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on April 26, 2015
I bought a pair of these penny loafers 30 years ago when they were still being made here in Maine. They still had wear in them minus the ability to "shine up" well but even still were good looking and my "go to" shoe with a jacket and blue jeans. This pair fit like bed room slippers after break in. I finally bit the bullet and bought a new pair knowing this pair was living on well borrowed time. This new pair is constructed the exact same way, in every detail, minus two nail heads visible in the soles. No big deal. My old pair was a 10.5 D and I ordered a 10.5 D. Understand that these shoes are true to size if you really understand what your shoe size is. If you have never owned a pair of these classic Sebago penny loafers you will be unhappy with the fit. Board the "pain train" and do the work to break them in and have the best shoes in your wardrobe that you have ever owned. Put on a pair slightly larger SOAKING WET socks than you plan to wear in reality. Use a shoe horn, put them on, and wear them a little bit everyday until they take shape to your feet. Trust me folks ... these shoes will fit like they are suppose to and fit like a glove after going this and also wear like iron, or so I hope, for another 30 years...but don't think they will feel any where correct straight out of the box, this is an unreasonable expectation from this QUALITY penny loafer! Leather stretches .... do the work and end up loving a pair of shoes that you will not want to take off. After a week of break in, I'm wearing my new loafers with thin dress socks and oft times sock-less and my feet are HAPPY!

UPDATE: After having these shoes for a year, they are a complete disappointment. These Sebago's are now manufactured outside of the USA and are, sadly, cheaply built using inferior material and cost cutting methods. The leather soles have holes worn through to the inner liner and the sole actually split around the stitch seam around the toe area. The top leather finish "flakes" off at the flex points of the shoe which reveals leather beneath which can not be polished back to life and blend back in to the surrounding leather. It is a horrid look, light colored spider cracks and lines across the top of the shoe and sides. Taking these shoes to a cobbler for failure analysis, I learned that the color was "painted on" ( a process used now to cut cost) and not dyed through and then polished to a fine and lasting finish as they were back in past. Trust me..you won't live in these shoes for long at all. Go high end with a USA manufacture for your loafers and get 30 years out of them as these are not it! Sorry folks, for steering you wrong with my original review...
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on May 19, 2015
I bought this last December 2014. The upper stitching on the left shoe is already coming apart. Worst shoe I ever bought and I don't even have an option to exchange it.
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on June 1, 2016
Sebago Men's Classic Loafer,Antique Brown,14 D US
TERRIBLE QUALITY. The right shoe sole is bigger than the left shoe sole. I'm very disappointed. Is it legendary penny loafers?... I'll return this shoes.
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on February 27, 2011
I've had these Sabago Classic Loafer style shoes now for about a month. The leather material in the shoes seemed very stiff right out of the box. I would be in total agreement with other reviewers that these shoes are sized too small in width. My normal shoe width size is a D (medium) and that is what was ordered. Even using a shoehorn, I had a very difficult time in first getting the shoes on my feet. However after a few days, the shoes gradually started to stretch in width.

If I had it all to do over, I would have purchased these shoes in the next larger size width (from D to E).

Other than the sizing issue, my opinion is that these shoes are a good value for the money.
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on March 14, 2016
From all the reviews that I had seen before purchasing these shoes, hey ran either true to size or a bit narrow. I did not find this to be the case. I have a very large but standard width foot, size 14D. these shoes were basically an American size 15EE. I returned them in hopes that the 13D would fit well, but they were incredibly narrow and too small in length as well. Clearly, there are issues sizing larger sizes for whoever now handles the manufacturing overseas for these shoes, as they are no longer manufactured in Italy. Quality was touch and go. I loved the sole and heel construction. the foot-bed was better than the Bass variety, however, they only had a half foot bed liner, and the front end of the show was all raw product, just as the Bass counterpart. there were hard scuffs on the top of the tongue were it looked like a machine had possibly held the shoe during dying, as there was no dye in this area. the stitching the standard, low quality thread that we have all come to expect from overseas, cut- rate manufacturing facilities. The leather itself was the biggest letdown, as the shoe claims to be leather uppers, but you can clearly see from the splits where it is stitched together that if it is indeed leather, it is a very low quality. this is very disappointing to see, as all the other brands are of the same, garbage quality so I have actually given up looking for a classic penny loafer at this point. I had to return mine. Just not worth the money. If you value quality footwear that lasts more than a year and can be resoled over time, do not waste you money here
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on July 26, 2011
Material used: The leather used in this shoe is pretty stiff which i hope to break into after repeated use. The leather is shiny and very easy to polish to obtain a mirror-like brilliant shine.

Pro: The leather is study and retains it shape easily. It is internally unlined and breathes easier.

Con: The leather is very stiff and is uncomfortable to wear when not broken into. It takes a while for the leather to flex and mould to the shape of your feat. The internally unlined nature means wearing socks is a must (at least at first) to prevent blisters from friction with rough internal surface and feet.

Workmanship: 9/10. One mark from away from perfection as there seems to be some small drips/strands of glue stains on some parts of the leather surface which cannot be removed. Careless factory worker.

Fitting: true to size

Price: $56.07 on July 3, 2011. Absolute value for money!

Remarks: Wear socks for initial use. A very classic look that makes you look more stylish than your peers. Looks good with pants or jeans. Does not look good with shorts as it too dressy and preppy.
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on December 20, 2016
I have been wearing Sabago loafers for 30 years. First, Sabago loafers are a hard leather shoe. They are tight fitting (narrow) when new; they are supposed to be. Sabago loafers need to be "broken in". I marked them as "Fits as expected" because I expect them to initially fit tight. A shoehorn is usually necessary to get them on when they are brand new. This is temporary. The leather will stretch over time. Socks are very important. You want to limit the variation in thickness of your socks. If you wear thick socks for awhile the leather will stretch and when you go back to thin socks your loafers will be too big and your feet will slide around. Pick one sock thickness and stick with it. These shoes also have a leather sole. If you wear them daily like I do be prepared to have them resoled periodically. I usually need to have them resoled at least yearly.
As far as color, the antique brown and cordo are very similar. I have both and when you put them side by side you can see a difference but it is subtle. If you are trying to decide which color to get they are so similar that it really makes little difference.
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on September 1, 2013
I own (and still wear) a pair of this exact same shoe (same model, same size) that I have had for several years. When my new ones arrived they were dull leather and not shiny leather as they should have been and as the ones that I now have are. Also, the size was so far off that I could not even get my foot started into the shoe, even with a shoe horn. Something has changed at Sebago, and not for the better. Lack of quality control, I assume. I am disappointed that Amazon did not do more to know what they were selling. I had no problem returning the shoes for a refund, but it was still a bad experience.
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on December 24, 2013
I have had and worn out many pairs of this shoe. i finally went through the last pair of US made Segago's this month and ordered a 2 pairs from amazon; one in D with and one in E width. I was a little concerned given that manufacturing had moved to the Dominican Republic. The concern was partially justified. The D seems a little small and the E was larger than i remember. I kept both however the stitching on the D failed at the toe box within about 20 days. I returned it (thanks Amazon) and replaced with with the same size (D). I think it was just a QC hiccup as the replacement pair seems fine and is stretching out to fit just fine. Both pairs are now very comfortable and they look great with a little polish. I would buy these again from Amazon and will since its very hard t find shoes in my size that fit. (14D)-(14E). Leather is supple and the sole appears to be wearing fine. Dropped one star due to the return
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on November 1, 2016
I tried two different sizes of this shoe (99.9% of my shoes are the same size), and couldn't make it work. 10 D was way too narrow on one foot, and 10 E was too big and the heels kept slipping. They do look good and feel like they'd be comfortable, however. I wanted this to work.

I would urge you to try them as they seem well constructed and comfy, but I'm just unsure why they are so different than all my other slip on shoes in terms of sizing?
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