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on August 1, 2011
The freight company they used for delivery was great. took just a few days to get it. they called to schedule delivery and were there as promised. I thought I would be able to put it together in less than 2 hours as I am pretty handy. Well, it did take the full two hours. Was not difficult, but had to take the time to figure out the directions. They were not always as clear as they could be. the cover that goes over the front column to cover the screws attaching it to wheel was not specific. Thus, I had it left over, and wasn't about to disassemble all that just for the cover. I can live without it. on the left handle-bar, which was one of the last pieces, the holes did not line up exact and I ended up stripping the two screws on one side. Called Nautilus and they were great. sent out a new handlebar and screws. A+ for service. Now back to the machine. I have been using a high end elliptical at my gym for years. This gives me a better workout. I am sweating and panting at the end of my 30 minutes. I don't know too much about the program choices - wish they were better explained. I use a circuit 2 which seems to do the trick. Finally, I was used to having the handles read my heart rate. I couldn't understand why this wasn't working. upon calling, I was told to grab the fixed handles underneath the console. Major DUH moment , but that was not explained in the book either. It takes a while to read your rate - it starts at 70 then increases up to heart rate which takes about 30 seconds. Not sure how accurate it is, so I may get a chest strap monitor. This is a quality machine and I am glad I got it. funny it had gone down to $533 on Amazon the day I ordered it. net day, it was back up to $579. even at that price, well worth it.
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on May 16, 2011
I received many warnings about buying an elliptical trainer without trying it but did it anyway based on reviews. I was prepared to sell it if things didn't work out for me.

First let me preface my remarks by mentioning that I am a fat old lady. 62 years old and need to lose some weight. Up until now my exercise was walking my dog. I decided it was time to take the next step and try to get in shape.

1. Packaging. The trainer came in a box that weighed 150lbs. It was delivered by a truck. The trucker rolled it into my backyard. Not realizing how heavy it was I didn't ask him to bring it in the house. I had to break open the package and carry it into the house piece by piece. It was very doable.

2. Assembly. It comes in a lot of pieces with a couple of crappy tools to help put it together. You will want a decent 6mm hex wrench or preferably 6mm hex socket because you have to screw in about 75 hex bolts. A rubber mallet was the only other tool I needed. The directions were good and the pieces went together pretty well. I was able to put it fully together by myself. It is quite sturdy. I ended with up with 3 weird pieces never referenced in the manual (go figure). Interestingly it came in a box that said Nautilus and Bowflex on it. Do they make Schwinns too?

3. Usage. My needs are not great. It has several different routines plus you can create your own. The first time I used it I went for 5 minutes and coughed and choked the rest of the day. After a few uses, I got the hang of it. I walk my dog then come home and get on the elliptical. It makes for a great workout. Yes the wheels do squeak a little but I have an ipod so I don't hear it. Plus because I put it together I have no doubt that I can deal with that sound if it ever bothers me. It does have some handles where you can check your heart rate. It kind of works but I wouldn't hang my hat on it if I really wanted to know my heart rate.

It is not that big so it fit easily in the room where I put it. You will need a space that measures 64" x 26". It does roll on front wheels but I have not used them yet.

I shopped what was out there for a good while. I was quite happy with the price and feel that there wasn't a better deal used or new. Several of the new ones around this price range were huge--fully a foot or longer than this one. The used ones were either quite expensive or total junk. You can get a heck of a workout from this thing!
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on May 10, 2011
Yes, "the beast" now resides on one side of my living room with a nice view of the big screen. This thing is heavy (really heavy), stable, and provides an extremely fluid motion for both my arms and legs. I have used Health Club ellipticals that were just painful on my knees and this one is heavenly. We bought this in lieu of our Health Club membership and it should pay for itself in 7 months. I looked at 4 or 5 physical stores before deciding on this elliptical and consider it time well spent. Oddly enough the Schwinn 420 I tried out at Play-it-Again Sports had the handlebars on wrong and I repeated the mistake on assembly. If you do it the way I did the handlebars will be too far forward causing the user to lean way too far forward and causing lower back spasms if "you tough it out". I, and others, have probably pulled the little "L" and "R" tabs off the lower unit swing arms while unpacking the elliptical. They are identical but fit completely different when reversed. All told, with the lower arm faux pax, I spend nearly 2 hours on assembly, and I am a reasonably adept, intelligent person, but it was well worth the effort. I did use spray lithium grease on all the plastic washers and moving parts both before and after assembly, which should prevent the squeaks for a while. The electronic readout takes some getting used to, but the manual has steps for both user and guest. I also purchased the Square Trade Warranty for if/when it breaks itself. One specific note: if you have yours delivered to your driveway or garage make sure you have some type of dolly to move this thing around with, and it wouldn't hurt to have a helper too. Good buy for us, I give it 5 stars, but before you buy one - try one!
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on December 18, 2009
Like previous reviewers, I was wary of this model because it lacks reviews and I almost went with the older 430 model. However, after using it for a couple weeks, I can say that it was definitely a good choice and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an elliptical in this price range.

I assembled the machine by myself because no one else was around at the time. I was able to do it in about 2.5 hours but it was difficult at times trying to line up parts and it required a bit of heavy lifting. I would definitely recommend you enlist the help of another person if you can and don't even try doing it yourself if heavy lifting might be a problem. Otherwise, I had no major problems during assembly and the instructions were pretty straightforward.

The unit is sturdy and it delivers a smooth, quiet and effective workout. I've had no trouble manually programming the console but trying to create a custom program was confusing enough that I didn't bother after trying once. Also, I have found that the heart rate monitor takes a while to give you an accurate reading, so I don't bother with it much anymore.

Overall, you won't find anything super fancy in this model but it's solid, effective and great for the price.
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on December 11, 2011
As other reviewers have indicated, the Schwinn 420 is a nice, smooth, solidly built piece of equipment. Took a couple of hours to set up, but the tools and instructions were fine. As others suggested, I used some white grease for all pivot points and haven't had any squeaks after a few months of use. The action is smooth and you can develop a workout that is as easy or as challenging as you need it to be. I'm 6'2 and 220 lbs and the elliptical fits me perfectly. It also works fine for my (much smaller) wife. Others have commented on the relative toughness of level 1, but we've experienced nothing of the sort. I have a 3-year-old that will hop on occasionally to play, and he can handle level 1 just fine.

I have only 2 negatives. First - the computer is VERY basic. No frills here. I would've liked to at least had a lighted screen because if you don't have a light positioned just right, it's hard to see the screen. The functions are very basic, but they do the trick. Again, no frills at all on the computer.

The only other thing that I might like to see as far as an improvement would be pivoting footrests. My wife and I have both noticed that since the foot platforms don't pivot and stay perfectly horizontal, that our toes tend to slide gradually forward in our shoes. Both of us have experienced a bit of discomfort/numbness in our toes after being on it for 20 minutes or more. It's not a problem though - I just end up breaking the workout up a bit. Gives me an excuse to go kill some time on the treadmill. Perhaps our technique is off a bit... Anyway, I've seen other ellipticals with pivoting footrests, but they are hundreds more - not worth it in my book. Buy with confidence on this one.
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on November 21, 2010
When looking for a low-impact, high return exercise machine, I did a great deal of research. The Schwinn 420 elliptical overall was rated in the top 4 ellipticals by a well-known consumer magazine as well as individual reviews found on the internet. I assembled the machine myself. Although it took a couple of hours, it was kind of fun. The instructions, with diagrams, were clear and the hardware was conveniently sealed on a cardboard palette which made the pieces easy to recognize and assemble. All-in-all, very methodically laid out. Once completed, I gave it a test ride and was impressed at how smoothly it works. The instructions for using the electronics are not very good so it's been a lot of trial and error in getting my personal preferences set up. Nonetheless, I am very impressed with the elliptical. I saved more than $150 on Amazon over the next best deal I could find anywhere else.
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on October 11, 2011
Upon further examination, I have found that only ONE user can have a personal profile set up at any time. All other users must sign in as [Guest User].

- - - - -

I ordered this item a couple months ago. The first shipper, ABF, ended up losing the item and could not tell me whether they even had it, much less when it would be delivered. After over 10 days of waiting, I contacted Amazon and we cancelled that order. Almost 2 weeks after cancelling, ABF called and wanted to set up a delivery date. I informed them that order had already been cancelled.

I reordered this item, and after waiting several days, I got in touch with the shipper, this time Pilot, and all they could tell me was that they had not taken receipt of it. I contacted Amazon and they could find out no more than I could, so we cancelled and reordered again.

On the third time ordering this item, it arrived in a timely manner and was delivered right to my kitchen.

I had no problems setting it up by myself, other than having to take some time to rest, pick up grandkids from school, etc. Assembly went pretty well.

I'm upset that it seems it will accept only one named user. My son in law put in his name through [add user] and now the [add user] function does not show up at all, as if with a single user added, it is a disabled function. Reading the information on Amazon, I was left with the impression that it would accept up to six users. Perhaps someone can confirm this or let me know whether this is faulty.

Throughout the ordering process, Amazon was wonderful. I just hope that my nightmares with the first two shippers is not indicative of problems for heavy item shipments.
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on January 4, 2014
I have arthritis in my right ankle and have been looking for the perfect exercise equipment that was "no-impact." This recumbent bike fits the bill.

The directions say that you need 2 people to put it together, but I did it all by myself and I'm 60 years old! It took me 3 hours. The directions were straight forward and all of the pieces were clearly labeled. Everything that you need to accomplish the assembly is included.

The bike is completely quiet, not one bit of noise. I just sit and watch TV while I am working out, and the workout just flies by.

I highly recommend this bike for anyone who needs a "low-impact" workout.

I have to give some credit to, also. This order was easy to place, was shipped free, and arrived exactly when they said it would.
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on October 22, 2011
I researched ellipticals on the internet and this is supposed to be the best of the inexpensive ellipticals. The item was heavy and efficently packed. I had to take the pieces out of the box to move it and get it upstairs. The illustrated directions were easy to follow. The parts were labeled left and right. I don't assemble things very often, so it took a couple of hours to assemble. The hardware was shrink wrapped to two pieces of labeled cardboard. The labeling of the parts was not complete. The parts labeled F in the directions were labeled M8 on the card of hardware. You can match the parts with the pictures in the directions to confirm parts. There were two extra screws that look like they were for a water bottle holder, that must be optional. Needed tools to assemble were included, except for a rubber hammer. The machine itself is smooth and pretty quiet. I am 5'2" and the stride is good for me, I like the position of the footpads. The motion encourages the use of the legs (no bobbing up and down) with low impact on joints. It is easy to learn to use the console. The pulse does not measure accurately. I like this much more than my Nordic Track elliptical and at half the price! I have a Schwinn stationary bike and it easily stands up to daily use, year after year. I trust Schwinn quality to apply to this elliptical too. The best and most amazing thing is, I got the elliptical through Amazon with free shipping and for about 35% less than the Bowflex order book!!! I didn't realize it came with a power cord, I would rather have had the console operate with batteries.
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on March 19, 2010
I did all sorts of research before purchasing this model. Worked great for 4 months until one day the chain broke and that was it for this piece of junk. Hours on the phone with Nautilus telephone support resulted in them telling me "tough cookies" basically. This unit has a strict 90 day warranty and Nautilus/Schwinn will not repair it after that date. I was told that I could call someone to repair it. If you're going to buy this, be sure to put it on your AMEX or some other card that gives you an extended warranty.
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