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on March 21, 2016
After having observed the seemingly effortless and foolproof ATG time and again on several YouTube craft and art tutorials, I finally decided to abandon manually applied Zots and invest in the ATG. In spite of being pretty patient when broaching new, unfamiliar things, setting up the ATG was a NIGHTMARE.

Although the ATG comes with directions, they can be improved upon. Scotch attempts to helpfully label the different moving parts in the ATG by letter and then references those letters in each step of the instructions. Scotch inserts an additional, mini-sized set of condensed instructions inside the machine, which inexplicable labels the machine parts by DIFFERNT letters. For first-time users, this inconsistency adds confusion to the set-up process.

The diagram depicting how to attach/load the tape into the reel that stores the paper backing of the tape that's been used looked a bit different from the reel that came with my unit. While it's not terribly difficult to figure out, for a first-timer user who is desperately relying on every word and ever diagram, it would be helpful if those things were clearly and accurately stated/labeled/depicted.

Part of what makes the set-up process not-so-breezy is that you're trying to do three things at once: holding release button with one hand, holding loose end of the tape with the other, all the while trying to make sense of the directions/get acquainted with the equipment. Just reading the instructions before handling the ATG is not enough because Scotch fails to stress one very important detail: what direction to PROPERLY place the new role of tape into dispenser. You know the age old debate about how one should properly load a toilet paper roll (with the paper hanging over v. under the roll)? Well, with this product, you MUST do it so that the tape hangs under the roll. The directions in no way highlight this very important point, and unfortunately I had to learn the hard way. I got a little flustered trying to do the aforementioned three things at once, and figured "hey, I know - let me just free up my left hand and pop this roll of tape in"...and of course per Murphy's Law I popped it in so that the tape was (incorrectly) hanging over. When I discovered my mistake and removed the roll to flip it around, unbeknownst to me, there was a little adhesive strip on the inside of the roll, that affixes to and anchors the tape roll to the reel. When I removed the roll, that adhesive came off and couldn't be reused.

After I got the tape properly threaded...for the life of me I could not get the adhesive to properly dispenser. I tried over, and over, and over, and over again. I (literally) wasted 1/3 of the tape roll just trying to get it to work. And the darnedest thing is that I couldn't even tell you why it wasn't working properly. A couple of problems I was experiencing at this stage: (1) The tape kept creeping over the edge of the two rubber rollers that the tape passes over/under (application point) to the point that it looked like they were going to fall out/fall loose. (2) When I would attempt to stop applying adhesive, it wouldn't tear off. I was ultimately able to get things working...but I have no idea why or how since I wasn't doing anything differently than I had before. Again, 1/3 of the roll went to waste because of this inexplicable malfunctioning.

It took an hour (!!!) to get things to work properly. (I had another problem not worth getting into detail: when attempting to nudge/re-position the tape back onto the rubber rollers, the tape backing tore. I was able to MacGyver a fix for this and move forward.) Here’s one of the better YouTube tutorials I found – it talks you through each step and even highlights what direction you need to load your tape in: [Amazon won't allow me to paste the web address to that clip here, but it's on YouTube under the title "How to Refill an ATG (Advanced Tape Glider) Glue Gun," by user Tracy Mae Design.]

I'll update my review after I've had a chance to use it on more projects. Had I used this within the 30-day purchase return window, I would not have wasted and hour of my life and a 1/3 of the roll trying to make this thing work. Instead, I absolutely would have returned this and gone for something like the small-sized, ready to use, disposable Tombow adhesive applicators. I figured the ATG generated less waste than the Tombow...but know that it comes at a different cost for first-time uses (i.e. the temporary insanity you'll experience setting it up).
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on July 9, 2015
I don't know how I scrapbooked, made invitations, etc without this little device. My most recent project is creating birthday party invites for my son. I used the Scotch ATG to stick two pieces of cardstock together - no fuss, no mess, no stickiness, no wet paper. I did have to watch a YouTube video about how to set it up the first time, but it works easily thereafter.
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on August 12, 2015
This product is a must for any scrapbooker! It is the only tape runner I have ever used that hold the pages together well and I don't find floating pieces in my page protectors years later. The rolls contain a lot of glue and do not need to be replaced often. One trick to replacing it the first time is to find a you tube video and watch it. The printed directions are fine, but I figured it out much faster by watching someone actually do it.
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on August 26, 2015
I bought this when it was on a special price reduction after eyeing it for several months. I love it. If you are moving away from a product such as the TomBow, it will take a little getting used to. It's big. And at first it's a little complicated to see where you are laying your tape. But after you get going, and aren't changing tape cassettes several times during a crop, you will love it. The refill tape is tons cheaper. Plus, it's pink.
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on January 13, 2016
This apparatus is huge compared to the tape roll that goes in it! I purchased this to put the dust covers on the back of my paintings. I loaded very easy and it was true on the roller but it has no sticky power. It rolled down the frame nicely but after an hour or so the dust cover was off and I ended up having to GO BACK and glue the paper to the frame.
It might be good for some craft work but as far as a dust covers go I would say look elsewhere. I will have to.
review image review image
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on May 5, 2017
I don't like the small width of the tape. I have the original pipe purple tape runner and preferred the wider tape better because I didn't have to use as much. I also prefer the design of the purple one because with the pink one I have to hold the tape gun up to get it to distribute the tape. The purple one didn't take as much effort. I'm a scrapbooker so most of what I use the tape runner for is for photos so the wider width was much more efficient. I can't get the small width tape to go on straight. I feel like I have to go slower just to make sure the tape gets on the article I'm tapping.
Otherwise, the tape runner itself works great. It just takes me longer to take something because I'm also left handed and the skinny tape is on the right side of the roller. The tape gun is not left handed friendly.
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on January 8, 2015
This Tape Glider definitely has a learning curve! Don't give-up on it too quickly. It is large, and fairly bulky, but is the BEST tape I have ever used. With practice, navigating the tape's placement will get easier. Refills take some concentration to place, and I found myself using a YouTube video to help my first few times. The tape holds incredibly well, and is more economical than other tapes I've used. This is now my go-to adhesive, I will be using it for quite a while!
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on August 2, 2015
I bought this to apply tape to the back of my printed art reproductions to attach to Strathmore watercolor cards. It works perfectly! Once I figured out how to load it (the printed cardboard cut out that came in the box was a much better guide than the paper fold-out instructions), I used it to apply to the back of dozens of 5"x7" prints and it was quick, super easy and exact. There was no mess of gooped up tape at the edges where I cut it off to turn the corner. I was using tape without a dispenser prior to this and this type of project took forever. I was thrilled with how fast I could create dozens of cards with time to spare. I can't wait to use it with other projects. I highly recommend.
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on September 1, 2016
I have not had much time to put this item to use, but after getting the adhesive in correctly, it seems to work just fine. I took off one star for lousy instructions. There is are two sets of instructions which contradict one another. The various parts of the tape gun are labeled with letters, but those labels are different for each set of instructions. This resulted in a fair amount of wasted tape/adhesive and a bit of frustration. I finally figured it out through trial and error and will keep my fingers crossed that the next instillation goes more smoothly.
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on April 11, 2017
This thing is awesome!! I've scrapbooked for ages, and never knew about this. I decided to make my wedding invitations after figuring out no one could sell me exactly what I wanted, so I did some research to figure out the best way to stick paper to paper. Look no farther. This is it! Easy to use, but FYI--to install the tape in the gun, find a YouTube video for directions. The instruction booklet is not helpful.
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