Customer Reviews: Seeking Heaven: Sound Journeys into the Beyond
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on November 20, 2013
While I had positive expectations buying these sound journeys, after reading Dr. Alexander's Proof of Heaven, listening to EMDR recordings, and various different sound based meditation techniques, including spending time with monks in a Cistercian monastery, and working guided meditations in a Buddhist retreat, this was the first that I found to be as moving as it was.

Have only listened to CD 1 and 2 so far and twice found the experience to be more intense than any other I have heard. Let me be clear, this is a positive experience. Found that both times in the sessions needed to stop and take a deep breath or two to be able to continue. Suspect that the process of letting go triggered an anxiety response at the moment.

In both monastery and in retreat the time to reach a centered relaxed yet attentive state from arrival was far longer than listening to this cd set for me. Am not yet able to vocalize precisely the experience and will work on that for a later update, however in the meantime feel tremendously centered and present - more so than while listening to any other CD set to date.

Footnote: Headphones are essential. Not noise cancelling ones. If you listen on an I-Pod as I did, the instructions state that you need to change the ripping settings to the highest quality WAVE ripping to catch all frequencies. The required disk space gobbled up by this process is worth it.
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on October 13, 2013
Of course, anyone who is interested enough in Dr. Alexander's message to purchase these CDs would probably give a positive rating. I've had them just a few weeks since they first came out. Quality is fine. There are 3 CDs. Some of the sound tracks are short explanations/ synopsis of his message or key concepts from his book. Others are 30-minute meditations. A skeptic would be unlikely to purchase the book or these CDs.

I've found the meditations to have a calming influence on my life and to also stimulate my "inner self" concept. So far, I've followed the suggestion to listen to each meditation for a while (days) until I feel ready to try another. I still haven't listened to disc 3, but have been very pleased with what I've heard so far-- on the first two discs.

The sounds include chanting of Om and tinkling sounds and "space sounds" and "heartbeat sounds; the sounds are definitely designed to be heard through ear phones. The meditation works best if you are lying down and can chant along with parts of the sounds. While the immediate effect is not necessarily calming in the way I think of typical chants as "calming," I find the lasting impact afterward to be more calming than typical chants or meditation music. (Hard to explain!)

I think the name "Sound Journeys" are a great description of the experience. There is a female voice who provides calming instructions until the sounds take over and transport the listener. This is a different experience than listening to typical chanting or meditation music. You really need ear phones!!!! Not noise cancelling ones!!!!

If you've read the book and are willing to be open to the experience, I think you can have meaningful journeys. These are definitely meditations to which the listener can return again and again and again. The experience will build.

The only reason I didn't give it 5 out of 5 stars is that I wish the CDs had more meditations on them. I've read the book and had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Alexander speak in person, so I didn't need the "explanations" as much as someone who hasn't had those experiences.
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on October 6, 2013
Dr. Alexander's near-death-experience is an amazing story by itself but I wish to write about the brainwave entrainment tracks in this product. Those tracks are supposed to help the listener to reproduce similar states of consciousness that Dr. Alexander experienced during his coma.

I have been trying various audio entrainment technologies in order to boost my meditation practice, for more than a dozen years, and I have always had the same problems: a) I got adverse side-effects due to my sensitive constitution and, thus, could not listen to it, or b) it simply did not have any effect on me at all. This brainwave entrainment product is the first one that really works on me. It speeds up the achievement of a desired state of consciousness and deepens my meditation without giving me a head-ache: that's why I give all 5 stars!
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on November 4, 2013
I got off to an inauspicious start, as my CD player ate disc 1! Undeterred, I began listening to disc 2 over the weekend going though two 30 minute meditations. I felt as though it hadn't made a huge impact, except that it was very intense and I am an optimistic person. The fact that these were sounds as close to what Dr. Alexander experienced in his NDE I found very exciting. By Sunday evening(after one session Saturday and one Sunday) I began to feel very peaceful and happy.

On Monday, I have to be honest, I feel more peaceful & happy than I can ever remember that isn't related to specific life events. I have found myself repeating the phrase "I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts, I am an eternal being" It is a peace and knowing that appears to be in a new dimension for me.... stay tuned.....
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on October 2, 2013
I read Proof of Heaven and heard Eben Alexander speak at an Edgar Cayce Center. He is amazing and so is his CD Seeking Heaving. It takes Meditation to another level. Thank you for transitioning us to our next evolutionary plateau! Dr. Alexander will have two additional books based on his original NDE with information omitted from Proof of Heaven to better relay his initial message of "Consciousness". I am so looking forward to this.
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on July 20, 2014
I loved his book and found it very inspiring and looked forward to the meditation dvd. Most would buy the dvd BECAUSE they read the book and do not need all the talking and instruction. It's impossible to relax and and get into a meditation mode when someone is telling you to "relax your body, relax your mind". I jumped around trying to find a track without talking and gave up after becoming very irritated after several tries. If the producer would say upfront this is for beginners who want instruction it would be more informative.
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on June 17, 2014
After reading Dr. Alexander's book, 'Proof of Heaven,' I was eager to listen to his meditation CD in hopes of experiencing a deeper meditation and hopefully, in time, some sort of transformational moment. While the actual meditation sounds are excellent and I would highly recommend a new CD with just the meditation sounds, the voice of the meditation guide (Karen Newell I think), was distracting. When listening to the CD, just as I began to relax and slip into a meditative state, the guide would start to talk and snap me right back. It was difficult to wait for her to finish because she had long gaps between the words "let" and "go." I actually experienced her guidance on the CD as irritating.
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on June 7, 2014
The meditations would be great without the female narrating. Her voice is so distracting and she really sounds like she is addressing children who need to be talked to very very slowly in order to understand her instructions. I hope that they leave any narration out of subsequent meditation CDs.
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on January 9, 2014
I truly loved these recordings! I have tried lots and lots of meditation/hypnosis tracks and none of them were able to relax me and calm my brain down, but Dr. Alexander's Seeking Heaven did the trick! I was pleasantly surprised at how it calmed my brain down and allowed me to enter into a state of bliss and happiness. I have even listened to the tracks at work and I have found that it has improved my productivity, as well as my mood. I am more happier and less anxious after listening to these tracks. They are truly a blessing from the spiritual world!!!
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on December 23, 2014
I am relatively disappointed by the "sounds": of course, after reading M. Alexander's book I thought I would listen to "sounds" close to what he heard while in coma and out-of-mind.... was I misleaded???? The heart beat sounds are exquisite to "my mind" getting in tough with my own heart.The Om sound is very similar to the voices tibetain monks, so nothing new to my ears and to my brain waves. On the more negative side, the female reader is talking way too much, too long. I would say the same for Eben: even if what he says is quite profound,he speaks clear ,a lot and fast: this is a repeat of what he wrote in his book; takes away the benefits of the 30 min or so of sounds-brain waves-calming effect...there are 3 CD: as far as I my ears are concerned, they are repetitive in their content (sounds are the same)
I realized that the good old way of meditating, concentration,vigilant awareness of coming toughts and emotions, be observer of inner process and getting to know our own "soul" and stop the thinking proces.will take you to a similar place then this CD:takes more effort from the experiencer than lying down and putting earplugs on. However, this CD is a start...on your inner journey.
I appreciate M. Alexander's dedication to share his experience: I wish he would make another CD without verbal chatting. ONE CD with brain altering waves with sounds only is what I am looking for.
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