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on April 7, 2017
I have a BIG butt (working on that) and was afraid this would be too small and uncomfortable. I had NO idea how SMALL this item is!!
However, my husband put it on in a few minutes and it is SUPER comfortable. ONLY BECAUSE IT MAY HELP OTHERS I will share that I am 5'5" and 225#. We have 26" bikes. My hips / butt is 54" (I know... I know... gotta work on that and biking is part of my new workout routine) and this seat is PERFECT! It was a GREAT buy!! My husband got one for himself and he is THIN and he loves this seat too.
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on December 10, 2015
I replaced my mountain bike seat with this one in hopes of comfier ride. At first, it was awkward and I wasn't sure about it. Other reviews were right about working best if peddles are well in front of you. However, I have gotten used to it and I am glad I got it. I don't ride on trails or anything, just cruising through town to run my dog. So, uphill I stand to peddle and downhill I just coast and sit. As long as I am seated back enough, it is comfortable and I do prefer it to the hard seat that my bike came with!

I'm attaching a snapshot of bottom - not shown and would be nice to see.
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on July 23, 2016
My husband and I bought bikes, after 2 rides on the original stock schwinn seat our butts were killing us! I did some research and found the no pressure seat by Schwinn. I read all the reviews and even asked a question to see if this seat would be good for us. I purchased 2 seats.
Unfortunately, it would not work on my husbands bike (Schwinn DSB) this seat post does not taper and the seat attachment was too small to put on his post.
My bike (same bike in womens) fit perfectly. My first mile I was feeling like I was putting all my weight on my handle bars, also the seat hits you were your leg should bend by your butt. Felt very un-natural. It was heaven if I was just coasting but once I had to peddle it made me work 2x as hard. The first 3 miles I had to keep stopping to lower the seat or make it higher trying to find anything that would make it better. My arms were on fire as all my weight was pushed against the handle bars.
Now it's time to turn around and go back home. I just couldn't do it. We took the post with seat attached right off both bikes and switched so my husband could test it out and i had the normal stock seat. My ride home was HEAVEN on the stock seat compared to the no pressure seat. He had to keep stopping to adjust and said he could really feel it in his arms and shoulders.
So we decided to return it. I can not recommend this to anyone. (sorry) I really wanted to love this seat but it just did not work for us.
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on January 1, 2008
I got this seat for my mountain bike because I realized that I wasn't a hardcore mountain biker who wants the lightest seat possible with best control; I'm a casual city rider who hates pain between the legs and worries about his man parts. So I was looking for a comfort seat. I compared this with the seats that have two pads and have glowing reviews from people with prostate problems and this was, well, cheaper. It also looks a bit more comfy.

This seat is comfortable to sit on. Very comfortable. Like an office chair or better. If all we did on bikes was sit, this would be the best seat money can buy. However, we also pedal on bikes, and that creates a bit of a problem. Specifically, as you pedal your legs push down on the front edge of the seat on the downstroke and after a while it hurts. Normal bikes (not the cruiser kind) have the center of the pedals right under the seat. That's fine if your seat is a narrow ridge that is squashing your man parts and your legs are dangling off the sides, but if you are sitting on a nice comfy office chair seat, your legs come out in front. So the situation is not optimal. That's why most other prostate protecting comfort seats look really scary: the pads are out behind the seat post, so the post is precariously positioned between your legs. I haven't really tried them, so I won't comment more on them.

Anyway, if you have a bike with a comparatively upright natural position (high handle bars and the like) and especially if you have a bike that has the pedals out in front of the seat, then you are going to absolutely love this seat. When you just sit in it, there really is no pressure. It's shaped like your backside. It's padded. It's really nice.

But I don't have one of those bikes. I have a trek 4500 mountain bike. So here's how I handled it...

At first I lowered the seat, but it feels funny because your knees go out in front and then bend almost underneath you, putting an undue proportion of the work on your thighs. So I raised it up to normal seat height (about the height of the handlebars). Then we run into the upper leg pain from the front edge of the seat. The manual says to keep the seat level, but what do they know? so I angled the seat forward. Ahhh, very comfortable to pedal. And if I want to just sit and coast, I can sit just a bit farther back, almost on the back edge. Not as comfy as an office chair, but pretty good still. I can sit or pedal on this forever (from a soft tissue point of view). Pain between my legs? Zero. Worries for my future sexual prowess? Zero. I love this seat and this setup. When I see a bump on the road, I don't worry about lifting myself off to prevent nasty shocks being transmitted to my most delicate areas. I just sit down and relax. Shocks are spread throughout your bottom. Ahhhh. Makes me want to invest in a recumbent bike next time.

But is there a downside? Oh yes, having the seat angled forward puts a lot of your weight on your handlebars. Result: a crazy workout for your arms. I don't think I have sufficient arm strength to ride this all day long. I never really ride more than my 5 mile commute anyway, so I don't mind a bit. In fact, it's kind of nice. Now riding my bike gives me wicked triceps as well as amazing leg muscles.

So what I'm saying here is, you need to adjust adjust adjust this seat until it's right. Try crazy positions. You might end up very happy like me. Or maybe not.

There's some talk here about trouble controlling the bike. I haven't noticed any significant changes from a horned seat. I guess I wasn't using the horn between my legs much for control. I tend to keep my hands on the handlebars. One time I do notice things a little funny is when I get up to pedal hard for some reason. That's fine, but then when I go to sit back down, my backside has to feel around quite a bit more before I find the seat than it did when I used horned seats. It's not a big deal. Certainly it won't make me want to trade this seat in for anything else.

What would I tell the schwinn people if I was giving them feedback? Well, they should probably address the issue of the seat positioning the rider too far forward on the bike. I wouldn't go to an extreme and start changing fundamentals, but they could have the little bars under the seat that attach to the post come forward just a bit more than they do. That would probably open up this seat to a lot of people. Other than that the design is pretty great.

This seat has eliminated all my backside and between-the-legs pain, which was seriously hindering my enjoyment of cycling. Forget all those people saying you should wear special biking shorts (yeah right), get your seat professionally microfit (doesn't help), or just wait out the pain. This seat takes some adjustment and a bit of getting used to, but I would never go back. In fact, without this seat I won't cycle.

One other small peeve: there is a velvety fake suede surface to this seat. It's fine (in fact it kind of grips your backside) except when you leave your bike in the rain or holds water and snow more than the usual fake leather stuff.

======== Update November 2012 =====================

I've been using this saddle for several years now and I have finally become annoyed enough with its shortcomings to replace it. Specifically, at normal angles, if you ride for a while, the front edge of the seat digs in to the back of your legs and it's uncomfortable. You can angle it up higher but then it doesn't support much of your weight and you are constantly sliding off. Not to mention, the bars underneath don't come very far forward, so the seat is always a little too far forward on my bike (it would be better if my frame was bigger).

I bought the Hobson Easyseat dual pad bicycle seat to replace it and it is much, much better for the following reasons:

* The two seat pads rotate somewhat as your legs move, so they can support you all through the stroke.

* They do an even better job of keeping pressure off your junk than this seat does.

* The surface does not absorb water, has higher friction (so you don't slide off) and overall has a better build quality.

It's a bit heavier and a little bit more expensive than this saddle, but I would definitely suggest using the Hobeson instead of this one unless you have a very upright-style bike with pedals out in front of you and a very upright posture.

TL;DR version: Get the Hobeson Easyseat instead.
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on April 30, 2016
I bought this seat for my cruiser bicycle, and I'm a very heavy guy, so obviously the stock option is very hard and uncomfortable for my rear. Upon getting this seat, i noticed that it was actually kind of smaller than i imagined or thought while reading reviews and watching at the pictures, another thing is that for some very odd reason, this seat design decreases your stability considerably, what i mean by that is that with any regular bike seat, whether comfortable or not, the longer portion that goes between your legs allow you very easily ride your bike with a single hand while still maintaining full equilibrium and control over the bike. With this seat everything changes. I understand that some find it very comfortable and it is a relief for problems that they may have with prostate or something, but for big heavy guys looking for a big seat to support us, i wouldn't recommend it.
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on April 25, 2016
The price was hard to beat, and I've generally had good luck with Schwinn products. Materials and build quality seem quite solid, with steel rails and nice, firm and hopefully durable foam. A seatpost clamp was included with mine.

The plastic rails and breakage issues reported with more costly competing products were enough to put me off the alternatives.

Appears to work well on the 'wheel of pain' a.k.a. spin bike, putting pressure where it belongs on the pelvic bones vs. soft tissue. I use a Serfas Rx saddle on my mountain bike, where the horn/nose adds control on singletrack that is not needed on a stationary bike.

As a reasonably fit, big guy, i.e. 6'2, 210 lbs. I feel slight pressure at the thigh-glute crease as I pedal, but that's a heck of a lot better than pressure on soft tissue, blood supply and nerves.

When seriously working out on the spin bike, I intend to be standing on the pedals much of the time anyway, but other reasons I bought this include computer work on the bike using stacked bar stools with a board across for mouse and keyboard, and the occasional exergaming session. Deskercise is great for reducing the tedium of repetitive computer tasks.

For those who enjoy videogames, long workouts are made for exergaming. Adrenaline from gaming feeds the workout, and the workout gives the adrenaline something to do so you feel refreshed afterward vs. like a twitchy, strung out (and guilty in my case) couch potato. I sprint at max exertion for a minute when I get 'killed', at level completion and during loading screens.
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on May 4, 2016
I am very pleased with the product. It does take some "tweaking" to adjust the forward/backward angle to best suit your posterior, but once that is done it is a very comfortable ride. They do not mention that you need to have an Allen wrench kit to adjust forward and rear angle and it would be best if you traveled with it as what feels comfortable at the start can become uncomfortable later. If the pitch is too far forward you can have a sense you will slip off. Once adjusted it is very comfortable, but have an Allen wrench set handy.
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on May 4, 2017
Essential No Nose seat for older men with prostate problems. Really though all conventional bike saddles are destructive to circulation. This is a well made seat with one drawback. It's slippery cover. When you give up the Nose, you also give up being secure on the seat. You no longer have side to side control shifting your weight using the seat, as you would do if you were still reckless enough to ride with No Hands as you likely did when you were a kid. A suede leather would have helped perhaps. I may try a double type, but be aware ANY NOSE at all is bad for your old, enlarged prostate. I gave up a little control, but bike riding never bothers my prostate now.
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on January 20, 2015
I could ride a bike for 30 miles if it wasn't for the fact that the discomfort of a regular bicycle seat kills me after about 8 minutes on a bike. So began my quest for a kinder bicycle seat for my hybrid bike. This absolutely relieves any pain or discomfort I once experienced "down there" as a result of sitting and biking for long periods, but this also makes my bike rides TERRIBLE because I'm constantly sliding forward or finding myself in a position that makes pedaling awkward and frustrating. I am constantly moving around trying to find the right position for maximum ease of pedaling, only to find that two minutes later, I have shifted once again into a position that makes it difficult. I can see it being better if you're riding on a perfectly smooth, flat surface with no stops or interruptions or challenges, but I was out riding on the street while towing my toddler in a trailer so I had to stop regularly at lights and such and there was a lot of variation in terrain and I was so frustrated, I almost stopped and walked my bike home instead.

I suppose this could have to do with my bike type or riding conditions and I'm sure this seat works great for some riders in some situations. For a hybrid bike, this seems to work poorly. And if you have to stop somewhat regularly and find yourself having to get on and off the seat, then readjusting every time will prove to be a frustrating experience. But I will give this seat some credit for me having absolutely no physical pain in my rear after riding for several miles. But it was a different kind of pain in the rear if you get what I'm saying...
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on April 1, 2015
We are in our late sixties. Got wife top of line Schwinn upright for knee therapy prior to knee replacement per her doctor. Will also serve in post op therapy. The bike is a dream. The seat was good, better than lower end Schwinn upright. BUT, not comfortable for her. I next tried a wider, softer seat, Schwinn. Much better but still not totally comfortable for her. This No Pressure seat is great. She is not on the Tour de France, but in the living room, not moving, she immediately loved this seat. NOTE you must adjust the seat height properly. Yes, not to high or too low, or the seat may still be a problem.. Any worthy bike shop will show you how to do it correctly. Basically the knee should NOT go totally straight thru the cycle revolution. Get someone to show you, to save you knees and legs and to have a comfortable ride while getting proper muscle exercise.
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