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on May 5, 2016
First of all, this book is a memorial to Lt Murphy. If you want the operational details and gripping account of the fateful Operation Red Wings, read Marcus Luttrell's book Lone Survivor. In fact, for those not familiar with the story, I'd recommend reading or watching Lone Survivor beforehand. Seal of Honor picks up where Lone Survivor leaves off, as the first 3 chapters are the gut wrenching account of the family's notification and the subsequent memorial services. Chapters 4-11 take you through Murphys life, SEAL training and pre deployment workup. The next couple chapters are about Operation Red Wings and the following rescue efforts.
If I had one gripe, it would be that the heroic actions resulting in Murphy being the most celebrated Medal of Honor recipient since World War 2 is covered in a single page. A note at the bottom of the page reads " Lutrell, the only remaining eyewitness, describes the epic battle in graphic detail as only a battle-tested eyewitness can in his best-selling book Lone Survivor."
If the goal of the author was to paint "Murph" as a selfless, elite professional, skilled in his craft and well deserving of his nickname "the protector" (which I believe it was),then he did a masterful job.
Over all this was the most heart breaking book I believe I've ever read. One commenter equated reading it to being at a funeral, feeling horrible for the family but not knowing what to do or what to say to them.
Highly recommend this book for what it is, again, not the gripping account of the fire fight, but an in depth look at the life and legacy of an American hero- LT Michael P Murphy.
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on November 3, 2016
Sagir13, I ordered Seal of Honor: Operation Red Wings and the Life of Lt. Michael P. Murphy, USN for my granddaughter, the author, Mr. Gary Williams will be at Virginia Tech for a speech and autographs tomorrow. Her paperback book is at home and would involve shipping. I thought it best to purchase a hard back copy and have shipped to her via Amazon. What a surprise she saw when she opened her package today. Not only is the Seal of Honor already autographed by Mr. Williams, but also signed by Maureen Murphy and John D. Murphy, Lt. Murphy's parents. As a devoted and very patriotic member of the Cadet Corp of Virginia Tech, I think my granddaughter receiving this very special copy was meant to be. Wonderful things do happen, it is so special to her and she intends to show the already signed book to Mr. Williams. Thank you.
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on December 18, 2013
This is a comprehensive look at how SEALS are made and function with the emphasis on this great young man and his team who gave the full measure of sacrifice and devotion to honor and duty. I read Lone Survivor several years ago and have another book on Operation Red Wings to read next but, as a Navy veteran (submarines,1968-1972) and a career firefighter (30 years) I was humbled and in awe of these brave young men who were (and still are) so committed that they are willing to sacrifice everything for their dream. I wish every American could read this account and realize that duty, honor and sacrifice still matter. Unfortunately, too many people want to blame the warriors for the war. None of us would be able to read these accounts or enjoy what we have without these incredible men and women.
Thank you Gary Williams for telling the tale that needs to be told in a way that leaves no ambiguity about service and devotion.
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on August 31, 2012
Lt. Michael Murphy is a hero. There is no question about that. I am grateful every day that we have young men with the physical and moral strength and the dedication to become SEALS and protect our freedom. I stand in awe of anyone who has ever earned the Medal of Honor. This book, however, was a disappointment to me. I had read Marcus Luttrell's Lone Survivor, and I had bought this book hoping to learn some new insight into the extraordinarily courageous character and actions of Murphy. This book offered no new insights into that. This book is simply an effort to deify Murphy. A recipient of our nation's highest military honor does not need to be deified. In fact, his story is best told by understatement, not purple prose. I think Murphy would be embarrassed by this book. It portrays him as someone who almost parted the waves and walked on water from the time he was born. Murphy's immediate family and boyhood friends are described with some detail, but his fiancee, Heather Duggan, while mentioned by name several times, is left out of the story. If you are going to describe those Murphy left behind, how could you leave out the woman he intended to marry? There is far more detail on what happened on Operation Red Wings and why Murphy won his Medal of Honor in Lone Survivor than in this book. Operation Red Wings is treated in this book as though it is just a minor matter.
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on July 2, 2014
Not as much of a picture of the battle as "Sole Survivor", from the only one that survived the battle, but just as engrossing. Lord, these guys have guts! Murphy was a heck of a leader. This is a wonderful story of courage, determination, sacrifice, camaraderie and leadership. So painfully sad such good men die and how inspiring for those of us that are the benefactors of these brave Americans' answer to the call of duty. Screw the politics, this is about the character of our military forces. War is horrible. Politics, these days, is highly questionable regarding the use of our military. These guys should be honored.
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on March 10, 2014
Michael Murphy is a hero and very deserving of the Medal of Honor. The book, however, was dry and hard to read at times. The author was almost too detailed, especially when speaking of the funeral and Michael's childhood. It was like reading an encyclopedia in many chapters versus the account of Michael's life.

The book's title says "Operation Red Wings and the Life of Lt. Michael P. Murphy", but there is very little covering Operation Red Wings. I appreciate reading about the awards and honors given to Michael after his death, but again, way more than I needed to know. I'm sure Michael's family and friends appreciated all the information put into the book and I credit the author for all the work it seems like he put in to writing this. But as a reader who wanted to read about Michael's experiences in the Navy and Operation Red Wings, I was a bit disappointed.

I would be interested in reading more accounts of Michael's life, but I would not read another book by this author.
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on September 25, 2013
I read fearless before this book and expected something similar. I have read 83% of this book and can't wait to end it so I can move on to the next one which I hope is much better.
This author talks alot about military protocal, speaches that individual made, military codes etc. I am past the point of this brave individuals death and but yet have only read a brief description as to how he died.
Nothing about the operation, how the fire fight went down and what exemplanary act was committed by LT. Michael Murphy to award him the medal of honor.
I am not down playing his death or the fact that he should not have received the medal,
I just want to read about it in the book .
The respect and admiration I have for these individuals is indescribable. They are truly the ultimate warriors.
I am very dissapointed with this particular author and how he wrote this book.
It does not do justice for the brave men and women that lost their lives and continue to loose their lives in this war.
I just wished the author had done a better job at researching the accounts and the cause of Lt. Murphy death.
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on March 25, 2015
Being from military family ,We honor and respect all our military and hope those still fighting can return home safe soon.Having a significant other that was old school law enforcement /tactical division /bomb squad I know his dedication & safety to his team is number one.Just as LT. Michael Murphy's job was in Operation Red Wings. He knew what he had to do their mission and the odds were against them things just didn't go right . These men put up one hell of a fight .Michael Murphy ,Marcus Lutrell,Danny Dietz,Matthew Axelson you will be honored and remembered by so many . God Rest Your Souls, Marcus how hard it must have been to leave these guys we know your story and you fought just like them until the end .What Lt .Murphy did to get help was outstanding and cost him his life we all know . Really glad that Marcus made it home . You are all True American Hero's .
Thank you and bless you and stay safe.
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on October 28, 2014
As a retired Army master sergeant, I had a hard time keeping my eyes dry as I read the account of the Red Wings mission. I purchased the e-book version for my Kindle after watching the movie Lone Survivor recently on HBO. I had a problem watching the movie through my tears also. I had watched many episodes of the Buds training on the military channel, so I had some knowledge of the rigorous training the candidates go through, but your detailed descriptions of the complete program that Lt. Murphy endured and completed really impressed me. I served 3 years in the Old Guard as a company supply sergeant from 1974-1977, so I am very aware of the honors rendered to our heroes every day at Arlington National Cemetery, and your descriptions of the ceremonies at the Pentagon and the Tomb of the unknowns was very emotional for me. I think this book should be required reading for every student in 7th through 12th grade in our schools, to instill in them the respect for our military that they deserve.
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on September 18, 2014
A wonderful tribute to the life of Michael Murphy, who made the ultimate sacrifice for his brothers and his country. This book provides insight into Michael's early years, when he was always sticking up for the underdog, through his journey through BUDs, when he was pushing himself beyond expectations, to Operation Redwings, and his ultimate sacrifice. I fully intend for my sons to read this book themselves when they are a bit older, so they understand what makes a real hero.
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