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on January 29, 2014
This game has a dark past, but the latest effort that repaired it, well, works for me. If I had paid full release price when it was introduced, and then suffered as it got handed off to several defunct companies, I would have been upset. Now, 2 years later, this is the game it should have been. This is the PC version I'm reviewing, I don't know how it is on the consoles.

I bought it during a five dollar blowout, and even at double that price, this game is fun and kinda creepy like the movie. The lighting and atmosphere is very close to the movies.

The sound is right, the visuals are right, the fact that there are challenges and ranking up and gun customizing in the campaign are all pretty cool. I don't have 2 copies to try co-op, but most reviews say that is when the fun really starts.

There are a few minutes of tunnel running, without resistance, now and then, but wasn't that also present in all the movies? If you know an alien is going to jump out every where you go, then there is no suspense. And it would take forever to get through a level. I still tend to close doors behind me, though, just in case.

If you are a fan of the movie, and you can get it at a good price, I say why not?
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on November 28, 2015
This game made me want to scream obscenities. This game made me exceptionally angry. It was way too on-rails, and there are way too many instances in which you lose control of your character/avatar/whatever, which is a humongous NO-NO and a big immersion breaker. From the overly used hand up to cover sun/bright light cliche to removing your ability to move so a script can move you in a specific fashion that isn't even possible with the controls a few extra feet...

The AI is ridiculous, and the difficulty is not balanced whatsoever. I am a veteran of FPS games since the beginning of the 1990s, and it is very hard to make me not want to play an FPS game. The controls bugged me, the FOV bugged me. The graphics are not even a highlight, to be honest. I used to be a huge fan of the Unreal engine, and that ended upon the Unreal Engine 3 iteration. It looks and runs worse than it should. Now, that all is not totally Gearbox's fault, but they did make the decision to use the engine.

If I could have been refunded at the time for a digital copy, I would have definitely returned it. I paid very little for it on Amazon, by the way. I have little to no faith to go back and see if anything has even been fixed, and I doubt they'd be fixed enough to make me go through the game. I wish this game would stop showing up in my Steam library.
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on December 20, 2013
First thing first - This is a review for the PATCHED game

I just bought the game. I grew up loving Aliens (and specifically the second movie) and loved when I heard about this game.
I hated what I heard when it released though.

Then I read that the PC version was patched pretty well, and graphical improvements were made.
So I have always wanted to try it ever since.

I just grabbed it on sale for $2. Yeah, about the cost of a cup of coffee.

I have to say, it is what I expected. I won't say it is bad, but I won't say it is good. Mind you, I have just played the intro and not the full game, but the feel of the whole thing is there.

So here are some bullet points I think spell it all out:

Graphics aren't bad. They aren't stellar either, but it looks decent. Shadows could have been better to make the characters look more in the game than on the game, but overall it looks good enough to play and then some.

The sounds are pretty dead on. From the sound of the rifle to the squeal of the alien they really got that right.

The difficulty is moderate. I can say from pre-patch reading there was no difficulty. Now it seems standard. I am playing on normal and it was not a piece of cake, but not extremely difficult either.

The AI is improved from pre-patch (from videos I had seen) but it is still wonky. The Aliens almost exclusively attack you. They might attack another marine occasionally, but they rush you. Your marine buddies might shoot an alien occasionally, but they are pretty worthless.

At the end of the day, I can see this being sort of a boring game. I will probably change the difficulty setting down to easy, just so I can blow through the game and enjoy it for what it is, a simple shooter. I won't be expecting a story, good characters, or anything else. Another reviewer compared it to Doom. That is pretty accurate for the gameplay. Run and gun, not much thought for anything.

There is no way I could regret buying this for $2, but honestly $5 would be my limit.
If you are an Aliens fan (or just like shooters) then grab it when it is on a deal. If it is full price of $10 or more, pass on it.
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on November 20, 2015
Yes three stars as it's just an ok game.
If you're a fan of aliens then yes it's worth buying but wait for it to drop very low as it's not even worth $5 in terms of the actual game.
Yes it's nostalgic, I love the Alien franchise and it's worth it to have in my collection as something Alien.
Don't expect much going in and you won't be disappointed.
We all had high hopes for this game, we were hoping for a real and decent Alien themed game, but yet again, we don't get it, I don't think we'll ever really get one. At this point in time it seems like they're just pushing this games out with he Alien name hoping to cash in on the fans and that's sad really.
The patch helps but still doesn't save the game, it's a shame they even released this, it feels unfinished and yes it's buggy but worse is that it's just a disservice to the fans and the Alien name.
The game was way overpriced at launch and way over-hyped and didn't even come close to meeting anyone's expectations.
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on May 23, 2013
Like many people, I was really excited to play A:CM. Luckily enough I'm not big into pre-purchasing games, so I watched with a kind of bemused shock at the absolute disaster this game was on release - it really looked ready to go down as one of the biggest gaming failures ever. Even still, I wanted to play it if for nothing more than nostalgia purposes, so I waited patiently for a good sale, and got one sooner than I expected here on Amazon.

Fortunately Gearbox has released a patch which appears to have improved on the laughable graphics and AI, and what I'm playing now is a respectable game. Nobody's going to confuse it with Crysis 3, but the textures and lighting are reasonably detailed, with a nice film grain that both makes the game feel like the movie while also helping to cover up the fact that it's not going to be confused with Crysis 3. The alien AI seems better than what I saw in early videos, though the marine AI is still pretty horrible, which brings me to my title.

Co-op is really where it's at with this game. Given that your AI teammates are largely useless, I'd hate to play this game alone - in fact, I did for about half an hour and just wasn't impressed at all. But I have two friends that picked up the game at the same time; we're running through the campaign together and having a great time with it. It makes a big difference having people with me that actually kill aliens rather than letting the aliens run past them on their way to me.

There are still valid complaints with the game that can't be fixed by a patch. Some pretty basic mechanics don't exist - like a lean function. The weapon flashlights may as well not be there at all, as they illuminate about as much as a small candle. And you spend as much time fighting human enemies as you do aliens, which is really not why I bought the game. But at the same time there are some effectively tense moments, decent action, and it's great finding unique collectibles that you can actually use in the game, like Hicks' shotgun or Vasquez's smart gun. Overall I wouldn't say the game is worth more than $15 or $20, certainly not if you don't have friends for co-op, but if you can find it for that price then you should have some fun.

UPDATE: Well, my friends and I just finished the whole campaign on co-op. It was fun, but I have to warn you that it was short - really short. We finished the whole game in just under 8 hours, so I'm going to go ahead and say the game is really only worth it if you can get it on sale. Fifty bucks for an 8-hour campaign is way too much, especially since co-op DLC like Bug Hunt costs you even more. I spent around $20 for the game and the season pass, and I feel I mostly got my money's worth on that. The Bug Hunt maps are fun and challenging - we have yet to make it past level 26 of the 30 you need to win the game, and there are tons of aliens to shoot. I probably won't play the Recon DLC since it's not co-op, so at this point I'm hoping the yet-to-come 3rd DLC will be something I can use. But overall for the money I spent it was an enjoyable game.
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on February 24, 2013
6 years in development. The game was originally announced back in 2001, and was meant to be for the ps2. Gearbox really screwed the pooch with this one. The AI is horrible. Aliens run right at you on two legs. They don't use the environment to their advantage. Motion tracking is unnecessary, as the enemy will pop right out in front of you. You don't need to know where they are coming from. Graphics are on par with 2008ish. From what I hear, gearbox refused to use DX11 and highres textures, as they didn't want console players to feel left out. The voice acting is atrocious, and the story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. They build you up, only to have the most important parts of the plot explained with a one sentence explanation that requires you to believe in magic. Considering that the title of this game is "Aliens: Colonial Marines". You would expect to be fighting Aliens throughout the entire game... Not with this POS game. You end up fighting humans for the better part of 3/4th the game! What the heck?! The environments are lame... If you compare footage from the E3 demo, and the final game. The final game takes a HUGE step backwards. In fact, there are scenes in the demo, that have no appearance in the final game. Which tells me the demo was made just for E3, and never expected to showcase the real game...

This is a complete disappointment. Avoid at all costs.
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on March 15, 2013
I'd give this 5 stars but the aliens keep killing me off so easily, even on easy mode. I blame the segmented health bar, it kinda sucks. Once your health drops to 2/3 or *gasp* 1/3 it wont come back up unless you can find a rare health kit. And some of the save points are kind of far apart in terms of the number of aliens in the way. I don't mind video game death but I do get bored running the same piece of ground over and over. Great graphics, awesome subject and can be lots of fun to play when you're not dieing on the same stairs or hallway over and over...
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on March 3, 2013
A:CM is at best a run of the mill shooter with routine game-play and largely mediocre graphics. The visuals look dated, and even at times somewhat unfinished. Yet at other times, the game can look pretty decent. Still it's a game that certainly isn't worth its current price though it might be worth checking out when it hits the bargain bins. (At bargain bin prices I might well rate it 2 and a half stars, maybe three even, for the true Alien enthusiast.) Personally, I didn't find the story that terrible but, as many critics have pointed out, way too much time is consumed in lackluster combat with human enemies, not aliens. There are some nicely atmospheric moments and a few levels that aren't without real fun but overall this game is a sad mockery of what was promised, especially with the 'bait and switch' demo, something utterly indefensible.
Sadly Colonial Marines continues to sell well despite the ton of negative reviews. That message is the wrong one to send to the developers and publishers of such games. If it's a financial success expect more bad games in the future from developers who feel gamers can't tell quality in a game so why even bother to create a finished polished product? Bad news indeed.
To recap: Not a wipe-out. A:CM has enough enjoyment scattered through it to justify a purchase at a far more modest price. Just don't expect anything like the game we were promised all those years ago.
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on August 4, 2014
This wasn't that bad of a game, but it certainly wasn't anywhere near good either. I liked the nostalgia, finding weapons and items of characters from previous Alien films. About half way through the game It felt like the story was just dragging along, but picks up at the middle/end a bit but not enough for me to enjoy it thoroughly. The game felt like Call of Duty x Aliens and I might as well have been shooting squirrels because they come at you in waves and die in seconds; leaving any "horror" the game may have been trying to attempt in the gutter.

There are still a few bugs and glitches in the game but not as many as when it was first released, it's much more playable now. But there are still two or three that I found that were rather annoying and ruin the immersion at some points.

The end of the game left me with many unanswered questions (that will never be answered) so it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I only recommend this if you are a hardcore Alien fan, but even then, I still recommend you pay no more then $5 for this.
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on January 21, 2014
First, let me make this clear, this game took a decent, not bad, attempt in trying to recreate the Aliens look and feel.

However, that's also where it failed to excel. They were too busy trying too hard to capture said feel that they missed out on it entirely. The Atmosphere, the Feel and most importantly, the Tension of the series is no-where present in said game. You don't feel the Tension most of the time, nor could you immerse yourself in the Atmosphere and the Feel of it.

Also, do take note that there's issues with said game. Whilst Gearbox did fixed certain issues. and I applaud them for fixing them. There is still a lingering issue that was left unresolved to anyone who had changed their system locale. Which obviously, had only 2 solutions that I know of thus far.

You need to set it to English for it to launch, or you could toy around with AppLocale for it to work (I've set mine to Simplified Chinese).

Anyway, I won't dive in deep about this game, but to any and all Aliens fans out there. If you're looking to get an Aliens game. This game is not for you. But if you insist on trying it out, then by all means, try it out. As long as you keep your expectations low.
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