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on September 2, 2010
This is a pretty nice little bike, within certain limits. I've had mine about 6 weeks now.

I've had various bikes before, including a Cannondale racing bike and a Brompton folding bike that I bought in 1997 for about $1000, which ended up getting stolen.

OK, so this Schwinn isn't quite as convenient to fold as the Brompton and it doesn't have gears, but it doesn't cost that kind of money, and it IS a nice little bike that is useful for running about on a campus type environment, in a subdivision, in a park, or around town for short distances.

I live in Florida where the terrain is all flat, and I find that the single gear gets me around briskly enough and that I can make adequate headway when riding into the wind.

As I am at the top end of the weight range for this bike, I find that the brakes are somewhat lacking in stopping power even when well adjusted, and wouldn't recommend this machine for running down steep hills.

I did replace the original saddle with one that has a bit more padding and springs to absorb the bumps, attached a pair of handlebar extenders to give a bit more reach, and buy a rubber tie-down strap to hold it all together when folded. It is really important to get the angle of the saddle adjusted just right, because you are sitting in an upright position with a lot of weight on your rear, which can become uncomfortable over time.

The bike runs very smoothly and I enjoy going out on it. Being a folder, you can easily store it indoors or carry it in the trunk of a car, which makes it more versatile than a full size bike. I use mine mainly for exercise.

By the way, I would disregard any spiel about the noble history of Schwinn bicycles. The company went bankrupt and the factory closed in about 1980. The brand name was bought by another company, and my bike was made in China. Still, it is a nice little bike and seems like a decent value. I don't think you are paying over the odds for the Schwinn badge.
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on January 17, 2017
I liked my fordable bike it fits perfectly in the truck of my car. I used it to ride on the Lake front during the summer months. The only thing I would have done differently was to order it in a 5 or 10 speed. I ordered it in a one speed, which mean when I paddle it goes really, really slow. However, it is a great bike. I may have to order another one and sell the one I have. The people at Schwinn were very helpful in communicating with me by chat on the computer. They recommended that I take it to a bike shop and have them check the brakes and the other parts of the bike to make sure everything was in working condition. I think they charged me $20 for this service which was affordable. P.S. I've owned my bike about 4 years now.
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on April 29, 2012
As noted in other reviews, the Schwinn folding bike is a bit heavier than other brands, and the fact that it only has one gear is a limiting factor. But for the price I think it is satisfactory. We plan to use the two bikes we bought for short trips around towns when we're cruising on our boat and have to go to a grocery store from the marina etc. We have a friend with a Dahon folding bike that we tried out as well, and the Dahon is definitely a nicer bike but it costs nearly double the price, and for we are going to be doing, the Schwinn will be good enough. If you're going to use the bike a lot, I'd go for the Dahon, but for occasional use, the Schwinn will work.

The bikes were delivered with no damage in a reasonable amount of time. Some of the brake levers, fenders etc. were somewhat out of line, either because of sloppy quality control in the assembly process or because of being knocked around in shipping, but there was nothing that couldn't be fixed in a few minutes with hand tools. Nothing was broken or seriously bent.

The bikes ride just fine on paved, reasonably level surfaces and should be handy for short trips around town or around a state park campground.
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on May 26, 2014
My wife and I ordered two of these folding bikes and are happy with our purchase. The frame and wheels are very sturdy and the tires seem like there good quality. They were shipped very quickly and the only issue we had was that the frame on both seats that came with the bike were bent from packing or shipping where they could not be used. We had to replace them. The wheels spin easily with no wobble, the brakes work fine and the bike seems to ride very well.
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on September 14, 2013
I love this little bike. I'm a truck driver and I carry it with me on my travels. It allows me to get out of the truck stops and visit the towns I stop in. It would be a little heavy if your lugging it on and off a subway and it's only a single speed which means you won't be climbing large hills but it's perfect for tooling around town and seeing the sights.
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on July 18, 2013
And by broken, I mean scratched up quite a bit and I could not lock it. The middle clamp was bent so that I could not lock my bike into place. It was disappointing. However, not feeling like sending it back, I took a wrench and smacked it into place. I was able to lock my bike and ride it. It is nice in everyway. You get what you pay for, and let's be honest, this bike is cheap. But I'm not complaining. It works nicely for what I need it for, which is commuting. But it is small. I'm a small girl and I think it's small. Anyway, I'm happy otherwise.
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on May 13, 2014
I bought this as a little bike I could cruise up and down a paved trail on. It works great for this purpose, though I feel like a goofball riding it due to the tiny wheels.

Only minor complaint is that mine took some tweaking on the breaks, and the wheels had a slow leak, so I replaced them both for about 16 bucks. Other than that it's been great, and for the price and my needs, a good deal.
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on December 27, 2012
I needed a second mode of transportation that I could fit in the trunk of my car (a dodge neon). This bike fits like a glove. Than unfolds into an awesome bike. Its great and gets me around campus much quicker so I'm not late for class. :) Plus, I'm a big guy. Six foot four inches tall and 190 pounds. It has a maximum load of 230 pounds. So, it gets me and my junk around in a jiffy! Worth every penny I spent on it.
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on September 5, 2012
I have ordered Schwinn Hinge Folding bike for my daughter's birthday. She is growing but the trunk of my car is not! The item arrived in damaged box; as a result, the rear wheel on the bike was damaged. Amazon's customer service representative was extremely nice, supportive, and efficient. The new bike was ordered immediately at no additional charges. I have successfully shipped out the damaged item and was very happy to learn that the new bike was arriving just a few days later. Upon receiving the new bike, I found out that this bike is damaged too (or maybe it was defective initially) - the chainring was bent! That makes it completely impossible to spin the pedals and the chain comes off. I am extremely disappointed! Needless to say that my daughter still does not have a birthday present and she is very upset. Perhaps, the money paid for this bike is not a big sum of money for some people. And, perhaps, it's ok for some companies to send out damaged products at this cost. But it is a costly item for my budget and a very disappointing one. By no means do I blame Amazon for this - they have been nothing but very helpful! But I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH SCHWINN! They have definitely lost their quality! I always knew that this company made very good product but now I would not recommend it to anyone. Moreover, I am not sure I will ever buy any other products in the future.
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on April 17, 2014
This is good solid bike and a good value if it works right out of the box. Mine has a problem with the front brake. Customer Service is EXCELLENT and they are working me thru the problem. This rating would be 4 stars but for this brake issue.
UPDATE: The problem was a front brake pad which was promptly replaced by customer service at no charge and it did fix the problem. Kudos to their customer service.
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