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on August 2, 2017
This drive was terrible. It crashed to the point that I couldn't recover data twice, it would then go through periods where it wouldn't even register with the controller or the OS, and after about two years worth of unreliable use it is a dead drive. I have had drives of different brands fail in my systems and this was the worst. Running WD and toshiba spinning drives currently. A WD drive in the same system used everyday as the DVR drive (so many, many, many more write cycles) lasted about 5 years before finally giving up (and on that drive I still managed to pull a few files off before replacing it)
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on June 30, 2017
I've heard many mixed reviews of Seagate external hard drives. Mine, so far, has worked well. My drive is less than half full at this point, and not many months old, but I've heard no click-clacking (as others have mentioned) and have had no issues retrieving or storing data. Thus far, no durability issues, but I do move it around gingerly when transporting it.
The drive itself is easy to use - plug it in, add the files you'd like to store, and you're good to go. Transfer process seems speedy enough. I moved 3 gb of pictures over in about 25 minutes. I mainly use this for pictures and video, just as a back-up in case anything ever happens to my main drive, and so far I've been pleased.
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VINE VOICEon August 18, 2011
Size: 2 TB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
As I see it, Seagate owes me for the 5 stars I initially gave it. I should have revised this review earlier but I've been busy ever since this external hard drive dumped all my data. Didn't even have it a third of the way filled up and only a few days beyond its 1 year warranty, all my data is lost. I bought some data recovery software to recover the data and could recover most of it. My mistake was putting it on to a new 1 TB Seagate expansion of a similar model. Well, it broke down too and I lost 75% of the data transferred as well as nearly all the data on the newer driver. Will use disks, jump drives and clouds from now on. Will be posting this revised review to the 1 TB Seagate Expansion as well.


I could not be more pleased with this Seagate 2TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive. Its list price is competitive with other expansion units built with the same space design, and the speed, interface and functionality of the unit would make this item an incredible value if they charged more. By and large, I have always received exceptional products from Seagate, so I was expecting the same high quality and value as past purchases; and Seagate did not disappoint.

Although this unit was designed for use with a desktop, I've been using it exclusively with my laptop for extra storage space for Adobe PhotoShop artwork, WMV files, and WAV/MP3/MP4 audio files, as well as being used as a backup for my documents, spreadsheets, and programs. With as many important items on this drive, I haven't really put a dent in available space.

Since I'm using this with my ASUS laptop, having Windows 7 OS, I do not have a USB 3.0 terminal but speed is not an issue. This unit is FAST. If I were able to use the 3.0, on my wife's desktop say, I have no doubt that this Seagate 2TB would perform splendidly; and I'm not even sure that I'd even notice a marked difference in the speed. Perhaps if you were transferring an entire cache of files, 20GB and up perhaps, then you might notice, and even want the use of the 3.0.

Its slim design makes it ideal for my needs with my laptop. I also understand that it has a built in sleep function, which is why it doesn't come with a power switch. The sleep function is an excellent feature, even with use on my laptop, because there have been times when I have had to get up from my work, put my laptop to sleep, and not have to worry about unplugging the Seagate Unit.

I most highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an external hard drive. I'm looking to purchase at least one more for my wife's desktop, and possibly a third for my daughter's desktop.
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on May 12, 2014
I bought this about a year ago and was disappointed with it right out of the box. The case wasn't properly aligned, so I had to use a screwdriver to maneuver the slot for the USB cord into place. I have to do this again each time I remove the USB cord from the hard drive. Otherwise, it's worked well for a year. Recently, it sometimes isn't recognized; often, my computer suggests I format it. While I'm using it now, it sometimes "disconnects" and stops any transfers that were occurring. Simply put, this product doesn't last long enough to be worth the cost. Buy anything but Seagate if you need an external hard drive.
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on May 11, 2012
It worked fine for about 35 days and then something happened and the drive became unreadable/corrupted - during a USB 3.0 driver update of all things.

The drive didn't show back up so I unplugged it and plugged it back in. You couldn't 'eject' the drive as it was not showing up.

That was all it took. When it did show up , it was as a new drive and windows failed to mount the drive or even assign the name I had given it.

The dreaded 'you need to format this drive before you can use it'.

As as another poster indicated, the drive itself was spinning just fine - this appears to be a SATA to USB interface hardware/firmware issue so I made a command decision and chose to pull the drive from the case and plug it into a SATA port on my motherboard and it works just fine.

Of course I lost all my data which is a huge PITA. I've had multiple external drives from multiple vendors and have never seen something like this.

So I'm just going to say: Look at the feedback and the numbers - the 1 star reviews equal the 5 star in number. That tells you this drive has issues. Fair warning.
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on June 10, 2012
When I first saw the product reviews, I was blown away by the number of 1 star reviews. After some more reading, I understood that the bulk of these reviews was about defects regarding the enclosure. Fortunately for me, I have no interest in the USB functionality of the product and so I can remove the hard drive from the enclosure and still get what I need out of the product. No need to take risks with a faulty enclosure.

I had to take some precautions first before voiding the warranty though. I ran tests using SeaGate SeaTools to make sure I didn't overlook any easily avoidable issues. Once that was out of the way, I went ahead and broke the case open. For me, breaking the case open was very simple. Just stick a flat head screw driver two millimeters into it's side and twist. Worked my way all around the edge. The thin pieces of plastic holding the casing together is very weak and will break with very little effort. Prying is risky as the screwdriver may make contact with the actual hard drive itself; so twist, not pry.

I installed it just like I would any other internal hard drive. I initialized the hard drive using Disk Management but that presented a problem. Initializing using MBR only gave me 2 TB. I remedied this by using SeaGate DiscWizard to initialize the hard drive with GPT. Windows now detects 2.7 TB.

Currently I have this problem where the hard drive would make a click sound mid operation. If I had to guess, I would say it has to do with some stupid power saving feature. Perhaps it thought it would be a good idea to park the drive head mid operation. Not sure, but it is annoying to hear it because the first thought that comes to mind is that I am about to lose over a terabyte of data. I hope that doesn't ever come true. At some point, I even heard a chirp sound when I was shutting down. Firmware might solve this problem.. maybe.

I am currently puzzled about the firmware. The label on my hard drive says 'Product of China' with firmware CC9E. Although the model number ST3000DM001-9YN166 is listed as compatible with firmware CC4H, there is word that hard drives with firmware CC9E can't be updated using firmware CC4H. I could force the firmware update using manual commands but I've decided that I am going to leave the firmware alone until some brave soul decides to try it first. I don't want to risk bricking my hard drive.

I tried looking for firmware updates using serial numbers from both the external casing and the hard drive that came inside it. For both, the 'Download Finder' on the SeaGate website returned 'No firmware download is available for this serial number.'

I know the price is cheap, but I advise against buying this product until a firmware to address the current problems is released. I wouldn't count on it though. On the bright side, despite the odd clicks and occasional chirps, I haven't noticed anything bad happening to my files yet.
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on November 7, 2011
Do not purchase this hard drive.

Im in Afghan and I purchased this drive because I just needed a reliable, large storage device for media. Mostly just movies for morale. After about 6 hours I got the I/O error. I tried everything on the config side and nothing worked. Out of frustration I broke the casing (oorah) and removed the drive and it seems to be working fine for now but obviously its only a matter of time before that changes. Its quiet, cool, and decently sized but none of that matters if it does not function. This is stone-age technology and there is no reason that a lenovo laptop will work after being buried in sand and blown up for a year but a basic hard drive fails out of the box.

Its pretty simple how to fix this- force them to raise quality by not buying their trash.

I dont have time to deal with trying to get a refund in a combat zone. I dont want an apology from seagate. I need a hard drive that works.

(Update: I feel inclined to post an update because the hard drive might not be as bad as I previously described. Yes the enclosure was preventing the cable from making an adequate connection causing it to fail out of the box and leave most people helpless. BUT after I fixed that problem it works extremely well. The transfer rates are actually about 10 mps faster than the more expensive brands and it is almost impossible to hear. The fancy expensive drive that I purchased to replace this one will now be acting as its backup.)
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 16, 2011
I was excited to find a USB 3.0 3TB hard drive for the same price of a 500GB USB 2.0 hard drive that I bought 3 years ago. When I got the product and started using it though, thats when the honeymoon ended and rage ensues.

The hard drive itself is tiny. Very minimalistic, an indicator light, a power adapter, and a usb cable 3, thats it.

I started off by plugging the cable to my (USB 2.0) laptop and copied about 80GBs worth of files to the 3TB HD (which by the way has only 2.72 TB worth of available storage). The problem is when I tried to plug it in my USB 2.0 desktop. I could not get Windows 7 to recognize the damned hard drive. I used different 2.0 slots, I even changed where I had the power cable plugged in, and nothing. Curious.

Now I unplugged the cable from the desktop and put it in the laptop. Lo and behold... nothing! No response, you can hear the hard drive try to start up, but the indicator light doesn't turn on, and the laptop does not recognize hard drive. I tried unplugging/plugging it back in several times and still no results. I even restarted my laptop to see if that will fix it, but it didn't.

One of the times that I plugged the hard drive in, it got recognized by the laptop, but there was an error message, something about corrupt data, this one I got to capture on video. I restarted the laptop again and now the laptop would not even get past the boot screen. Apparently if you have the hard drive plugged in while booting on, you'll get stuck on that screen. Another thing to consider when you are buying this thing.

Whenever I get this thing to work, I will remove the files that I put on it and will send back to Amazon ASAP! I've never had so much trouble with a hard drive. I will tell my friends, family, and the numerous number of tech-savvy followers that I have on twitter and youtube to stay away from this product (and other Seagate products as well).

Oh, and one last thing, when I received the box, all I got was the harddrive (in its own box) and the plastic bubble protection things. There was no shipping/product receipt. How am I supposed to return this crap? Won't I need that thing? No matter the case, this Seagate hard drive is better off thrown in the sea or thrown against a gate.
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on December 9, 2012
I used it once for backup , after a time I tried to use it again and when I plug the USB into the HHD it fall inside the box so no more connection , I lost my data and my HHD , horrible will never buy again , how you can sell product like that knowing how data is important and the reason we want to secure it on the HHD and not just for decoration . I still have 6 month warranty so I need replacement as soon as possible but will never use it for any important data again , that is already second seagate HHD that broke in the last 2 years without even touch it , it just falling apart
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on June 15, 2012
Windows 7, 64 bit OS on 2-month old home built computer with ASUS P9Z79PRO Mobo. Used Expansion 3TB for 3 days. Use computer for video editing with SSD, 6 internal HDDs and 8+ external drives as needed. [see videoguys_dot_com for their recommended DIY computer - high praise to them]

*** USB3 Issue ***
At first, the drive connected via USB3 port was not recognized and the light on the Expansion case did not light up. So plugged into wall rather than strip but with same result. Tried USB2 port and it was recognized. Re-booted with the Expansion drive and USB data cable connected to USB3 port but with same `unrecognized' result. NOTE: With no on/off switch, disconnecting the USB cable appears to shut off the drive - at least the small yellow power on light goes out.

Resorting to an old piece of knowledge, shut down computer and unplugged the AC cord for 20 seconds. Re-plugged and booted. VIOLA! The Expansion drive was recognized on both front and back USB3 ports. Plugged the Expansion drive into my desktop console (`strip') and it works fine there.

Surprised to see in Control Panel....Disk Management that this drive was partitioned `MBR' - not `GPT' (to view, right click the drive box on far left - not the long rectangular box; click properties; click volumes tab). Copied all files on Expansion drive to another drive and re-partitioned as `GPT' (right click the same box in Disk Management).

*** HEAT Issue ***
Some customers say the drive runs hot. Don't know what model internal drive is in this external case (if you want HOT buy a Hitachi 7200RPM). Noting that the air openings were on the bottom of the case with very small feet, I placed it upside down to allow the unit to vent UPWARD. This third day I copied data off another drive to the Expansion drive for three hours straight and the case feels warm. Once the one year warranty expires I expect to open the case lid for better ventilation. So far the unit works as advertised.
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