Customer Reviews: Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Non-Stick Scissor, 8-Inch, Brown with Assorted Accent Colors (Dot Color Will Vary)
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Size: 1-Pack|Style: Ultra Edge Non-Stick|Change
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I have been a quilter and seamstress for several dozen years and I have used a large number of scissors including some very expensive ones. I am very impressed with Scotch scissors. The scissors are very sharp and make a pleasant crunch as the cut. They are comfortable to hold. I like that the handles of the three scissors in this set have different colors, so I can color code their use. I will use one for fabrics (I do a lot of fiber arts and this is my primary use for the scissors), one for paper projects (paper dulls scissors faster than fabric), and one for cutting shipping tape (the glue from the tape sticks to the blades so eventually they stop cutting well). The scissor blades are made out of titanium and look black (rather than silver like stainless steel scissors).

I am attaching four images that I will be referencing in this review.
Photo#1: The scissors came carefully packaged and separated from each other in shipping.
Photo#2: The handle of the scissors is made of out soft plastic and is comfortable to use. The scissors are made for a right-handed person.
Photo#3: The openings in the handle of the scissors is over sized. In the third photo I show Scotch scissors next to similar-sized Fons and Porter scissors and Fiscars scissors. You can see that the opening of the Scotch scissors is bigger. The material of the handles is softer than the other two. So I found them very comfortable to use for a long time.
Photo#4: Shows Scotch scissors on the postal scale, they weigh in at 2.9 oz. They are heavy enough to do heavy duty cutting, yet not too heavy for me to get tired while using them.

Overall, the scissors over-exceeded my expectations given that I payed significantly more for other scissors which don't perform any better than the scissors in this set. I recommend them!

Ali Julia review
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I recently purchased two pair of titanium coated scissors from Amazon. One pair is the Scotch Non-Stick 8-inch scissors listed here; the other is the Officemate 8-Inch Titanium Scissors with Soft Grip Handle, Gold Color Blades with Silver/Blue Handle (94120), which costs several dollars less. I was curious whether the extra cost translated into any tangible benefits. The short answer is yes, but I'm not sure how much you'd see in normal use.

Both scissors came extremely sharp. The Officemate has definitely a lower level of finish, with roughness from machining clearly evident on the inside surfaces of the blades (the ones that face each other). The quality of finish on these surfaces affects the cutting edge and thus how the blades slide shut against each other. A smoother surface translates to a smoother cutting edge and closing action. Even when brand new, the Officemate scissors had a bit of roughness as the blades cut through paper. The Scotch scissors were absolutely smooth as they closed together. Both scissors, though, cut through paper cleanly and with minimal force. The inside surfaces of the Scotch scissors feel like they're coated with a clear non-stick layer...similar to non-stick cookware. I assume that it's this layer that leads to the non-stick claim.

Both scissors have screws at their pivot point to adjust the tension between the blades. The Officemate uses a standard phillips head screw; the Scotch uses a more expensive-looking machined slotted screw. Both work fine to adjust any play between the blades...the difference is appearance, not function.

The blades on both are exactly 8" long from pivot to tip. The handle side on the Scotch is about 1/2"+ longer, which provides more room for your fingers. The tips of the Scotch blades are rounded. The Officemate's tips are sharp, but thick; they aren't finely pointed like you'd find in precision scissors.

All in all, both scissors work just fine, but I'm giving five stars to the Scotch and only three to the Officemate. The Scotch scissors are better built and I like that in my tools.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon October 18, 2014
These are really good scissors and while they are on the more expensive side, I think their performance and build-quality justifies the price if the buyer wants a pair of scissors with a non-stick coating. If having the non-stick coating is not that important, Scotch's standard Precision lineup with stainless blades may be a more economical choice for high-performance scissors.

I have used the less-expensive stainless Scotch Precision lineup (stainless blade with a red & gray handle) for many years and am very happy with them. These Precision Ultra Edge scissors have two main differences from the standard Scotch Precision: 1) these Precision Ultra Edge scissors have a titanium blade (versus the standard Precision having a stainless steel blade), and 2) these Precision Ultra Edge scissors have a non-stick coating on them (versus the standard Precision having a non-coated stainless finish.) Like the standard Precision line, this Precision Ultra Edge utilizes excellent craftsmanship to produce scissors that make very precise/clean cuts, are comfortable to use, and are durable. While I have not kept track of how many cuts I have made (so I cannot speak directly to the 100,000 cuts rating), I have used these a lot, mainly with paper, cardboard, and labels and they have and continue to cut all materials with ease and cleanly.

Since I already had the standard Precision scissors, the primary reason I purchased these (more-expensive) titanium Precision Ultra scissors was for the non-stick coating. I often cut labels and adhesive materials quickly build up on the blades, resulting in a messy cut and a need to clean the scissors (usually with something like rubbing alcohol). These titanium non-stick scissors do not eliminate that issue completely, but they do make notable improvements over other products I have used. Additionally, cleaning the small amount of buildup that does occur off of these is very easy (kind of like how cleaning caked-on food off of a non-stick pan takes much less effort than one without the coating.) So these make my life a good bit easier when I cut labels or tape.

The handles themselves are similar to other stainless Scotch scissors I have used. They are very comfortable, large-sized, and use a rubber material so that the skin on your hand makes contact with this softer rubber. If you use scissors non-stop, I find this design reduces blistering as well as discomfort.

So I do think these are worth the money. With that said, Scotch's standard red & gray Precision scissors lineup with stainless steel blades are also excellent-performing scissors. The biggest single difference with this Precision Ultra is that these have a non-stick coating and how this coating works really well when cutting materials with adhesives on them, such as labels (in terms of edge-holding, Scotch's stainless steel and titanium blades both hold their edge for such a loooooong time it is difficult to compare.) So if you do not necessarily need the non-stick feature, Scotch's Precision standard lineup may serve you equally well for less money. If you want scissors with a non-stick coating, these Precision Ultra Edge scissors are golden.
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VINE VOICEon October 27, 2011
Size: 3-Pack|Style: Ultra Edge|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Remember "Fiskars" scissors back in the 1970s? They were revolutionary for their time -- comfortable, sharp, designed with European flair. These scissors from Scotch are a similar revelation. They fit your hand perfectly and they cut as if you were cutting air. Beautifully manufactured and, as the name suggests, PRECISE. I have two teenagers and have become used to making do with their cast-off school scissors and actually HIDING another good pair of Scotch scissors for my own use. Saying these are the best scissors I've ever used is an understatement. These are such as improvement over even Fiskars type scissors that it's a day-and-night difference. Truly a pleasure to use.
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on May 26, 2010
Size: 1-Pack|Style: Ultra Edge|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
THE QUICK TAKE: If you don't have a high quality set of scissors, consider one of the Scotch Ultra Edge scissors - either this one or the non-stick version of these scissors (if you use it with glue or tape - cleaning sharp scissors is no fun and can lead to cuts). You'll get a lot of miles (inches? yards?) out of it! These scissors will be especially useful if you have both left- and right-handed people using it, as it can be used by either.

QUALITY SCISSORS: At some point in life almost everyone realizes the value of a quality tool. A well-made tool not only gets a job done better and faster, but it's also a joy to use. These Scotch Precision scissors seem well made and perform well. The extra-hard edge should hold its sharpness better. And they have a lifetime warranty.

A RELIABLE BRAND: 3M and Scotch products have always given me consistently superior performance over the long term. It's one of the few companies left that seems to worry about building in long-term quality, even if it will be months or years before a customer really sees the difference. So I was glad to see Scotch scissors available - I'd expect quality, and the price is reasonable.

GRIP FOR LEFT AND RIGHT HANDED PEOPLE: The grip is symmetrical, so it can be used by both left and right handed people. When I first used it, I found it uncomfortable compared to my Fiskars 8" right-handed scissors. Once I realized that I had to hold these Scotch scissors differently - with my thumb farther in that I usually have it - the scissors were much improved.

Still, I have to think that they could offer even more comfortable scissors if they made left- and right-handed versions. Amazon can stock every kind of product, so that's no barrier. So while these are very good scissors and an excellent value, there may be some room for improvement. And again, consider whether the non-stick version will fit your needs better.
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on May 20, 2012
I've been using these scissors a lot for the last 5 months to cut magazine paper for collaging. What began as a very sharp, non-stick, comfortable pair of scissors gradually but surely deteriorated until today they broke. Yup, they broke and are irreparable. First I noticed the blades not being as sharp, then I noticed certain areas of the blades not slicing smoothly against one another. Over time, both these issues made cutting fine/thin, slippery magazine paper increasingly frustrating and coarse. At the same time, the center pivot screw seemed to be loosening, something I've never experienced in anything but well-used plastic children's safety shears in the past, so I tightened the screw and that helped for awhile. But the screw kept on loosening with use. I tightened it again today and without using my full strength, was able to improve the cut a little bit by doing this. Then the scissors broke in my hand as I was using them. They were comfy and initially impressive, as advertised, when they were out of the packaging, but they did not stand up for frequent easy use. Therefore, I cannot recommend them to anyone expecting to get much use out of them.
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on June 5, 2011
By far, Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Non Stick Scissor, 8-Inch is the best scissor I have ever bought or used. When I purchased it, August 7, 2010, the price was less than $4 so I bought 2. I have only used 1 so far as I have not needed yet to open the second.

I sew quilts, clothes and home decor at least 5 days a week. It's a passion of mine. Even at the retail price of $9.49, it's a steal.

If you are looking for a quality scissor then purchase this scissor before Scotch ups the price because of the quality of their product!!

Jo-Ellen Ross of Yorktown Heights, NY
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VINE VOICEon June 8, 2010
Size: 1-Pack|Style: Ultra Edge Non-Stick|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
You usually don't realize how bad your current scissors are until you finally get a good pair, but in this case, I never knew there were scissors this wonderful! At my job we do not have a laminator, so when we need something "laminated" we usually cover it with a layer of the wide, clear sealing tape and then trim off the excess. Even when doing something as small as a 3x5 card we always get a sticky buildup on our scissors. The same for when we make our gift baskets in large quantities around the holidays and need to trim excess tape from underneath or behind - that almost always results in sticky scissors that will not cut easily until fully cleaned with Goo Gone. These non-stick scissors are an extremely big help. So far, they have no stickiness anywhere on the blades. I even cut up just a piece of the sealing tape to see how well they would hold up, and still there was no sticky residue. That would have stopped our other scissors, or even my really good scissors, rather quickly. These Scotch Non-Stick scissors are also sharp and extremely comfortable. This is something that is a big help in our little shop and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has the same issues we had.

EDIT 10/11/2010: After using these over a longer amount of time I had to lower the rating I originally gave these scissors. It was tough to decide between 3 and 4 stars, but decided on 3 simply because they are advertised as non-stick. While they still cut through heavy tape without getting stuck, they do get a sticky build up after awhile, and it seems now they become sticky with minimal use. I was able to clean the blades and remove the sticky residue with a Clorox wipe, but it's almost as if the non-stick surface isn't as "non-stick" anymore. They still cut nice and do have a very comfortable grip.
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on June 12, 2010
Size: 1-Pack|Style: Ultra Edge Non-Stick|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
You know, I grew up with the ingrained knowledge that if you wanted a really good pair of scissors that Fiskars was the best. Ever since I've owned fiskars and used them for everything.

The problem was when using them and I would do some big projects with lots of tape or heavy paper (even cardboard) I would spend lots of time cleaning the tape residue off of the blades, at least a good half an hour and this would be about twice a month.

When I got these non stick ones by Scotch I was skeptical, they weren't fiskars and they were 'non stick'.

I'm comparing these to a pair of fiskar soft-grip I have:

1) the scotch ones are better looking and the design is more slender and the feel is more well built than the fiskars.

2) the fiskars don't open easily, you have to put some pressure into opening and closing. The scotch ones are effortless to open. The scotch scissors hinge is separate plastic from the handles with a large bolt in the center, whereas the fiskars is a small bolt that just goes into the other side.

3) to me the scotch brand are better built. I'm very impressed by them compared to the fiskars.

4) I cut through every kind of tape I could find, and I have lots of tape, the scotch ones sliced right through them; packing tape, strapping tape, yellow tape (don't know the name for it), and duct tape... it's went through some very sticky, older duct tape I was having to peel off my fingers and there's not a bit of tape on the blades. Awesome.

5) at this time the scotch scissors are about 8-9 dollars, the fiskars were 14 dollars. Knowing what I know now if I need another pair, I would buy the scotch scissors and recommend them. Absolutely excellent pair of scissors.

Update: about two months later

So, I've done some major projects with lots of tape between my initial review and now and I have to knock a star off, tape does stick to these after so long and you do have to clean them off. However, it's not as bad as regular scissors since I still use them and haven't cleaned them off yet since it's about a fourth of the stickiness I normally see. Still a good pair of scissors, but not non-stick, just less sticky.

Update: March 18, 2012 - almost 2 years later
After this long I've decided to give them to charity. My fiskars are much better. At this point they aren't cutting much. The screw that tightens them together just won't stay at the right adjustment so I spend time trying to cut and can't, so I go find my fiskars. Disappointing. Will be sticking with Fiskars from now on.
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VINE VOICEon October 25, 2011
Size: 3-Pack|Style: Ultra Edge|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
In this pack of 3 scissors, you get an identical pair of purple, blue and green. They are sturdy, with a nice rubber type grip inside the handle which makes them very comfortable to use. The blades are made of titanium and they open smooth and easily without sticking. They are very well made, and solid. I was looking for new scissors since my trusty pair has gotten very dull. They cut well, and smooth. I cut paper, thin cardboard and plastic and they cut right through all of it with ease.

I am pleased with these. I shouldn't need another pair for many years.

Added 11/8/11:
These are very sharp scissors, and I knew this, but I nicked my pinky finger with them tonight, and it bled instantly. That being said, these are not for children as I just barely touched my finger with the side of the blade. I'm not complaining, I just need to be more careful. I still love them and they are still the best pair of scissors I have owned.
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