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on December 3, 2013
Where to begin...where to begin? Well, I won't bore the readers with a story; but here's a little background info about this TV.

This Black Friday, I had a choice between standing in line at Walmart and waiting for a 98 dollar Funai or being smarter and getting a 98 dollar Seiki TV on Amazon. The reason why I went with Seiki is because I have yet to run across a review for a Funai TV; and secondly, I've actually seen the Funai in action via a family member that got one. While the Funai wasn't bad, it certainly lacked some of the connections and presented a less crisp image. Anyway, onto the review-

TV build/Accessories-

This Seiki 32 inch TV comes with a remote, 2 batteries, a stand that you'll have to screw on with a Phillips head screwdriver (which is standard), an instruction manual and a one or two page colored diagram that shows all the TV's features and connections. It could've come with an HDMI cable, but being that I own about 5 of them, it's no big deal. However, in the accessories department, an HDMI cable included would be the only thing that's missing to make the deal a little sweeter.
The TV's build is a bit on the light side. In fact, the TV is extremely light and can be picked up by anyone.
The stand is just alright; but I'll get into that part later.

Score- 9/10


This TV's connections includes 3 HDMI ports, a USB port, a Component port, VGA port, Composite/AV port, 3.5 mm audio cable (this can be used for headphones/earphones/speakers/and supporting soundbars), A Coaxial cable In port (also for soundbars) and finally, an RF cable out which would be used for antennae support.
So as you can see, the Seiki gives you a lot of options for connections, however, I only wished this TV had stereo AV in ports for AV stereo AUX support with soundbars. If you have an AUX out soundbar, you'll need to get a two-way 3.5mm audio cable which are really cheap.

Score- 9/10

Image clarity/Options/Menu options-

Ok. Here's the more important part of the review that I saved just before I list the cons of this product. The image clarity!!! This is important to me because I'm a gamer and light TV watcher, I also watch my Roku box and Youtube with apps such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, Crackle and PBS etc.

The image quality for this TV is really good. In fact, I own a Vizio, Samsung, LG and a Magnavox as well as the worst of my TV's being a DYNEX (DO NOT BUY A DYNEX) and I'd have to say that the Seiki's image clarity is on par and in some ways better than my Vizio, It's somewhat on par with my LG (but I'll give the LG a slight edge in crispness)...heck, even the Samsung's quality is about on Par with it but I'd still give Samsung a slight, and I mean very slight edge. One of the problems I have with this Seiki TV is that the contrast and color are really, really good but can be a bit overbearing to the eye. In fact, how I tuned this TV was by turning the contrast and color down a load and fiddling around with the Dynamic Luminance. Here's a tip if you end up buying this TV and want a high contrast setting. Simply turn down the color and blast the contrast. In any event, it has a bright, colorful and crisp image.
Initially, I was afraid that the SEIKI wouldn't hold up; but the quality is impressive, especially considering it's price and the size of the set.

The menu options include Picture settings, Audio settings, Time settings, Parental Lock and a channel set up. Within these options you'll be able to fine tune the TV's color, color temperature, Noise reduction for image clarity, enhance the sound with PCM or RAW sound output with supported surround sound and equalizer settings between bass, balance and treble. It also supports French, Spanish and English audio. There's also a built in NTSC/AIR antennae tuner, a QAM tuner, and a cable tuner with IRC and other options.
The channel scan is relatively fast and lasts about 4 minutes. Yes, it does pick up DTV channels and local channels, all you need is a cheap antennae or some rabbit ears. Perhaps even a piece of wire would work as well. Currently, I have a normal antennae plugged into the RF port and it found over 40 local channels in 4 minutes. I didn't bother adjusting the antennae since I really don't watch much TV except for news, some movies (which I watch on Roku anyhow) and perhaps some sports games. Overall, it has a load of options, but it is missing some features that I would've liked. It also does have an LED backlight and luminance option.

Score- 9/10

Gaming/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS3/Wii/PS2/etc-

Being that I game a bit, here's the rundown with gaming.
This TV does support 1080p resolution. On the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, it's pretty good. However, with consoles like the Wii, I'll have to tune the color a little and turn it almost all the way down because the color's really strong. I've tested it with PS3 and PS2. With PS2 I noticed that gaming does look a bit better especially if you have component cables (blue, green, red, white, red)and honestly, the PS3 games look amazing on it, especially at 1080p.
At first I assumed since this is a 720p set, it would only upscale, but the games are actually in 1080p at 60hz, so playing games like Killzone, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, Mario etc look really nice. The image is really crisp. With some games I'll change the video output to 720p or 1080i being that 1080p tends to pixellate some games horribly.
The response time is good. I tested this online with Battlefield Bad Company 2 conquest mode and I haven't noticed any lag, again, the image is crisp, although to be honest, I may prefer the color of my Magnavox because it isn't so strong...once I tune the color or simply put it on a setting, it's just fine.


The biggest con thus far with this TV is THE STAND. Let me clarify, the stand is supposed to be screwed in, which I did, however, it's slightly wobbly. Not to the point that if you bumped the TV it would wobble, but the stand's built awkward and the TV has a minor lean. Despite the minor lean, the viewing angle is excellent, so I haven't had any problems but it's still worth noting.

The second con would be that the Tint option is grayed out for some reason. I'm not sure if it's grayed out because the tint adjusts based on the color temperature or if it just doesn't have a tint adjusting option, but in any event, it's just a gray option that I haven't been able to fiddle with.

Finally, there's the audio. Yes, you get many options, but the sound is not good at all. It's just passable. But in comparison to my Vizio (which has excellent sound), LG and even my Magnavox, the sound is bad. It either sounds really tinny or just cheap. I found that adjusting the bass and boosting the treble really high helped a bit, but overall, it still sounds terrible, especially during some commercials or when listening to music. Do yourself a favor and get some speakers or a soundbar. I highly recommend soundbars by Haier or RCA.


I highly recommend this TV for anyone on a budget who'd like a quality TV with a crisp image. While certain cons such as this TV having one of the worst screw-in stands, a lack of tint customization and the TV's audio which sounds really cheap even when tuned nay bug some, the overall image clarity and the viewing angle of this TV is fantastic. It has really vivid colors and again, produces a crisp image. It's not bad to view TV on or watch Roku/Apple/apps, it's great for gaming and it's lightweight. This was a steal for Black Friday, but I could see myself buying this tv full price. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because of the stand and the audio. If it were possible, I'd give it a 4.5/5 but Amazon doesn't have half point increments.

Edit (December 8th, 2013)

I also neglected to mention the following features of this Seiki TV. This TV features a memory store for color/audio and picture settings on each source chosen. In other words, If I picked HDMI 1 and set the color, then chose TV and set the color, then chose HDMI 2 or component or AV, it will memorize all color settings for each source chosen.

I have finally resolved the "Tint" issue with this TV and it's a little weird. First, you'll have to go to factory settings by pressing "Menu" and then hitting "0" four times. (then look for "Others" then select "Color Temp" and adjust IF YOU WANT TO. To exit this mode, simply press exit or menu twice. I am not telling anyone to go to the factory menu) Keep in mind that when entering this menu, you DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH ANY SETTING THAT YOU'RE NOT FAMILIAR WITH. (I accidentally enabled "Burning mode" and got a screen full of colors until I held down the power button on the TV for 10-20 seconds and pressed it again to get it off)
Anyway, from the factory menu, there are settings to add "Green" "Red" and "Blue" or to "offset" Green, Red and Blue, and what I did was slowly add small amounts of Green and red to even out the tint.
The downside to doing this is that it will save it to one of the color picture presets and you'll have to keep the preset in mind. I personally used this for the "Cool" temperature setting in picture settings just to knock the reds back a tad. (But again, that's just me)
The good part about the factory menu is, there's also settings for the "Backlight" which I've put all the way up to 100. There are settings to enable QAM as well. But I just wanted to speak on the QAM being enabled through the factory menu a second because I saw other recent reviews that are a little misleading. If you enable QAM, indeed, you'll get a few more channels, but don't expect every cable channel possible. For the antennae channel scan, at best you may get 10 or more extra channels. (at the moment, my tuner found 58 channels via antenna with QAM enabled, whereas, before, it found about 40 or so channels. It's a difference, but it's not a huge difference)
Also, there is an option available to scan cable channels, which I'm assuming works, but you'll have to give Seiki an e-mail (which is provided if you call their customer service line. In fact, it's an automated message and it's literally the first thing they talk about before connecting a call), I got my code via e-mail in about a minute flat. (It seems to be an automated e-mail anyway)

I also resolved the TV stand issue by simply and carefully tightening the stand screws, and it wobbles a lot less.
Anyway, I still stand by my review. This TV has been great.
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Pros: Aesthetics, Picture, Input options, Price, Low power consumption
Cons: Poor single speaker, cheap remote control. Marginal base.
Conclusion: We would buy this product again, we would recommend this product to a friend or family member at the right price.

Appearance/Application: Looks great in our kitchen (see uploaded images), you really could not ask for more on how it looks, for a cheap TV its fantastic. Paired this with a older Roku from the bedroom and we were up and running wireless in no time. All our home media streams to it along with Netflix etc. so we dont have to have a cable box or DVR in the kitchen. Compact package. Added a 5 year squaretrade warranty for this TV. $62 + taxes is a solid deal.

Picture: 720p, Good contrast. Vibrant color. Good brightness. Light bleed from top and bottom evenly, appears to be edge lit screen. Other reviews bashing the viewing angle are being critical for this price point, we can see the screen fine from a wide angle. Picture was better than expected. Quick cycle of the picture options on the dedicated remote button yields improved picture over power saving default.

Sound: The speaker does face out the bottom and its not a good experience. Cycling sound preset options on dedicated remote button yields instant improvements. Its better sound than my Toshiba 24" LED. Sound was about what I expected out of a cheap 20" TV. The headphone jack volume is controlled with the remote control (for those that want to add external speakers yet retain volume control via remote) We are adding some $30 Logitech Z200 Multimedia Speakers 2.0 speakers to this TV. (4.5 Stars)

Connectivity: 1 HDMI / 1 Composite / VGA with 3.5mm computer audio in / RCA Audio in / Coaxial Audio in / Headphone Jack out
(See uploaded images to see all input/output panels clearly)

Remote: Looks and feels fairly cheap. Battery door jiggles a bit. Its more than adequate and is full featured. (See uploaded image)

Packaging: Very well packaged and shipped, small box. Easy to give for a gift and wrap it. Assembly includes 4 screws in bottom of base to neck, and 3 screws from neck to TV main unit. Phillips screwdriver is all that is required.

Base: is lacking some stability. Its just enough to get the job done but I do wish it was a bit more solid. For use in a kitchen for my application it will do fine. Anyone not using the base will find this to be a non issue. Its not flimsy, it just has some movement if you grab the bezel and try to move the TV, it shifts around a little bit.

*Update regarding base problems* Manufacturers packaging error in screws led to poor loose fit of base and tilting.
I received 3 small screws and 4 larger screws in error. We deemed the original TV too wobbly and returned it for exchange. Calling manufacturer help line on instructions and yielded no useful support. The replacement is better, containing 4 small screws and 3 longer ones in reverse of our first shipment. The base is much more solid than before, yet still leaves a bit to be desired.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on November 29, 2014
I'm using this television as both a TV and as a computer monitor. If you have ordinary vision, this might not have the resolution you need in a monitor, but I have diabetic neuropathy - that is, I'm going blind - so I need the larger images of a lower=resolution screen.

I previously owned a Sceptre HDTV, and almost bought Walmart's 32" Sceptre which offered a $10 lower price. I bought from Amazon because I *trust* them, and WalMart just isn't the same since Sam Walton died. The remote control on the Sceptre, though, was difficult for me to understand, and *completely* flummoxed my former wife, and then it died, ande it took weeks to get a replacement. The remote on THIS television, by comparison. is easy to use. IT'S JUST A BETTER TELEVISION. And before I bought it, I'd have been skeptical of that assertion.

This TV went in my bedroom. After I get some furniture for the living room, I will be buying a TV for when I entertain guests, and it will surely be much bigger than this - but I'm going to strongly consider Seiki for that room as well. I don't give many 5-star reviews, but I simply don't have any reservations about this purchase, none at all.
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on December 13, 2013
Just got this delivered, easy setup with my little antenna,just attached the base and turned it on. Works perfectly- just the right size for our bedroom- sound is a little tinny as noted, but I adjusted it with a bit more bass,not a huge issue as far as we're concerned. picture is beautiful.... Excellent value for the price- for 66.00, I was expecting much less,happy customer!
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on December 10, 2014
This is not a digital TV. Without a digital to analog converter box (not included), the TV will scan and find only about 1/3 of the available cable channels (at least in our case). Before I learned this - the original description made no mention of analog only - I tried calling customer support. Don't try to call on a weekend, even though they claim to have 24/7 customer support. The email link to customer support on their website "" bounced. I tried "" and that worked. The answer I received a day later is quoted verbatim here:
We received your inquiry regarding the issue that you are having. Your cable provider may be using all digital channels. To view digital cable channels, the TV has to have a "QAM" tuner. Some of our newer model TVs do not include a QAM tuner.
If your TV supports "QAM" (digital cable channels), you'll see an option for QAM in menu:

-Go to main menu by pressing "Menu" button on remote
-Select "Channel" menu option
-In first option, signal type, look for "QAM" option (select "CABLE" if QAM is not available).
-Choose "Auto Scan" to start scan
*If asked by setup, please use code: 31415
(Depending on your model TV, you may NOT be asked for activation code)

If you don't get digital channels after scan, then a QAM cable converter box or digital adapter is needed from cable company or electronics store (Some cable carriers offer digital adapters at low or no cost).

Since cable companies are no longer required to provide unencrypted/unscrambled QAM support (see ),
we no longer include QAM support in some newer models."

I chose to rate this product at 2 stars because of the poor item description. However for an analog TV, it has a nice picture, although the sound could be better as other reviewers have already stated. The dynamic zoom function often cuts off the vertical edges of the broadcast, requiring manual input by the operator.
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on September 16, 2015
I bought this TV for one reason; playing a xbox one system. We purchased an xbox one not knowing that you need a TV with HDMI input in order to play. Since we are on a budget and this will be used for gaming only we opted to go with this small size.

Quality seems pretty good, glare and viewing angles don't seem too bad but when playing we are sitting directly in front of the unit and not off to the side. Color and brightness are great for the price, I am certainly not complaining.

I gave four stars and not five for one reason. You cant adjust the angle that the screen sits at. When installed on the included base the television angles down slightly, while this might be fine if you had it up on a higher stand or if you were sitting on the floor we have this on a table sitting at eye level. Still this is not a deal breaker and after a minute you hardly notice.

Lets be honest if you are looking for a quality TV for your living room you aren't looking at this TV, you are likely looking for something at least 32' BUT for a budget spare TV for the bedroom/kitchen/gaming ect this is a great buy.
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on March 29, 2016
Great product + awesome price.Shipping was fast and package came intact , its been almost 2 years since i bought this tv and never had a problem, i use it as a PC monitor so i have used it more than the people that use it to watch television , i rarely turn it off because i leave my pc on all the time so i can see what time is it and the date what means that i have it for almost 2 years but i have used it 3 times maybe 4 times more than a regular person cuz it stays on 24/7.The picture is good and the sound is ok everything work great i totally recommend it,
review imagereview image
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on September 9, 2014
i read many reviews about this product,some saying TV not good or poor color, I purchased this TV AND IS BEAUTIFUL, VIBRANT COLORS
AND YES IT DOES HAVE COLOR SETTINGS, PICTURE CLEAR, first time buying this brand, i installed cable to TV and mounted on wall
picture is as if in a movie theater .TV once is on looks as if paid more than$300 my son loves it and he has his own in his room now wants
to watch my TV,likes the vibrant colors.....worth every penny no fading of picture, or tinted coloring , TV has setting from colors,to sound
I am glad i took a chance. 32 inch but looks more like 34 inch, not heavy about 7 pounds, with black sleek frame very nice!
Thanks Amazon as usual i love your price and products !!
M,Gonzalez Jersey city, NJ
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on October 25, 2014
I had a friend who told me to go with 1080, when he saw the picture he said "see isn't it nicer than a 720". When I told him it was a 720, he was amazed. I would recommend it to all my friends and family. A good friend of mine bought one after seeing mine. The perfect size for smaller rooms. The only improvement needed is a larger remote for people with fading eyes, other than that it is the perfect TV.
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VINE VOICEon December 15, 2014
I thought I was getting a great deal on this TV, but this is a case of getting what you paid for. It was on sale for $99 on Thanksgiving. I think it's telling that my particular model, Seiki SE20HS02 20-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV, is apparently no longer available on Amazon--when I click the link on my order to go to the item's page, it routes me to Seiki's 19" model.

Anyway, first the good:
The picture is very clear, and the sound quality for being a small TV is decent.

Now the bad: There is no QAM tuner. This means that if you are hoping to pick up HD channels without going through a cable box, you're out of luck. I naively thought that any HDTV would have an HD tuner, but apparently that's not the case. Another reviewer posted a hack to turn on the QAM tuner, as most Seiki models don't have the QAM enabled out of the box, but as far as I can tell, this model doesn't even have one. I am very disappointed.

The only saving grace is that my Fire TV Stick works marvelously with this TV, and I was planning to use this TV mainly for streaming, anyway. But this is my first and last Seiki purchase.
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