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on August 28, 2014

I originally purchased the Seiki SE50UY04 50-Inch UHD-TV Used in "Very Good" condition from Amazon Warehouse Deals, but after the screen shutoff after an hour of use I had it returned (for free). You can find the problems/review on the first TV at the bottom of this review.

Below is the review on the NEW Seiki SE50UY04 50-Inch UHD-TV, purchased from Amazon.

Just a little background on me: I am a photojournalist and editor for an NBC station. I am also very tech savvy. I know how to make the best out of cheap electronics. I almost always go with the cheaper, no-name brand electronics since I work with the expensive toys all day long at work. There really is no difference as long as there isn't a manufacturer's defect out of the box.

############ Long story short ############
Don't waste time saving $30 by getting the used TV, just wait for Amazon to get them in stock and get a new one. Also, GET an extended warranty. The 1 year manufacturer's warranty requires you to ship it to them at YOUR cost, so it's worth the extra few bucks. Should be a no-brainer: $200 shipping vs a $50, 4 year warranty that includes in-home repair.

Plan on the crappy internal speakers and hook this bad boy up to a good sound system.

This TV really is a steal. It performs to my broadcast standards.

+++ Picture and video quality +++
+ The picture was much better than expected. So many other reviewers complained of poor picture quality, but this is the same as watching a VHS tape on a 50" 1080 HDTV. If the display is higher resolution than the media, it will look a little blurry (if you're sitting less than a foot away), but from 10 feet across the room and it is perfectly comparable to my previous HDTV.

+ I have a Chromecast, DVD player and VCR connected to this TV.
++ The Chromecast looks great with HD video from Netflix even from only a few feet away. I changed the "Noise Reduction" setting to off for this input as it looks better without it. I am using one of the USB ports to power my Chromecast. This allows the Chromecast to power on and off with the TV.
++ DVD's look good (better from across the room). I also changed the "Noise Reduction" setting to off for this input as it looks better without it.
++ VHS tapes look decent from across the room. I changed the "Noise Reduction" setting to medium for only the SD inputs as the picture quality was actually improved.

+ I DID calibrate this TV with a color bar generator, but didn't have to adjust much. Just the contrast.

+ I found that there is not a setting for the screen backlight or color temperature in the normal menu, but I did find a separate "hidden" menu (also used for updating the firmware) and found those settings under the "Other" category. To get to this "hidden" menu, open the menu and press "0000" on the remote and the "hidden" menu will appear. Then go to the last option labeled "other" and select it and you will find all of the video and audio adjustments you could ever want.

+++ Sound +++
I didn't really bother with the speakers (although I did test them) as with pretty much any off-brand TV the speakers WILL suck. The internal speakers sounded a rather tiny or hollow without playing with the audio settings. I did play with the adjustments and I was able to improve the sound slightly, but not to my satisfaction, so I just hooked up my sound system to the "audio out" on the TV and it worked great.

+++ Connections/inputs/outputs +++
+ (3) HDMI inputs: one accessible from the left side, 2 down facing on the back. These can be difficult to get to and connect to. There isn't too much room for the connecter. My Chromecast was barely able to connect to the side input because it was touching the back of the TV. It can't be plugged into the other HDMI ports because there isn't enough room.
+ (1) Composite/Component combined RCA input: Accessible from the side. Composite = RGB colored video inputs + RL audio, Component = Yellow for video + RL audio. The green input is shared on this TV with the yellow RCA input, so you really only have the use of one or the other. Both work flawlessly. Composite supports up to 1080p and Component supports up to 480i.
+ (2) USB inputs with 5v power output: One accessible from the side, one down facing on the back. They can be used to plug in a USB flash drive with pictures to view them in a slideshow. I am using one of them to power my Chromecast. This allows the Chromecast to power on and off with the TV. Neither support video or audio playback.
+ (1) Coaxial input: Down facing on the back. This is for an over-the-air antenna to receive free HD TV from local TV stations.
+ (1) Digital audio out: Down facing on the back. This is the RCA type single coaxial digital audio output. I am not able to test because I don't have any equipment to connect to it.
+ (1) Stereo audio out: Down facing on the back. Just the usual right and left RCA output. This works great for my sound system.

***************** Original review of first used TV purchased *****************
The problem with the first, used TV that I had was that after about an hour of use the screen went blank (could not get the menu up or source controls or anything). I was able to get the picture back for a short time after I turned off the TV for about 5 minutes, but then it would go out again.

I contacted customer service and they allowed me to return it for free. They also offered me the brand new TV at a discount. They split the difference between the price of this TV and the new TV so I saved $17. They bumped the shipping up to one-day, too.
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on May 27, 2014
I've been using my 50 inch Seiki 4k UHD TV for almost 6 months as a monitor, and it has been a tremendous introduction into the 4k UHD world. In my opinion is the best possible value you can buy in a UHD TV at this time as long as you have reasonable expectations on what you are buying, are willing to spent the time tweaking this display to your liking, and put up with lots of quirks.

Using this TV as a monitor:
I have been using this TV as a 4k monitor hooked up to my 2013 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Out of the box, there are several tweaks you need to due to the image quality settings, such as turning down the "sharpness." I won't go into the details since these settings are well covered by other reviewers and online forum posts.

As a monitor, this the desktop area you get is exactly like taking four 24" HD monitors and placing them in a 2x2 arrangement. Windows and text are not any larger... you just get way more area to work with. For a guy that loves to have a huge desktop, this is wonderful. Having the desktop space to lay out many windows side by side makes multitasking a breeze. It's best suited me for doing research projects online and computer programming since I have have a web browser, document editor, and PDF files scattered around the display to view all at once.

I've also used this setup to watch what limited 4k content is available online. For movie files downloadable from indie filmmakers, the level of detail in 4k movies is as impressive as it was viewing 1080p content for the first time many years back. I wish there was more 4k content available, because I feel that in 1 week I completely watch every 4k movie available. Until online movie streaming services begin offering 4k content to computers, or 4k Blu-rays become available, there is simply nothing to watch. 4k videos on YouTube are technically 4k, but they are so heavily compressed that they seem to be the same quality as a 1080p Blu-ray most of the time.

I've also tried gaming on this TV playing Battlefield 4. At 2160p, you can forget about gaming. Don't even try it. There is about a 300ms delay in the display when displaying 4k content. You notice that your cursor moves on a little right after you stop moving the mouse, and for first-person shooters, this makes playing almost impossible. Another problem is this TV is limited to 30hz by the HDMI 1.4 spec. I've seen no indication online that this unit will ever be able to be upgraded to HDMI 2.0, so high frame rates at 4k is never going to happen.

As a 1080p display, out of the box, there is a 4% overscan. This makes text and details look horrible. In a secret factory menu (press menu + 0000 on the remote) you can set the overscan to make 1080p sources display with no overscan. Once dialing these settings in, pixels are "doubled" perfectly and things begin to look great again at 120hz with no imput lag. Compared to a regular HDTV, you also cannot see the individual RGB pixels from 3 feet away, so there is an illusion of better quality. But there's one problem: these overscan settings don't stick, so you have to do it each time you switch sources. That's my biggest problem in this area.

Using this TV as a TV:
Since Seiki has been offering free U-Vision up-converters to existing owners of this TV, my option of Seiki as a company has changed. The unconverted image from a 1080p Bluray to 4k looks fantastic and made me want to watch all my Blu-rays again. Sitting 4 ft away from this TV feels like you're back in a movie theater.

This is important because the built in up-converter on the TV is serviceable, but nothing to rave about. Once sitting 8 ft away, this TV looks like any other low-end HDTV to the eye. My last major complaint is that the LED back-lighting is not uniform. Watching video, you will never notice this. But when looking at a solid color or pitch black, you see that there are four bright spots around the display. While it doesn't look good, I'm not going to complain because I knew this was not a high-end TV and the price was right.

Why buy this display?
Because you have a limited budget and you want a big 4k monitor right now. If you can wait for displays with the HDMI 2.0 specification to come down in price, by all means, wait. Your experience will be way better not having to put up with so many quirks to get a good display. But if you're an early adopter type and love to tinker, then this TV will definitely do the job.
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on April 21, 2014
Dont believe all the crap out there. This tv is awesome and a steal for the price.
I have directv cable service and its perfect with this tv. Don't know what all the
calibration issues and the green display complaints are all about, I just plugged it in
and started watching all my favorite sports in ultra high definition. If your into brand
name stuff or are a tech snob then by all means spend 2-5x what u would for a
comparable tv, but if your like me and want the most bang for your buck and are in
the market for a nice tv at a reasonable price then go ahead and pull that trigger.
I also got the cheap soundbar it's not the loudest but cant complain about the price.
It also compliments the tv very well.
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on July 29, 2014
WARNING! DO NOT UPDATE FIRMWARE if TV is @ Version 1.1 or later. Seiki website has an outdated Ver.1.0 firmware for download. You could potentially downgrade your TV if not careful.

So far, this 4K TV has turned out to be a GREAT 4K Monitor. Here are my settings after calibration:

Seiki SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K UHD 120Hz Edge-Lit LED S-MVA Panel
Color Calibrated using X-Rite EODIS3 i1Display Pro

Main Menu


Picture Mode: User
Contrast: 40-(48) White Level (Highlights) 50 Max.
Brightness: (55)-60 Black Level (Shadow Detail) 60 Max.
Color: 40-(45)
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0-10-(30)
DCC: Off
Color Temp: (Warm)-Normal
Blue Screen: Off

Noise Reduction: Off

Factory Menu (Press 0000)

Other Settings

POWER ON Mode: Off
BackLight: (20)-25
Video Qty/DCC: Off
OverScan H/V: 100
4Hours AutoSd: Off

Color Temp

Source: HDMI1
Color Mode: Warm
Gain Red: 135
Gain Green: 126
Gain Blue: 105
Offset Red: 495
Offset Green: 510
Offset Blue: 502

Source: HDMI1
Color Mode: Normal
Gain Red: 129
Gain Green: 126
Gain Blue: 131
Offset Red: 490
Offset Green: 510
Offset Blue: 502

Source: HDMI1
Color Mode: Cool
Gain Red: 125
Gain Green: 125
Gain Blue: 136
Offset Red: 495
Offset Green: 511
Offset Blue: 502

Be careful with this:
Engineering Menu (Press 2947)

After applying these special settings this 4K UHD TV would be able to be used successfully for color correction in photography and video editing as a professional reference monitor. Hope this helps! ;)
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on July 22, 2014
I bought the 39" version of this product and I'm using it to replace 2x27" monitors. It's like having 4x27" monitors. Crystal clear. I could find no dead pixels.

Do not use for gaming as the 30hz refresh rate will kill you. You will even notice this limitation with a fast moving mouse cursor.

I can have a full screen web browser, Photoshop, and MS Word all open and still have tons of screen real estate. It so much it was disorienting at first.

The thing is MUCH heavier than a normal LCD television of similar size. I don't know why its so heavy, must be the technology inside. The weight was significant enough to make me choose not to wall mount it.

Because its a TV it will have some quirks when used as a monitor. The screen may time out and turn off on you. I've had to shut down my PC cometely and turn it back on a few times to get the monitor to recognize the computers video input after it turned off.

The build quality is acceptable for the price, the bezel around the screen is not uniform but its hard to notice unless you're looking for it.

Not for everyone, but a good purchase for me.
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on July 8, 2014
I use this TV for mostly gaming and a little bit of movie watching. As people have stated before me, the speakers on this TV leave room for improvement, but with the $60 sound bar that i have had everything sounds great.

The visuals are nothing short of amazing. Connected to this I have a Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, and GameCube. All of the HD consoles(the first 4) look amazing. I was a little worried going in that the up-scaling would make the images look pixelated and blurry, but i couldn't have been more wrong. Before this I had played on both a 1080p 55" TV, and a 1080p 32" TV. Amazingly this TV delivers the sharpness of the 32" while keeping the detail of the 55". It really does look amazing.

The only cons of this are the speakers, the base is kind of wobbly (but once you put it somewhere you aren't going to move it so its not really a big deal), and the limited options you have in the menu. The menu is very basic and doesn't give you the options that many other, name brand, TVs give. Honestly those are my only complaints, and none of them have anything to do with how the TV looks.
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on July 18, 2014
I am a software developer for over 20 years and was using a 27" Samsung PC monitor at 1920 x 1080 resolution with my company provided laptop at home. Always wish to have a bigger monitor at higher resolution but the prices were way too steep. Then I ran into this Seiki 4K TV on Amazon. I couldn't believe the prices which are a fraction of the name brands even thought I never heard of Seiki before. The 50" is actually cheaper than the regular HD TV at local stores. I was tempted very much.

My company just upgraded my PC to a HP EliteBook few months ago, so I hope this newer PC with Windows 7 Professional can drive a 4K monitor. I see the display adapter of this laptop listed in device manager is In Intel HD Graphics 4600, so did some research to find it is supposed to support 4K according to Intel. And I see the video connector on this laptop says DP++, so more research to find that I need a passive adapter to convert from DisplayPort to HDMI used by 4K TV. So seems like I can get 4K for this PC to work. I was very excited.

Read a lot of reviews about this Seiki 4K TV on Amazon of course. Decided the refresh rate at 30 Hz is fine for coding and other computer needs. If I wait for 60 Hz it will be a long while and much more expensive. I doubt 60 Hz prices will drop to this level any time soon as it will probably take years.

Decided to get a 50" model instead of 39" as I am in my late 40's so my vision is getting worse every year. Price difference between the two sizes is only $100 at this time so easy decision for me. I can use this 50" as a TV if the computer route doesn't work out too.

Received the TV 3 business days after ordering. Set it up using the included HDMI cable and the DisplayPort to HDMI passive adapter also bought from Amazon. At first I see resolution of 1600 x 1200. I used right mouse button on Windows 7 desktop and see there is a Graphics Options with Intel sign, then Output To, so tried Digital Television. All of a sudden the screen resolution changed to 3840 x 2160! It's really a sight to behold the first time you see 4K as a computer monitor. All icons are so small now and there are so much real estate. I was in heaven.

50 inch as a computer monitor is almost too big, as the corners seem far away. This is where a curved monitor can be helpful which I never thought needed before. I don't think TV really needs curve as you are usually far away, but a big PC monitor at much closer distance can certainly use it. I think if I went for 39" the texts will be too small at 4K. I am still using the text size default of 100% in Windows Display, as I want to see more code. If I got a 39" I would need to go up to at least 125%. No regrets for the 50".

The quality of the back plastic on this Seiki TV is a little lower than the name brand, but no complains at a fraction of the costs of the name brand. Hope this TV works for a long time.

I changed the following settings on the TV menu: Contrast 60, Brightness 0, Sharpness 0, Color Temp. warm, Sound Mode music, Surround Sound on, Noise Reduction off. All others were still at default.

I was helped by all the reviews so hope my experience helps others.
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on September 5, 2013
I have many high resolution monitor TVs, Dell, ASUS and HP. The overall performance of this one beats them all hands down. The resolution and color is both excellent. I have brilliant color and perfect contrast. The dark is extreme dark. It plays all my photo collection to 4K resolution. My beautiful models all in vibrant color and 4k resolution as if in 3D and come to live on this TV screen. Makes all my photo worth watching again. I will now buy another one for my wife.

It is easy to set up and use. For such a good TV it could have used a higher quality remote. I would definitely give 5 stars or even higher for its excellent performance except the technical support is some what lacking. They are always busy and slow at getting back.

Update 9/10.2013

To make sure this monitor plays 4K right, you will have to update the firmware to the latest version. Unfortunately when you download the firmware from website the instruction on the website does not do it. The proper wave to do it is,

1) Download the firmware to a clean USB thumb drive, meaning the thumb drive has no other file.
2) Before download convert the file to microsoft format by extrating the file to a new file. Without the conversion theTV will not see the file.
3) After inserting the thumb drive into TV USB port, press manu buttom followed by four zeros. This will bring up a window on the screen to prompt you to click upgrade firmware.
4) Be patient and wait for couple minute for the TV to complete upload. When it is done it will show complete. Exit manu. Turn off TV and unplug the thumb drive. You are home. It is simple.
5) My TV now plays all 4K program from my OPPO 103 and tells me it is in 3640X2160 resolution by showing the info on top right corner whenever you press the info button on the remote. It also brings all my photos to 4K resolution and brilliant color. It is great!

Update 9/10/2013

I am now watching all my low grade dvd and photos on the Seiki 4K monitor by upscaling to 4K through my Oppo 103. The improvements are amazing. I now get great satisfaction watching my favorite photos and dvds again and found more vibrant colors and resolution. I am upgrading my evaluation to five stars now because of the better use of this TV despite the slow tech support response. Since I have no more problems with this TV. Great buy, highly recommend.
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on March 11, 2014
The picture itself is fine. In fact, what 4K I have seen is stunning. Here's the thing though - the sound STINKS and at minimum volume is still really loud. It's like listening to Mozart on a transistor radio. Here's the strange thing - If you have Verizon Fios, don't expect to use your remote on this TV. No matter what key you press on the Fios remote, it will either raise of lower the volume. It's really the oddest thing. For instance, if you hit the FF key, it will FF the content that you're watching but it will raise the volume at the same time. I called tech support about this and while they know about the issue, they offer no work around to it.

As I mentioned the sound is shockingly bad on the TV, so I got a Zvox sound bar and it's a really good product but guess what? Those crummy speakers? You can't turn them off. So when I use the FIOS remote the TV is getting jealous and still messing with the TV volume even with the Zvox soundbar working perfectly. Seiki's solution? Plug something in to the headphone jack on the back to shut off the speakers. Unreal.

I just wanted to share the email I got from Seiki customer service:

"1) Unfortunately, the FiOS remote is incompatible with Seiki TVs and changes settings inadvertently on the TV.
There is no fix for this.

2) You can disable the built in TV speakers by plugging in headphones into the jack on TV."

For the record, the headphone fix doesn't work. I plugged in 3.5mm headphones (my iPhone headphones) into the jack and the speakers didn't shut off nor did the headphones work.

Edit #2

Just got off the phone with Customer Support - The first guy was setting up an RMA for the item and put me on hold. I waited on hold for a half hour and he never came back.

Second guy said that the last firmware update broke the headphone fix and that they were working on another firmware update for it. There was no window on when it would be ready. He also said that rolling back the firmware wasn't suggested. When I said that they broke my TV, he suggested that I contact Amazon to bring it back.

Based on all this, I can't seriously recommend this TV to anyone. The company is a mess and can't support its own products.
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on October 15, 2014
Not worth it.

1. The latency between channel changes. This was after I removed my AV Surround unit as being the possible issue as well.

2. Constant unplug/ plugin of the HDMI just for proper video feed from my AV tuner or xbox one (usually goes to blue screen saying unable to detect) is annoying to say the least. This was after I removed my AV Surround unit as being the possible issue as well.

3. Very limited (I mean this part!!) distance from the TV to use the remote that came with the TV.

4. Why does each and every channel have its own volume settings applied when I change channels? I mean, volume level 6 should stay volume level 6 when changing to any channel! Not 6 to 3 and then to 0 and back to 6! Really? And stop blaming my cable box as being the issue (technical support). Are you going to tell me all FiOS HD TV Box sets have this issue? This was after I removed my AV Surround unit as being the possible issue as well.

5. Video feed and tuning lag in xbox one games. Takes a couple off/on procedures with the TV to get it right, but it will finally sync up. Never had an issue with my Sony Bravia or Samsung... so who's fault is it? This was after I removed my AV Surround unit as being the possible issue as well.

6. Be careful with the mounting screw points! When removing the screws so I could return the TV, it caused the internal screw points to disconnect from the inside, so now I have screws that will never come out (spin and spin and spin). Thanks for the quality! I am not going to pay a TV repair man to remove the back part of the TV just so I can get them out. Pictures to follow on this one!

Moving back to Samsung TVs (regardless of cost) as I know what I am getting with them, quality.
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