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on March 13, 2016
I strongly disagree with the review questioning the supposed durability of this watch. I purchased this watch almost 7 years ago and it has been nothing but durable and maintenance-free. Sure it has a few scratches on it but it has taken quite a beating in that span of time. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped it on the floor but it's been quite a few and it continues to run and run as accurately as when it was new. Boy, some people here are so picky! This watch is absolutely quiet and I've never felt any vibrations/sensations coming from the internal kinetic winding mechanism. The price has increased by about $20.00 since I purchased mine but it remains an excellent value. If you value the convenience of never having to replace the battery and you're looking for an extremely accurate and handsome timepiece, this is the watch for you. Believe me, I'm over 60 and have owned many watches in my lifetime but none have performed as well as this one.
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on September 17, 2012
I knew this watch would perform well because I have 2 other Seiko Kinetic watches that are in for cleaning and repairs. I am hard on watches and for the last 13 years I wore one or the other of them every night and day of each of those years. And the reason I bought them was that my regular everyday watches, a Rolex Oyster Perpetual SS & Gold, and a gorgeous gold and SS Ebel were being restored and put up for use on special occasions. So now my 2 kinetic watches are in for cleaning and repair, and I need a watch for everyday use. Not wanting to bang up my Rolex and Ebel again, I decided to buy a new watch. As far as I'm concerned it had to be another Seiko because they are so rugged, precise and handsome. They are also so much more reasonably priced here in America. I bought my other 2 Seikos in Europe; one in London and the other in the Canary Islands, and they were literally 4 times the price I paid for this one here in America. So now for how did I decide on the SKA 348? Well, I cut out pictures of several dozen Seikos and pasted them into review pages in PowerPoint, and then flipped through them, back and forth, whittling them down to about 4 finalists. Price was not so great a determinant because of my experience in Europe; the two watches I already have cost me over a grand apiece, so you can see that even at $300, twice the price of the SKA348, I would only be spending 30% of what I spent on virtually the same watches in Europe. So the decision was down, basically, to looks. I have always gravitated towards things on the expensive side, so this time, now that I am retired and on a fixed income, I decided to go for something that was fairly close to average. The SKA348 was in the average price category, and there were several more that were a little more expensive that, in the pictures, were more attractive to me, but this time I was going to cool my heels and go with something that was more 'middle of the road'. Gosh, when it came in the mail only a few days later, I couldn't believe my eyes. This watch is more beautiful than any of my watches, including the Rolex and the Ebel. Where it is superior to the Rolex is in the diameter of the face, larger on the 348 and not cambered in like the Rolex, to where the flat surface is even smaller than the face dial, and distorted by the date bubble taking up so much of the flat surface of the crystal. It is also superior in looks to the Rolex. As to the Ebel, the Ebel is really just a good looking, highly accurate dress watch. It is very handsome and thin and light, but not fit for wearing while changing the foresail on a bluewater yacht in the dead of night. I'm sure that when my other 2 Seikos return from their cleaning and servicing they will look stellar, but they will not be as handsome as the SKA348, no matter how well they are polished. The 348 is the most handsome of all my watches. I just cannot keep from looking at it; it is just that nice!
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on August 22, 2012
It's striking appearance, good price, large easy to read hands, Seiko quality, and the watch's ability to run up to 6 months without being worn sold me. I probably looked at a 100 different Seikos before zeroing in on this one. Plus I had owned an older Seiko kinetic which gave many years of reliable service. It eventually died for the following reasons.

What I have discovered with Kinetic watches is that the design of a large gear with a heavy pendulum turning a small one with a magnetic rotor at high speeds is inherently subject to high wear and friction. In addition, any shock to a kinetic watch can be significantly damaging to this delicate gear structure. The bottom line is while these watches are a marvel of design, they are not very tolerant of shock and not likely to last as long as a solar or run of the mill battery powered quartz watch. And getting them fixed is often an expensive option with not very good long term results. I know from having one fixed twice.

In addition, the Seiko kinetic claim not to need batteries is not quite true. What Seiko calls an "energy storage unit (ESU)" is, in fact, a rechargeable Li-ion battery which apparently lasts 5-8 years if you are lucky.
Replacing this battery requires removing several very small delicate parts/screws and likely best left to a professional with the right tools. Plan on spending $50+. The ESU alone is about $20 online. So in the long term it isn't really less expensive than multiple simple replacements of a pop in battery in a non-kinetic quartz watch - especially if you can replace them yourself.

Where you do come out ahead is in avoiding multiple battery replacement trips to a jeweler. And the kinetic watch will continue to keep accurate time even with a dying energy storage unit - providing it is continuously worn. So you wont be faced with a non functioning time piece as is typical when the battery dies in a normal quartz watch.

However, the trade off is that a solar or quartz watch is likely to provide better longevity and durability. For my next watch I'll be seeking a solar powered watch which offers the long time between battery changes without all the wear problems of a kinetic watch's mechanically based electricity generation hardware.

I did discover that fully charging this watch takes only a matter of days, and then it is good for months. Hence, it is suitable for someone who only wears it occasionally. Perhaps the ESU in this model is an improvement over the last one I owned and will last more than a few years.

As for any noise from this watch, I can't hear anything but I could feel the vibrations of the rotor moving when held in my hand. On my wrist, I noticed nothing.
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on August 6, 2013
I have owned and worn this watch now on a near daily basis for about a year now, and I still find it to be wonderful. This is the second Seiko kinetic watch I've bought, and the only reason I purchased this one was because I wanted a watch that had a chrome-looking band (as opposed to the charcoal band of my older watch).

My original Seiko watch is over ten years old now, and still functions flawlessly (when I wear it for long enough periods of time). This watch keeps immaculate timing, looks great, and feels great. I've worn in swimming also, and it holds up (have only used it in shallow water, though).

I would recommend this watch to anyone that wants a quality timepiece that is durable, good-looking, and who wears a watch regularly (to keep the time accurate). From my experience, Seiko Kinetic watches hold a charge for quite some time, but others might only last a day or two if you take them off.
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on July 17, 2012
I am totally satisfied with this watch. I love the kinetic feature and am pleased that it stays well charged with normal wear. My last Seiko was in service for 20 years of abuse. I wore it in many oceans, lakes, and showers.
It took me a week to wear this one in a pool. After that I just figure it will have to stand on it's own like my last trusty Seiko. I have had compliments from friends I showed it to. Even though I picked it out, it was a gift from my wife and she is happy with how classy it looks. I also like the glass back where you can see the weight that rotates to produce the electric charge. Others have mentioned the sound that the kinetic device makes as it rotates. I rarely notice it, and when I do I like it. The technology of the Seiko kinetic movement is really quite an achievement.
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on March 17, 2017
Watch is amazing look 10x better in person has a good expensive feel to it.
The kinetic chargin is nice if you wear this watch alot i recived mine in mail dead and after a month or two months of constant wear its max storage. The chain is the circle holes you have to push out if you want to remove or add links
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on April 8, 2010
This is an extremely handsome and comfortable watch. It has no distractions on its face so it's effortless to catch the time with a quick glance. Its charcoal background and gold number setting are nicely contrasted and its hands and number positions illuminate in the dark. It is solid, a good weight, has a nice feel and snaps securely with a safety catch. It's a tad loose on my wrist but I've gotten used to that; I'm sure if I'd taken out a link it would be too snug. I picked this watch for its good looks, sound engineering and because it was self-winding. I am very pleased with its cost, the seller, its quick delivery, but most of all it gives me the sense of a well-crafted piece of art. So as I think about it there's much more to this watch than just keeping the correct time.
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on August 22, 2012
I like the watch very much...I thought the date being in a non-traditional place would take some getting use to but now I realize how little I notice it or look at the date. I have had several comments on the watch and I like the dial color. I did not realize how much noise the watch makes when it self winds. It was louder than I expected. Overall a good purchase that I will enjoy for years to come. I have a Seiko that I bought in 1986 and it still runs well.
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on February 17, 2015
I bought this for my father couple of years back. He is very happy with this wrist watch. Good thing is, he near have to think of changing the battery or winding the watch.
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on September 28, 2012
Have owned Seiko watches since 1968 when
stationed in Japan and this is the best looking
everyday watch I have had.Many positive comments
regarding the contrast of two tone and black face.

Very pleased with purchase from Amazon!
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