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Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike
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on January 19, 2018
The bike arrived promptly and I had an Amazon technician put it together well. Very impressed. BUT at the two week mark, the bike developed a deep knocking sound on the right and vibration could be felt as the metallic knocking occurred as the arm and pedals were in motion. I had the Amazon technician come back, and he and I both agreed the set up was sound and good, but something was going on internally and both he and I did not want to get into the inner workings of the bicycle. So I call Bowflex/Nautilus/Schwinn. They wanted me to disassemble the entire body of the bike so they could "TROUBLESHOOT" over the PHONE. I was appalled, likening this experience to calling my auto dealership with a problem and them asking me to rent a crane, remove the engine and see if the timing belt was slipping. My Customer Service agent didn't get the irony. Long story short, the warranty only covers PARTS, not DIAGNOSTICS, and now not only did I buy a bike no more than three weeks ago, I now have to pay, upfront, 139.00 for a DIAGNOSTIC VISIT from a third party company. Please be aware of the facts. This is a big bike. I would return it, but I have to pay someone to pull it apart, the box is gone, so I would need to repack this baby and send it back. Very disappointed overall. Very.
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on June 22, 2016
This is a rather long story…but before you shell-out the big bucks for this bike I would suggest you read it.

I’ll never trust any reviews again. I’m a runner who is getting on in age and lives in Jersey and sometimes the weather keeps me from running in my local park. I decided it was time to invest in an exercise bike…but which one. I live on a fixed income so price was going to be a concern, however I believe in the old saying, “you get what you pay for.” So I was willing to put out a large chunk of change for a good solid bike that would last until I physically couldn’t use it any more…hopefully several years.

Since I would be using my Amazon account I trolled around to see what they were selling and that’s when I saw the trusted, iconic name of Schwinn. I choose the AD6 with a price tag of $559.00 plus tax because I liked the idea of getting an upper and lower body workout. I saw the reviews were overwhelming positive except for several negatives that mentioned a metallic clanking, clanging and banging coming from the pedal area. Again thinking “Schwinn” I assumed that the problem wasn’t as bad as those reviews stated or that those people didn’t put it together right, etc.…surely it wasn’t anything the manufacturer did.

So I placed my order and was excited when the bike arrived earlier than expected. I was even more excited when it took only 30 minutes or so before I had the bike assembled and was working up a sweat.

That was in May of 2016. By July 2016 I wasn’t so excited anymore. A loud banging developed around the pedal area…I couldn’t place exactly where it was coming from…nothing was hitting anything and nothing was loose so I called customer service…and called…and called. People there were very polite and kept sending me parts. How what I was supposed to do with them I didn’t know. Finally, the banging was so loud I could no longer use the bike without disturbing my neighbors. I live in a small apartment with units above and alongside me.

January 27th a technician arrives, walks in sits on the bike and say’s, it can’t be fixed. He didn’t have a lot of good things to say about this model but did say I could continue to use the bike…nothing will happen...but the way the bikes are made now there is no way to fix the loud banging. I called customer service with the technician here and they agreed to send me a new bike.

OK that’s great…stuff happens. I’m willing to forgive and forget and I’m excited again. The new bike arrives on march 10, 2017 and it’s great…once again I’m peddling along and getting a good workout when snap…the crank belt brakes.

OK stuff happens…I buy a new belt watch a You Tube video on how to install the new belt which was easier than I thought it would be and I’m back in business once again. Easter Sunday I was going at a pretty good pace when I heard it…Clang, bang, clang, bang. The bike is useless unless I move it outside in a field where it won’t disturb anyone.

Bottom line…Schwinn got my $559 and I got a very expensive piece of crap to hang my clothes on. It’s a real shame that people will see the overall good rating for this bike and the name Schwinn and buy one.

I apologize to all those reviewers for assuming it was something you did and it will be my mission in life to get the word out about this piece of crap product. You can bet the word “Schwinn” is not mentioned in this home without an expletive in front of it.
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on June 16, 2016
Junk. Within one week the pedal crank was chewing away the housing. Not the Aerodyne of the past. Returned for a refund.
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on June 23, 2015
I am a Mechanical Engineer and have been knocking around all kinds of machinery for over 60 years. The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike is a solid piece of equipment. It is built to last a very long time with minimal maintenance.

The package arrived in a few days undamaged and complete. It is rather heavy and would be difficult for one person to handle it without a hand truck or dolly of some kind. Assembly was easy and only took about 30 minutes total including leveling. I am 6ft and 200lbs (down from 230 recently). This bike fits me perfectly. My wife is 5' 2" and the seat adjusts to her height easily, so she is comfortable with it also.

My only minor complaint was that the handlebars came with the R & L stickers on the wrong parts. I guess if you are a really tall person, you could mount them backwards and they still work just fine. I suspect that some people the complained about the handlebars being too far for their reach in other reviews may have mounted them wrong.

The bike is very stable when leveled on a solid floor. The resistance matches my demands either faster or slower for my usual 20 minute workout. The computer readout is large enough and bright enough to be seen easily. I do not see the need for a fender since the air is deflected elsewhere by the fan. I prefer to use my ceiling fan or a table fan as needed, so you might want to plan this for your fitness room.

I bought the book rack for it too and it is a great addition making my workouts go by with pleasure.
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on August 8, 2017
Not at all like the old big fan style Airdyne. I don't ride this because the seat sits too far back and there's no way to adjust it forward like with the Airdyne Pro model. If there's a replacement seat out there that adjusts forward I would buy it. As the way it is now it's just too uncomfortable to ride for any length of time. Not a well thought out design over the old Airdyne. Why should I have to pay several hundred dollars more for the Pro model just to have an adjustable seat?
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on September 19, 2017
Had a little bit of an issue with the bike at the beginning. It had an extra part clanking around in the box of the gear area on the left side of the bike. We undid the panel of that side because we saw in the manual that there was not much going on mechanically on that side. So we find this ring just laying in there and on careful inspection of the gear area with a flash light, we could see a similar ring on that side of the pedal and gear area. So the question was, did it come from the other side? Now that side was the side we were concerned about opening because it had more of the mechanism there.

The vendor was extremely helpful, but they weren't sure whether it was an extra part or not. So we called Schwinn. Schwinn was a little less helpful. We didn't want to open anything up and maybe void our warranty and they did not want to send out a technician. They felt that it was something that we could do. So their recommendation was to open up the other side of the box. So we did open it presumably with Schwinn's blessing and were able to determine that indeed it was an extra part just floating around in there. Bottom line, we were very pleased with the service of the vendor that sold us the bike, not so happy with Schwinn!

As for the bike, it is just OK. Some benefits would be if you could adjust the seat to go forward or back a little. The seat itself is very, very hard. I can't imagine anyone really has buns that fit into the exaggerated design of the seat. Very high buttock area with no give. It also seems as if the arms of the bike swing forward a little too far. It works better for one of us, but not all of us. Still we each have complaints about it, but we all still use it even if not happily.
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on April 12, 2016
I received my new AD6 a couple of days ago, assembled it yesterday and rode it this afternoon for a few minutes. To my great disappointment, it is defective. The pedal and belt hub assembly is working it's way out the side of the unit. Totally worthless at this point. I read the many reviews that said the quality was not anywhere near the quality of the AD 3's and 4's and they were correct. BTW, I bought my first AD3 around 1990 and have used them ever since. I really like them and this is very disappointing. I'll call their customer service tomorrow and report on the results.
UPDATE: The Nautilus Customer Service representative was very helpful and had a replacement Airdyne shipped the next day. It was delivered in 4 days. Not as fast as Amazon, but very good. The replacement works as advertised.
After using it for 4 days now, I find it is OK. I agree with many other reviewers that the seat is uncomfortable and I find the reach to the arm exerciser levers is a bit far - I am 6'2" with a shirt sleeve length of 33" and I still have to lean forward a bit. I will be looking for a new seat, hopefully with a forward slide adjustment.
As to how the AD6 compares with the AD3/4:
1. The AD6 is much quieter
2. The AD3/4 allows sitting more upright and is more comfortable.
3. The AD4 display is easier to read
4. Overall, both are good exercise bikes.
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on April 22, 2018
This was a steal at the $432 I paid for it. It's definitely not worth $700 and it's probably a good idea to wait it out for another holiday price drop rather than pay $500 today (20180422). Assembly is fairly easy, and the ability to do serious interval work as well as decent threshold or low intensity work is awesome. I'm a big, fairly strong male (6' 105kg) and for my max-effort HIIT intervals, I can exceed the computer's maximum speed/power output (which appears to 30mph, and ~650 watts). For a wildly serious Crossfit athlete this would matter; for the vast majority of general populace, this is not a problem at all.

Caveat: The seat is ridiculously difficult to set in one solid position. After repeated interval bouts it would grow loose and screw up workouts. I allowed this to happen at least 4 or 5 times before I bought some lock tite and really clamped down on the nut with my socket wrench. This caused some of the metal on the seat's underside to warp. I don't know if the lock tite, the warpage, or both played a part in finally 'fixing' this issue, but it also seemed to be ameliorated by pointing the seat a little further up than normal. Guys, this will be a pain in the taint/gooch/bridge but you'll adapt.

Caveat TL;DR: Apply Locktite to the threads of the bolt that clamps the seat to the post, and for God's sake use a socket wrench to get it tight, not the included ghetto-wrench.

Photo explanation: Small RED square is the nut-and-bolt that requires Locktite and lots of elbow grease. YELLOW square highlights the warped metal beneath the seat, GREEN square notes the 'original non-warped' width of those pieces of steel.
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on October 16, 2012
This exercise bike is amazing! I had meniscus knee surgery 1 year ago and it is still not right. So it has been difficult to workout at the gym. On this bike you use your arms as well as your legs which takes pressure off of my knee. My arms and chest are sore my first week but that will go away. My mom had the original Airdyne when I was a kid and so I was happy to find that they still make it. This model apparently is their newest for 2012/2013. When I called customer service they had no idea it even existed. I guess corporate does not communicate with customer service or it is that new? But the lady was very helpful and found all the information I needed. I paid $721 including tax. My 2 local sporting good stores only had the 'Evo' for $750, $58 for tax and $200 for shipping and assembly. If you have 'PRIME' with Amazon you get free shipping, that alone would pay for Prime plus some. It is manufactured in China but the Schwinn Quality (now owned by Nautilus or Bowflex or Universal, not sure) is still there. It took me almost 2 hours to assemble. But I could have done it in an hour, I was just being extra careful. The instructions were written in perfect English but obviously by an engineer. It came by FedEx in 1 box about 130 pounds. Most of it is pre-assembled you just have to add the arms, pedals and small parts. I suggest you remove the nuts and bolts in the order needed and leave the rest on the labeled cardboard until you need them. Remember all nuts, bolts and washers go on the outside of the part you are putting on. Also the computer monitor is AWESOME, you can see all 7 functions at the same time like calories etc. I do wish it had a light button. You can also push a button or just get off the bike to pause it for 5 minutes if you need a break. Also remember to buy a NON-coded heart monitor chest strap! The computer monitor feels cheap but once installed it is well protected between steel tubes. As you install it remember to tuck the extra wires into the back of the monitor so it sits on the bike properly. I have used the bike everyday since I received it Saturday. It is super sturdy and seems well built to me. It is far more compact then the original ones. The fan is smaller and does not blow wind all over you. I got the black color and it looks great! I am super happy with the bike!
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on December 16, 2015
Ordered two of these bikes around three months ago. They came quickly, were relatively easy to put together and seem to work fine.

Last week, after normal use, a belt broke on one. Called Schwinn, no help at all in getting a replacement belt. Beware, there apparently isn't a warranty on any part of this machine. Awful customer service. Only one we could find online was $57. For a belt that's all of a couple feet long. Ridiculous.
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