on February 13, 2012
With all the apprehension reading those One stars I went ahead to order one 'cause the price drop might not stay for long (last month). The bike arrived in a week, put it together, took little over an hour. One of the roller stabilizer in the front broke or came broken. I Googled Schwinn and called one of the numbers, got connected on the second try to a different division, they gave me another number. It didn't took long I am talking to customer service. I tried to speak sweetly with a smile and didn't sound frustrated, the first step was to register with them and state the issue. After all that, I was given a reference number and connected to another department (Parts Dept). I repeated my issue and it got process. Done! I am being specific to give you a better picture how the process went through compare to the frustrations of other.

I made a comment to the person on the other line, I said I read a lot of complains about getting connected (customer service), etc. I did my call around 3PM on a Thursday and was told it's one of the good time to call, not on a Monday or Friday. I received the parts a week later. I have been using the machine everyday for one hour, so is my son. Located on our family room in front of our TV. Am I just plain lucky? The bike is so quiet. There nothing squeaking, the seat and the back rest is every comfortable. So far so good, it remain to be seen (one month), maybe gotten a good one. We enjoy every moment of used, time just flies while watching our favorite shows.

Alright, I'll talk about the machine, it have a beautiful colorful digital readout with back-lighted. It has no fan gimmicks to break and to make noise, even it there's one it won't be strong to be useful. No MP3 connections and speakers, not necessary, nothing to break and the sound would be no comparison if you just used a good headphone. Setup in front of a LCD TV is the best position, MHO. We have not used the users memory bank, we find it simpler to just push a few buttons. At the gym, I am not use to using the machine users memory, you just can't because it always a different one every time. To get a better consistence reading, I bought a Timex heart monitor, the one I strapped on my chest and comes with a wrist watch read out, this one is Excellente!. Anyway, whatever you want, I presented you different options. What's important information for me to know after I set up the digital monitor is the Time(how long) and level (resistance). I watch the speed for consistency and calories burn. I check my heart rate not to exceed a certain heartbeat. That's all, I'm good. I don't have the interest to compare what I did today to that of yesterday and the day before unless I want to build muscles (physic). My work out goal is to burn as much calories I could make and from time to time reach aerobic heart rate level. There are more challenging workout for younger adults but most probably would rather use a treadmill or step ladder machine I see them use at the gym.

I'll tell you the seat is very comfortable. I am not discounting others opinions, I think I have a regular butt size. I compared many recumbent models while in search last year, I went to Dick's sporting store, Wal-Mart, Sears, etc. tried all recumbent bikes I could find in all price ranges, I chose this one in comparison to the more expensive models I used at the gym. I find the ergonomics and appearance not much of a difference. Started eying the price on Amazon, the price of this Schwinn 240 drops just for few days, without thinking twice I grab it. Now I can start saving my gym monthly membership dues. The machine will pay itself off in four months. Wow!
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on September 7, 2011
I'm a 50 year old woman, weigh 350 pounds, and have bad knees. My orthopedic surgeon wants me to lose at least 150 pounds before he will perform my double knee replacement. He told me bicycling and/or swimming are recommended for me. So I began looking for a recombant bike.

I decided on the Schwinn 240 because of the mostly good reviews. The reviewer who weighs 500 pounds caught my eye...if its strong and stable enough for him, it should definitely work for me too. I can tell you that YES, it really is strong and stable enough for me, even the specs say 300lbs is the max. I guess for legal purposes they have to state a conservative limit. Also, the computer display only goes to 300, I personally don't mind that.

Assembly was easy, I did it all my myself.

The user manual leaves a lot to be desired. Like another reviewer said, its like trying to launch the Space Shuttle using a Betty Crocker cookbook. I still havent been able to figure out the custom programs, I simply use the Quick Start menu, and set my tension each time. If having the custom programs is important to you, you will certainly find it frustrating. Maybe a Google search might turn up the mysteries of accessing the custom programs?

Even though I cannot use the custom programs, I still give this 5 stars because it has everything I need. The ride is smooth and quiet, the seat comfortable, I adjust the tension as I need it, its strong enough to support my over-the-limit body, I like the heartrate detection pads are in the comfortably positioned side handlebars. And the price was awesome! A $600 bike for $400, free shipping.

I'm VERY happy with my purchase.
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on September 6, 2012
First, I ordered using the free shipping option, which saved me $70. It took 11 days to arrive, but the slight time difference is worth it to me. Kudos to Amazon for providing this option for people who would otherwise not order because of shipping expense.

Assembly was fairly easy. I am an overweight 64yo woman with a back injury, so I had to take it slow. Even so, most of the assembly can be done sitting down, so it only took about 3 hours of total assembly time. Others say the seat/handle bars need two people, but I managed by myself (for the entire assembly process) using a small table to brace the bracket on. I had to use a magnifying glass to read some of the assembly instructions, but they were very detailed, accurate, and I didn't have to go back at all. The parts are well organized and identified. I would suggest leaving them in the bubble wrap, taking the correct amount out for each assembly step as you go. It also helps if you have your own wrenches and screw driver instead of using the provided tools.

The set-up menu and instructions are a little confusing. They assume you know something and it took some trial and error setting up the basic user workout. Setting up the user profile was fairly easy.

I did a 30 minute workout and the HRM (heart rate monitor) seems to be fairly accurate as I also had on a reliable wrist HRM to compare. The console has large LED readouts that are easily seen, even without my glasses. Some noted there were gaps in resistance when changing levels, but I didn't notice anything. Pedaling was very smooth and consistent even when changing levels.

I set this machine up in my living room, in front of the TV as I know from experience it can get really boring just sitting there pedaling. I DVR favorite movies/programs and watch them while I exercise. This bike is totally silent which is a relief from some of the older model stationary bikes.

It would have been nice to have a regular power cord instead of the adapter with the small wires going to the power outlet. My cat was already eye-balling the wires, so I will be getting a cord-tender to wrap around it.

So, unless something breaks soon, I feel I definitely got my money's worth.
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on December 17, 2012
Love my Schwinn 240 which I've had for about two weeks now. I've seen some comments that the seat isn't all that comfortable, but I don't find that to be the case at all. I'm 47 and have some minor back problems, and I find the seat and working out extremely comfortable which allows me to totally focus on the workout. I'm also tall (almost 5'10"), and the wide range of seat adjustment allows me to get perfect leg extension. Pedaling is super smooth, and the resistance that I get during the pre-programmed workouts really feels like you're going uphill.

As far as assembly goes, my boyfriend put the bike together for me very easily, but then again he's really good at stuff like that...I'm not, and I don't think I could have done it by myself...or maybe I could have but it would've taken me forever and it probably wouldn't have worked right. Lots and lots of nuts and bolts. If you're not a handy person, I would highly recommend having someone who is put it together for you. Other than that, once it's put together, it's a GREAT exercise bike!
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on December 24, 2012
It took me around half an hour to figure out how to program this thing to add a user. Just thought I would document it so others won't have to waste time figuring it out.

We'll start with a reset so we have a known starting point
1. Hit stop/reset and hold it down for around 5 seconds.
2. Hit the down arrow button (right side)
3. Hit the start/enter button
4. Hit the start/enter button again
5. You can enter your name here now. If you don't want to bother with that, hit start/enter 12 more times
6. Hit the start/enter button
7. Adjust weight with up/down buttons and hit start/enter
8. Hit the start/enter button
9. Adjust target weight with up/down buttons and hit start/enter
10. Hit the start/enter button
11. Adjust height with up/down buttons and hit start/enter
12. Hit the start/enter button
13. Adjust age with up/down buttons and hit start/enter
14. Hit the start/enter button
15. For now, just hit start/enter 41 times... yup, you read that right, 41 times. After that, it'll say user added.
That basically set the custom program to level 1 all the way through. You can go back and adjust the custom program later.

Hope this helps =)

Giving this 4 stars because I like the bike, but the manual is garbage...
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on August 28, 2012
There were so many positive reviews, after buying this I did not bother to add another. I have had this since November 2011 and I am completely happy with the performance of the bike. The other user comments address pretty much everything but I have found something to mention. Assembly was not difficult. The only item that was confusing to me was inserting and tightening the pedals. The pedal on the left side simply would not tighten, so I switched it with the one and the right and it went in fine on the right side. So I tried again on the left and it still would no go in. At first I thought the threads were damaged. After a couple minutes I discovered that the pedal on the left tightens in a counter-clockwise rotation whereas the other pedal and every other part on the bike tightened in a clockwise rotation.
I am 5'11" and found the seat and seatback to be very comfortable and supportive.
The one oddity about this is a smell. The plastic multi-color console smells bad. The smell is only noticeable at the back of the console unit which is the solid gray colored plastic-like material. Neither the metal frame nor the seat has any noticeable unpleasnt odor. The odor is very noticeable, not mild, although it may take some time to build up to a noticeable amount. I notice the odor as soon as I get to the doorway to that room that has the bike. The smell is between skunky and body odor. It took awhile to figure out what the source of the smell was, but now I have no doubt that it is the gray colored plastic portion of the console. Since realizing this I periodically spray the entire console with Lysol but that only helps for a short time. I am curious as to whether anyone else notices a smell at the console.
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