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on December 12, 2016
Good cheap compact emergency pump for fixing flats on the road or trail. Designed mostly for mountain bike pressures <40psi. Could be used for a road bike, but you are simply putting a minimal amount of air in the tire to get you home. Pumping over 50psi is very difficult, but that's typical for this type of pump. I've gone through several other compact pumps and still have an old working Schwinn pump used on my second bike. With use, heat and time, the plastic seals in the head do deteriorate, but the Schwinns seem to last longer than most other cheap pumps. Rocks flying up during trail riding can break any pump, so I carry one that's economical to replace. The aluminum body and plastic ends have proven very durable. The dust cover doesn't fit very snugly and can be pretty easily lost. I don't know that the cover adds any real protection. I've never had any insurmountable problem with the head sealing on the valve stem, though older worn pumpheads can leak a bit. Compact pumps are usually uncomfortable to use and the Schwinn in no exception. But it's only intended for road/field use. Get a floor pump for regular airing of your tires.
The plastic side mount is fairly weak; my first one broke off when a branch hit the pump. The strap is essential for securing the pump. The mount is designed for round tubes and will replace one of the water bottle mounts. Theoretically, it could be mounted beneath a water bottle cage, but it will probably require longer mounting bolts to span the extra thickness. Since the pump mounts to the side and is oval, it sticks out pretty far and can potentially get in the way of your leg when pedaling. Many people give up on frame mounting (for any pump) and carry the pump in a trunk bag or backpack.
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on March 28, 2017
Unbeknownst to me when I first got this pump, many of these small frame pumps actually don't work too well. Certainly the one provided by the bike tour company a recent cycle tour didn't. What a disaster. Back home, I decided to test my own two frame pumps: this one, and a more expensive two-stage name brand pump. The more expensive pump didn't work on the Schrader valve, even though it had a Schrader (apparently the spacing is off on some of the smaller pumps, and so they don't depress the valve on the Schrader valves). Glad I discovered that before I needed to inflate a Schader-valved tire it. This Schwinn pump is simple (one stage and thus reliable), cheap, and it inflated both presta and Schrader valves just fine (no valve pin spacing issues). I will bring this pump with me on my next tour. Whatever pump you ultimately get, test it before you need it>
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on October 28, 2009
This is a nice little lightweight pump. Like most mini-portable pumps, don't expect it to be able to pump tires to 80 psi. It'll just give you enough pressure to get home and no more. My tests at home demonstrated I can pump it about 60 psi before I got all tired out. If you bend the lock lever 135 degrees (not 90 degrees), the seal between the valve and the pump is quite good, even to 100 psi. However, when I pumped my tire to 100 psi using a hand pump, and tried to top it off with this pump, I could not push any more pressure into the tire.. Using this pump makes you appreciate a floor pump! It does not have a 2 way stroke action. But since you need to brace against something strong, the push-only action is actually beneficial. I recommend you practice pumping at home because your state-of-mind would be quite different somewhere on a road far from home. I found a good stable position is to lay the wheel on the ground and use my multi-tool to shim the head. This allows you to use gravity to push the air in.

I like the feature with the two heads for both valve types. It stores securely on the seatpost waterbottle braze-on's on my bike. With the velcro, never worried about it falling off my bike and had not dropped it once in over 1000 miles of riding. I'm planning to get another for my other bike.
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on July 27, 2017
I bought this to add air to the tires of my bike and even followed the recommended way of doing so. The first time I used it, it would not detach from the valve on my tire, thus letting out ALL of the air from the inner tube. I attempted to use it again to fill the same tire, thinking I had done something wrong, but this time it actually ripped the entire valve out of my tire. So now I have to go to a store to get a new inner tube for my brand new bike tire. I'm NOT happy. I would not recommend this product or design. While it is possible that my tire was defective, I highly doubt that a new bike pump should even be this terrible. Do yourself a favor, skip this one.
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on January 26, 2013
The pump itself feels sturdy. The handle is very small so it is difficult to pump with any amount of force or pressure. The holder it comes with to attach it to the frame is very cheap plastic and both pieces broke while trying to put it on. The only thing holding the pump on is a small piece of Velcro. I've since thrown away the holder and carry the pump in my pack. I was disappointed in this purchase but its too expensive to exchange so I just counted my loss.
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on April 24, 2016
I use presta valves, but I wanted a frame pump that could do both. This is because I find that handheld pumps sometimes bend the tip of the presta valves which can cause air to escape, so I prefer to use a Schader adapter to protect it (but if I lose that I still want to be able to pump up the tire of course).

This aluminum pump feels strong, and I REALLY appreciate it having separate openings for the dual valves, rather than a plastic thing to take out and flip.
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on August 17, 2011
First and foremost, these pumps are for adding small amounts of air on the road after changing/patching a tube essentially they are stop gaps making the bike rideable until one can get to the nearest floor pump or gas station to fill up the tire to the proper pressure. That being said I was disappointed when this product was unable to effectively fill my flat 700 x 38c tire past 30 psi. Considering the tire normally is inflated to 90 psi and the manufacturer's minimum is 50 psi having 30 psi in this is equivalent to 12 psi in a wide MTB tire, essentially useless. The problem is once you got past 30 psi there seems to be way too much pressure the valve leaks then pops off if the valve manages to stay attached the arm strength required to pump above 50 psi is so much that you risk completely brake the pump handle. This is the problem with these pump types as far as this unit the fit and finish were fine, mount was good, and it does have a separate presta valve, however, the valve lock needs a rethink it just slips off way to easily under pressure. Take it from me buy yourself a c02 inflator yes it's a one shot deal (you only use a road pump for fixing flats anyway) but at least you can throw them in your pocket and additionally you can do a complete tube change on the road without having to look for gas station with a schrader pump.
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on July 13, 2017
Great pump! Get it.
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on February 8, 2016
This is the second pump that I have bought (the first was not through Amazon). What can I say? My original pump is still working, although it is getting a little loose. My old '73 BMW R60 came with a hand pump which was impossible to use. It would take you an hour to pump up a tire with a few rest breaks because you would end up exhausted. The old pump I have has been used for years on several bikes, wheel barrels and a car to just get me to a service station. Quality? for the price, yes. Better than the old standup pumps we used to use back in the 60's. Light, convenient and you can take it with you.
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on July 9, 2013
This pump feature a dual nozzle Presta and Schrader valves that will not leak and provides good locking seal when the lever is 90 degrees. I have used it to fill up kids bicycle (25psi via Schrader valves) and my road bike (<100 psi via presta valves). Do note that this pump will fill road bike tires just enough to get home. I find it hard to fill to the max of 100 psi. Price wise is perfect for my budget ~$10. With a max rating of 100 psi, don't expect it to fill up most types of road bike tires. So I recommend you check you tire psi ratings (the markings on the sides of your tires) before you make this purchase. This pump is also handy to pump your sports/outdoor balls (needle to purchase separately). The pump comes with and nice bracket and velcro straps to secure your pump. You can install your waterbottle bracket ontop of this pump bracket which is nice.
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