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Schylling Wood Stacking Robots
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Price:$14.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 10, 2011
Honestly, these can be marketed as something that toddlers can give to their daddies so they can watch us spend hour upon hour fascinated by these little stacking guys. My daughter (age 3.5) likes them inasmuch as she plays the Godzilla to my Tokyo. On the other hand, I, with my adult attention span, can spend hours trying different arrangements and patterns of stacking. probably the same gene responsible for my ability to watch Duel over and over and over again OK, the review...

What are they? These are a collection of identically shaped 'robots' (painted wood cutouts) that have symmetrical notches in their bodies that allow other robots to hang, balance, and stack on each other. The fun comes in realizing the many, many different ways you can stack them. It takes imagination, fine motor skills, and - dare I say - finesse to explore the various combinations. For the budding engineer, they also provide nifty lessons in gravity, balance, and leverage, depending on how you stack them


* They are attractive - These 'robots' are really identically shaped wooden cutouts painted in bright, vibrant colors to look like proper robots, with all the attendant dials and gauges you would expect to see on a robot. The colors are bright and cheerful.

* They are durable - After many, many encounters with my resident Godzilla, these little stacking guys have not only held up, they still look almost new. One nice aspect to this toy is that the paint job can really take a beating without it affecting functionality in the least.

* They stimulate imagination and hand-eye coordination - Well, they do for this daddy, anyhow, unless you count the way a toddler will finely calculate the force necessary to do maximum damage as she stomps through my work. Joking aside, it seems to me that these would have a similar effect that puzzles do. Indeed, I enjoy watching my daughter turn these around to see how each notch will hold up the robot as it is placed on another. That is, when I allow her to play with them after my turn. Really, the beauty of these is that they stimulate the brain without the need for bells, whistles, or batteries.

* No batteries, No noise, Nothing to break or wear out - Unlike some other toys that eat batteries, or make terrifying noises in the middle of the night when they are supposed to be off (like the toy phone that ultimately met an untimely demise in my workshop one weekend) these stacking robots are simple and straightforward. I suppose they could break, but you'd have to beat one with a hammer to find out.

* Value - While I do think that the cost is reasonable to begin with, I also think that this ranks huge in the value department. There aren't many toys in our home that deliver the bang for the buck that this one has.


* Age appropriate? I'm not exactly sure when my daughter will be more interested in building things than tearing things down, so it's a good thing these are tough toys. If you want the immediate gratification that comes with watching your child spend hours with his or her new toy right away, check to see where they are on the development curve. Or, if you are like me, get them these stacking robots early and enjoy watching that devilish glint appear in their eye as you begin to build your tower...

Other Thoughts:

These appeal to this reviewer primarily because they stimulate the mind without gadgetry. I'm no Luddite, mind you, but I do appreciate a break from the electronics sometimes. I appreciate their durability. I really, really like the fact that both daughter and daddy can enjoy this toy both together and independently. Fun, educational, durable, and inexpensive... and an easy five stars!
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on December 31, 2013
I purchased these for my 3 year old son for Christmas. He loves robots and building so I thought I couldn't go wrong. Well, these are super cute and quite tiny. I purchased two packages. They are smaller than I thought and I think two packages are perfect, especially if you have more than one child. So, verdict on these is, they are great, but my son is frankly not that interested in them. He likes them but has only spent about two minutes attention on them since Christmas. My 5 year old daughter has built with them. She was entertained but only for a few minutes. I, however, sit and build with them the longest. I think they are a fun activity. I am glad I purchased because my children can certainly grow into them, and in the meantime I can play with them! I don't buy any electronic toys for my kids and they have a good amount of wooden toys mixed with playmobil, calico critter, and the more standard, barbie, my little pony, transformer etc. so, my children love to use their imaginations, and often build homes for their dolls using blocks, Legos, or paper and tap. So, I'm somewhat surprised they were not more draw to these. They may just be slightly challenging for their age or possibly the balance aspect or figure shape may seem limiting to them...not sure. All and all, I still recommend, but I do not think these are worth more than $12.00 a box. I had some points on my card so I was able to get the price down and that made it worth it. The markup is ridiculous. You'll see when you see how petite these cute robots are. Schylling sells them for $14 and some change on their site currently but then your faced with shipping charges.
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on July 19, 2015
When my 4-year-old's preschool class asked for "Robots" on their holiday wish list, I thought I would be creative and go the non-battery route. These are well made and have bright colors that make them fun to play with. I've witnessed the kids having lots of fun experimenting with different ways to stack to robots. I've even seen parents playing this with their kids at the school, as anyone with some engineering blood in their body will be attracted to this toy.

I've given 4 stars instead of 5 because I wished there were more pieces to build with. In order to maximize the fun and the challenge (especially for older kids ... and adults) I would recommend purchasing two sets.
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on December 31, 2017
A blast from my childhood - when I was growing up these guys were called "Bil-Dings" and they were only black and white. Bought these for my two adult sons for Christmas so they could see what toys were like back in the Middle Ages. My only (slight) disappointment was that I found a set online from Europe that had pastel colored guys - would have liked to be able to buy that here for my granddaughter.
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on September 28, 2012
We got these robots for a robot themed room for my then 6 year old daughter. My original intention was to keep them out on display on top of her dresser, more as decor than an actual toy. When she saw them, she started stacking them and changing up the display every few days. Sometimes she would put them in 3 rows of 3, or she'll stack them all up in one tall structure.

I like how they can be stacked in multiple ways, sideways, upside down and right side up. The box showed several examples of how to stack them, and after trying those, we tried all sorts of other combinations. There is a slightly higher level of challenge than standard building implements (blocks, legos etc.), in that you need to keep symmetry in certain stacking combos otherwise they'll all topple over.

We've had them for just over 5 months, and have seen no damage. Even though they're a little bit pricey, I'd definitely say they're worth it. Durable, fun, and attractive to boot!

Update 3/2/14 = these still look great! My daughter is 8, still arranges these in a different arrangement around 1-2x a week and there's no chipped paint or broken wood or fading at all.
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on December 28, 2015
I bought these for my 2 and 3 year old nephews for Christmas. They are cousins, so naturally you have to get them the same thing or else it's a disaster waiting to happen, haha. But it was a huge hit with them! And everyone else as well. My younger nephew wasn't good at stacking them, but he loved watching us stack them so he could knock it down. He also loved just playing with them as toy robots. My older nephew was a little better at stacking them. But I think they were the biggest hit with all of my brothers. We played with them all day

The robots were thicker than I had thought, which is super great. They're extremely durable for 2-3 year old play. Would recommend 100%
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on April 6, 2011
This is truly an excellent toy. The robots are sturdy and a good size for children to manipulate. They are designed with strategic grooves so that they can fit together in a number of ways. My four-year-old was very excited to get these out of the package and spent most of a morning playing with them.

One tip you should make sure to teach your kids if they want to accomplish some of the suggested buildings on the box is that you have to balance it by placing a piece on each side at the exact same time. If you place one and then the other, the weight will knock everything down. Practice makes perfect!

The real proof of this toy is in what my son said about it. He has had his heart set on a talking Spiderman toy, and maybe he'll get one sometime but it's not tops on my list for him because I'd rather he play creatively with something than just push a button to hear a recording. After playing with his robots for a while, he exclaimed, "Oh, Mom! This is so much more better than a talking Spiderman!"

I have only one complaint about this toy, and that is, I think it is disappointing to only receive 9 robots in this package. For the price, I think 12 would be nice, or even more. But we like this so much I can see purchasing another one to add to it in the future.

My Prime shipping got this here less than 24 hours of placing my order, WOW! Thanks, Amazon!
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on February 14, 2011
My 3-year old son was given these robots by his Grandparents at Christmas, and at first glance I was sceptical about how fun or interesting they would really be. I assumed (wrongly) that we would stack them a few times, get bored, and move on. What I did not realize is that these robots can be stacked in many different ways and can be very challenging depending upon the configuation a child chooses to go for. My son has has these for two months and is still realli intrigued by them, as are we. I recently purchased a second set so that we could expand his collection and build even larger robot structures, which I recommend you do as well (having a second set has made it an even bigger hit with both my little son and my husband). These robots teach balance, patience, and are fun to use. I recommend this toy to any parent whose child enjoys building and stacking.

One note of caution: My son threw one of the robots (when frustrated at bedtime) and it chipped immediately. Though they are quite well made, I expect that they would all chip quite quickly were they thrown around. I don't recommend these robots if your child is likely to throw them or to throw things at them. Also, I suspect that it is probably best that they don't get wet as they would probably fray around the edges if the wood were to get wet (but that's just my opinion).
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on November 29, 2014
Bought this toy for grand kids because Grandma (me) had fun with the original Bill Dings as a child. Kids ages 2 to 6 loved them! 6 year could build according to the picture directions. 4 year could could build simple formations and 2 and 3 year olds liked to line up the "robots" and identify the colors.. They were all wanting to play with them! Glad I had purchased such a hit. May need to buy another set to satisfy the demand for them and so they can make even bigger stacks. They are sturdy, colorful and allows creative play.
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on December 1, 2016
such fun! We bought 2 sets to use with our 3 year old grandson -- he loves them -- but we have also had a great time playing them with our 25 and 28 year old nephews (engineers!), who strive to make the coolest, widest stack ever! They are similar but smaller than the original Bill Ding toys. They connect better because the angles are cut into them much better. Such a great toy!
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