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on September 11, 2012
My husband and I got these bikes (He got the men's model which is also great) and we LOVE them. We are college students and live in a neighborhood about one mile from campus. We ride these bikes every day (on the road) and they have been awesome for us! I did a lot of research on bikes and found reviews to be helpful, so I wanted to write a thorough review in case you're shopping around and have lots of questions like I did! The things I was looking for in a bike: hybrid or "city" bike, rack, 7 speeds (our campus is very hilly!), and a more flat handle bar rather than the sweeping handlebars you find on a cruiser. We dreamed of having PUBLIC bikes [...] but simply could not afford them, but these have really been amazing alternatives! Here are a few things to consider:

Hybrid--first, we decided on a hybrid or "city" bike for a few reasons. 1. Comfort. Road bikes are made for long distance riding and aren't necessarily the most comfortable. We only ride a couple of miles each day, so we wanted a comfortable commuter bike. 2. Price. There are more hybrids to choose from in the $200-$300 price range than there are road bikes. You can get a decent quality bike for a low price. Road bikes generally are more expensive. 3. Utility. Again, price was a big factor for us, so it is great that this bike comes with a bike rack already.

Assembly--Assembly took about 1 hour, and the bikes ship quickly. (Gotta love amazon!) Instructions are simple. Our bikes didn't come with any major problems to troubleshoot, but the user's manual has a lot of helpful tips about how to center the brakes and stuff if your bike needs some initial maintenance.

Handlebars--Most bikes that have this european style frame have the curved handlebars which are really on good for cruising on flat roads or bike paths. Our town and campus has some big hills, so we needed a more flat handlebar that you can push against when you pump up a hill. This was the biggest selling point for me with this bike simply because I couldn't find this combination anywhere else for the price! Another bonus-you can adjust the angle of the handlebars to whatever suits you best.

Brakes--Some sites that sell the Schwinn Network list in the specs that it has coaster brakes. This isn't true! It has standard caliper brakes (the kind that are on the handles that you squeeze with your hand).

Gears--This bike has been surprisingly easy to manage on the hills in our town, so if that is one of your requirements, I would highly suggest this bike!

Fenders--I was worried that the fenders would be lame since they are plastic, but they are really great. I'm sure they won't last as long as the bike, but that's ok. They seem to be more cosmetic, but I do appreciate them when the road is wet! Still, this would be a great bike if you decided to ditch the fenders.

Wheels--The wheels have to be trued pretty regularly. My husband didn't know ANYTHING about bikes before we got these, and he taught himself how to true the wheels. We just bought a spoke wrench at our local bike shop and watched a few you-tube videos.

Overall, If you're nervous about bike maintenance, you should know that you'll either have to learn how to do it yourself, or pay the professionals. Bike's chains have to be oiled, wheels trued, brakes centered, etc. My husband and I were definitely going to need bikes, so we took the time to learn how to work on them. I recommend that you do the same, and don't be discouraged by the post from people who didn't know having a bike takes a little work :) It's fun to have a new hobby, so go for it!
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on November 13, 2011
I have a love/hate relationship with this bike. I LOVE the way it looks - it's adorable and vintage-y. The function... not so great. It arrived damaged, the front wheel wasn't true, and the rear wheel was truly warped. The front wheel, I've left alone, the rear wheel was trued by my local bike shop (which Amazon, to their credit, paid for). The brakes are AWFUL. I use the bike nearly every week day, riding only a mile each way to and from the subway, and even with such light use, I have to adjust the rear brakes pretty frequently. I say "rear" brakes, because I just can't use the front brakes. After a month or so of owning the bike, I can't get them adjusted so that they'll return to the original position after use, if I use them, one side stays on the rim and drags until I reach down to manually adjust it, so I rely on the rear brakes alone for stopping. The front brakes WILL stop the bike, but if I ever use them, I have to manually move one side away from the rim. I plan to have the brakes replaced at my local bike shop as well. The derailleur is a bike finicky and shifting gears knocked the chain right off until I learned the bike well enough to know exactly what works.

So, I really do love they way the bike looks and I'm very fond of it, but I'm sure I'll end up paying at least as much as it cost to get it into decent operating condition, but for my minimal use - a short commute/errands that sort of thing, it gets the job done.
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on November 20, 2012
I'm a graduate student who was looking for a comfortable, steady bike to commute to school on. My previous bike was a light, high-performing hybrid bike, but it was simply too light and too responsive to handle all my heavy textbooks and laptop in a basket on the back - the weight unbalanced it too much. After reading a lot of reviews, I fell in love with this bike and decided to order it, and I'm so glad I did!

The bike shipped out super fast and arrived four days after I ordered it. Assembly was easy enough, with some help from my boyfriend and my dad. However, once we assembled it we realized something - the front fender was missing! I contacted the Schwinn company and they're sending one over, so no biggie. Aside from that, we had no problems with the assembly.

After we got the bike together and adjusted, I began riding it to school, and discovered another minor problem - the bike had some shifting issues with the chain slipping, especially when going up hills. After a few days of dealing with this, I took it to my local bike shop for what turned out to be a minor, five minute fix - the derailleur just needed to be adjusted. They didn't even charge me for it, and now the bike shifts like a dream. I haven't had a single issue since getting it adjusted by the shop.

Things I like about the bike: This is a very attractive bike; the color is gorgeous. It is a nice size for me (I am 5'9"), but might be a little big for smaller women. The built-in rack is a nice feature; I zip-tied a milk crate to the top of it to hold my backpack, purse, water bottle and lock when I'm on the go, but I'll be replacing it with a nice set of metal baskets soon. The bike is fairly heavy... I don't think it's unmanageable, and I'm a young woman, but then again, I'm not hauling it up stairs. I actually appreciate the weight of the bike because of how heavy my backpack usually is - the bike isn't unbalanced as easily by a top-heavy load. I was a little concerned about the weight of the bike because my commute has a lot of hills on it, but the gears handle those hills without any problem, and I haven't had any shifting issues since I took it to the shop. The handling is nice and steady, and doesn't feel as squirrely as my last bike did. My commute takes me on some fairly busy streets, but I feel very safe and secure on this bike.

Things I don't like about the bike: Not much! However, I do have to question the wisdom of having a bright white seat on a bicycle. I wear a lot of dark jeans, and I noticed that some of the dye from the jeans rubbed off on the sides of the seat after just one ride (and these pants are several years old and have been through the wash a lot!). After a week of riding this has become even more pronounced, and I now have a blue and white seat. However, this is a cosmetic issue, and if it ever starts to bother me too much I'll just order a black seat. This, in combination with the missing fender and the derailleur that needed to be professionally adjusted, prompted me to knock off one star from the rating.

I ride this bike on a five mile round-trip commute every day, and I couldn't be happier with it. It took a little tweaking to get it in perfect shape, but I don't think that's the bike's fault... and I'm still tempted to give it five stars. Love this bike!
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on August 17, 2017
High quality for a great price!
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on September 18, 2011
I'm in love with her. Just in love with her. I haven't had a new bike in over 15 years, so I feel like a kid on Christmas morning every time I get on to take Loretta for a spin.
We just moved to Philadelphia and she has been the PERFECT bike for me here. We are 10 minutes from the city, and live in a neighborhood with tons of bicyclists and trails (but she has also been great on street rides) so I've been in heaven riding her as often as I can. I haven't taken her into the city yet, but for commuters I'm sure she'd be a great compadre. The rear rack is great for extra stuff, the fenders definitely help with splashing and mud (we've had torrential rains lately and I've had no issues with mudsling up the back). She's beautiful (passerby's, friends, even the mailman says so!) :-) ~her light blue coloring and white accents maker her a head-turner for sure. The white will undoubtedly get dirty, but hasn't so far in the few weeks that I've had her, but it doesn't matter to me, I love the white enough to just be sure to keep it clean.

My husband assembled her for me with relative ease, and I've had absolutely no issues with the mechanics of the bike. The saddle is comfortable, the handlebar placement is perfect, and I like the gears only going 1-7. I've also used an attachment trailer to pull my 4 year-old and my husband did have to manipulate some things, but it's been marvelous. If you aren't the handy type or don't have a handy hubby, just take it to a bike shop and have 'em assemble for you.
Go for it. You won't regret this purchase. Just be sure to get a bell and basket and you're good to go ;-)
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on November 13, 2015
I loved this bike so much!! The colors on it were perfect. It rode well, had good gears and breaks. Too bad someone stole it a week after I bought it. I guess they liked it too.
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on January 16, 2013
This bike is amazing! I love the color and the speeds on it. It has a cute vintage look, and is perfect to ride around town to school and work. The only negative thing for me was that the tires are skinny, so it's slightyly harder to balance, but I definitely wouldn't trade it for anything else. It shipped very fast. I was impressed with the seller.
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on March 9, 2013
I saw this bike on the internet and loved it. It's a beauty of a bike. Rides well. I don't find it too heavy. I'm 5'8" and feel it's a great fit. I also bought the Nantucket Bike basket and it looks great together.
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on December 15, 2013
I receive complements on it all the time on how nice a bike it is..... :-) I changed out the handles and seat for brown leather ones to make it look really vintage!
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on February 26, 2013
Showed up in 4 days easy to assemble very nice ride easy shifting very happy with the bike. Only negative plastic fenders plus need to take it to a bike shop to get all aligned money well spent
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