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on July 5, 2017
Received my watch yesterday. External box, internal box, 2 insruction manuals in various languages including English, and the watch. The packaging is very poor quality, however, the watch itself looks to be very nice quality. I took it to the local jewelry store this morning to size the bracelet to fit my 7" wrist. They removed 3 links, 2 from the six oclock end and one from the twelve oclock end, and it now foys and feels very good on my wrist. Upon arrival, my watch shows 20 seconds or approx 1 month of charge. Today I also purchased the Seiko Kinetic Charger from A,azon. It costs more than the watch??!! The manuals I received are dated October 2016 and January 2017. Wondering how to determine when the watch itself was manufactured? Overall, this watch appears to be very good quality and an even better value at the price.
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on January 6, 2014
i've owned an automatic (self-winding) omega seamster for 20 years, and love the watch . . . looks good, not too bulky, keeps reasonably accurate time. However, this omega of mine was expensive in 1992 ($770) and probably goes for more than four grand now. Is this the watch to wear all the time? Plumbing? Demolition work? General screwing around? I've beat it up pretty good at work. Always felt guilty when I'd inadvertently smash it into something. A few years ago I was swimming in a Sierra Nevada river and scratched the hell out of the clasp and band on a submerged rock. I felt bad. More to the point, I was starting to look at the omega as an asset I could never afford to replace, should i lose or severely damage it. A few weeks ago, I dropped it and it started losing an hour every five hours. Awful. Send it in to omega service? $600 for their top-to-bottom overhaul. No, not kidding. It's right there on their website. Oh, and say goodbye to the watch for six weeks. And that would be my watch's second visit to omega. Wasn't in the mood to drop that much coin -- my truck needs the money worse. I have a plastic watch (old Polar heartrate monitor watch) that I sometimes wear, but it looks like crap and it's a piece of plastic. Started looking at other beefy, all-stainless (watch and band) waterproof watches. Bought a citizen off amazon, the one with the solid, cast case. Nice watch, good size (it was smaller, I have small wrists), but i decided I didn't like the look of the black rubber band, also found the bezel action a bit rough and janky. Can't quite put my finger on the 'why', but it just wasn't the watch for me. Couldn't see myself with this thing on my wrist 24/7 after the omega. Returned it (amazon very cool) and bought this seiko.
It is a big frigging watch! Thick! Heavy! But it has been accurate to the second -been checking it against my cell -- I have been wearing this watchor the five days i've owned it. Although the finish quality is very good, it is not my omega. But -- newsflash -- who can afford an omega today? I cut wood and bang nails for a living! Initially i thought it might be too big for me, but i've gotten used to it. But this is a large watch, make no mistake.
The high polish it has in places is a bit too flash, and though the movement was made in Japan, I suspect the rest of this watch was made elsewhere. It's mostly just a China vibe. The band, definitely made in China, not too impressive. Not bad, but not high-end Swiss. About the band: it needed to be sized -- reduced by a few links to fit -- so I took it to a local jeweler, who did it in 10 minutes for ten bucks. Don't make yourself crazy trying to do this yourself . . . I see that Amazon sells a device to do this, but if it takes my experienced local jeweler 10 minutes, it'll probably take a layman a lot longer. And if you lose one of the little pins, you're screwed. I'm a handy guy, but I decided to leave this little bit of surgery to the pros.
The self-winding Kinetic movement is cool, and, as I said, so far very accurate. This also means no expensive opening/resealing of the watch to change the battery every few years. This movement is a bit noisy/audible when the watch is shaken vigorously. I find it interesting, not annoying. OK, so, overall, i am very impressed with this watch (ok, five days of ownership, but whatever). This is a lot of watch for the $225 I paid for it. I would definitely buy it again. If I wasn't so spoiled by the perfection of my seamaster, I wouldn't be so picky about this watch's lesser quality. And all that means is this is not a $4k watch.
Update: in the two weeks I have been wearing this watch, it has lost 4 seconds. not bad.
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on November 1, 2011
Received the SKA371 approximately two weeks ago. Been wearing it every day since.

This is a very good watch to this point, and I don't foresee any problems in the future. Had never owned a kinetic model before and was curious.

I do, however, have a couple of complaints. The watch is listed on Amazon as 45mm. Nowhere does it say, "with the crown." Most watches are measured without the crown, e.g., "45mm without crown, 48mm including crown." This watch is actually 42mm, 45mm with the crown. Therefore, I was somewhat disappointed when I received it. Amazon needs to be a little more diligent with its product descriptions. Still, I liked it enough not to return it.

Second, wasn't sure at first if I would like the skeleton hands. My biggest concern was the lume and the short stubby hour hand. Wish that the hour hand had been a tad longer, but the lume is applied generously on the hand ends making for relatively easy nighttime viewing.

The case and bracelet are well made, but then I have never personally owned or seen an ill made Seiko case. The rotating bezel is firm but smooth turning. As someone else mentioned, I wish that the bezel protected the crystal. It doesn't.

One thing that I particularly like is the power reserve feature. It is simply a button that when pushed fast forwards the second hand anywhere up to thirty seconds. Where it stops a long the way to thirty seconds is what your power reserve is. Thirty seconds equals four to six months. The second hand then stays motionless until the actual time catches up to it then it begins its little bunny hop again.

Accuracy is excellent. Have not conducted any real testing on it as yet, but from my casual observance it appears to still be right on the money.

Some have written that this is a large and heavy watch. I would have to politely disagree. A forty-two millimeters diver is not large. It does have some heft to it, but not overly so for what it was designed for. For those who have not experienced diving watches before it might take a day or two before the weight becomes unnoticeable. But, it is not that heavy.

During my diving days, when a watch was important to divers, I used an automatic Seiko 150m WR diver. Never had an issue with it. I'd probably still be wearing it today if it hadn't finally gone belly up and the O-ring was no longer available (according to an authorized Seiko service center). It is hard to beat Seiko for great divers at realistic prices. In fact, it is hard to beat Seiko, period, in divers.

BTW, I test my divers now by submitting them to a shower head nozzle. If there are any leaks this will usually make them apparent. It has survived this make shift test intact.

I would recommend this watch without any hesitations, provided you know what the true size of it is. LP
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on April 2, 2016
I could not be happier with this purchase, in every respect. The watch first came with a slight defect (the bezel didn't line up exactly) and Amazon replaced it without any hassle. Two days later I had the diving watch I've always wanted: rugged, accurate, and supremely versatile. I don't know yet the staying power of the Kinetic movement, but it's very fun to have a hybrid electric generator on your wrist, regardless.

It's a gorgeous watch, and easily rivals the looks and finish (and surpasses the accuracy) of a modern Seamaster, for 1/10 the price.

As a watch collector, I could not recommend this watch more highly.
review image
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on August 7, 2014
First Impression:
1. It's Solid.
2. Perfectly chiseled.
3. Robust.
4. Precise Hand movement.
5. Bright Lume.
6. Solid Bezel.
7. Does not look cheap instead high on quality.
8. It has character of its own.

Why I purchased it?
1. Lots of positive reviews. (In fact I did not come across any negative review)
2. Certified Divers watch
3. Kinetic movement
4. Long lasting (as per owner's reviews)

Chosen against Citizen ecozilla, Seiko SNAE67, Citizen BL8000-54L and AT9013-03H considering its robust and uniqueness.
I liked BL8000-54L but its more like classic dress watch.
SNAE67 is a good looking watch BUT I don't like its stationary third (Chronograph) hand, it seems like watch stopped working :-). Ecozilla is unique but too big and had doubt about its solidness and replacement of band in near future.
Had a chance to get Citizen AT9013-03H for $290 (now $396) but Rose gold version seems delicate for daily use and lots of feature.

My Only Worry:
I Hope that the piece I got would be long lasting.
However it look solid overall.

Last word:
It's Heavy.
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on May 18, 2016
First of all, it arrived a day earlier than expected. Secondly, the other reviewers were not kidding when they said this watch was big. It is a replacement for a Seiko Kinetic that is over 10 years old and no longer water tight. This one dwarfs my old watch. However, there is a lot of room for adjustment on the watch band. No problems getting a good fit and I am not a big man at all. Think 5'6" and no extra padding. Like many other reviewers, I have an outdoor job. Time will tell how long this watch endures. My old one had to withstand chemicals, dirt, heat, water, vibration, and general wear and tear. It kept time up until water got past the crown. This one has a screw in crown that should do a much better job of keeping the outside out.
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on April 29, 2015
This watch is fantastic -- especially for the price, which is very reasonable.

First impressions: Very solid, sturdy, heavy (in a good way.) The rotating bezel is firm and positive, and feels like it was designed for actual diving.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the band includes a wetsuit extension, which is a nice diving feature that isn't found on lesser-quality dive watches. Lume is good. The overall appearance is clean, elegant, and fairly Submariner-like. It looks like a much more expensive watch.

I was slightly hesitant to buy a Kinetic, and was comparing it to the Eco-Drives before purchase. However, so far everything is perfect: It arrived with a good battery reserve, and was usable immediately.

The power indicator shows a four month reserve after just one day of wear. I'll have to monitor this to make sure that it stays properly charged, but at this point I'm simply impressed. Fantastic watch at this price point, especially for divers and people who like the classic dive watch style.
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on November 29, 2014
I purchased another Seiko in black coated stainless as a birthday gift back in July. Unfortunately, after a month of daily wear, the black coating started to wear off of the band and it was looking pretty worn - not cool (I have also reviewed that product on Amazon). While Seiko replaced the band, I anticipate that the color will wear off once again, so the black watch is now only a back-up.

I then purchashed this watch (good price on Amazon) based on the other reviews which all rated the watch very high. I wanted to wait a few months before writing a review since I needed to make sure no problems existed with this watch. Since some time has passed, I can now offer a positive review. The receipient was very pleased with this watch (lucky him, he also got the black watch once the band was replaced). It is a large watch, heavy and substantial, which is what I was looking for. Looks great on the wrist (I wouldn't recommend for a man of smaller build) and has received compliments. Visually all good and functionally sound as of this review. If there are any issues in the future, I will provide an update, but currently, the watch is highly recommended.
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on February 5, 2014
Holding the watch for the first time today, I realized how durable and well made it was before I ever even put it on. The watch is very sturdy. The watch face is set deep and you get an instant feeling that this one is good. The movement looks to be aigned well with the markings. There was not a scratch on it upon unboxing. However, I'm sure I will bang it up pretty good over the years coming. I have no complaints whatsoever about the watch. Popped the pin out to remove a link or 2 for adjusting and had a time figuring out how to get the pin back in so it would hold. But, overall, this is surely a 5-star watch IMO.

Also, HUGE props goes out to Amazon and their shipping partners. I live in the northeast and ordered the watch last night at around 7PM. We have had numerous ice storms recently, including early this morning. My package was waiting for me by noon. Excellent work fighting through the weather.
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on June 27, 2015
Note: I bought this on Amazon, but I ended up getting a different watch and had to return it. This is just an occasional online shopping quirk and has nothing to do with the watch itself, which I got from an in-town retailer while I was returning the other.

This watch is a FANTASTIC diver! The unidirectional bezel is tight and strong, the case is huge and thick, and the lume is very bright. I replaced the band with a Super Engineer band because I like those links better, but the stock band has solid links with a great heft to them. The kinetic movement is fun, too.
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