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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 22, 2010
The title of this review might not sound too enthusiastic, but I've been listening to Ozzy for about 25 years, and while I'm not going to hype this CD and say it's the best thing I've heard since whatever previous album, I do like it quite a lot and think it has merit. Some fans bash any modern Ozzy music, but a lot of things on Scream sound great, and even though it might not be perfect, and even though it might not even be a masterpiece, I know I'll be listening to it many, many times in the next few weeks and months.

In my opionion, here's what is positive about Scream:
--The music. I've always been a fan of older Ozzy music, and this has some elements of that sound. For example, every song boasts great leads, and Gus G does a tremendous job overall. The quality of songs on the last few Ozzy albums has been inconsistent, but Scream has ten solidly structured songs with choppy, sometimes thrashy metal riffs, the already mentioned excellent leads, and just a feel of quality musicianship (again, for the most part). Several songs remind me of Ultimate Sin-era Ozzy, which is a great thing for me, because that was a classic 80's metal album that wasn't a fan favorite at the time (although Ozzy's highest-selling solo album up until then), but can be appreciated fully now over two decades later.

--Ozzy's vocals. The first song, Let It Die, threw me a little, because Ozzy's vocals in the verses have effects on them and aren't that great. But then, from Let Me Hear You Scream on to the end, I was pretty damn impressed. Ozzy's voice is sometimes vintage-sounding, but mostly just strong, clear, and catchy, which is vintage in itself. I think he sounds better than on Black Rain, and less commercial than on Ozzmosis or Down to Earth.

--Diggin' Me Down, Soul Sucker, Time, and others. I don't see how any long-time Ozzy fan could not like Diggin' Me Down, one of the heaviest tracks on an Ozzy album in awhile. Soul Sucker was supposed to be the title track, and I think it's a great song. People just got confused over what it was supposed to mean (as in, "I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka!"). I didn't think I'd like Time at first, but it really builds and ends up being pretty memorable. It might be a sleeper to end up as a favorite. All of the other songs are pretty good, too; these just stood out after the first listen.

--Metal. This album sounds more like real heavy metal than the more modern metal-rock that Ozzy's been doing for years. And while I've liked Ozzy's last few albums, I'm a metal fan first and foremost, so it's great to hear Ozzy's voice behind music that sounds like good, hard metal. Gus G sounds incredible on this, and he's clearly distinct from Zakk, Jake, and Randy. And even though he didn't do any writing for Scream, he undeniably put his imprint on the songs, and he plays with a lot more fire than Zakk did on Black Rain.

That said, I'm about done. I don't have much negative to say here, other than the fact that this won't top Blizzard, or Diary, or Bark at the Moon. So what? If new Ozzy sounded like crap, I'd say hang it up, but if I've been listening to him for 25 years, and I still think his new stuff sounds good, then what the hell? I'm not giving him five stars out of sympathy; this is a good new metal album that's not perfect, but is well above average. Thanks Ozzy for solo album number 10. I hope you keep Gus G and let him help write number 11.
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on June 24, 2010
Say what you will, but since I bought this, I haven't wanted to listen to anything else. I love it! I buy lots of music and nothing has really excited me this much in a while. I love the heavy menacing sound, the beat, and Ozzy's voice. This is not Ozzy best effort, but for me it's better than anything else I've heard lately.
I have been an Ozzy Fan for about 40 years. I remember hearing the first Black Sabbath album and was just blown away by their sound. To those who say Ozzy doesn't have a strong rock voice, I want to say "Really!" To me Ozzy has probably the most definitive rock voice of anyone. As teenagers, me and my friends loved how "tough" his voice sounded. I understand people being fans of Zakk Wylde, I am too, but if I had my way he would have never left Tony Iommi, so we would have missed out on Randy Rhoads, Zakk, and many others. I think Ozzy has earned the right to pick out his own guitarist, he has done an excellent job over the years.
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on June 26, 2010
A longtime Ozzy fan since 1981, this last decade has been filled with mixed emotions about the rise and fall of Ozzy's career. After decades of cementing himself as a whirlish maniacal frontman in front of millions, Ozzy abandoned his persona for the fame of fortune of mainstream television. His albums as of late most notably Black Rain, were more commercially driven and less the Prince Of Darkness we grew to love. The odd parting of a great player Zakk Wylde was handled poorly. However, for now at least the Ozzy of old has come back for his latest release Scream. It's about time Ozzy, welcome back. Scream tackles some familiar themes like the state of the world, but some poignant lyrics about mortality, and calling out Jesus for his abscence in these times.

1. Let It Die - i rolled my eyes at first but this track grows on you. What saves this song is the melodic chorus. This song kicks in nicely at about 4:20 seconds but too late. The lyrics are usual Ozzy fare, dealing with fame, naysayers, state of the world, and I'm here and not going away. Score 7.0/10

2. Let Me Hear You Scream - I first thought this was just a continuation of Black Rain's Never Gonna Stop. This song is meaner and nastier especially in Ozzy's awesome video. The vid makes the tune but difficult to tell Gus from Zakk on this one though. Its decent for a first single but there are several better to come.

3. Soulsucker - some of you will absolutely hate this song but there is a reason Ozzy wanted to name the cd this title. Ozzmosis comes to mind when hearing this song. It has a Sabbath heaviness and another awesome chorus from Ozzy. This song will stick in your head like it or not. Don't say I didn't warn you lol.
Tempo kicks it up at 2:45 and Gus rips a dizzying tapped lead. "I'm just a solitary man who wants to live a quiet life before when I cease to exist
I don't need resistance for the things I can't control. Just turn away and let it go, yeah" "Soul soul soul SUCKER"

4. Life Won't Wait - Ozzy slows the pace a bit for this power ballad about mortality. Seems poignant and strangely enough makes me think of Ronnie James Dio. Good tune that reminds one of See You On The Other Side from Ozzmosis. Heaviness kicks in at 3:00 and another solid solo from Gus.

5. Digging Me Down - don't be fooled by the nu-metal name kids. Best Ozzy tune in YEARS. Strarts off like Diary Of A Madman but then goes Sabbath on steroids. Ozzy's best lyrics concerning the abscence of Jesus during a critical time in the existence of man. Another great chorus from Ozzy and some heavy riffing from Gus. Tommy literlally beats the hell out of his drums and Blasko adds to the sonic assault. "Where are you Father? Why don't you save us? The fallen are dying alone.
How can you shut off their cries? Ignore a new genocide? So come on, Jesus, We're all here waiting just for you!"

6.Crucify - a solid rocker from Ozzy here that conjured the era when he was a badass. Basically Ozzy insinuates he is the devil befriending and stealing your soul imo. Gus sounds a lot like Zakk on this solo, almost identical. Could also apply to the government as of late ;)

7. Fearless - another dark rocker with lyrics similar to Crucify. It's a decent song but not exactly filler. Gus sounds too much like Zakk again on this tune.

8. Time - love this song. This and "Digging" will battle for best song on the album.
Starts off in typical Ozzy ballad form the last few years but this song kicks in at the chorus and doesn't relent. Another song that will stick in your head. Reminds me of Dreamer from Down To Earth but much better. The background vocals sound corny at first but it fades. Another song about life and our short time on this earth. Great solo.

9. I Want It More - another up tempo rocker and a good one. Solid chorus and lyrics about being careful what you wish for. A sample "Inch by inch over old bones, Shaking hands with the dead souls, You make your deal and the weight grows, Anything to get what you want ". Fame and fortune and the hard work behind the scenes.

10. Latimer's Mercy - ...true story about Robert Latimer who killed his own daughter who had cerebral palsy, while the family was away at church. He claims he did it out' of mercy, because she was going through such painful seizures, and he just couldnt bear seeing her in pain. A decent rocker but nothing special here.

11. I Love You All - We have heard this before but reportedly this is Ozzy's final 1:01 second sendoff for the fans. Lyrics "We all must stand together now And one by one we fall, For all these years you stood by me God bless.I love you all."
8/10 a nice sentiment for the loyal Ozzy fans.

Overview, a very good Ozzy release that will appease some older Ozzy fans and make maybe a few new ones. Much improved over Black Rain and it grows with every listen. Seems like Black Rain 2 at first but this album is darker and more complex. If it is Ozzy's last it doesn't fix his legacy the last 10 or so years but it does make you yearn for one last great Ozzy record. Let the brilliant Gus G write his own material, he sounded way too much like Zakk Wylde.

final score 4 stars
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on July 6, 2010
I must admit I was not expecting much with Ozzy's new album. It exceeded all my expectations. I heard Scream on the radio, and I must say that almost every song on the album is better than the single that was released! My favorite song by a big margin is Digging Me Down. This could have been a Black Sabbath song! The tempo changes, the lyrics, this is just an outstanding song! I loved it. Crucify could have been a Sabbath song as well. Honestly, not a bad song on the album. I give it a no holds barred 5 stars!
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on September 26, 2010
Don't get me wrong. I love Zakk Wylde and all the music he produced with Ozzy and by himself but after hearing Black Rain; I knew Ozzy needed to freshen things up a bit. Scream does just that and has a totally different feel than Black Rain. I knew nothing of Gus G but he definitely has a different style and tone than Zakk. Interestingly, as a guitar player I can hear some of George Lynch's darkness in Gus's solos which I love. Gus uses more exotic modes and scales than Zakk. That's the neat thing about musicians; they are basically an amalgamation of their influences but in different priorities. This creates almost infinite possibilities of music and song writing. Think about how many rock and roll songs have been written since the beginning and yet very few (besides the obvious copycat bands) are completely unique.

As far as Ozzy, well I honestly don't know how he sounds this good. It may be some studio magic but I've also seen him live and he pulls it off live as well. The guy is something else really. For some reason he sounds extra growly and heavy on this album compared to say: Black Rain or Down to Earth. I'm guessing that was some studio jape going on but it works for sure. I'm in disagreement with those that write in about these `old' heavy metal bands and say "they should hang it up..."...why???? I mean what is $13 dollars for a CD this day and age. If you don't like it, sell it back on Amazon. The thing that always kind of bothered me about rock and roll and heavy metal in particular is that it's assumed that these musicians get `worse' with age. Generally and in any other style of music, that's simply not true. Like anything else, the more experience and knowledge you get about a particular thing the better you are. Unfortunately, heavy metal stars are judged not only on their musicianship but also on their athleticism and the ability to jump off a stack of Marshalls. However, seeing an old grey rock star reminds us we don't look any better and that doesn't make us feel great about ourselves either. The truth hurts......

Buy's very good heavy metal rock and roll...period.
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on June 24, 2010
This album rocks from start to finish!! It also includes some of the darkest material of his career. The opener, "Let It Die" is bone-crushing along w / "Diggin' Me Down", "I Want It More", etc. He's also once again very adept at the killer balads!! "Life Won't Wait" is just incredible, and Blasko's Bass line is perfect!

Gus G. was a cool choice for a new guitar player, and I get the sense that he's classically trained like Randy which says a great deal!! Also, being a fan of Firewind I've always liked his riffs. I love Zakk too, but change in this case is good!! Let us not forget the other half of the Rob Zombie rythmn section, Tommy Clufetos!! Great drummer!!

Outstanding album, and his best since "Ozzmosis"!! The Ozzman cometh back!!!
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on April 23, 2014
I’m going to stray from the usual music reviews. Ozzy has been making albums throughout most of my life. I won’t delve into the Black Sabbath years, and am not going to compare any of his releases with each other (it wouldn’t be fair to Ozzy.) I like artists and bands that can consistently churn out unique and different sounds and songs with each progression through time. I don’t want an artist who repeats the past. So for this review I am strictly going to explore Ozzy through each of his works under “Ozzy Osbourne” and will not mention any of his ballads (which there are many memorable.)

To start with, his eerie use of haunting keyboards, heavy guitar riffs, unique vocal style, choice of lyrics and willingness to stray outside of the box is one of the reasons I find all if his work amazing. Include a choir here, piano there, some strings, orchestration, while consistently supplying catchy riffs and choruses… he can’t seem to go wrong. Maintaining freshness throughout a career is an art form not many rock artists can pull off. I don’t think you can find a single release that doesn’t offer at least one gem. Many band members have come and gone over the years, and comparing guitarists, producers, and other differences to each other to me is meaningless; each have brought something unique to the table.

Blizzard of Ozz (1980) – Many consider a classic (and rightfully so.) But to compare everything he does to his first album is insane. Sure, “Crazy Train” is what launched his career as a solo artist in the ‘80s and is an excellent piece of work. I can’t argue with that (as it is a great tune), and the album is a cult classic chock full of hits. But comparing everything he does to the past isn’t going to work for me. He progressed onwards and with fury.

Diary of a Madman (1981) – “Flying High Again” is another classic. You can hear him evolving from more than just another rock icon of the era. “Over the Mountain” is another memorable tune. There are elements of his past in this release, but you can hear him moving forward in direction.

Bark at the Moon (1983) – The title track became a radio hit, and justly so for the time period. Once again, he provides a solid framework from which he will build upon in the future. All the elements are here.

The Ultimate Sin (1986) – “Shot in the Dark”, another radio hit, brings him that much closer to his fans and new audiences alike. Variety is the key that keeps him alive for me. Some casual fans may have trouble with this one, but again he is evolving.

No Rest for the Wicked (1988) – “Miracle Man” just demonstrates how he can still change things and sound great. “Breakin’ all the Rules” is another fantastic tune that demonstrates his unique abilities in providing variety. Despite the continual changes in lineup, he still produces solid rockers with flair.

No More Tears (1991) – The title track is great. Well produced, and again Ozzy has shown a refreshing change by including even more keyboards, an orchestra, dubbed voices, and a fantastic break from the routine that so many other artists fell under. “Hell Raiser” is another amazing track. The uniqueness of this release is what kept me interested in what Ozzy was doing. Fantastic production and execution.

Ozzmosis (1995) – When “Perry Mason” came out, I was blown away by the intro and bass line in the middle. Despite the reference to an iconic character of years past, the song is just as fresh as it should be. Give it a few listens, you’ll be hooked. Another example of excellent production and freshness.

Down to Earth (2001) – Many hardcore Ozzy fans trash this release. I can’t understand why. He has evolved again, and continues to amaze me. I can appreciate the changes throughout the years, to me it is just another example of his ability to morph new ideas into his repertoire. “Gets Me Through” is a great song. “Junkie” is another one.

Black Rain (2007) – Once again, Ozzy has pulled more tricks out of his hat. “Not Going Away” is phenomenal. Again, unlike his previous releases he has demonstrated that he can adapt and kick out a winner. Not all of the tracks are special, but he has something for everyone in every release he does. I think many fail to understand him.

Scream (2010)– “Let it Die” and “Diggin’ Me Down” are worth the purchase even if they were the only songs on this release. Again, he puts together a wonderful collection of rocking tunes. I hope Ozzy keeps true to himself and continues to experiment and release new music.

In summary, if you are looking for Ozzy to repeat himself over and over, you probably won’t like all of his releases. But if you can appreciate the way he has evolved over the years, you are sure to enjoy at least one track from each. After all, he has something for everyone. It is hard to have everything for someone, but with his changes in band members, sounds, lyrics, and topic choices, I have to give him due credit. If you are looking for Black Sabbath in everything he does, you will probably be disappointed in some of his releases. If you have a hankerin’ for a particular guitarist, you may be disappointed as well. But if you are someone like me (who appreciates the changes in musical direction while still maintaining true to his image), I can’t think of many artists who have continually churned out winners in the bunch. Do yourself a favor and preview the tracks I have listed and you may be surprised that he really does provide something for everyone. Take your picks from there. And no, I don’t work for any of his labels and I have never even met the man (although I would love to shake his hand for consistently supplying me with great music over the years.) His marketing has upset a few fans (see other reviews), but set aside the corporate game and just listen. That’s what music is really about.
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on June 23, 2010
Being an Ozzy fan for 20 plus years i was obviously excited for his new album Scream which just came out yesterday which i rushed into Best Buy to get and i am blown away once again! This album rocks and its heavy! I mean from the opening "Let it Die" to the closer "I Love You All" this album is another Ozz Classic in his already Perfect catalog.I am hoping that he releases a few singles off this one because i think people will dig alot of these tracks as i have.
Ozzy is Forever!
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on June 25, 2010
Ozzy Osbourne makes a return to making a quality album with `Scream'. Not since his epic and classic album `No More Tears' has Ozzy put out an exceptional album. If you are looking for `Blizzard of Oz' or `Dairy of a Madman' this may not be the album for you. Without a doubt this album is better then the mediocre `Down to Earth' or the industrial sounding `Black Rain'. Ozzy isn't breaking any new ground really with `Scream' but once again he demonstrates why he is considered a metal god.
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on June 26, 2010
Well I've given it a few listens and I'm really digging it. It does have it's moments for sure, tracks 3, 5 and 6 are awesome! However it also lacks consistency in some spots as well. The books still out on Zakk's replacement Gus G. The dude can play, theirs no doubt about that, but it's missing something? Overall it's not bad and its a step in the right direction, but it's not a return to blizzard etc. I'd easily give it a 3.8 out of 5.
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