Customer Reviews: Seiko Men's SNK793K Automatic Stainless Steel Watch
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on September 23, 2008
Owned for 2 months, received as a gift.

Stainless steel band and midnight blue face are a combination of tough and formal. Good for work if you have a clean job. My job isn't so clean, so I wear it after work and weekends.

Since I'm not wearing it continuously, the movement runs out of gas occasionally. So I get lots of practice setting the time (and day and date), which requires a half dozen more steps than a simple quartz watch.

For instance, the stem has three positions: retracted, middle, and pulled out all the way. And, the instructions say NOT to set the watch between 9 PM and 4 AM, which is to avoid some ambiguities as the mechanical day/date changes around midnight.

Making a long story short, you play with the stem a few times and learn how it behaves. You realize setting the time between 9 PM and 4 AM is not prohibited, but is instead easily done. All in all, a small learning curve that you should be aware exists, but shouldn't stop you from purchasing this pretty thing.

An interesting function is that, while adjusting the minute hand, if the stem is turned slightly backwards, the second hand stops moving. (Turn it backwards more, and the minute hand adjusts backwards, as usual.) That provides for a way to set the second hand exactly.

When my watch runs continuously, it picks up about five seconds per day. It would be best if it kept time perfectly, but running a bit fast is 2nd best. Using the afore-mentioned function, you can stop the second hand as required without disturbing the minute hand. Pretty easy, if you care about second-accuracy.

In this rare instance, Amazon's images of this watch are pretty good. The styling of the band is continuous with the case of the watch, so it all looks like one smooth, silver piece. The watch and band is a little heavy, which satisfies the hardware-like feeling that makes you feel like a man. Works for me.

I walked around a shopping mall until I found a jeweler who claimed to have experience removing links from this band. Recommend removing links evenly, i.e., one from the top of the watch, and one from the bottom of the watch, one more from the top of the watch, etc. That way, when the watch is centered at the top of your wrist, the latch will remain centered at the bottom of your wrist. He charged $10 to perform the adjustment, but he wouldn't accept a tip.

To release the latch, don't just try to pull it open. Instead, squeeze the two tiny tabs on either side of the latch to release it : |
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on July 4, 2009
Let me start off by saying I researched for about five months before buying this watch. I looked at many automatic watches, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive I could afford in a couple of years. I was torn between saving up for an Omega Speedmaster Chronometer with Day&Date which would cost somewhere around $3,500.00 or getting a low end Fossil automatic with Day,Date,&Month.

I actually ended up getting the Fossil ME1030 (For those of you who were thinking about this watch). It was heavy (making my hand numb) and could not keep time. I had it for a month and a half. The more I wore it the more seconds it gained a day. It would range from gaining 15 to 45 seconds a day. I ended up returning it, realizing how important precise time keeping was to me. And don't listen to people who say, "Automatics can't really be precise or accurate." Do your research and you'll find out that there are some automatics that can keep quit accurate and precise time.

Which brought me back to either saving up for an Omega Speedmaster Chronometer (which should gain or loose 6 seconds a day) or another alternative. Well, since I didn't have the money for an Omega at the moment and I wanted to see how I would I like having a "More Precise" automatic watch, I kept searching for a more affordable alternative. My search ended here, with the Seiko 5 Automatic SNK793K1.

I must say I love this watch. It's much lighter than my Fossil, you barely notice it's on. Yet, as it's made of stainless steel it feels very sturdy. The dial is a handsome deep blue, allowing it to go well with casual or formal attire. The dial itself is very easy to read, as well. The day and date are also very easy to see and adjust. Since this watch is not perpetual, all you have to do to change the date when it's off is pull the crown out to the first position, and rotate up to correct the date or down to correct the day. It is also very simple to set this watch accurate to the second. All you have to do is pull the crown out to the second position and turn it back slightly, causing the second hand to stop. And most importantly, after having this watch for a month, it appears to gain only about 8-10 seconds every 24 hours. This is within acceptable parameters for a modern day non-certified automatic watch. This watch is very accurate and precise for the money you pay.
I can't say how much I love this watch. I don't wear it to work, but I wear it for 4-5 hours after I get home and all day on my days off, which keeps the mainspring charged. If you were wondering if this watch is worth it, there's no need to hesitate. The other reviews on this watch are right on! I don't even think I'm gonna bother saving up for that Omega anymore.

Here is a final list of the Pro's and cons on this watch:

-Day & Date
-Stainless Steel Construction
-Links that are adjustable by yourself with tools in your tool box
(it's on google or just watch a repairman do it once and you'll see
how easy it is)
-Light weight construction
-Precise time keeping

Con's --> Why I gave this watch 4 stars
-Mineral Crystal (Whish it were Sapphire)
-Watch cannot be manually wound
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on June 14, 2008
i am writing this through the mrs account but what the heck. ordered this automatic seiko to replace the invicta pro diver which seemed to have gone kaput on me. well i was in greece and notice that the invicta was like 1/2 late. the watch has stopped somewhere along the way- so the invicta which i loved which i owned for pretty much exactly 2 years. the invicta stopped and started every now and again - the movement on the invicta is a citizen watch company miyota 8162 - but i digress...

anywho - i was looking for another watch - something i didn't have to replace batteries for (actually i ended up buying 2 watches from amazon - the seiko and a casio g-shock watch) and decided against solar, kinetic, eco-drive watches. they have an internal rechargeable battery which as anyone knows rechargeable batteries at some point would no longer hold a charge.

so i was looking for another automatic - i thought about getting another invicta but decided against it - invicta didn't make their own movements - so i was perusing and came upon this Seiko - Seiko makes their own movements - albeit cheap movements not unlike the invicta miyota movement- so i thought they would have better QC if their name was on it and Seiko make fine quality watches and instruments. The movement on this watch is the 7s26b 21 jewels non-hacking (cannot stop the seconds hand when the crown is pulled) - there are a few discussion sites concerning this movement - its predecessor was teh 7s26a... the replacement is purportedly more accurate. the miyota movement in the invicta actually gained like 5 minutes every week.

the watch itself i thought was simple yet elegant. can be worn on casual or formal i think. The blue face makes it all the more attractive. the face is smaller than what i'm used to with the invicta dive watch - that was 40mm.. this one is around 38mm. it displays the day and date... the day comes in spanish too. depending on what you want it to read... it can be a little tricky setting it to how you want it to read but i had no trouble setting it to english. what happens is it will inevitably go to spanish in the wee hours (when you are probably asleep anyway) and quickly switch back to english of the NEXT day. you'll have to fiddle with the time to see when exactly it changes the day so you can set the dominant language you want to see the day on.

when it arrived i was very happy with the watches appearance. it came in a light blue handsome box - inside the watch had protective plastic around the center links. the Seiko tag was there - turn the back and you can see the heart of the watch - it is a see-through skeletonized back where you can see the movement and the heartbeat. what makes the watch automatic is the rotor - your wearing the watch and your bodily movement moves the rotor which winds the watch. the watch is also "resting" on a pillow and on the bottom instructions.

The crystal is Seiko's "Hardlex" - not mineral not sapphire but their own proprietary(?) Harlex crystal.

while the watch is on the small size from a dive watch - seiko certainly put enuff links on their for the big man! i have a small wrist so i had to take off 5 links all together. these links confused me a bit because it is not the usual pins... but these links were actually easier to take out than the usual pins. there are holes in which (i used a bulletin board push pin) if you push it at an angle you can push the pins out and using a needle nose plier quickly take out the pins and links.

i have had this watch for two days and it seems to be keeping time pretty well with the casio - i will compare it for a week to see how well this goes up against a battery driven quartz movement.

so far i'm satisfied with this watch - this was sold on the amazon site by an affiliate - K.G. Company that does not have it's own website - but it had good store reviews so i went with it. Although i think the marketing people at K.G. or amazon thought of a "call to action" device by declaring the "limited" quantities they had - "only 2 in stock -- order soon" -meanwhile i'm sure they had plenty -just to create some sense of urgency on the customers part. I also did see this watch at different pricing with the same affiliate company. $83.99 and at $99.00 - so maybe they are wanting to see which pricing makes a difference or perhaps no difference at all.

so if you're looking for basically a simple watch which tells time accurately (so far) and with the day (in english and spanish)and date display at a good price - this watch is what you're looking for.

Update: 11/1/2015 - this watch is still running! but it doesn't age well tho - plenty of scratches on the band and some on the hardlex crystal but it is a workhorse tho. i haven't been wearing it as i have been wearing bigger face watches but wanted to say it is still working.
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on August 15, 2009
I am now a retired engineer and in 1976 purchased one of the early Seiko quartz analogue watches. The watch required a new battery every 5 years and is still an every-day watch for me. My experience with this watch prompted me in the direction of Seiko as the manufacturer of my new watch.

I ordered the Seiko model SNK793K1 watch on 23 July 2009 and it was delivered to my home in Spain 4 days later, not only in good condition but actually working, as it had wound itself up during transit. I found the watch to be almost exactly as depicted in the Amazon web site. The actual colour of the dial is a very dark blue and the description of the crystal given as 'mineral' is described by Seiko as 'Hardlex' which I believe to be man made. Other than these two points I find the product to be of fine quality and I am very satisfied with my purchase especially when you read my findings on accuracy.

I have delayed my feedback on this product so that I can say how the watch is performing. After all why do we need a watch other than to tell what the time is! The watch was delivered on the 27th of July, it is now the 15th of August (19 days later) and the watch has lost a total of 25 seconds, that is 1.3 sec. per day. I think that this level of performance is more than one should expect from a watch costing less than $80 and this is why I think that this product is excellent 'value for money'.
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on May 19, 2009
I was elated to find that someone actually still made a 21 jewel mechanical movement watch for a reasonable price. No, it isn't something you will find at Wal-Mart for $10.00. But, as they say, you get what you pay for and this Seiko is very reasonable at around $70.00 for the high quality of this watch. I wear one of them night and day. This poor thing has been drowned, banged, and in general not had a kind life (I am a major klutz). It takes quite a beating and actually still ticks and tells time.(for going on two years now) It is easy to set and as long as you don't let it sit on the dresser for more then a day, it never stops. But, the fantastic thing is that I never have to jerk around trying to find and install batteries anymore. I love that. It is also cool to see the micro movements of the second hand as compared to what you see with quartz type watches. With the analog style face, it is really easy to tell the time with just a glance. Sometimes retro is better. If you are sick of watch batteries, poor quality, and hard to set digital watches, this is your ticket to watch freedom. Even the least expensive versions of this watch look elegant. Also, it is a hoot to see people's reactions when they realize it is a self winding mechanical watch. Younger people marvel at seeing the mechanics via the clear back. Thank you Seiko for keeping this jewel on the market!
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on August 12, 2008
It looks really nice and Self-Winding is accurate. I can buy this watch at least 5x more than this price in my country. If someone is looking for Seiko Automatic, so buy this one because of low price and quality ... STRONG recommened!.
One thing i want to mention here is the strap that is very large but no problem to fix. As amateur like me it takes about 15 minutes for a first time. If you do not know how to do it, so just use Mr. Google to search and find the solution. Would like to give this item 10 stars instead of max 5.
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on December 9, 2008
I was truly surprised when the watch arrived. The quality of the steel case and chrome bezel is excellent. Its got a glass smooth shiny finish and the case back is transparent showing the working machinery.
I just love the fact that its self winding and you don't have to bother about replacing batteries.
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on June 30, 2009
this watch looks awesome and i recieve many compliments for it. it stays charged while on my wrist so there is no need for the winder. however if i let it sit for about 20 hours or more it needs to be wound and the time and date need to be set again.
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on December 3, 2008
first of all i got a great deal on the watch when i purchased it. the watch was nearly 50% of the listed price. I bought this watch for my boyfriend as a christmas gift and i am so happy with it! its sleek and sophisticated look was exactly his style. The watch is unique in that it starts running once you take it out of the box and shake it a little to get the watch started. The chain on the watch is a lighter weight than some of the other watches, and i had to get a few links taken out to get it to the correct size but i took it to a watch and jewelry repair man who was able to do it quickly. The color of the face is a very nice deep blue and the time and day/date are easy to ready unlike some of the bulkier watch. i would recommend this for anyone who wants a classy sophisticated watch without spending hundreds of dollars.
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on June 7, 2009
Wonderful watch for the price. It works well, though the self-winding means I can't have it as just a work watch(with casual use it seems to run down in about 30 hours, so you need to give it a few shakes on the weekend.) I work at a job with a lot of powerful magnetic fields and they don't muss up the time too badly, every few hours I need to tweak it maybe 1-2 minutes either way, but I've let it go all day without losing or gaining more than 5 minutes. It's durable and the only part that shows any wear after a month of use is the clasp, which has some brushmarks from rubbing on things I have picked up, I suppose.

I've gotten quite a few comments, including one from my supervisor who is a bit of a watch aficionado.
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