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on April 20, 2017
I missed this when it was new back in 2010. I really bought it for the single-player portion. I know the multi-player was a big hit back then. So after playing all three campaigns here's my two cents. Way too short! Rebellion could have added another couple of hours to this. I'm complaining because I did enjoy the game very much. Oh well...

Aliens: Once I got use to the control scheme I got into it. I thought compared to the way wall-to-floor-to-ceiling transitions were handled in the original AvP, this was a bit clumsy. That boss fight with the predators... ugh. More alien history background would have been sweet.

Predator: A lot fun if too powerful overall. You are the neighborhood Bad-A*%!

Marines: My favorite overall. Critiques? Heh, What's the "assault rifle" shooting out, BB's? Not enough smart-gun fun dang-git! So this game is set some time in the future and somehow flashlight technology has gone backwards? LOL. Teresa TEQUILA Aquila! Yeesh, every time I heard that name I kept hearing the song by The Champs; Tequila. As a Vasquez, I had to roll my eyeballs on that one. Nonetheless, still good fun!

July 30, 2017 Update: Replayed the single-player again on a up-graded PC. Graphics are dated but still lovely in 2017. My main gripe is that the game will be going on 8 years soon. Come on Rebellion/Steam-Valve, let us access whatever cheats are in the game! Sure would be fun to play this on the difficult levels with the Smart gun and Shot gun from the get-go!
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on July 26, 2014
This game is extremely fun and addictive. I have played and beat all 3 campaigns which were all awesome and sometimes creepy. As a marine you have got to stay on your toes, never know when those damn Aliens or Facehuggers can pop out at you. You get a 18 round Semi auto pistol to start off with which can be a decent weapon when low on ammo but not accurate at longer ranges (as one can expect from handguns). The pulse rifle is straight from the movies and is the same model of rifle as was seen in the original Alien movie and follow up in the Prequel Aliens. This bad boy can hold 99 in each mag and is a straight shooter but be careful its rate of fire can get you into trouble if you don't stay on target. Shotgun! Love the double barrel shotgun in this game, get those pesky face huggers away from you and headshot a Alien, that will learn em! So you are surrounded by a bunch of eggs? HELLO FALMETHROWER! If you like the smartgun you will see it later on in game and it can be a life saver from the hordes! Also some decent character interaction all be it very short and brief in lvls.

Predators: You recall the first AVP movie? Ya boy, you are gonna get all those weapons my friend! The smart disc is probably my favorite weapon. Its a non lock on disc that you can throw and it will follow your laser! Get good with that and you can drop 2 or 3 aliens in one swing! Of course you will also get those huge wrist blades as well which are good for melee offense and defense. As a Predator you will also get the notorious lock on Plasma Cannon that we have all come to love! But you have limited uses so make shots count and be a true hunter. You will get 3 types of vision. Regular, Thermal (as seen in Predator 1 and 2 and AVP), and also a special vision to detect those Xenos. All said this was actually my least favorite campaign for some odd reason. Its all personal preference but it was still good fun!

Aliens: The Aliens campaign might just be my favorite with the marines a very close second. I must admit I enjoyed the creep factor and darkness of the Marine campaign a lot. But as an Alien you become a profession hunter of the dark. You can stalk and lure your prey towards you and sprint so fast they wont know what hit them. Also when you sprint you are neigh impossible to shoot when running away. Sometimes I just like teasing the Marines for a while and toy with them before killing them. BE WARNED, Aliens are probably the weakest as far as defense goes. If those Marines are packing shotguns you better have a plan. You can climb on walls ceilings, roof tops....pretty much everything, no wait scratch that you can climb on EVERYTHING. I love it! Stealth kills truly are fun! Ripping off faces, shoving that wicked tongue clamper into heads, impaling with your tail...just awesome!

Graphics: are pretty good in my book. They are not the best but far from the worst! I give the graphics an 8/10
Sound: excellent! truly the original sounds from the movies and creepy as hell at times! Keeps you on your toes. 10/10
Gameplay: Gameplay was excellent in my book. Tons of fun and challenging, super intense. Action packed but also as a Pred or Alien you needed strategy. But sometimes as an alien you could mess up on kills because of how they cling on to things. It takes a while to get used to. And I wasnt a fan of how the Preds left stealth after using certain attacks or weapons. Gameplay as a Marine was everything I could have asked for. Major creep factor to keep you on your toes, excellent action, and all the essential weapons as well from the movies. Overall the gameplay gets a 9/10.
Multiplayer: Is fun but sadly you don't see a lot of team work. I personally suck and I wont lie about it but it is still pretty fun. 8/10
Cons: This game was really short! While the lvls were decent in length you only get 5-7 lvls per campaign with the Marines having the longest campaign. I really wished we could have had more content and lvls in campaign. I killed the Predator and Alien campaigns in one sitting and wrapped things up with the Marines the very next morning.

VERDICT: 8.5 is my overall score for this game. I really think its awesome, challenging, action packed, creepy, and extremely fun. The multiplayer is fun but it does take time to get used to. The only real problem is the campaigns are too short. To remedy this I recommend trying it on hard mode. It will keep you playing much longer than easy or normal modes.
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on August 23, 2012
AVP, where was the advertising on this one? Honestly the most fun multiplayer i have ever played as the 3 team species carnage was wonderful. However, as sales weren't great and nobody plays online i wouldn't recommend buying it unless you are getting it for 5 bucks to play the campaign. While the campaign has an interesting story that unfolds through three separate campaigns ( ie Xenomorph the hunter and marine) the game's greatest feature was the multiplayer. The graphics are great (or were when it came out) the game play is fluid, controls are easy to maneuver, (except for xenomorph however others will disagree) and the gore and action is wonderful. There will be moments that make you jump playing as the marine, very few for the hunter, practically none for the xeno as it should be.

The reason for the high (some might say ridiculously) this game was an absolute blast when people were online. It was like being in a movie.

However, i must admit that without the multiplayer aspect, the game loses some of it's playability.
5 stars for the multiplayer
5 stars for the graphics
2 stars for a predictable story
3 stars for the campaign mode, (marine was the most fun xenomorph kinda blah)
4 stars for playability

4 stars altogether. HOWEVER since the main reason to play the game was multiplayer i would not advice buying for above 7$ (as this game is dirt cheap now) this game would be 5 stars with people still online, since they aren't though, a 3 is very reasonable.

Game On! - Ghost Writer
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on May 10, 2014
I play the single-player options, especially the survival game of marine vs. aliens. Aliens appear almost out of nowhere in dark areas. It really exercises your brain's processing of spatial relations since it's done at a fast clip. As other reviewers have noted a lack of options in controls, I view this as a challenge to the player's resourcefulness as it contributes to a sense of fear and frustration. Good game which you can get at a good price.
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on February 21, 2016
I was SO excited when I found this...until just after I installed everything. It's a newer version (I thought it was a digital download of the old-old PC Aliens Versus Predator) - BUT this version is very awesome so far. The disappointing part came when I saw I still had to create an account in Steam to run the game...and then I saw Steam had an option for $29.99 to purchase this game, the expansion packs, AND Alien: Colonial Marines along with all of its expansion packs. So, I ended up spending another $29.99 just so I could get the rest of the stuff through Steam.
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on January 30, 2018
I couldn't say that I enjoy this game I couldn't even get to play it because of the access key who was its original owner never deactivate it and preventing me to play the game
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on February 4, 2015
A very fun game that unfortunately died before its time in the US due to mixed ratings. Interestingly, it received very positive ratings in the UK and Europe, even among the same websites whose US sides gave it low ratings. Because of this, it never really took off in the US but lasted a lot longer in the UK and still has a dedicated European following on the multiplayer servers.
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on October 13, 2011
and after playing it for myself (currently tested out the gameplay for the Colonial Marine campaign as i'm typing this review), the game itself really isn't all that bad. Sure the game's storyline isn't nowhere near as good as the one from "AvP 2" (as this game still borrows aspects from the 2 current AVP films), but it's still good in its own right, and this is coming from a longtime fan of the Alien and Predator series who grew up watching the original movies countless times. While the guys at Rebellion did an excellent job as making the Colonial Marine campaign just as claustrophobic and intense as the first 3 "Alien" films, as well as the prior 2 games (though Monolith/Sierra worked on "AvP 2") they did goof up big-time by not bringing back the minigun (which was one of the Marine weapons from the first 2 games), which used the same sound effect as Old Painless from the first "Predator". Here's a couple of tips when fighting Aliens:

1 If an Alien runs directly at you, just knock it back with a quick Melee attack and then shoot it with whatever weapon you got (or with short-bursts from the Pulse Rifle to conserve ammo), or you can pull off a "Dead Space"-ish move by shooting off their legs to slow them down and buy yourself some time to finish them off at a safe enough distance (this'll really come in handy when fighting them in groups)

2 The Flamethrower is best used when frying Facehuggers up-close (although they'll try to get in a sneak attack if you don't quickly back away after frying them), also shooting the eggs at a good enough distance with the pistol will save alot of ammo for your other heavier weapons (as the pistol uses unlimited ammo) will come in handy, especially when playing on the harder difficulty levels

3 Save the Pulse Rifle grenades for when you fight the Xenomorphs in groups, as one shot will completely destroy them if it lands a direct hit (not to mention, you won't find much of them as you'll only carry 4 at a time), or severely damages them when fighting the Praetorian/Alien Queen as it takes off big chunks of their health-points

With that said, the game overall is a pretty decent addition to the AvP game franchise, and looking forward to a possible 4th game!!! Although I might update this review whenever I get around to playing as the Alien and Predator!!!
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on June 16, 2011
I really like this game as I have the previous AVPs. I bought it last year from Amazon and played it for a while, then I got into learning windows7. I tried to play it the other day and Steam pops up and tells me Pre-load complete, and that I should purchase the game which I already own. I emailed Steam support with my problem and a receipt for the game. All I get is a machine generated message thanking me for using support. I am at a loss as to what to do.Like I said I really like this game, and would like to play it.
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on July 4, 2014
I don't really play games that much, but this game is nice.
I bought it like 5 or 6 months ago, but haven't finished yet.
From what I played so far, it's very thrilling,
The graphic is really nice and clean.
Btw, I like to play as a predator.
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