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on September 23, 2010
I was looking for a convection oven for quite a while, and did a deep research. I owned a Nuwave Oven for 1 year, got rid of it because I didn't like the plastic dome, it turned yellow and with a lot of scratches. It was impossible to see how food cooked in the oven after a few months. And then I got a Flavorwave Oven for a little bit longer, everybody loved it. My daughter took it when she came for dinner last Christmas : ( which she is still in use : ) But I really like this type of oven, and came across Secura oven the other day. It has all the features Flavorwave has and a very good review.

Now I think I made a good choice, this oven performs even better than my old ones. It's more convenient to use with the hinged arm oven top, and the cord is detachable, my old Nuwave and Flavorwave oven don't have a detachable cord, so when you lift the oven's head, you need to hold and drag the cord with you. This looks like a minor improvement on Secura oven makes our life much easier.
Well the cooking result is also amazing. Cook for the same amount of time, same temp setting as my nuwave and flavorwave oven. In my opinion, the flavorwave oven and the Secura Oven are pretty the same result, quicker and juicier and you feel more favor and natural. But with the similar price, I got an extender ring, and 2 standard racks with my Secura Oven. Nuwave and flavorwave, they don't offer the extender ring for free, (extender ring's value is about $30). I used the extender ring to cook the whole chicken several times, it's very useful, a must have accessory.

This is my first product review on Amazon, and I looked all the reviews here before I bought this oven, and I think sharing some good experience is very good thing to do. I hope more and more people know this good product, and use it. We really eat healthier with it, every time I saw so much oil drip off during the cooking, I always say, "WOW I'm so lucky to have this oven, I really ate much less fat and oil very meal!

Both Secura and Flavorwave oven use Halogen heating, Nuwave uses metal heating tube. Halogen lamp definitely helps you see clearly how food cooked inside the oven. But if you do not care about this, all three ovens give you pretty good results.
Both Secura and Flavorwave oven use glass bowl, Nuwave uses plastic cover. All of them works pretty well and dish washer safe. My first Nuwave plastic cover has a lot of scratches but still very sturdy. All of them are very easy to clean, and both Secura and Flavorwave have build-in self-cleaning cycle.

Nuwave and Flavorwave ovens have a lid holder which is designed to put the oven top on after cooking. BUT, the problem is I keep forgetting to attach the lid holder to the oven, so many times I ended up looking around to find a place to hold the oven lid. :(((( You do not have to worry about this with Secura oven hinged arm oven top.

Nuwave's accessory parts feel like not as solid as Flavorwave and Secura oven. The wires and metal plate feel like a little bit thinner, but the oven head is solid enough. The Nuwave oven is only about half the weight. So if you are weak or handicapped and want to carry the oven with you on the go, Nuwave oven is easier to move around.
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on December 15, 2010
We are a household of 3 and owned the NuWave previously. Many have left good reviews of this machine already, so I will focus how it the two machines compare.

After 9 months, our Nuwave see-thru plastic shell cracked. Even before the cracking, it became opaque like an worn plastic car headlight. The white plastic base was already yellowing as well. The Nuwave was still functional, but it was too big and got uglier by the day. The heating unit on top was very sturdy and of a resistor design similiar to most conventional electric stovetops - it probably wouldn't break for a decade.

On the other hand, the Secura Digital (SD) has a glass body shell which I greatly prefer. I don't think it is tempered, which means one shouldn't put it in cold water while hot or it may crack. Otherwise, it's a much cleaner and better design. The heating unit is halogen, like the 500w utilitarian work lights around. Halogen lights seem prone to breaking, but our oven is still is in one piece after 3 months of extensive use. Should the heating lamp break, it can be replaced for $35 and seems like a simple procedure to replace. It's rated for 2000 or 3000 hours, I believe, and the filament seems thicker (and hopefully sturdier) than said worklights.

The Nuwave has 4 big pieces to clean. The clear plastic shell covered in splatter, the gray metal drip pan, the white base (which always has meat juices in it after use, for some reason), and the metal rack. All these pieces are large, they will hog all the room of the bottom rack of a dishwasher.

The SD has 2 medium-large pieces to clean - the bottom glass shell and the metal rack. The glass shell can fit in the bottom of a dishwasher with much room to spare for dishes, and the metal rack can fit in the middle rack of a dishwasher. The glass cleans easily and still sparkles like new. There is a 3rd piece, the glass on top, but a quick sponging suffices as it hardly gets dirty enough to warrant disassembling it (if even possible).

In operation, the Nuwave cooks okay at the medium-high to low temperature ranges. It seals the air in and keeps things moist. It has a bigger body and probably can cook bigger things. I have not tried a goose with it, although I believe it might fit in this one, defitely not in the SD. If you wanted to turn meat over or add things, you have to take the heating unit off and clear plastic shell off (the top) and have a large, free space beside the machine for the top.

The SD also seals air in and cooks excellently. It gets hot faster, and has a high to low temperature range. The halogen can get really hot and give Chicken a nice crisper skin than the Nuwave. In the normal configuration, it can cook a large chicken. With the extender ring, we have successfully cooked a duck, which has an elongated body in comparison and needed to be slanted. A goose, otoh, is too big and I had to opt for the normal oven. This higher-end model has a swing arm connected to the top. It's very convenient to just flip it and meddle with the food quickly.

The display on both (digital versions) are okay and easy to use, although I think the temperature and airflow guage text are too small on the SD digital for older eyes. Eventually you'll learn the position of the LED lights to not need the guidance of the text, but it should still be bigger. The cooking time on both are easy to read and adjust. On the SD, you can adjust airflow from Hi-Med-Low which is a feature not available on the Nuwave IIRC.

A complaint I have on both machines is that the chrome on the metal racks have given way to copper underneath. They were very thinly plated, perhaps flash plated. They should have been better quality.

I knocked a star off the SD for the display and metal rack plating issues, but otherwise love it. It's superior to the NuWave as the daily appliance, it takes up significantly less space but it doesn't feel like I'm need to cook smaller portions. It's aesthically more pleasing, plus easier to clean. I'm glad I went with the digital version for the more precise control and swing arm. The extender ring is useful too. Another nice touch of the SD is that it can be truly turned off without be unplugged. It has an old fashioned power switch on the side, and not merely a "soft" off that sets the machine dozing at a few watts an hour. More and more devices are missing that these days and playing energy vampire while not in use and it does add to the electric bill with an entire household of gadgets behaving this way. Just thought I would mention that.

Bigger households may want to explore a bigger machine but I can't see why it couldn't service 4-6. It also toasts bigger bread pieces nicely in minutes:) One thing to be aware of with any machines of this nature is that it cannot cook pizza well - pizza needs to be heat from the bottom, otherwise the cheese is burnt and tomato sauce is boiling, and the crust can still be frozen. A conventional oven is better for that.

To sum up:
Space Winner - Secura. Less countertop footprint while having just a wee less cooking space.
Heating Element Longevity - Nuwave. Uses a resistive heating coil like many stovetops do. Secura is a halogen bulb, notorious for burning out. On the plus, the bulb gets hotter and can crisp chicken skin and fries at the high heat setting.
Clean up - Secura. Made of glass, easier cleanup. Less parts. Sized to fit in dishwasher. Many Nuwave parts won't fit. Buttons on secura covered by plastic sheet, so there are no spaces for gunk to accumulate.
Body - Secura. Made of glass. Nuwave plastic fades and becomes opaque like a cheap car headlight within a year of use.

EDIT: October 2012

We finally had to replace the bulb as it burnt out. We used the machine a fair amount, cooked a lot of chickens, but I would say we used it 500 hours and not the 2000-3000 hours bulb life the company claims. I found a new bulb through ebay, same manufacturer, for $25. Unfortunately, what I thought would be a 15 minute affair, turned into a 3 hour one. Without instructions, my son had to grapple how to disassemble the machine to replace the bulb. It's not a simple plug & play affair, unfortunately. You have to remove the 3 cover screws and take the cover off. After that, it becomes less straightforward - as there are over a dozen screws, as well as the fan. The answer is to remove the 4 deeply inset screws (that are in the circular enclosures) and to keep turning until they come out. I'm sure next time it will take only a half hour. Some of the internal pieces like screws looked sufficiently rusted that I suppose we can replace the bulbs 2 or 3 times max before it becomes a good idea to replace the machine with a new one.

EDIT: Sept 2016

Our machine gave up the ghost last year. Bulb burned out second time. Parts around it too rusted to attemp a 3rd try. We moved on and got a 6Qt Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. A bit smaller, less heat given off to surroundings, less energy used, only one piece to clean (simpler), chromed rack higher quality, and generally more versatile. It requires a small shift in thinking about cooking, and to get a nice crisp on chicken or ribs requires a few minutes in an oven with a good broiler after -- but we have that. All the other food like potatoes too. And things this couldn't handle, like rice.

This served us well for many years, but it seems tech moved on and so there's a better solution now. Thanks Secura.
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on September 17, 2010
I have been thrilled with the results using this device.

*The taste of meats and fish are superior. The oven cooks by infrared heat and convection. Convention means that air is circulated around the food, which seals in the juices. Meats & fish are very moist and tender inside--better than I have been able to produce by other methods of home cooking.

*I like the design because the top flips up and will stay in that position. Competing products that I have tried require one to lift the hot cover up and over the food, and put it...somewhere. The top is a little wobbly when in the up position, but it's still the best design I have seen.

*I like the glass bowl design...I can put it in the dishwasher should I need to (though it does take up a lot of space).

*I like to line the bottom with aluminum foil to minimize cleanup.

*The oven comes with racks, but I wanted extras. On Amazon, I got some small roasting racks..I couldn't find round ones, but found some 6x9 rectangular ones. For small meals, like 2 chicken breasts, I put the rack over an aluminum pie tin(usually lined with foil so I can reuse it), and then put the chicken breasts on top so air can circulate well around them. If you want to get them higher up in the oven put the bottom rack below the pie tin. Smaller racks = less to wash.

*When cooking potatoes (40-45 min) and sweet potatoes (25-35 min), I usually flip them over half way through cooking. Browning is more even.

*Do not expect instantaneous a conservative estimate, I would say that cooking times are from 60 to 75% of other methods.

*Fats & oils from the food tend to discolor the protective grill on the heating element. When the recipe book recommends that a food be cooked on the high rack, I position it a little lower, more in the center of the oven. I do that by putting one of my extra roasting racks on the bottom, then a pie or cake tin (foil lined, open side up), and then the "lower" rack. Food cooks the same and there's less splatter on the grill. I guess you have figured out that I REALLY hate cleaning!

The glass bowl weighs 7 pounds. It is not for the frail elderly.
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on July 10, 2014
This item it the best Infrared oven that I have owned to date. I love that it has a hinged arm so that you don't have to find a place to put the lid. I have owned a few different infrared ovens and I like this one the best. I have owned a Nu-wave oven and a Flavor Wave Turbo. The Nu-wave oven is made out of plastic and the lid is such a large contraption. My Nu-wave dies after about a year of use and I will never purchase another. I decided to try the flavor Wave turbo, and while this was an improvement and it had a bowl made of glass, the thing that irritated me the most was that the print on the machine rubbed off and you couldn't tell exactly what setting you were putting it at. Plus I had issues finding a place to put the lid after I cooked a meal in it. The Secura is a wonderful product that has the best of everything. I use this product every day and I have even taken it to work for our potluck days. My co-workers were impressed with how well everything turns out in this little oven.
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on November 20, 2014
I purchased this oven last year and enjoyed many months of wonderful cooking but the machine suddenly stopped working. The machine lit up so it was evident that the halogen bulb was the problem. I contacted by extended warranty folks who told me that I needed to go to Secura first since it was still under the one year warranty. So, I contacted Secura and, after sending them evidence of purchase and the date, they notified me that they would send a new halogen bulb that I could replace myself. They re-assured me that the instructions they sent would allow me to replace the bulb myself and they even included pictures of the change process. However, the bulb did not arrive and when I finally re-contacted them after more than a month (oops! They ran out of halogen bulbs) they said that they expected to have more bulbs in about two weeks. In anticipation of receiving the new bulb, I carefully started the process of taking apart the hood. To my great surprise, the inside in not at all like the pictures and the halogen bulb connections are tethered to a number of other wires and cannot be just pulled out and replaced. I have sent a request for a new oven or I can return in the original box and they can repair it. I don't know the outcome yet but this process has been burdensome. I enjoyed using it when It worked.
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on January 13, 2014
I purchased Secura Halogen Oven (Model 798DH) in January 2013 and I had been using the it frequently. For some reasons the bulb was burned and ceased to work in November. Since the unit was covered by a 1-year warranty, I contacted Secura's customer service and received a quick reply. Secura mailed me a replacement bulb but the unit was assembled in a way that it was almost impossible to replace the bulb by myself. I contacted Secura customer service again and requested a replacement. All I had to do was to email Secura a picture of the destroyed unit and they would send me a replacement oven top. I was out of the country for a month and Secura agreed to hold the shipment until I returned. Today I received the replacement oven and it is a brand new unit from Amazon. The whole transaction was hassle free and Secura answered all my emails quickly. Thank you Secura again for your great customer service care and I am very pleased!
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on October 9, 2010
Have seen this type of oven on tv for quite a while. The problem with TV products is they look good on tv, but may or may not work as good at home. So I watched the infomercial a few time and basically know everything it does, bake, roast, steam, grill, barbecue, cooks food from frozen, saves energy and time. Sounds pretty good, but I just let it go. What ever you say, I am immune to TV product because I had bought other TV products which did not work. But one day my lovely husband bought me this secura oven. He said he did his research, well let's see how it works. The 1st meal, the second meal, the 3rd one, all cooked to perfection. For some big items I do have to flip the food over during cooking. I have to stir all the time when cooking in a frying pan, and it is not like opening you stove oven that heats up your entire kitchen. Because the oven opens from the top, you can flip the food within the oven and do not have to take the food out. I am glad my husband brought this oven home.
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on January 12, 2014
I bought the non-digital version and used it so much I went and bought this digital version. It does things the cheaper one doesn't do--fan control, more precise temp and timer settings. I really like the tempered glass versus the cheap plastic of the NuWave oven (I checked one of those out at Bed Bath and Beyond--ugh). I was surprised at how versatile this thing is. if you buy this you should also get one of the more robust cookbooks written specifically for these ovens--the recipe booklet included with it is great for giving you the general idea of how to use it, but only has a handful of recipes. Did you know you can make cakes and muffins and soups in this thing? Mine lives on my counter. There's no reason to "put it away" because I use it at least twice a week.

My only complaint is it's a little tricky removing the glass bowl for rinsing out (it has a very efficient "self cleaning" function but you have to empty the water). Don't bother with the accessory package. I bought it and other than a "let's see if this works" trial run have only used one of the accessories (the basket).
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on June 12, 2013
We all really enjoyed this oven when it was new. We've used it more for roasting chicken than for anything else, and it's really remarkable how much grease cooks out of a chicken when using this oven as compared to a standard oven. Not only does a lot more grease end up in the bottom of the bowl than ends up in the pan when the bird is cooked conventionally, but the meat seems less greasy, and yet is still moist.

As I said, we really enjoyed the oven (and the food cooked in it) when the oven was new, but we've had two problems with it since, and both either occurred out of warrenty, or we didn't get around to looking into the possibility of repair/replacement until it was too late. The first problem to occur had to do (I presume) with the computer chip that controls the heating cycle. The tempurature of the oven is controlled by cycling the light on and off. Well, for whatever reason, this aspect of our oven quit working. The light would come on when the oven started to cook and then stay on the whole time. This caused whatever food we were cooking in it at the time to become very much overcooked if left for the normal amount of time.

We gradually figured out how to compensate for this with shorter cooking times -- but eventually the oven quit heating all together. It now sits on the counter, taking up space.

So that 's why I'm giving this oven 4 stars. It would be five if it hadn't broken -- but it's useful life was much too short (and especially so, if you consider not just the cost of the oven, but the fact that it was bought, in part, because we wanted to have a lower-energy, more environmentally responsible way to cook our food. Both the economic and environmental cost of replacement is just too high if the oven is going to give out after so short a time.)
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on September 17, 2014
I’ve been very pleased with the Secura Digital Halogen Infrared Turbo Oven. It is better constructed than other brands that I’ve owned (Sharper Image Super Wave & NuWave). The accessories are better made as well. I like the digital version over the analog knobs, though both methods could have been better designed. I really like this method of cooking and there many positives beyond being fast, easy and flexible. I have only one disappointment with this machine. The Halogen bulb is accumulating a black film after only a month of daily use. This “film” is blocking a significant percentage of the light that should be being emitted and therefore denigrating the cooking power of the unit. I’ve not yet attempted to take the plate covering the bulb off to clean the bulb, but that will have to be done before I can use the oven again. That concerns me. If it cleans easily and goes back to functioning at 100% then all is well. If it does not, I’ll have to test the warrantee I purchased through Amazon to cover this oven. I’ll endeavor to update this review after I’ve attempted to clean the bulb. I wouldn’t recommend buying one of these units without at least 2 year warrantee. Good cooking to you.
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