Customer Reviews: Scientific Healing Affirmations (Self-Realization Fellowship)
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HALL OF FAMEon May 17, 2003
The practice of affirmation is very ancient and includes the discipline of Sanskrit Mantra. This classic on the power and uses of affirmation explains the laws for harnessing the power of focused thought. The first part reveals the relationship between matter/energy and mind and how one can set in motion the healing power of spirit. It also explains consciousness and matter/energy as vibratory expressions of spirit. This section on the theory of healing includes the chapters: Why Affirmations Work; Life Energy Causes the Cure; Healing Body, Mind and Soul; and, Nature of Creation. It is emphasized that thought needs soul conviction in order to yield the best results. Part Two is titled Methods Of Practice with the chapters Technique of Affirmation (with two photographs - one demonstrating the posture for affirmation and the other for that of meditation, and Scientific Healing Affirmations, which includes specific affirmations for various physical, mental or spiritual needs. Some of the purposes/conditions for which affirmations are provided include general healing, guidance, wisdom, material success, spiritual success and eyesight, stomach, teeth, purity, curing bad habits, freedom. There is an index, plus a short biography of the author plus a portrait. This title has been in print for many decades and it's easy to see why - it is a very authoritative but easily understood guide to this ancient practice. Free of esoteric jargon, it explains all aspects of the discipline clearly and comprehensively. For a very different approach to the subject, I recommend Stuart Wilde's book Affirmations. Reading both Yogananda and Wilde will tell you all you need to know about the power of affirmation and how it can improve your life.
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on November 23, 2003
I spent years as a biofeedback therapist, helping individuals harness the power of their mental and emotional states to effect healing for chronic pains, illnesses, and addictions. Over time it became clearer and clearer that the most powerful healing effects had little to do with expensive biomedical biofeedback equipment and everything to do with basic mind-body-breathing techniques that have been known to thousands of years to advanced yoga practitioners.
Yogananda's little volume is an extremely powerful tool for beginning your self-healing. He guides you to the various approaches that might work best for you depending on your personal temperament.
Reading the book is extraordinarily inspiring, but it takes *practicing* the methods to experience the healing. They are skills - and they become powerful with practice. If you add regular meditation to your life routine you will also find that your inner INTUITION develops and that you can sensitively customize the suggested affirmative and healing practices to your own circumstances. My own survival of life-threatening illness is testimony beyond what I have seen in my clients.
You have power within you that is hard to conceive. If this little introduction fails to persuade you, read Yogananda's Autobiography (ISBN 0876120796 ).
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on April 15, 1999
I'd misplaced this book, and am reordering it because it gives me strength and spiritual guidance. During illness, it is necessary for the mind to transcend the agony of the physical affliction. Doing so, the mind can concentrate its powers on God's perfection, and devine healing. In so doing, oftentimes fear subsides, and the positive affirmations create a healing force that can produce miracles. When I look upon the author's face, I see perfection of mind and body. His wisdom and insight are truly comforting. Read it and meditate upon his words each night before sleep, and upon awakening, to instill within the body the healing powers.
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on February 20, 2006
Little did I realise that after reading Autobiography of a yogi my life would have taken the turn that it did.Words cannot express my gratitude and thanks to Yoganandaji. Scientific Healing Affirmations is a great book to those who want to learn and feel the power of God's love. Yoganandaji tells us that we are all made divine beings and we can reach our true potential in life by focusing within and releasing our true beauty, strength, love and power. This book used properly will take you there, I'm just beginning to realise the power of having a strong will and conviction. Thank you
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on January 12, 2008
If you study this book and truly believe in God, and that God is absolute health, you can heal yourself without doctors or pills. I've done it.
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on February 23, 2005
Way back in the 1920's long before Shaki Gawain and other proponents of affirmations and visualisation techniques spiritual Master Yogananda told us in simple poweful language how to use affirmations effectively.

His gurus had proven to him that mind can and does influence body and that it was possible to train the mind to do so at your will.

This book is easy to read but this is knowledge to be used in daily life.

Yogananda tells us that there is spiritual power in man's word and that you can arouse the life energy to cure what ails you.

I often read and re-read this book. I am grateful to my friend and author of "Wisdom From The Heart",Radha Singh for first guiding me to this precious little book.
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on January 16, 2009
This book is so very powerful that even carrying it gives peaceful vibes. Every paragraph provides deep spiritual information with practical tools. An invaluable book to any spiritual library.
I honestly feel that Yogananda imprinted his energy on all his books but even on future copies that would come out after he had left the planet.
I love this book!! Enjoy and Namaste!
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on August 10, 2009
I cannot thank Yogananda enough for this booklet. It has changed my life.
I started doing these to improve my tendency to worry and now I am a optimist. My thinking has changed my circumstances so much I cannot speak enough how important affirmations are. That said, he discusses faith, energy and how powerful the mind is. The book has affirmations for wealth, relationships, health, to have good reasoning, intuition, and to attract loving experiences daily. What more could you ask for?
A brilliant book by a brilliant spiritual master who is direct, honest and writes well. If you want to change your thinking or stop the endless negative automatic thoughts you have, try this book and watch your thoughts change, your life improve and your happiness grow.
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on May 1, 2010
Even though I find some of Yogananda's writings old fashioned it brings home even more clearly that what he is teaching us is universal and has no time frame. In actual fact science is only now catching up to explaining what Yogananda taught so many years ago and is now more relevant than ever. Yogananda explains how the power of focused thought can bring about positive change in our lives. He explains how by being able to focus in such a way will allow the vibratory expressions of the spirit to aligne with our own essence. By doing this we can then allow ourselves to truly be who we were meant to be.
Dr Gunts Krumins-Caldwell author of On Silver Wings
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on May 26, 2012
I had never heard of Paramahansa Yogananda, but found out about him while viewing some video's on YouTube about Reiki. I was so impressed, that I immediately signed into Amazon and did a search on this title (Scientific Healing Affirmations). I ordered it, and could not wait to receive it. I was surprised at how small it was, and thought that I would encounter some far fetched Eastern Guru mumbo jumbo, but instead what I found was a profound man/saint who seemed to have found God. I am still on my journey to Him, and I feel that Yoganandaji will be a tremendous influence on me! I have never felt so uplifted and spiritually "tuned in" as I am when I'm reading his words or even looking at his image. I truly feel that he found God, and wants to bring the world to the same point. I have ordered several of his books, and can't wait to receive the others. I also have "Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda" and the Divine Romance, which I haven't started yet.
The 'trick' for me is to stop each day and take the time to read and practice what I'm reading. Right now, I'm hoping to find the path to true health through affirmations. I have highlighted this little treasure and keep repeating the highlighted passages. I could highlight every line and each would have just as much relevance as the other.
If you are looking for some truly deep reading, in a clear, concise format, with wonderful information, this is the author for you!
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