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on June 7, 2014
They all still work.
I have used them only to backup my Macs. They don’t leave my home. I do not use Time Machine. I’ve used Super Duper ([...]) for my backup software since 2008. I have no reason to use any other.
I have used Apple’s Disk Utility to format my external drives. Here’s how it’s done with current Macs:
- Connect the hard drive to the Mac.
- Launch Disk Utility, located in Applications > Utilities
- Locate the hard drive name from the left hand side of Disk Utility and click on it.
- Click on “Partition”. Under “Partition Layout” select number of Partitions. “Current” is one Partition.
- Click the "Options" button below “Partition Layout”, choose "GUID"
- Name the drive if you want, the name can be changed at any point, even afterwards.
- “Format:” click the contextual menu and select “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”.
- Click “Apply”.
When completed, the drive will be formatted to the Mac OS X compatible HFS+ filesystem.
This procedure will erase all data on the drive.
To disconnect the external drive open a Finder window and click the underlined arrow to the right of the external drive.

This link describes how to partition an external drive that already has data saved on it without losing the data ([...]). At one time I was backing up a desktop and a laptop using 2 partitions on one drive.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 19, 2012
Overall this is a very good product. I intend to use it on both a PC and Mac to move files between a Windows desktop and a MacBook Air, and to back up the Mac. While I have not yet connected the drive to a Windows machine I had no problems getting it set up with my Mac. This is my first experience with a USB 3.0 product and the speed is wonderful.

However - as implied by my review title - this product is not quite as Mac friendly as the summary comments on the Seagate web site would lead you to believe. If one configures the drive to handle both PC and Mac files one cannot use Time Machine to back up to this drive. Further the Mac version of the Dashboard software does not include the back up configuration capability. The online documentation recommends one use Time Machine. My conclusion is that the decision to utilize the drive for both Macs and PCs limits the use of this drive as a primary eternal back up drive for a Mac without additional hardware or software. The options would appear to be to purchase third party Mac backup software, determine a different method of moving files between a Mac and a PC, or purchase another external drive to use solely as a Mac backup with Time Machine. Right now I am using a trial version of third party software and will evaluate that as my first alternate choice.
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on December 5, 2012
This Product is Awesome I Now use this Product to hold Backups of all my Games and Game Setup Files. I Have Tested out the Backup Manager that is Included with this Portable External Hard Drive and it's great for backing up your entire computer of course i no longer use the Backup Manager because as i mentioned above i only use this to backup my games and Game Setup Files.

The Usb cord is kinda small which is fine and yes you can plug it into a usb 2.0 port incase you don't have a usb 3.0 port and using the backup manager is Optional.This External Hard Drive is Still working in perfect condition.I Definitely Recommend this Product.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 21, 2012
Came to me one day after purchasing, and I chose 2-day shipping at checkout! I'm currently using it as external storage for my laptop that I'll be bringing to college, since my father, with extensive background in software and computer electronics, tells me that storing files such as music or old pictures on a hard drive is a no-no. Slows down the processor, apparently. I had no problems with the plug-and-use USB that came with the hard drive, zip. Once I had the My Computer folder open, it was right there, with its own little icon. I went into the empty drive and deleted out the cloud-uploader application right away. I'm not that big into social media, or instant-uploading (I'm really not that impatient!) and the biggest problem reported by the handful of negative reviews for this project stemmed from that included software slowing down people's computers. USB cable will work with normal black (2.0) or the blue SS-USB (3.0) port that I wasn't even aware my computer had! Transferring speed for about 30 GB of music files, with the blue 3.0 port, averaged 35 MB/second, which is damn impressive!

My only disappointments with this little gem is the shortness of the included USB cable (a minor thing, since extensions are available at almost any electronics/computer store), and the fact that some of my files did not transfer the first time because the 'destination folder's filename was too long.' Yes, I have many folders within folders within folders, but the fact that a path name could be too long is astounding to me. I was able to transfer those files onto the hard drive after trimming the name or swapping the folders around within their larger folders. Hope this helps people with their purchasing!
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on January 17, 2013
I have a 250gig Seagate Free Agent Go for maybe 2 years now, I work off of that one and it is still going strong. so I bought this for larger space and to have a solid backup. I had the GoFlex but did not care for the vibration of the Flexible case material. This is solid and I so far have only used as back up, but am sure if I ever lose the 250gig I will switch to this one for daily use.

I store NOTHING on my laptop, as a Traveler I freaked out at the airport When the porter walked away with my computer bag to take it to security and then it was behind a wall and I could not see the bag. Luckily I did not lose the computer, but with all the thefts in airports would YOU trust your data out their? Bank information, Statements, addresses etc etc,,,, you could have bank accounts drained by the time you got to your destination.

These two small drives fit in one Drive Logic DL-64 Portable EVA Hard Drive Carrying Case, for less than $10, and then I can keep it on my person at all times. I have been putting it in a backpack lately, or if traveling light a small cross the shoulder bag. I would NEVER pack in the Suitcase, even with the TSA locks I recently purchased.

Security 1st, and I now travel without the Anxiety and fretting and Nerves!!!!!
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on November 18, 2012
Sifting through the reviews on here, I don't think there's much more to say than has already been said, but I guess one more assessment couldn't hurt.

I bought the 500 GB model to give as an early Christmas present for a relative, and bought it on the strength of an older 500 GB Seagate drive I had bought about a year or two ago. I know technology moves at light-speed these days, but even then, I was pleasantly surprised. The whole drive, in thickness, length, and width, is just slightly bigger than an iPod Classic, and works about the same (plug-and-play, one cord, no power plug needed). It also seems much sturdier than my old drive, once again, like an iPod Classic. Barely any noise at all (a whisper-quiet whooshing noise if I put my ear right on it), and absolutely no vibrating from clearly working parts. Honestly, without the power light, you'd hardly notice it was on at all.

Tested it out last night, and so far, it works great. Copying files has taken no time at all. In what felt like 10 minutes or less, I've already transferred 50 gigs to it. Not bad.

I haven't played around with the software, unfortunately, and being a gift, there's no reason for me to try. Still, the quality of the drive itself seems worth mentioning. It's been a solid buy.
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on April 7, 2013
I bought this hard drive for two reasons, one was to back up my macbook pro in case I were to lose it or break it and two was to store digit copies of movies. To do this I first partitioned the drive using my mac's disk utility application (pretty easy to figure out). Then I set up time machine to handle the backing up process instead of using the software that comes with the HD. I then loaded on the digital copies of movies that I have collected and placed them on the other partition. Placing movies on an external HD allows you to easily watch them on other devises then your computer, such as plugging the HD into an xbox 360.

After a few weeks of use I have switch now to only plugging the HD in on Sundays to create a back up since I do not alter too many files throughout the week and would rather not have to eject the drive every time I want to move my macbook. Also, your mac will remind you if 10 days go by without plugging it in so that's nice.
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on November 4, 2014
Well, first off, this device only has 465GB on it, not 500GB. So I've been cheated out of 35GB. Also I have an Acer laptop with Windows 8, and even though it connects with no problem, I have trouble whenever I right click on it or in it for options. The window just stops responding then closes. So I can't create folders, read document info, or anything like that. I had to organize my stuff and create folders on my desktop for me to drag onto the Seagate. So if you don't have your stuff together before putting it on this device, you will have to go through a hassle with Acer, Windows 8. But I tried using it on a Lenovo laptop with Windows 8, and it worked fine.
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on December 17, 2012
So I bought this guy on Black Friday on a good deal. I've been needing an external hard drive for the past couple of months anyways, and this seemed like a good opportunity. It ships quickly and the box is pristine. I open it up and take out the hard drive, looking good so far. Then take out the cord to realize that the USB outlet is misshapen and won't fit into my USB port.

Fast forward, the cable isn't covered by any warranty (I tried contacting Seagate and this is what they told me) and Amazon doesn't pay return shipping for issues that aren't their fault. So I would be down shipping costs to return it (and Amazon was out of the hard drives now). So I put my Electrical Engineering skills to work and basically hammered the USB outlet to fit into my computer. The drive works fine now, but I would be much happier if the cable was covered by a warranty (or wasn't so expensive).
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on March 27, 2014
This product & brand was recommended to me by a family member to help me free up storage space on my Desktop P.C. It is an excellent solution to my dilemma, & it's portable! So now I can also take my files with me wherever I go too. Easy to use as well. Would recommend it to anyone.
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