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on December 12, 2012
I saw the Gripstic (Gripstic - 1 Package of 3 Assorted Gripstics) at a friend's house and was looking for them on Amazon when I came upon these SealStix. They were slightly cheaper than Gripstic so I bought these instead. SealStix are pretty much identical to the Gripstic.

- Fun fun fun! You'll want to go around the house looking for anything and everything to seal.
- For plastic bags that fit the length of the stick, it seals very well. I seal everything from potato chip bags to frozen vegetable bags.

- It won't seal all bags. It seals crinkly potato chip bags very well (Lays, Doritos, Terra, etc.)...bags that are a little on the "stiffer" side. It has more trouble with softer plastic bags (bread bags like English muffins, Wonder bread). Also, the bag has to be relatively thin to seal. Sealstix cannot seal bulkier bags like Pepperidge Farm (Goldfish, Milano cookies).

Although they seal well for the most part and are extremely fun to have around, they will not replace all bag clips in your kitchen. I use SealStix together with Ikea's Bevara clips (Ikea Bevara Sealing Clip, Set of 30) ($2.99 at Ikea, or you will pay a premium to buy online on Amazon) which are fantastic for sealing most bags (plus they are a whole lot cheaper than Sealstix).
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on August 15, 2015
I was skeptical of these. First saw them on QVC and decided to try a three pack before committing to a whole set. Turns out these things are great. They really work. I've used them to store things in the cabinet, refrigerator, and freezer. I don't quite know how durable they are yet, but they seem sturdy enough for sliding on and off bags repeatedly. One tip...if you're using on a bag that has a seam/fold down the back, slide the stick in from the side that has the flap so it doesn't get caught in the flap.
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on November 26, 2014
These bag sealers will turn you away from the grocery store clip chips forever. They are strong and form an incredible, strong seal.

The size of the sealer is important. If too big, the sealed bag will be clumsy and even top-heavy. If to small, its sealed portion (one side) will be great but the uncovered portion will be loose. The larger the uncovered portion, the larger the chance for air or something else to get into your cereal or chips or whatever you used it for.

I would have given the SealStix five stars except it is over-priced. I found lots of 10 per size at nearly the same cost of these three. Had I found it sooner, I would have ordered several sizes. That would have given me 20 sealers compared to 6 (from two bags of three) of the SealStix sealers.

If SealStix wants to compete with the other sealer manufacturer, they need to sell each sealer for one dollar (max) or less.

If you only need one of these for three different sizes, this three pack will be perfect for you.
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on February 1, 2016
These are wonderful. I mean, they are bag sealers, so what's to get really excited about. They are tricky at first (at least to me, I'm used to things that open and clamp) and I have to admit I couldn't figure out how to use these until I looked up a video on YouTube. I'm a dork. BUT I was thankful. Once I figured them out, they work great. They work with any size bag, are easy to use and you don't worry about breaking them because you are trying to fit a bag into a squeezy clamp situation. (like banana clips) I'm going to get few more sets. I also like that they are lightweight and don't flop around like other large bag closer things.
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on November 5, 2013
Clever little device to seal bags. I've used these on cereal bags and chips, and they work equally well. Sometimes it takes a couple of seconds to slide the thing onto the bag, but once on it stays in place and seals the bag very nicely. The seal is much better than a clip.
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on August 24, 2014
These hold bags shut VERY well. I trust them with my health by using them to seal the bottom of a water collection bag for my squeeze water filter when backpacking. If contaminated water were to drip out of the bottom seal the SealStixs hold closed; I could get a nasty stomach bug.

I'm certain most people shopping for these won't have such a use in mind, but rest assured they will provide a water tight seal for the bag containing your chips, cereal, etc..
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on May 9, 2013
Ingenious! Even I can use these bag sealers and I'm pretty stupid. Just ask my husband. Then again, he thinks everyone is stupid. Come to think of it, I did have to show him how to use it. Really smart man but can't change a light bulb. I swear to God. I have proof. Never mind. My son bought me these when he saw them at his girlfriend's mother's house. Knowing what a gadget freak I am, he had to get me some. Not because I'm stupid but because he's an engineer and admires perfectly simple, useful and well-designed items. And, except for the one the dog tried to eat when my back was turned, they are indestructible. And she didn't destroy it. Just nibbled it barely. Vet says she'll be fine. Brilliant design. I'd like to see them in several sizes instead of the three I have. Maybe they could design one to fit the human mouth. Just sayin'..........
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on September 17, 2012
I have to say that SealStix work very well. The one humorous thing is that there were no instructions; once you figure out how they work you go DUH! But initially I was baffled as to how to use them. Once I got it all was well.

The purpose for purchasing them was to seal some Umai Drybag vacuum bags used for dry aging beef. These seem to work but they're a tad shorter than would be idea, even the longest ones. If this was 2" longer it would be perfect. The Banana Seals are a bit better in this regard. That said they do seal air tight and work perfectly. I sealed a bag in a commercial chamber vac, applied the SealStix just below the seal and cut the top off the bag. The SealStix has held 29" of vacuum for 24 hours. Not bad!
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on February 11, 2014
Great concept and they work quite well. I find that I could use 3-4 of the longest ones to every short one. I've got a couple sets and the short ones sometime sit in the drawer or I find myself just opening the corner on a bag so I can seal it with the shorter rods.

I use these in addition to the colored "clip style" closers that work very well for items packaged in plastic bags, i.e. English muffins, brad, bagels, etc.
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on June 25, 2015
These things are awesome. Expensive, but awesome. I wish more came in a pack. It's one of those inventions that makes you think it was so brilliant in how simple it was and why didn't you think of it and why is someone else now a millionaire?
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