Customer Reviews: Second Shift - Order (Part 7 of the Silo Series) (Wool) (Volume 7)
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Wool is a story that once you start reading it you cannot stop. Yes it is science fiction but it is so well written that it will captivate you and you will be so interested in the story that you have to continue on.

Mission Jones is a porter and it is his 17th birthday. His father was a farmer but Mission chose to not follow in his father's footsteps just as so many other children were choosing not to follow their parent's careers. It seemed to be a contagious trend. They were all looking for a better life than what they believed their parents were having. So sons and daughters, they left home to choose a new fate, a new and more promising destiny.

Mission was feeling a change in the air. As a porter he covered the entire silo in his journeys and he heard and carried all of the rumors and the things he saw. Suspicion, distrust and the walls being built between the trades were indications of the coming change. He wants to stop by his old school and see The Crow, his old school teacher, who was by far the oldest woman in the silo. She had taught so many children for generations and she still told the stories of the old world with blue sky, green grass, rainbows and freedom....

As usual Mr. Howey writes a story that you cannot put down. The characters are described in such depth and personality that you can relate to all of them. Hugh Howey is a wordsmith that makes his talent stand above almost all other authors today. I have purchased and read all of the books and I have loved every one of them. These last books tell of the beginning and why the silos exist and why the world ended. The story reminds me of an old saying, "Do unto others before they do unto you!" The story is about the ego of men that think that their culture and way of life is the one that must survive.

This is a five star book and I am now reading Wool Part 8. This is the best series of books that I have read in the last 5 years and I highly recommend them to you. It is a superb story that will captivate your interest. The only bad thing about each book is that you reach the end and it leaves you wanting more!
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VINE VOICEon November 21, 2012
I have been waiting VERY impatiently for this book to come out, and I blew through it in 2 nights. I hate to use cheesy book-review cliches, but this is absolutely another 'impossible-to-put-down' installment to the Wool series.'s fantastic. So many times you read a series of books where, more often than not, the further the series progresses, the weaker it gets. That is not the case with Wool. Each book brings it's own important element to the story as a whole, and it's next to impossible to tear yourself away from it.

Now, upon starting this, some people may be a little lost as to WHEN these events are occurring in the Wool timeline. There's no mention of Jules or any other characters we recognize from the original 5 books, but I finally realized towards the end that everything in Second Shift takes place BEFORE Jules and Sheriff Holston's time. This is the story of the uprising THEIR grandparents spoke of.

This book also gives us a much clearer picture as to what happened in 'our' time...why the silo's came to be, why the world was destroyed, and it gives us a bigger glimpse into the inner workings of Silo 1, and just how much control they have over all the other silo's.

At first I was bummed when I found out Jules and Solo weren't going to be a part of this story, and I was kind of snobby about the idea of meeting and getting to know new characters, but Mission is a likable guy. Even though he's trying his hardest not to be, he is the epitome of the type of person that makes up each of the silo's. A hardworking guy who's trying to make sense of the steel world he's been born into.

Overall, I ABSOLUTELY recommend this book, and if you've already read the first 6 Wool books, then reviews are pointless for you since you're going to read the seventh (and the eighth, and the ninth) regardless of what any reviewer has to say. The only disappointment I have about this book is how quickly I got through it, because now I'm forced to check Mr. Howey's website each day hoping that little blue line indicating the progress of Third Shift has moved up a bit :)
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on November 14, 2012
The story is fantastic. In all honesty, after reading the second shift, I'm finding that I'm enjoying this trilogy even more than the original Wool Omnibus. I gave the Wool Omnibus 5 stars, and I really want to give this book 6 stars. It really does a lot for the series, and if you loved Wool, you'll love the Second Shift.

The story picks up fast, and within reading the first 20% of the book, I really didn't want to put it down. I actually did end up reading it straight through. Once again, it is a fantastic story from beginning to end.

When I read Wool, I read it and just enjoyed it. It was a clear fight of the oppressed vs the oppressors, good vs evil. With this trilogy, it has become way more than that.

Here are some of the thoughts I had while reading the book:
- Is free will and complete freedom good for us as humans? Do we even have complete freedom? Or are we, as Rodny was, just being manipulated in a way by different powers to do what we think we want to do?

- Good vs evil. Does being an oppressor make you evil or are can the end goal justify the means? Does fighting with the oppressors make you right, if they are truly trying to protect you? Who is on the right has become ambiguous, and it's great because it's no longer a story that's just handed to it's readers for enjoyment, it makes us think.

- We, the masses, are just like those people in the silos. We have limited knowledge of what goes on in the world and what goes on in politics. But we fight for things as if we know everything. Those in the silo don't even really know what they fight for (in the Wool Omnibus they kind of did but even then they didn't REALLY know), and yet they fight for it as if they know what they're doing. That is us in real life, and you just have to look at what goes around on Facebook to see that happening!

With the coming for the First Shift and Second Shift, the story of Wool has become that much deeper. That much better.

The story itself is very well thought through, and I love the way it unfolds using what already been told to us beforehand to create a series of "ah hah!" moments without making it too easy or difficult for the reader. In other words, it's been thought through to the point where it feels that every word written and described is important to the unfolding story. But I won't give specific examples, because I don't want to give anything away.

Now, I cant help but impatiently wait for the Third Shift! Hugh, your stories bring me so much joy when I'm reading them, but the wait kills me!
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This is the continuation of the prequel "First Shift" which followed the Wool series by Hugh Howey. The prequels show how the world of the silos developed and WHY. In this book, the movement between Silo One and Silo Eighteen is deftly handled, and existing characters like Donny are merged with some fantastic new people such as The Crow and of course, Mission. Mission is a porter, one of the messengers/delivery men who trudge up and down the spiral staircase of the Silo to deliver goods and messages. I really enjoyed learning more about their life and how they fit into the economy and politics of the Silo society, as porters were a key element of the first Wool books.

As usual, the world of the Silo has its unique customs, the economy based on each group doing their job and being interdependent, but the carefully crafted lifeboat society rocks...when individual aims and the desire to simply get ahead and be free interfere with the social order. This was much of what "Wool" was about, and we learn more about how the Silo culture developed.

This is a terrific sci-fi series, and one of the best installments to date.
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on December 20, 2012
I would like a bit more resolution, but I suppose that's just me being impatient.

The world presented is interesting; I'm just really curious about the specifics, the plans for the silos, how long they're supposed to last, and why they didn't just arrange to have everyone put in stasis.

I'm also curious about other survivor enclaves; it seems like that there would be some, even if they're just e.g. various government facilities. While evacuations may have been impractical, places like Greenbriar and Chayenne Mountain would already be staffed.
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on December 12, 2012
I am not a fan of sci-fi, but this series is SO much more! This man, Hugh Howey, is the best author that I have ever read! , I am a 68 year old female, and I am SO impressed that I will be IMpatiently waiting for his next book. I am almost finished with all he has published so far, and can't imagine reading anything else that will be so exciting. Wow! My son recommended them to me, and I am SO thankful! Buy any one or all of his works, all of you, and have a marvelous adventure! (PS: And they are easy on the wallet!)
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on December 3, 2012
I loved Wool 1-5. I really disliked Silo 6. It seemed nonsensical to me and totally unbelievable. Silo 7 is better than Silo 6, but still not remotely up to the orginal 5 parts. I just don't find these prequels very interesting.
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on December 1, 2012
I laughed when I read the line stating you could wait until 2013 to save some money on the Shift stories. Wait? that's going to happen! Not in this lifetime. When these books come out they are devoured in one sitting! This is one of the best series of books I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I hope that if a movie is made based on these books they stick to the story as written and not embellish where it's not needed.
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on December 4, 2012
I won't go on and on to much, there are plenty of great reviews that cover most anything I would have to say. I'm able to connect with these characters, I wonder about them, I want them to succeed or fail, and I really enjoy how that line can blur and flip and leave me as the reader completely up in the air on what's best for humanity. I've enjoyed the WOOL universe immensely, and while yeah sure people are wanting their favorite characters or this to happen or that to happen, I enjoyed you filling in a lot of the questions with this shift series. It's painting a vivid world for you to write in. I especially enjoyed that bit at the end about staying through the credits... hah

Read the books if you haven't. That is all.
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on December 3, 2012

You loved the other 6 and now you want to know if you should spend another $3?

Yes. Of course you should. Not just because the other books are amazing, but because this may be the best yet. I plowed through the last 80% of it tonight and my heart is still beating fast from it. So intense, but also very deep. So many mysteries revealed, and so much of the human psyche stripped bare like the earth outside. It tells a compelling new tale, but also fleshes out some details from book 6.

You haven't read the others? Go away, please and read them in order!
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