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on March 10, 2010
A good, solid item with a good, coated cable to secure this mini-safe in place. There are a few minor problems, however. The combination lock leaces a bit to be desired. The combination does not stay in place as the wheels rotate a bit too freely. This makes it hard to keep "unlocked" when open - and it has to be on the correct combination to relock. It also makes it hard to get the combo lined up on all three numbers to get open. The metal on the rear of the lock - inside the safe - is not very good quality, and the tab you must press up and over to reset the combination was not molded precisely and caused it to snap off when setting the combination. I was able to use a pocket knife to move the broken tab over and set the lock's combination. It is not really a big deal, as I don't plan to change the combination frequently - if ever again. That said, it would have been going back, if I were not determined to fix things myself. The finish is good. The cable is good quality, but I wish they had designed a better way to secure it inside the safe, so it would not pop out each time the safe is opened - there is just a loop on the end when they could have placed a different terminus device that could snap in place and not pop out. Despite these few issues, it is a good, little safe and just right to secure items under the seat in a car or similar location.
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on January 21, 2013
The metal case of this safe is decent but could as most of these types of storage devices, be opened with a screwdriver. The most significant issue with this item is the lock. The design is fragile and it literally stopped working after the first time I locked it and attempted to open it. The other major issue is the "dreaded" smell that the foam lining has. It can't be healthy to humans or other animals. I wouldn't recommend this item to others; look at Stack-On instead.
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on January 17, 2010
My rating is based on the value of the safe not its ultimate strength. The safe is not going to stop a determined thief, but then no safe will. I use the car safe for temporary storage of my handgun when I must enter locations where I can not legally carry a concelled weapon such as the US Post Office and schools. I would not leave a gun in any car safe overnight, the car might be what gets stolen. As I use this safe it will most likely stop an opporunist thief because it will slow him down. It will certainly stop a curious child which is my biggest concern.

I could nitpick the quality of construction, but it is certainly worth what I payed for the two I bought. I did find the thumb wheels on the conbination lock worked smoother after an application of silicon spray lubricant. It holds my Springfield XP and a spare magazine, just as advertised.
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on March 20, 2010
This is a nice little 3 digit combo lock to keep a gun or valuables locked up. I use mine in my vehicle to store cash, credit cards and registration/insurance info. Makes it convenient for valet parking and at the car wash. The only real drawback is its a 3 digit combo lock, which means it would take an efficient person about 17 minutes to try every combination possible.

The real negative here is the foam stinks! I aired them out for about 2 days, then soaked and washed them out in warm water and soap, aired them outside and 5 days later and they still stink. For my application I don't need the foam, but if you are going to store a handgun, you might want to go to a local upholstery shop and get some that smells better.
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on May 10, 2010
In this day & age your families safety is absolutely top priority.With that being said keeping you weapons safetly secured from curious ,young family members is just as important.
I did alot of research before shelling out a mere $30 for this pistol "safe".Awesome bargin & brand to boot.
It is perfect for safe storage of a firearm from prying minds.Just don't expect it to be pryproof.The case is pretty tough but anyone with srength & tools will get into it.
Like the ol' man always says Locks & safes are for honest ,responsible folks!
Buy this item with confidence because a better bargin isn't available.
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on March 15, 2011
This storage case is well-made, compact and swallows up my 9mm, a spare clip and a mini mag light easily. It's good enough to keep my pistol out of my kids hands, but anyone with a hammer or a big screwdriver could break into it in a few seconds easily; I still need to keep a trigger lock on my pistol for added safety. A "storage SAFE" it is not; to really prevent against theft you'll need to go big on a much larger and costlier alternative. Fortunately it offers the level of security I need in my situation and it was very competitively priced.
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on March 28, 2013
For the most part this safe is ok. If looking to just store wepon to go into a place for a short time that doesn't this is perfect. As to use for all around security not so much. Does have ample space for a full size handgun (or in my case a .40 & .380) does have a smell to it when in car in son kind of like onions and it does give your gun this smell and a "spotty" oil look that wipes off.
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on July 14, 2010
Hard to access by combination, the 3 dials must be lined up just right, - LOCK is BAD. But it is just the right size for a semi-auto 9mm pistol, and great for keeping gun in a good condition, good to use for safe handgun carry in car, can be concealed under seat, yet safe from dirt and dust, good to store your handgun in for a long amount of time you can also close and LATCH the case without having to LOCK it.
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on October 28, 2010
As others have mentioned on this site and others, there's a smell to the inside of the safe. And it's a strong smell too. Following the recommendations from another site, I did the following:

* removed the two foam pads
* filled a bathroom sink with warm water and 1 tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent
* gently hand-washed the foam pads (even with gentle squeezing, I did manage to place a 1/2" rip in one, but it's not noticeable and doesn't affect the usage...just be very gentle)
* After 5 minutes of this, I drained the sink, gently wrung out the pads.
* Refilled the sink with warm water only
* 2 minutes of gentle squeezing of the pads in the water to get the soap out
* drain sink and wring out pads once more
* put in clothes dryer until dry - my dryer didn't smell, but I could still smell it a little on the pads
* put the pads in the garage to air out for 3 days
* Pads are now 100% smell free

The metal safe also had the smell, but this was easy
* wet paper towel with a drop of dishwashing liquid, but not getting lockwork wet
* wipe out inside of metal safe (with pads removed)
* wet paper towel without soap - wipe out insides of safe again to remove soap
* dry paper towels to dry out inside of safe
* put in garage for a day to air out

With the safe now smell-free, it was read for use.

Packed up a Glock 19 with an empty mag in the magazine well and two other empty magazines laid in the safe. It's a snug fit, but worked great. Was able to travel via airline with this safe and empty firearm in checked luggage (using airline's policy and signing their form at the ticket counter) without incident. The only thing I added for my travel was placing this entire safe in a gallon freezer bag to protect against moisture.

Shipping and deliver went great and arrived promptly.
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on July 25, 2013
It's a simple lock box with a cable. The combination work adequately. Would it prevent someone that was determined? No. But, keeps curious fingers away from a small handgun. I use it with my Glock 30 and S&W 3913.
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