Customer Reviews: The Search For Santa Paws (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
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on November 28, 2010
Short version - Santa gets hit by a car, mugged and almost dies, gets a job in a store and passes out in front of kids and almost dies again. Puppy turns to Stuffed Animal and gets thrown into Incinerator to burn, little girl climbs in after him, New Orphan's parents died and is mistreated. Excellent Christmas Story... Not!

Longer version - My 7 yr old Daughter cried hysterically a few times during this movie. This movie should be rated PG-13, anyone who says their young kids watched this movie and didn't cry was probably because they were too young to understand what was going on or were not paying attention to it, this movie is borderline EVIL for presenting itself as a "Instant Classic".

At the beginning of the movie Santa hears about an old friend who has died, great kids Christmas movie moment #1...

Santa then goes to NYC, He gets hit by a car and gets robbed while laying in the street and then sent to the hospital, the Puppy that is with him is now alone, great kids Christmas movie moment #2...

The main little girl is lead into the Orphanage holding a small angel that her now deceased mom gave her, when asked by other kids where "her" parants were she states "They didn't Make it" and the other Kids think their deceased parents are coming back for them as well (all except one kid, who is the bitter one), great kids Christmas movie moment #3...

A few minutes after the excessively mean orphanage lady leaves, the little girl is on the Fire Escape holding her Angel singing "Who will sing my song to me now?". Later on her Angel gets taken away, great kids Christmas movie moments #4 and 5...

The orphanage boss takes their toys and all Christmas decorations and incinerates them, but this is typical orphanage behaviour so its OK.

The little girl finds the Puppy and takes him inside, the Orphanage lady takes his Christmas gem and blames bitter orphan and then sends the dog and orphan to sleep in the basement where he turns into a Stuffed animal due to the missing stone, great kids Christmas movie moment #6...

So guess who goes in the incinerator in the morning??? Yup the Puppy, but even better yet, the 1st little girl climbs into the incinerator to get the Puppy while it is on, great kids Christmas movie moments #7 and 8... and EXTRA DISNEY POINTS for showing its OK for a 5 year old kid to climb into a burning "oven"...

Classic Christmas Story? 95 Minutes of child torture for the "Timeless Message" at the end? Was it even in the theaters? Seriously, does Disney know what garbage they are putting out?

I normally watch certain movies before letting my Daughter watch but this one was falsely depicted as pleasant and heartwarming... a Disney mistake I will not make again.

AVOID if you don't want to see your kid cry.
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on November 24, 2010
This movie is mostly dark, sad and borrowed. It's like Annie meets Santa Paws but where Santa Paws endears himself to a bunch of little girls, looses his power crystal and then becomes a stuffed animal that almost gets burned up in the trash. My 5 year old ran away from the TV and put her face in the wall while my 7 year old cried her eyes out in hysterics. Yes, the cliche "greedy, thinking only of money" character somehow sees the true meaning of Christmas. However, that story has been told in much lighter and more effective ways than here. And the message was lost on my kids who couldn't see past the terrifying plot points Disney felt they needed in order to reach a larger audience? Such a shame. If you haven't seen the first Santa Buddies movie, get that one. MUCH better, nice story, nice message, fewer tears. I hate that I spent the money on this. Worse, I hate that my kids will have bad dreams tonight.
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on November 25, 2010
I can't write about all that is wrong with this movie. I wish I had previewed it before my 6-YO granddaughter watched. What we planned as a fun time together turned out with her hiding her face and crying through most of the most mean-spirited 96 minutes previewed to be an "instant holiday classic, full of fun, adventure and a timeless message sure delight the entire family." Total trash.
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on November 24, 2010
My wife bought this movie based solely on the poster outside the Disney store. She thought the dog looked cute. This movie tries WAY too hard to please and falls short in every department.

It's got Santa... a very scary looking Santa. In fact, he looks like one of the Geico cavemen dressed as Santa. I don't know who did his makeup but his face is ghostly pale. For some reason, he wears a bowler hat instead of Santa's traditional red cap. That bothered my son and so my son began whining about it. That bothered me.

Santa visits NYC, gets hit by a cab, gets amnesia, forgets that he is Santa Claus, and finds a job as a toy store Santa. Of course he's great at his new job. The toy store is run by a childless couple. In the meantime, Santa's puppy, "Paws", takes shelter with some singing and dancing orphans straight out of "Annie." Childless couple? Orphans? HOW WILL IT END? The rest is an overly long, goose-chase for Santa and the puppy filled with more expository dialogue than you can shake your angry fist at.

By the time the littlest orphan sheds a tear and asks, "Is Santa going to die?" you'll be sorry you made this purchase. It was only made worse when my son turned to my wife and tearfully asked, "Is Santa going to die?" in the same manner.

"No, son, Santa will be fine... but I think I need more eggnog."
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on December 1, 2010
My kids have been asking repeatedly for the Santa Paws movie since they first saw the ads for it. Then a huge display appeared at our local Target store. All of the media hype led us to believe it was a heartwarming movie about cute puppies, Santa and Christmas. Instead it left my 6 and 11 year old children traumatized, crying and saying that the "happy ending" didn't matter because of all of the bad things they showed through the majority of the movie. Had I previewed it I would have still been disturbed by the content and shocked at the "G" rating; moreso I would not have let my kids watch it.

Needless to say the movie was watched once and is now being placed for sale on eBay as none of us ever want to see it again. The packaging or marketing should have an advisory that some scenes may be disturbing to young or sensitive viewers. Eight hours after watching it my children were still shocked at how something that was supposed to be fun was so distressing for them. They said Disney shouldn't be allowed to make movies like that and market them to kids.

Imagine expecting to sit down for a fun family Christmas movie, only to be horrified by images of an adult taking toys from children and burning them (yes, it actually focuses in on the toys burning in the fire), almost burning Santa Paws in the fire after he is converted back into a stuffed animal, children being mistreated and upset, Santa being hit by a taxi, Santa in the hospital with what my daughter called "breathing tubes" leading her to believe he was on his deathbed, and more.

This is one of the most horrible Disney stories ever and I wish I had never brought it into my children's lives, especially at this time of year.
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on December 15, 2013
My daughters, 7 and 9 upon first viewing loved this movie. This is fresh new Santa story. It has some conflict and tension, but there is a continuing thread of hope throughout the film. Of course, the film has a happy ending and all is well. After watching it I immediately purchased the movie on blu-ray, which we will watch tonight as part of a new tradition. We enjoy many Christmas classics--Charlie Brown, Rudolph, Frosty, The Polar Express and have added Santa Paws to our yearly rotation. Fantastic music. This could easily be a Broadway musical.
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on November 24, 2010
So glad I previewed this before showing it to children. Lead child a new orphan left in abusive foster home where kids are locked in basement and their toys burned as punishment. Santa hit by car and his magic crystal stolen while he lies in street. In one scene, the girl crawls into a fiery incinerator. Santa almost dies. What child or adult needs this kind of dark story? This is the stuff of nightmares!
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on November 27, 2010
Granddaughters aged 4 and 7 were scared to tears and hiding. Should never have bought this DVD. A planned movie evening with visiting granddaughters turned into a disaster. Last Disney DVD I'll ever buy without seeing it first.
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on November 26, 2010
Read the other reviews. This movie had my daughter crying within minutes. Definitely nothing fun about that. How can something be rated G if you have to watch Santa get hit by a taxi and mugged to boot! To top off the drama, the lady who runs the orphanage mistreats the kids.
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I saw Santa Paws 2, so I figured I'd go ahead and buy THIS one, too.
Spring for both movies and dance around the house... what the hey!
The Search For Santa Paws
Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups [Blu-ray + DVD Combo]

BTW: Several other reviewers said that thi movie made their c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n
cry. I'm 63; made ME cry [too].

Know what? A good CRY is g=o=o=d for ya! Matter o' fact, it's GOOD to clean
out yer tear ducts every once in a while.

I'm about 300 pounds, six-four --- see my profile photo --- play SANTA and the
FRANKENSTEIN monster, for fun and profit.

These two movies are just FINE!
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