Customer Reviews: Seiko Men's SNE095P1 Solar Power Analog Quartz Stainless Steel Watch
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on August 16, 2011
This is my latest watch purchase. The watch arrived in a timely manner (no pun intended) and in perfect condition with all documentation and packaging intact.

My immediate impression upon picking this watch up was - it was way too light! Amazon lists it as 5.12 ounces, or about 145 grams. There is no way this thing is almost as heavy as my Reactor Trident watch (shown in one of my uploaded pics on the right), which weighs 195 grams. I wear my Reactor pretty often and I know the heft of it, and hence, what 195 grams feels like. If I had to guess I'd say it would be half that weight.. perhaps 100 grams or so (Sorry we're all metric here). It is by no means insubstantial - you do feel the weight of this watch but I am just saying it's not a heavy watch by any stretch of the imagination.

People usually say that the actual item looks better than in the pics shown in Amazon. This is true of this watch too. I have uploaded a pic of what it really looks like, taken with my phone camera. For one thing, the dial is actually more of a dark navy blue colour than black. This probably is what made me think it looks better in real life compared to the picture.

As usual, when I buy watches from Amazon I had to remove links - 4 in total. Yeah I have tiny wrists I guess. Links were easily removed, I didn't need to take it to a jeweler. I used a simple paperclip to push the pins out, removed the required number of links, and pushed the pins back. All done in under 10 mins!

I love the fact that this watch is eco-friendly, using light to recharge its internal battery, rather than requiring me to change the battery every few years. The Arabic numerals make reading time easy. The 24 hour markings on the inner dial are a bonus - useful for people who may want or need military time. However, there is no "4th hand" to indicate GMT timing as suggested by the Amazon title for this product. The 24 hour markings are just purely cosmetic.

I am very pleased with this watch so far. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice elegant watch that goes well with formal as well as casual dress. This watch certainly looks like it could fit in anywhere, anytime!
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on October 9, 2012
I've been looking long and hard for a military styled watch that meets the following criteria:

Black dial with 12 very readable arabic numerals.
Superior luminescence.
Non-chronograph, uncluttered with sub-dials.
A very readable date (with day of the week a plus).
Water resistant to at least 100 meters.
Solar or kinetic.
Of reasonable weight.
<42mm diameter and <12mm thick

Thought I'd found the ideal watch in the Citizen Men's BM6400-00E Eco-Drive but after wearing it for a few days, a few annoying but important negatives relegated the watch to spend most days resting on a sunny shelf, to be used as my beater watch while kayaking (screw-down crown, water resistance 200 meters). The date window was too small and very deep within the face, making it impossible to easily see the date. In addition, the elevated and exposed crystal is easily scratched, the luminescence fades after several hours, and the watch case, being very solidly built, is heavy.

The Seiko SNE095P1 met all of the criteria listed above but I've been spoiled by the light weight on a couple of my Seiko titaniums and after the experience with the Citizen, was concerned the Seiko SNE095P1 would be too heavy and I was right. It turns out though, most of the weight is in the heavy but surprisingly good quality band, which conveniently, happens to be the same width as the band on a little used Seiko titanium (SNDC93) I have. Swapped bands and now the SNE095P1 is very much lighter and only slightly heavier than the titaniums, making it comfortable to wear all day. In conclusion, I'm very happy with the Seiko SNE095P1 and would've given it five stars had it been all titanium, and would've gladly paid $100 more for an SNE095P1 in that material.
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on November 30, 2014
First of all, I like this watch. I have two Tags and an ESQ and just wanted another. I looked at literally hundreds of products spanning several manufacturers. I had a few qualifications. It had to be inexpensive...under $100. I didn't want a 64 years, I have never really needed a stopwatch. And I'm not crazy about automatics. The last qualifier was size. The reviewers had this product being small for some and large for others; light for some and heavy for others. Size and weight are relative. With a 39 mm case, this was smaller than most but for me it is large or at least larger than anything I've ever owned. It isn't light but just the right weight for me. I choose this product based on its simplicity and bold was an added uniqueness. I can't comment on the luminosity of the hands as that falls into the stopwatch category. Last but not least is the 100m water resistant rating which is a plus. It's exactly as advertised except the face is dark charcoal and not (jet) black....a non starter.
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on August 14, 2013
My 30 year old LL Bean watch died (the rubber o-ring no longer kept it waterproof and the mechanism failed). LL Bean doesn't sell the same design of watch any more...

I was surprised how hard it was to find a watch that met my, to me, rather simple requirments:

1) waterproof (I don't have any plans to be 100 meters down but I do want the watch to be really waterproof)
2) stainless steel case less than 39 mm and a stainless steel watchband
3) black face
4) fully numbered.... 1 through 12. (not just 12 3 6 and 9)
5) smaller military 24 hour indication (I travel a bit and a lot of schedules use military time)
6) phosphorescent marks and numbers
7) sweep second hand
8) date field
9) no little dials in the middle of the face
10) protected crown
11) price less than $150

There are a bazillion watches on Amazon and other online sites but I was really surprised how hard it was to find a watch that actually met all my criteria.

The fashion these days is for men's watches to be way too big. I am 6'2" and my wrists are proportionate but I think the larger watches look silly on my wrist.

It also seems fashionable to have no numbers on the dial or even no markings (the famous movado watch). For me a watch should be primarily about its function which is to tell me the time at a glance. I want numbers and I want clearly readable markings.

It also seems fashionable to have a bunch of little teeny, unreadable dials in the middle of the face that tell you things like the phase of the moon! Not interested!

This Seiko fits all my showstopper criteria... I would have liked to have a screw-down crown but I decided I could live without it.

The watch and band are a bit heavier than I expected but it is ok and, I guess, means it is solidly built.

I also like the solar power feature although it remains to be seen how well it works.

So far so good... :)

Update 6 months...

I still like it. The only disappointment is the phosphorescent numbers and markings are too dim. Even after my eyes are totally adjusted to the dark, it is very hard to read the numbers at night. [Still too early to tell if the solar power stuff is really working.]
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on January 10, 2014
Sharp, clean, bold design... straight forward without the chrono hands I'd probably never use. Also in my opinion, not oversized like many other watches out now. The Day/Date display is easy to read, the blue SAT in addition to the typical red SUN is a very nice touch. The face is black with a subtle silver radiance when viewed at angle. The hands and numbering are a bit off-white and this watch looks fantastic with the olive green NATO strap I swapped on. (I wanted the metal bracelet as a backup otherwise I may have gone with the SNE095P2). I've also seen pics of this on a leather strap that look amazing. It has only gained about 3 seconds in 2 weeks compared to The second hand lines up perfectly with the markings. Zero complaints, I love this watch!
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on August 6, 2013
I needed a single watch to fill every purpose, work, play and dress. It needs to be durable, easy to read for old eyes, accurate and maintenance free. My last watch was a Seiko chronograph which saw 8+ years of very hard use. I've since determined the chronograph function to be completely unnecessary and push buttons only become problems subject to dirt and age. The SNE095 has a very good case with screw down back with water resistance to 100 meters which you need to know is a dividing line in case quality and integrity with watches with lesser ratings. Seiko SS bands have always been very good in my experience and this one is heavier and made even better then my last Seiko which never failed, which is great testimony. The crown has ramps and the case around the crystal is rounded and tapered so there are no "snags" with coats, sweaters or when getting dressed. This watch case is sized perfectly, not small, proportioned right, large enough to read yet not over-sized which, in my opinion, is a current "style trend" that is a problem (and likely to change). The watch is quite legible bright white on black and readable in the dark. It has military time sub dial. It is much better looking then pictures give justice. This Seiko Solar has a rated 10 month power reserve when fully charged. I have checked mine carefully and found it to be accurate to between 1-2 seconds per month which I think is outstanding.

My advice to anyone looking for a dependable quality watch at a reasonable price should limit their search to Seiko, Citizen or Casio depending on the type of watch you want. I have always been attracted to dive watches but only if I had more then one watch. This watch, to me, is a perfect "single watch" compromise between form and function. This watch uses the same movement used with the Seiko Solar Divers.

UPDATE: Three years have elapsed since my initial review and the test of time has confirmed everything I liked about this watch from the time I selected it. It is by far the most accurate watch I've ever owned. I no longer even think about it, I set the time to +1 second on a date change and the time is always within 1 second until the next date change is needed. That, to me, is uncannily accurate. This watch is among the most practical and functional watches you can own and an extremely good value to top it off.
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on December 22, 2012
This watch is an exceptional value. I prefer watches of 40mm or less due to my wrist size. This piece fits perfectly with 4 links removed. The watch is elegantly understated and exudes quality in every aspect of its design. Furthermore, it is self sustaining in operation and extremely accurate. The V158 solar movement hasn't lost or gained a second since I put it on over a week ago. I own many watches of all different types in my collection and some cost over 20x what I spent on this piece. None exceed the accuracy or functionality of this excellent piece. Seiko makes excellent products that no other manufacturer can match at their price point and I highly recommend this product. I brought this product over a week ago from Amazon at an extremely attractive price and it was shipped from Jomashop. Shipping and delivery were very fast and flawless. Amazon is to be commended for the great service they provide.
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on June 26, 2014
I needed a watch thay had big enough numbers for my 55 year old eyes, and one with the day and date. As an added bonus, this one features the military format as well, and that comes in handy at work. The size fits my wrist nicely, yet doesnt overwhelm like some of the newer designs can. Solar power makes sense for me, I don't have to worry with changing the battery. The band required I take out two links for a great fit, which I did with the assistance of youtube. I've worn this watch daily for a month and it has kept its accuracy to spec, not a minute gained or lost yet. If you need a sensible, accurate, classicly stylish timepiece that wont break your wallet, try this one.
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on April 13, 2013
the first charge has accumulated very slowly, one needs to be patient (particularly if the watch is worn in a cloudy, wintery lightless climate like mine. I left it overnight in the immediate proximity of a desk lamp bulb, though.
Otherwise the watch is excellent all around.
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on June 1, 2015
This watch is a just about the perfect field watch. With all the current over-the-top humongous fashion watches, a simple clean all business utility watch like this is like a breath of fresh air. Seiko has delivered an excellent watch at a great price.

The basics:
- 100M rating
- 39mm x 10mm case (not the 41mm listed in the description)
- 31mm dial face
- 20mm lug (not the 19mm in the description)
- high contrast hands, numbers and indices against charcoal black dial
- typical Seiko quartz accuracy (10 sec/mo)

Stand out's, especially for the price
- Solar powered!!!
- Seiko LumiBrite on hour, minute, second hand, numerals and hour indices
- day and date calendar
- solid bracelet links except for the folded ends that attach to the watch (expected)
- crown guards
- nice deployment clasp

- minor unneeded bling
prefer the bezel was also brushed steel instead of polished
prefer the center link of the bracelet was plain brushed stainless
- no rotating keeper on the clasp
- only two micro adjustment holes on the clasp

Other than the above items, I think the watch is just about perfect for its intended purpose. It closely fits the form follows function design school. While some may think at 39mm it is too small, I would counter that it makes the watch even more usable. With the high contrast design, it is very readable without being obtrusive and getting in the way. For $80 (or less on sale), this watch is bargain. It may be a budget watch but it doesn't look or feel cheap. Quite the contrary, it feels like a quality time piece and with the added benefit of solar power, should be trouble free for years.

Highly recommended.

Update 11/1/2015
When switching back to regular non-DST time today, I pulled up a log that I keep on this watch that tracks accuracy (actually, I'm a little OCD about watch accuracy...keep a log on every watch using Official NIST US Time for reference). Since 6/1 (5 months elapsed), the watch has gained 6.5 seconds. That translates to less than 16 SPY. This is over twice the accuracy of a Bulova Precisionist that I own. Since Seiko makes no accuracy claim regarding the SNE095, I guess I just got lucky. Phenomenal performance.
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