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Sea of Shadows
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on April 2, 2017
I enjoyed reading this book mainly because of the technology demonstrated, and some characters that were interesting. I also enjoyed some of the organizational aspects of the military effort that it was about--for example, the importance of a female Chief, who is clearly the best thinker of all when it came to chasing down submarines. However, the geopolitical premise of the story was not well chosen-Germany overwhelming the U.S. with high tech vessels that it's in the process of giving away to a rogue Arab state makes no sense--and the sad thing is that there were much better options readily available that would have been much more credible. Likewise, the President's decision to opt for a strategy of a variation on one-on-one combat was absurd. The secret to the U.S.' military strength is its ability to assemble overwhelming force, and certainly any national security adviser worth his salt would have made sure that the President knew that if he didn't know it already. On the whole, the plot was fairly predictable, as for example, when the Captain in charge of the operation [for a while], with his overbearing ego, would be the first unit of the lot to have his hat handed to him. When he wanted to stay in charge after losing his ship, his Admiral boss' response was precious, though I won't quote it here. The bottom line is that the story was worth reading. It had hints of an upcoming sequel involving China, which is a much more credible geopolitical premise, and I would urge the author to make the plot a bit less predictable.
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on January 12, 2014
Sea of shadows is a military techno-thriller in the same vein as Red Storm Rising from Tom Clancy or Red Phoenix from Larry Bond. Like most in this genre, character development is weak. This is acceptable to me in this type of book, where the action and the technical details and the weapons themselves are major elements of enjoyment.

I am a former submarine sailor and the technical points seem very credible, the descriptions of the battles and the lead in to the battles were very good. I could give this four or five stars for the likely reader following that this book will attract.

The problem with this novel is the geo-political motivation behind it. Without revealing the details, the scenario Mr. Edwards develops seems highly contrived, and absurdly unlikely. It very definitely got in the way of what otherwise would have been an enjoyable read. The author was tasked with creating a believable scenario for a four-on-four match up between US surface ships and German submarines...and totally failed. Every time the author switched to the strategic/political realm I cringed.

IF you can get past the basic premise behind the book, it is otherwise very good in its genre. Mr Edwards shows great promise, if he can just get us past that threshold.

Who should read this book? Fans of Clancy and Bond (and others) who are looking more for the battle descriptions and who don't really care about the motivation.
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on July 29, 2017
I am an avid reader. I like to be challenged by reading material. I have no military background but I enjoy learning about tactical battle and warfare strategy. I found Sea of Shadows interesting because of the educational portion of the story. The biography of the torpedo and it's pivotal role in past major wars was enlightening. The stealth technology available to the Navy is remarkable and I'm sure there are many items that are not known as of the present to average citizens. However, I was vastly disappointed with the authors political plot points of this novel. I get it...it's fiction, but the decisions made seemed incredibly wasteful and downright stupid so it had to be a plot necessity rather than being realistic.

I recommend reading this book if you're interested in battle story telling, but be warned that it leaves you with a hollow feeling of loss and anger at decision-makers.
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on May 23, 2017
Sea of Shadows is an excellent, fast moving novel that will have you setting on the edge of your seat. It is a great "what if" novel set in current times. Like Clancy novels, this book will not only entertain you, but will educate you at the same time. Anything to do with submarine warfare gets my interest, and there is plenty of that in this book. I won't get into any specifics, as that is the job of the reader. I'll just say that if you enjoyed The Hunt For Red October, you almost certainly will enjoy Sea of Shadows. I hope Jeff Edwards will continue to write novels of this sort, and of this quality. He hooked me for certain!
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on August 8, 2017
Jeff Edwards' attention to detail at the highest level made "Sea of Shadows" both technically pleasing and highly entertaining. The history of torpedo warfare was educational and brought new meaning to the horrors of battles at sea. I found this story to be well-paced, adventurous and a pleasure to read. The naval descriptions were on level for a reader without military experience yet accurate enough that any active or retired service member could respect the work. The political playbook was a nice side plot that made the story that much more believable and pulse-pounding as the action sequences. Highly recommend this book!
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on April 15, 2016
After reading Jeff Edwards' "Sword of Shiva", I had to see if Mr. Edwards was a 'One Trick Pony' or he really was an excellent writer. Happy to say that "Sea of Shadows"(which is actually the first of a sort of trilogy) exceeded my expectations by a great margin.

This guy really writes great techno-thrillers. You should know that NASA's Homer Hickham ("Rocket Boys" which was made into an excellent movie, 'October Sky') was full of praise for Mr. Edwards efforts.

This book, which I found well nigh impossible to leave on the night stand, will keep your interest and likely wear out the edge of your chair. The author does a superb job of explaining complex anti- submarine warfare maneuvers, tactics and strategy while being very informative about the types of modern and older(ASROC) weapons utilized and how they locate and destroy their targets. This is well carried out while still keeping your interest riveted to the action and characters involved.

Also, there are several very interesting chapters interspersed in about the history of the development and use of the torpedo; a most effective and feared weapon.

Essentially it is the story of how the Royal and U.S. Navies attempt to prevent the delivery of four ultra-modern diesel powered submarines equipped with state of the art weaponry and the ability to traverse the ocean depths at much higher speeds for several days at a time; a vast improvement over WW II diesel subs.

The subs were developed and manufactured by our now third time nemesis, Germany, to be delivered to a rogue Middle Eastern country.

The drama and excitement is gripping. I now have a new favorite author to go with Bernard Cornwell and P.D. James.

Way to go Chief Edwards!
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on July 29, 2017
A well written story of Naval Anti-submarine Warfare. One thing that I had trouble believing, was that German politicians, would
double cross NATO allies; I could see French politicians doing so...:) but overall a good read.


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anytime I make a purchase, so it is my intention to help others do the same. I welcome any questions or feedback.
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on March 20, 2017
A rather enjoyed this naval rollick.
It's packed with technical jargon and explanations but (only just barely) stops short of overpowering the actual story.
Some reviewers question the naval accuracy in places; but: the rest of us can blissfully read on------regardless.
Others question the political decisions and explanations - it's fiction, folks .... deal with it.
Still - even though the end result is bound to be predictable...the tale moves along at an enticing pace
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on March 28, 2014
This is very good book detailing the successful interface between the presidential group & high military commanders.
Two threats arise 6000 miles apart to U.S. interest. The first requires the immediate movement of two carrier group into a position in reply to the belligerent action of one nation toward one friendly nation.
The second threat manifest itself in an act of hostility on U.S. soil to one of it's closest allies. It becomes apparent that an NATO ally is sending four of their ships to an isolated & dangerous regime. These ships are dangerous, efforts are made to stop and/or turn back the ships.
The fourth & final chance to stop these ships falls in part to one of the premier U.S. naval ships, a cutting edge/stealthy destroyer. The crew responsibilities from the top to bottom rank/rating of sailors is well defined of all crew members involved in the story line.
This ship is tasked along with three sister ships of about the size to destroy the hostile ships. The eight opposing ships are fairly evenly matched. The sea combat is intense & explosive(literally!), there has not been sea battles like this since WWII. The only chance to stop reading is between one engagement & the next. This is excellent read!!
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on June 1, 2017
I must admit this started a little slow for me but when it picked up it went like thunder & lightening. This is one of the best & well written adventures I've read. Great thriller in the water with America & Germany. I found it nearly impossible to stop reading yet didn't want it to end. Learned more about interpretations of war, weapons, strategic planning on an international level. I loved this. Do you like Clancy? You'll like this.
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