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on February 22, 2014
I first learned of this watch via a brief review in a blog titled "This $180 Dive Watch Puts Rolex Submariners On Notice". That certainly got my attention since I enjoy interesting watches across a range of price points. The link in the review led to the item here on Amazon and I was impressed by the consistency of the positive reviews and the scarcity of negative ones. By the way, thanks to the reviewers who shared such detailed comments on this watch's physical metrics as well as their objective and subjective comments.

Based on the strength of the reviews (mostly here but also on other sites around the web), I ordered it that day. Despite selecting free shipping I had it a mere 3 days later through seller E Watch Stock. I had read of other buyers receiving non-Seiko packaging and documentation but mine appeared to be fully authentic and original. I was not cheated out of the fun of unboxing this excellent timepiece.

This watch has met my expectations, meaning that a) it is as good-looking and functional as I had hoped, and b) I agree with those who feel the band's heft--or lack thereof-- doesn't match that of the watch. The Jubilee has a nice look but I can't get past the light weight and the play (nice way of saying rattle). So I ordered a Super Oyster from Strapcode. My wrist measures a shade under 8" and the stock Jubilee bracelet required only minor adjustments to the clasp to achieve a comfortable fit until the replacement arrives. I took a photo of it in my office and added it to the image gallery.

This is a timeless watch design and the automatic movement gives it interest and quirkiness including that enjoyable (to me) smooth sweep action of the second hand. One big intangible of this watch is the pride of ownership. I have already recommended it to some buddies and several lady friends as a great surprise purchase for the men in their lives. It is a handsome watch that will be right at home with the Tag and Omega watches in my collection. The remarkable value proposition of this watch makes it easy to recommend.

Update 2/27/14:
Just replaced the original Jubilee-style bracelet with a Super Oyster II band from Strapcode. It was a head-turner before, and now I consider this one of the best-looking and most distinctive watches in my collection...some of the best watch money I've ever spent!

Update 3/15/17:
Three full years since purchase and this watch is still my favorite and is on my wrist almost every day. I still get compliments on it when I'm out and about. Love it!
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on May 27, 2016
Bought this on Tue and got it on Fri, and that's with the free 5-8 day Amazon shipping. My seller was Prime Trade USA so I'm sure they had something to do with the amazing shipping speed, so thanks! Let me begin by saying this watch is way nicer than the picture. It's gorgeous. On the other hand, the band is crap. If I had it to do over I would get the rubber band which would at least be usable. The watch was 1 minute fast on it's first day, which is well within what I expected. The lume is so bright you wont believe it. I also bought a black/silver nato strap from Shark Straps and they look GREAT together. The combo wears really well too, very comfortable. So basically I'm super-stoked about my new watch. This is an iconic watch with decades of near-perfect reviews and a cult following for a ridiculously low price. Stop agonizing about it and just buy the dang watch (but seriously, get the rubber band!).

Edit: I left the watch home this weekend (while we went rock climbing & camping), and it was still running and perfectly on-time 45 hours later when I got home and picked it back up. I should also mention that I'm slightly taller and better looking now that I own this watch.
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on February 29, 2016
A staple in the affordable watch world. I purchased this for daily wear after reading so many articles on well respected watch blogs and forums. Overall I think this is a great watch. It's stylish, credible, functional and rugged enough at its price point. Noted as a real value, I agree.

The only note I would make as far as ordering is to expect the international model which will have an additional language option for the date indicator. I'm not sure if the pure US version had two language options. I couldn't find information on that. However, either model, it's still the same watch. The international model just has additional day language options, and there is one caveat on how the date will roll over. You will see the second language on the watch for a limited time each day. Here's how it works;

First, the date will flip to the next in about an hour. You'll see the number slowly roll to the next.

Now the day, having two languages it works a little differently. It just takes longer to roll over. So let's say you set English as the language for the date, and your watch came with English and Spanish. The watch is going to cycle through the second language first and will remain on that language for an hour or two, then move forward again to the set language. This process occurs while the typical owner will be asleep or does not have the watch on their wrist, but it does annoy some people. I think it adds to the charm of the watch.

Some other notes;
The Jubilee bracelet mimics the old 1970s era fold over designs. It's light and very comfortable, but it is not a heavy wearing bracelet. Yes, it does rattle, but where it lacks in heft it makes up for in comfort. I'd recommend trying it out first and if you don't like it, there are plenty of options on Amazon to replace it. I actually ordered a Super Oyster bracelet to have that option available, but so far I really like the Jubilee bracelet.

The build quality is fantastic and the quirks of this watch add character and charm. This is a watch loved by many and having finally purchased one, I can see why. It's vintage and stylish and works in every situation. The lume is bright and the movement is noted as one of the simplest and reliable in the world. I don't scuba drive so I won't be using this in that environment, but others have praised it for working well in the water. I hope to get great daily usage out of this watch and hope it performs well for a very long time.

I would recommend the Seiko 007 to anyone who loves watches, and would appreciate the watch for what it truly is. It's not an expensive Swiss dive watch and doesn't want to be. It's got its own unique personality and execution. I think that's why the watch world loves it.
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on August 13, 2016
This is my first big boy watch, ive moved up from the timex, casio, and gshock world and will hopefully someday end up in the IWC, Rolex, and Omega world, but untill then Seiko is a great middle ground. Its an affordable watch with high end characteristics and feel. It has a 7s26 movement, which is not the prettiest or most accurate movement, but what it is, is a workhorse of a movement, which is the perfect pairing for this watch. I would have gladly paid more for a scratch resistant sapphire crystal rather than hadlex but its managable. The bracelet is very comfortable but i personally did not like the look so i replaced it with a 2 piece nato/stitched kevlar black band. This watch is sexy. It is also rated to 200m which is around 600ish feet of water resistant, it is a certified diving watch, im not a diver, but if i ever wanted to, i have a watch that can handle much more than the average joe can do. Ive banged it around, dropped it, and taken it wakeboarding at a lake, works just fine. This watch is meant to be like indiana jones, travel and adventure and rough use, but it can also pass to be a james bond watch because of its great looks. Lume is excellent, 120 click bezel feels like a dream to operate, and day and date is a nice touch because i often forget what the day is.
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on May 13, 2018
I own 2 Invicta Grand Divers - with the Seiko NH35A moment - wind-able and hackable, screw-down crown and solid end links. I love them.

However, I've always my eye on the SKX007 - a classic. I own a Seiko 5 automatic that has the same 7s26 movement - not as precise as the NH35A - and non-hackable and does not wind, but decent enough. I thought the SKX would be more "classy". I finally ordered one, pulled it out of the box, threw it on my wrist with the plastic still on it, pulled it off and immediately went to my computer to request a return and ordered a black Invicta Grand Diver (I own the blue one and the one with the yellow face and black bezel).

I cannot keep a watch that cost 2X what the Invictas cost that has an inferior movement, a cheap tin-foil band and is very small (I have a large wrist, and my Seiko 5 looks decent on a NATO strap; the SKX is supposedly the same size as the 5, but appeared very small on my wrist). Also, decent oyster strap is at least $60+ dollars additional.

So, yeah, I'll have 3 of the exact same watch, but different colors for different occasions/moods/what I'm wearing. At least I'll be wearing them proudly and with the sense that I have a great looking and quality timepiece that was a great value on my wrist.
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this is going to be a little long-winded, but please bear with me... i hope i can pass on some tips and hints for those folks new to Seiko automatics and buying these watches here, online elsewhere, and even locally... and especially on topic, i'll also talk about my new SKX007K2...

purchased this SKX007K2 at a great price from Passthewatch... a few days earlier i had purchased an SKX007K1 from longislandwatch... the K2 comes with a Jubilee bracelet - i like these bracelets, have three of 'em.. the K1 is the rubber strapped 007...

in both instances, neither watch came with full docs - in other words, no warranty card - these gray market sellers must be selling the warranty cards on the market, reaping an additional profit on top of your purchase - Amazon and most Seiko buyers on Amazon seem to tolerate this practice...

on the other hand, i was recently at a Seiko outlet just south of me and purchased two Seikos for the holidays... there, the clerk duly stamped and notated the warranty cards and put them in the box with the watch, manual and pillow

honestly, the chances of getting a bum Seiko are a bit slim - it does happen... for the most confident purchase, buy from a certified dealer... for example, i purchased online from watchco and got my SKXA35 with a warranty card (just the same as with the Seiko outlet)... sometimes you will pay a little more, but with some sales and discounts, you may be surprised that dealer pricing can match online pricing (my upcoming holiday gift, an SKX173, from the Seiko outlet was *less* than any current online price even after paying sales tax)

however, if you choose to go the route by purchasing here on Amazon, make sure to carefully read the seller's return policy... if you buy an Amazon-guaranteed-no-questions-asked watch, you'll be OK... you can return the watch for a full refund... (i have also purchased used watches from Amazon's warehouse outlet to save a few dollars, but in some cases there is a strict time-limit or no-return policy)

on the other hand, if you buy a Seiko from a gray market dealer, do not just rip open the box, take off the packaging, redo the bracelet, etc... make sure the watch functions and works, crown screws in/out, time and date can be set etc., then wind the watch (manually or hand-wind if the movement allows) and let it run... if it's a Seiko automatic and keeps time for at least 24 hours, you can generally be assured the watch is good to go...

i did this with my new 007K2 from passthewatch and it works great!

but be warned: i have also been burned by buying an expensive Seiko and an expensive Orient watch directly from Amazon... a year ago, i ordered one of the new Orange Monsters and an Orient M-Force... what i got was an obviously returned Monster (albeit in good shape with a blank warranty card)... i kept the Monster and it is still working fine a year later...

the Orient I received, purchased as 'new' from Amazon, had no manual, no tags, no pillow, no warranty card, and had, in fact, had its bracelet modified to fit a wrist of a small child... if you know the M-Force, you know it's a beefy knuckle-duster... to add insult to injury, the removed links weren't even in the box... needless to say, i returned the watch and got my refund, but made sure to call Amazon directly and let them know that this practice was unacceptable...

i was horrified to say the least... in fact, in the last year i have had to return more items to Amazon that i have returned in 10 years of being a customer!

just be careful - it may happen to you...

now, at long last, on to my SKX007K2... what can one say? this is *the* beater automatic dive watch... it has a black dial... blobby markers... sword-like hands... walking-stick second hand...

there is no country of origin marked on the dial or caseback... this is unlike other Seikos, such as the SKXA35, which is marked 'Malaysia' on the dial...

where is it made? Seiko won't say... does it matter? not really.. none of the Seikos at this price point are assembled by hand - they're all made by robots, and the machines are the same whether in Japan or Malaysia or Singapore (if Seiko still has facilities there)

it doesn't have as big a case as other divers in its 200m certified class... i kinda like that... my first Seiko diver, now discontinued, was what is now the Alba solar diver... small case and dial... but the 007 has a nice size to it... you're not going to look like some klutz parading around wearing a huge Invicta-like desk diver on your wrist

accuracy across the 7s26 line of movements is about par for many automatics in this price range - pretty darn good: +/- 15-20 secs a day... i don't stress about to-the-second accuracy (maybe if i had a Grand Seiko Spring Drive 9R65 movement - only good for +/- 15 secs a month)

i like the looks of this watch... it is going to be my spare beater, as i'm ditching my quartz Casio MDV106-1AV, the best deal in the world on a 200m quartz diver for about two Jacksons...

i also like that the 007's crown is nicely out of the way at 4 pm - no digging on the wrist!

plus, this watch's model is '007' - how cool is that? i wonder how Seiko got away with that? (or how much did it cost?)

plus, there are a gazillion 007s on folks wrists and a lot of people like to change things up (mod) this watch...

so here's why bought this watch (not necessarily in order):

1. it's a Seiko
2. it looks good
3. it feels good to wear - not overly heavy
4. it has a 200m rating (i swim every morning for at least 30 minutes and snorkel off the beach a couple times a month)
5. it came with a nice stainless bracelet (there are Jubilee nay-sayers out there - don't believe - try one)
6. the lume... ah, the lume! absolutely wonderful... full charge-up at 2000 and still extremely readable at 0530
7. it's a diver - rugged, working bezel, lumed pip on bezel

so there are my reasons and this is my review... take it for what it's worth, but if you don't have a 007, get one... you deserve it!
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on February 22, 2017
Great watch. Will probably update review later on, just got it.

6 Month Update:

I have had this watch for about 6 months now and it has been my daily driver. I've tested several different NATO straps with it and found it to be a wonderful watch for someone who doesn't know a whole lot about watches, but wants to have one that is a solid performer and look sharp; I get compliments on my watch every so often. This watch is a great fit for my lifestyle. I recommend this watch to anyone who is looking for a diver and who wants something that is quality but that is also not going to break $200.

Still Loving It.
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on March 6, 2018
First off this is the finest watch you can buy for under $200 hands-down. It really looks more like $1000 watch when you just look at the dial it’s got a Japanese automatic movement which they’ve been using and perfecting for decades it sweeps nicely the dial turns nicely the date and time is easy to set it starts running as soon as you pick it up there is no winding feature you have to shake it they call it the psycho shake but I’ll get going the only reason I didn’t give it five stars it’s unavoidable really the bracelet is a $10 bracelet it’s cheap but again they put all the money into the dial if you want A nice bracelet it’s gonna cost you about $70-$80 and it’s worth it and then you’ve got about 300 into the watch and I’m telling you it’s like $1000 quality the only thing it’s missing perhaps from $1000 watch is a Swiss movement of sapphire crystal again you won’t notice it it is a great watch you won’t regret buying this watch and if you move on to more expensive watches this will be your daily wherever this will be your beater watch
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on October 29, 2014
Have been wearing it non-stop ever since I got it... It';s not a super expensive piece of jewelry, so I can wear it wherever and whenever and not worry about getting it banged up. However, the watch itself is absolutely pristine, in spite of me not taking particular care of it. The band has some scratches on the underside (where it rubs against my desk when I am typing... )

Classy, yet understated. Not too big, not too small. Fantastically comfortable (once the band is properly adjusted). Love that the crown is at an angle, so it doesn't stick out and rub on my back hand like my other watch does.

Also, I had heard horror stories about automatic watches lack of accuracy at keeping time. Mine is doing just fine at its job. Given that I travel to other timezones every couple weeks anyway, I need to change the time so I haven't had the chance to notice any major inaccuracy (might be a couple seconds off, but when it says 10h19, it's 10h19).

Also, as a side note, I thought the multilingual calendar is pretty nifty... it's not like I track the days of the week in Spanish anywa, but I find pretty cool that they've been able to figure that out mechanically)
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on January 22, 2015
Not much to add that hasn't already been said: this is the best/most recommended/most respected mechanical watch in its price range. Here are some gratuitous photos of it on a 22mm "Bond" Nato from Maratac.
Also and for what it's worth, this unregulated, Malaysia made auto (that specs at +/- 40 seconds a day) is running 10 seconds fast a day out of the box, not too shabby. If I had one complaint (and I do), it's that the chapter ring is not perfectly aligned with the dial (it's maybe half a mm rotated too far clockwise- not sure if you will be able to tell from the pics). Not a big enough deal to send it back to Japan, but it will bother my OCD until its first service nonetheless.
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