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on February 22, 2015
Great read! Fascinating story of a young, tremendously driven and intelligent soldier who put it all on the line for his country and family. For a non military guy the story and details of how much dedication it takes to become a SEAL was also very enlightening. Truly inspirational and one goes away with a feeling of tremendous respect for Michael and his comrades and what they went through on that mountain in Afghanistan to not only protect each other but to allow us in America the freedom that we enjoy today. What a phenomenal guy and group of SEALS, makes you proud to be an American and what these guys and their counterparts stand for and the U.S. Navy. Also leaves one very sad for the loved ones they left behind. Their lives will always live on by virtue of transcripts such as this. Bo Godfrey, Houston, Tx
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on April 4, 2014
Excellent portrail of A great Seal, great Man, a great Son.
I have only really just started to read this particular Genre, and I find it both rewarding and inspiring. The Author did a great job.
A shame that LT. M.P.Murphy spared lives, only to lose his and his and fellow Seals.
I feel sorry that these guys get put into some real hairy situations, engage with what can only be described as , "Some really EVIL People", and yet the Public seem to think that they should have to follow normal ROE. Oh, but if they had to walk a mile in their shoes.
To all Navy Seals, and Special forces all over the World, Thanks for keeping the World safe for us, there are some really bad people out there and because you look out for us, we neither have to face them or put up with their Hate and Violence.
Thank you G. Williams for your great book, because having read Marcus Lutrell's book , it just helped to fill in a few of the Blanks.
I would definitely recommend this book .
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on June 29, 2010
Having read Marcus Luttrell's gripping book, Lone Survivor, and recalling the events surrounding Operation Red Wings, I knew I had to get this book to learn more about this fallen hero. As it happens, when Red Wings took place I was still a Marine in San Diego recently returned from a tour in Iraq and I remember the news coverage about the fate of Murphy and his team. Like every time I read or hear news about another casualty overseas, it was saddening. Five years later, we have this work by Gary Williams. This is a moving, well-written story about Murphy's life and accomplishments. He must have been an amazing person to know and serve with. Our society spends so much time on following the minute details of celebrity lives and things that just don't matter, but do yourself a favor, spend the $20, read the book with an open heart, and honor the ultimate sacrifice made by this courageous Navy SEAL who gave his life for his teammates and our nation.
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VINE VOICEon November 19, 2014
Great story diluted in the telling . I was turned off by the focus on how the families were notified and reacted. Would have preferred more about the action.

The similarities between this shoot down, Blackhawk Down, and the loss of the the Seal Team 6 warriors after the killing of bin Laden are tragically similar. Dumb missile meets slow helo.
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on February 28, 2017
Nice narrative regarding Seal training! One chapter on actual operations. Real heroes of our military & cream of our nation!!
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on January 7, 2018
It is not the smoothest read, but then again, it deals with a tough subject - the life an death of a true hero.
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on July 15, 2016
This is an amazing story of the life of Lt. Michael Murphy, USN, who was a member of Seal Team10 .The author is a scholar. A tremendous amount of research was done to write Seal of Honor, a great read!! He and his men were involved in operation Red Wings in the mountains of Afghanistan.. An account of this mission also can be read in Lone Survivor by Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell, The movie Lone Survivor follows the book and clearly details the hard fought battle.
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2012
This is an excellent book that covers the life of a real American Hero - Michael Murphy. Michael Murphy won the Medal of Honor posthumously for his heroism during a battle fought on June 28, 2005 in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan, right up to the border of Pakistan. He died in that battle saving the life of Marcus Luttrell. The specifics of that battle are covered in the book, by that author, called Lone Survivor. So, this book doesn't recount those events in detail.

The book does however cover the events of Michael Murphy's early life, training as a SEAL, and his service up to the battle. The book also covers the impact of the loss of their son on the Murphy family, the awarding of the Medal of Honor to Michael Murphy, and the other honors that he received after his death, including the naming of a missle destroyer after him.

Michael Murphy was a real American hero. If you want to learn about how he developed into this, read this book. Also, if you want to learn the positive way that this country does and should treat our American heros, read this book. It made me proud of our Americans who are serving this country today and of America.

For this reason, I highly recommend this book to all Americans.
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on January 5, 2014
This book is a heartfelt description of a true American hero from cover to cover. It depicts a simple man who became a selfless, brave hero. I loved this book, because it makes the reader appreciate the sacrifices soldiers make for this country. Here was a man who, instead of entering law school, chose a profession that put him in harm's way for his country. It is a must read for every American. The bravery of Lt. Michael Murphy, a Long Island native had no boundaries. His intellect and wisdom were far beyond his years. Though heartbreaking at times, it is an inspirational story that must be told. The author did an outstanding job with this book especially gathering every fact and detail from the one survivor and Lt. Murphy's family.
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on July 4, 2015
Not worth buying. I think that it is great that he met Mikes family and friends but he provides little insight to what Mike was like.
I will have a beer, every year of the anniversary when this event happened, but I will remember it through Marcus' story and the movie. I will add to it, two things that I read in the book.

I do not wish to give the writer a bad name, but 90% of the book was about what "mike would have felt and though and experienced".

RIP lads.
Aussie reader
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