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on July 23, 2013
I called Seagate when I received the drives, because I've had issues in the past with warranties not being what they claimed to be, and in this case, these are "oem drives", which from Seagate's perspective, means they were sold to someone for the express purpose of being sold as part of a system, and thus no warranty allowed from Seagate.

As these drives are not sold as part of a system, and weren't purchased directly from Seagate (Seagate wouldn't tell me the vendor name, but verified that it wasn't this vendor), it makes wonder where these drives came from, and what their lifespan will be.

The seller said they would honor the warranty themselves. I bought 10 drives, so I'm sure I'll be taking advantage of the 5 year warranty via the seller. And we'll see how that goes, though unfortunately for you, that will be far too late (hopefully... I hope I don't have to take advantage of the warranty soon...) to make a difference for you.
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on October 1, 2015
I purchased five of these drives from Amazon in late 2013. Four were used in a QNAP four-bay NAS for a RAID 5 array. The fifth one was used for an external USB3.0 drive that I used for periodic backups. Of the four drives used in the QNAP RAID 5 array, three developed errors and the QNAP operating system recommended replacing them (as did QNAP tech support, who told me they've had so many problems with this drive they had to remove it from their "Recommended Hardware" list). The fifth drive used as an external USB3.0 drive also just failed (on my Mac). This last drive could not be reformatted or even unmounted to do an integrity check. Perhaps I just got a bad batch, but four drives out of five failing in 2 years is a terrible track record. I recommend you stay away from these drives.
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on March 15, 2017
These are heavily used old drives. Ordered 4 and found out there are over 2 years of use and bad sectors showing up on them. I did not see anywhere on Amazon that these drives are used. If there was a place it was well hidden. Requested refund. I would recommend passing these used drives up and go for something new.
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on August 22, 2016
I bought two. they're fast, when striped in a software RAID 0 (~290MB/s sequential read/write).

But I bought this for durability, and believed I was purchasing new drives. Yet SoftRAID reports each drive has >24,000 hours of use. That's far from new.

The price was right though, so it's unlikely I'll send them back. W/ backups they should be fine.
review imagereview image
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on September 13, 2012
I chose this item because of its reliability, speed and storage capacity. Unfortunately, the item did not work from the initial installation. Seagate offers software for testing and troubleshooting their products and with every test performed it failed. It arrived truly bare in that it wasn't even shipped in an electrostatic protective bag, which Seagate suggested might be part of the problem. They also said this was the first Constellation drive they could ever recall having been defective when brand new. Thankfully, Constellation drives carry the longest warranty in the industry and since I had owned this less than one month they agreed to take it back and send me a new one immediately. Their great customer service somewhat compensates for having a brand new drive doa.
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on February 14, 2013
Arrived quickly, packaged well. Recognized by BIOS & Win7x64, installed with no problems.

Transferred my System image files and file backups to this drive, then verified the transfer. Fast and quiet, it never skipped a beat throughout the process, and temp remained around 95 degrees F. Running continuously shouldn't be a problem.

This drive will serve as my 2nd backup in case of emergency, looks like it will come through when I need it. Speed is fine, noise level is only a tad higher than my Caviar HD. Could easily serve as a primary drive, if that's your intent.

Reliability was my main concern here, and it looks like this unit makes the cut. A little more expensive then some, but I figure with moderate usage this drive will last a long time. I'd have no problem setting up a RAID-1 array with a couple of these drives.

UPDATE: Oct 29 2014
Drive is still working great after an awful lot of use. Has saved my bacon on a couple of occasions. Surprised that Amazon hasn't changed their copy to reflect the correct transfer rate (3Gb/s). My mobo doesn't support 6Gb/s, so for me this isn't a problem. But it's not an accurate description. Proper research is (as always) advised.
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on April 12, 2013
During some home renovation/spring cleaning, I was reminded of a previous gaming rig that was collecting dust. I had been toying with the idea of a media server and thought this would be a good low-cost starting point for one.

After a ton of research I decided that Ubuntu and Plex would serve this purpose nicely - and with a an E8400 dual core processor, 8GB ram, etc...I wouldn't have to purchase anything...or so I thought.

I was fascinated by the open-source options. Coupled with the formerly-mothballed equipment that was more than up to the task, I became obsessed with making this an inexpensive build - and hoped for zero cost. I quickly found out but was loathe admitting that many of us DIY'ers want to create a media server for our homes yet fall prey to neglecting the topic of hard drives. Of course, one thinks about space requirements and drive speed, however I read countless warnings that enterprise level drives should be considered over their commercial counterparts.

I had two 250GB drives in the machine that were RAID0 for performance since it was formerly for gaming only. They had served me well so I decided to do some testing and keep them in the media server, at least for a time as I knew I needed much more space long-term.

The result of hammering a media server for 24/7 for a couple of weeks saw one of these drives fail. Perhaps it was coincidence, but to me it was proof enough that commercial drives are simply not up to being hammered 24 hours a day.

I replaced both drives with one Constellation ES 2TB partitioned currently for boot/OS and user media. To date, it is performing flawlessly and streaming movies and music to Roku devices, Kindles, and PCs around the home.

Since the drive has only been active for over a month, I kept my review to 4 stars - However if this Constellation enterprise drive stands up to the abuse, I plan on purchasing at least another in 4TB size as our media storage needs grow.
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on February 20, 2017
Got these to replace failed 1TB WD drives. Works well with NO PROBLEMS. My main board is only SATA2 but I am getting almost 200MB/s constant write speed which is way better than my WD drives I replaced with these.

One note, these drives will get HOT and you really should consider putting them in a fan cooled drive bay like I did to ensure long life with no failure.
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on September 8, 2013
I have used Seagate hard drives for years, and had relatively few problems with any of them, except a new 500 GB drive that failed on me about four years ago, but Seagate sent me a 750 GB drive on the RMA claim, and it is still working. Their customer service department is great. But about this drive- although it didn't arrive in a clamshell (I didn't expect it to since the seller describes it as being tested and certified by Dell technicians) it was wrapped in 3 layers of bubble-wrap, including a UPS bubble-wrap bag, and then placed inside a cardboard shipping box and well-sealed. No complaints there.

The drive worked right off the bat after hooking it up to my system which already had 5 other drives attached to it (all of them Seagate drives with the exception of one Western Digital drive). After formatting the drive to NTFS (my system is Windows 7 64-bit) it was ready for use, and I have not noticed any exceptionally loud noise- in fact the drive is pretty quiet. The 5-year manufacturer warranty does not hurt either, plus the fact that the seller offers a 3-year Dell warranty on top of it.

I read one review prior to deciding to buy the drive that says the drive slowed down his system slightly due to the fact that he had solid-state drives as well, but it seems to have actually speeded up my boot-up time, and transferring files from other drives to this drive seems to go quickly and smoothly. Of course, I plan to use this drive for storage only, so it will never be in a raid array or used as a system drive, which negates the 'need for speed' as far as performance is concerned. If you want a good solid drive for storage, this is it. If you happen to get a DOA drive for some reason, then Seagate will ship you out a replacement quickly and with no hassles, so customer service is great.

If something changes in the next few weeks or months with this drive, then I will come back and edit this review, but with my experience with Seagate, I don't anticipate the need to do so. Right now I am happy with my purchase, and I highly recommend this drive to anyone.
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on December 2, 2012
I've had this product for about 3 months now. Don't regret the purchase for a second, and how can I? It works perfectly as advertised. I do not use it as a boot-drive. I instead use a 120GB SSD OCZ Vertex 4. Since the SSD is so small in size, I actually change my profile's/user account's folders to re-direct to the 1TB Seagate, and it works perfectly fine as a data storage drive with quick transfer rates. It houses my masses of junk and some video games I dont use on my other SSD (I have another 120GB SSD, Kingston HyperX which houses load-instense video games such as Skyrim, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MAKES!)

So again, I'd highly recommend this product, and maybe even an SSD to aid in your boot, whether you throw your whole OS on it, or you use intel rapidstart (which reserves a small portion of an SSD to boot quicker if your OS is not on the SSD).
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