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on October 21, 2016
This movie opens up a whole new world of possibilities for me!
This girl can suddenly become hot! She is first so nerdy and then morphs into this masochistic creature that seems very familiar to me. I can relate. I thought this was related to fifty shades of gray , but it is better. Somehow this Secretary movie is more deep and gets into the why of wanting pain even though it's a comedy. It is weird in that it has this goofy music and hardly any dialogue. Not what I expected but great. Also, there is this playful controlling torture and how she submits to the torture willingly. What a strong girl.
The man, Spader, is great because he had this tension that he was trying to control. I find him more hard to understand. The inner struggle he was fighting against was ...
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on October 5, 2016
This is one of my favorites (although I am not a huger Spader fan), the acting is excellent. The story is so well told. There is a lot of unspoken content one must understand to really enjoy this film, and it certainly won't appeal to everyone. I must say that from the promotional art to the story-line - "Fifty Shades of Gray" seems to have ripped off this film (book/screenplay), except that "Fifty Shades" is a very inferior product.

This film explains (without a lot of words) the budding desires of a sexual-submissive, and a self loathing dominant/control freak. While some will find the proclivities offensive others will find it a masterpiece of story-telling with difficult subject matter.
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on December 29, 2016
The only thing I didn't like about this movie was that in the beginning, she was a "cutter", that is, she would cut herself. It's a mental illness thing. That makes it seem like she traded in one mental problem for a different one, BDSM, which is not classified as such. I thought Maggie was superb in this film, & James Spader played his role as a tightly wound lawyer to the hilt, & I'm glad it ended as it did. (But I won't spoil it, if you haven't seen it.) I recommend this film, especially to anyone interested in alternate lifestyles.
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on October 22, 2016
One of those rare gems of film making. Take a taboo subject play it as human comedy and you shed some light on the human condition. Now, there is no political movement promoting that SMBD is the sexual freedom we have all been missing and should immediately embrace like lesbianism and homosexuality. It seems that the social engineers of the past eight years have over looked SM & BD as lifestyles for everyone. Give them time and I expect that the political correct crowd will be pushing our noses in it.
However, in the meantime someone made a movie, a very good movie; a movie made damn near perfect for the talents of James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Its got pathos and bathos, which makes it watchable for those who have no prurient interest in the subject.
BTY, human comedy is about common people who through the course of the play or movie overcome certain life problems to the improvement of their lives. Hence, that is the basic message of the movie.
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on August 1, 2012
Here we have the story of a psychologically messed up woman who falls under the spell of a dominant man only to turn into what I call a dominant submissive - a submissive who demands to be dominated. She gets her act together early on, but he's not an alpha male, he's an alpha wuss. The ending sucked. I won't spoil it, but they would have been better served to use the opening as the ending to provide some closure.

The acting is very good. She comes across a bit schizo, which she is. He comes across as the tough guy, but it's all a veneer. While her acting has a subtle quality, his is way over the top, especially towards the end.

All in all, the plot holds together. The characters are attractive. There is some humor. Like when she's overcome with lust and goes into the ladies room to masturbate not knowing one of the stalls is occupied. Oops!

All in all this is a lighthearted serious/comedy. The hardcore BDSM types will be disappointed and the vanilla types will be scratching their heads. If they'd put the opening sequence at the end it might have been 5 stars.

A solid four stars. But better as a rental, than a purchase.
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on August 14, 2017
Well, it was like a dark comedy with a real depth to it. You can see the internal struggle the main characters had: Mr. Grey with the need to control things on his terms in his own way and trying to cope with his twisted thoughts/behavior towards just about every aspect of his life; and Lee needing to escape the struggles of her family and the pain she feels from everything she's unable to fix herself. But, somehow they see a needing quality to release all the pain and angry and basically help each other together.
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on May 27, 2011
Another enigmatic movie about that which makes the world turn. No, not money but sex and that practiced by those beyond the normal distribution curve of sexual behaviour. It's about a sheltered young woman released from a psychiatric institution, who seems repelled by the hypocrisy of her middle class environment. Her parents fight with verbal violence. She masks her emotional pain with the self-inflicted physical alternative; cutting herself but first seen with a scalding kettle being rested against her inner thigh. There was a flicker of a smile; perhaps that of self discovery. This motivates her to enter the world of adult work. She interviews for a job as a secretary. The interview is stilted. It's as if he has Aspergers syndrome; a sort of communication deficiency. "You are over-qualified. You'll be bored to death" he says. "I want to be bored... I like dull work" she retorts. There is a strong love of her father; his anguish triggering more cutting of herself. Yet all this is background to the main story; the unfolding relationship between her and her lawyer employer. This is a journey of emotional exploration with deviant sex as its embodiment. Love triumphs in an unexpected way.

Ian Hunter.
Author of The Early Years E-Love E-Dreams E-World Three Interludes Love's Anatomy Conversations Pets: An Adults' Tale
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on May 6, 2017
Watched this and 50 shades on the same night. My friend and I both agreed this was far better. both the plot and the character development were both better in this movie.
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on October 24, 2016
This is a very strange, well- acted movie. I still haven't decided whether I liked it or not. The two main characters, (the secretary and her boss, the lawyer) are both emotionally disturbed, and their relationship is controlled by this. It is hard to understand the problems that each of them have, but it becomes clearer in the end. It keeps your interest up and has a satisfying ending.
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on November 15, 2016
bizarre, kind of entertaining, well acted,very R rated, kind of interesting like Harold and Maude,, you will either like it or hate it,, It was so odd, I watched the whole movie just to see how it ended,,
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