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on March 26, 2016
I have owned this watch for about 2 weeks now. This watch looks alot better in person. Buying this watch i knew it was small in diameter and it surprised me in how well it looks on my wrist. Although it is small is still has a very masculine and stylish look and feel. this is my first automatic watch and i am very satisfied with my purchase. I did how ever purchase a new strap for it as i feel the cream/tan of the face combined with the original strap makes the watch look cheap and dull. I replaced it with a Hadley Roma MS854 18mm. The watch looks superb now. The leather strap really brought out the face more, it makes for an excellent combo that can be worn for many occasions. If you really want to up your style this watch can do just that.
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on March 17, 2014
At a glance, the beige face and beige strap of this particular Seiko 5 might seem pretty blah looking when compared to its black, blue and green faced brothers in the SNK80 line, but when it comes to combining it with different straps, I think the beige face actually gives it more versatility, and pairing it with a leather band like the Hadley-Roma Chestnut as seen here [...]) gives it a classic, almost old-fashioned look that elevates it to a level of classiness that the others would be hard-pressed to attain.

Get this one and a new band, and I promise you won't be disappointed.
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on May 24, 2017
OK, 1st off, you'll almost certainly need to read the instruction manual that comes with this to set the day/date readout. DON'T WIND THE STEM, this thing is designed to *solely* autowind, so to start it up you need to swing it side to side for about 30secs: after that, put it on & normal wrist movement is supposed to keep it wound. Downside for me is that now I'm afraid to take it off at night like I normally would; a powered "watch winder" station is in my future [that's ok, this is my 2nd mech autowinding watch, so I'll need one anyway...]

A handsome watch, but kind of a small dial [that would have been considered a normal, man's size watch a couple decades ago, but I guess Flava Flave changed all that with his kitchen clock sized pendant?] Hard to see the inner circle of numbers, but anyone who can read an analog dial should already know they're 12 at the top, 1, 2, 3, etc.. The bonus is the outer dial of tix for the sweep second hand has legible 5, 10, 15 increments. Yeah, presbyopia is a beeyatch... :-\ ;-)

Watch band is a comfortable canvas w/ leather hole reinforcements, and like all standard watch bands, a little on the short side for us average-sized American males [6'+, 200#+] so I'm one hole in from the absolute longest setting, with barely enough tab to tuck under one of the two keepers. I'll probably take some pliers to the spare keeper at some point, just to prevent it snagging on things or driving me batty, but it's cool that Seiko makes them out of steel [since the keeper failing is usually the reason I wind up replacing a watch band before I would otherwise have to do so...]

Haven't tested this thing's water-resistance yet, but it's been my experience that any watch that's not actually dive rated [100m resistance minimum] is going to fail under normal hydro exposure, so I don't plan on wearing this into the water if I can possibly avoid it. Besides, wet watch bands are horribly uncomfortable against the skin, so just take the thing *off* before you shower, m'kay?

Hands & divisions on the dial are luminescent treated, but it's not the old radioactive stuff from b4 I was born, so it's useless under most conditions of real darkness, but the hands are white w/ black edges, so I'm hoping that the next time I'm out riding the moto I'll still be able to make things out by the streetlight illumination. It's got to be better than any of my other non-Timex Indiglo watch faces, anyway!
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on August 6, 2016
I gave this watch 4 stars because I like it, but the jury's still out a bit on it from a dependability standpoint. I bought this watch to have in case my Citizen Eco-Drive of similar design stopped working. I'd had the Citizen for about 3 years, and it would occasionally just stop. I didn't think it was the battery / solar charging system because when it would stop, I couldn't advance the time with the winder past a certain point because the calendar would act like it was hanging up somehow. I'd mess around with it- winding it backwards, forwards, just the date, etc, until it would go again, but I didn't want to be stuck without a watch, so I figured for $50, how do you go wrong with a brand name mechanical watch? When the Seiko arrived I rotated it in a circle for about a minute to get it started with the winding process (you can't use the stem to wind this model), and put it on. I really like the look of it, so I decided to put my Citizen in a south facing window to get several hours of sunlight a day to fully charge it, and just wear the seiko every day. I was impressed with it's accuracy right away. I didn't do an exact calculation, but it seems to generally gain about 2 minutes a week, maybe a little less than that, which is fine as far as I'm concerned. I rarely have to be anywhere at any exact second. It also seems to be well built. My wife and I have horses and I occasionally get bounced around on one of them, or on a tractor, or running through a field trying to get one to go where I want it to rather than where it wants to go, and it's never had any issues that I could see. The problem is that in the 3 months I've owned it, at least twice it's just stopped cold. I don't think it was from lack of winding since manually rotating the watch in a circle gave me the sound of the winding mechanism working, but no movement at all from the second hand. On each occasion I ended up taking the watch and smacking it firmly (but not too hard) against the side of my hand, and both times it started right up. Last time I did that was about a month ago, and it hasn't stopped since, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it was something that's been rectified in the break in process. The only part of the watch I'm a little disappointed in is the luminous hands and dots at the hour markers. They're not bad, but the material used in the Citizen is definitely better. The Citizen can be read in the dark several hours after the light's been turned off, while the Seiko loses most of it's luminosity after an hour. I have to admit though that there's just something classic about a mechanical watch, and sometimes it's just fun to watch the sweep second hand go around the dial. Battery operated watches just don't provide that fascination value.
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on June 13, 2017
I wanted to try out an automatic movement watch without breaking the bank on a luxury model, and this Seiko fits the bill perfectly. The dial is a classic military aviator (flieger) design, with printed Arabic numbering, applied Seiko 5 logo, classic sword profile minute and hour hands outlined in black, and a red-tipped needle shaped second hand. Each hand has a large area of lume for easy night visibility, though the tiny dots at each hour are a little harder to make out, and there is no unique lume mark for 12 o'clock.

The case is a relatively small (by modern standards) at 38mm, but the bezel is not overly large and the watch still wears nicely on the wrist. The case finishing is plain bead-blasted stainless, which feels appropriate to the military aesthetic of the watch. For mechanical watch neophytes, the clear display case back is a nice touch. While there's no luxury heritage or fancy finishing to speak of to the movement, it's still a bone fide automatic mechanical Seiko, for (well) under $100, and being able to see it at work is part of the appeal.

Despite that low cost, this watch keeps good time for an automatic; mine is currently running about -4 sec/day. For context, that's within the tolerances for Swiss COSC-certified mechanical chronometers.

The band that comes with the watch is a simple (synthetic?) beige canvas, that resembles (but is not) a NATO strap, with bead-blasted metal fittings that match the case. It's functional, but I almost immediately replaced it with an 18mm dark brown leather band from Barton:BARTON Quick Release Top Grain Leather Strap
This definitely improved the look of the watch, and the total cost was still less than $80.

Bottom line: a great introductory automatic watch, with classic field styling, at an unbeatable price point. Oh, and it comes in 4 color schemes too, if white/cream isn't your thing.
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on July 7, 2017
First of all, you can't hack the seconds hand or hand wind the movement. With that being said, this is a great watch for the price. I give it a few shakes and the movement starts up; but I have to shake it for a good 30 seconds or the watch will not keep time properly. When fully wound, I noticed it has a power reserve of almost 2 days, which is more than enough if you want to take it off to go to sleep or to shower. Water resistance on this watch has always been ambiguous. Some will tell you 100m, others will say 30m. It is 30m. The band is comfortable but a bit annoying to put on since it's a tight fit through the metal loops so I replaced it with a leather band. It keeps time pretty well from what I can tell, but I don't wear the same watch too many days in a row so I eventually have to reset the time anyway; so inaccuracy doesn't bother me that much. Some people say that this watch is a hit or miss, but I think the people that receive a "miss" just don't know much about the watch to use it properly. When I first got the watch, I didn't wind it enough and after two hours the watch was already 8 minutes behind. But once I figured out that I had to wind it more, it stayed accurate. The watch is great for the price point, and you even get a proven workhorse movement (7s26). The reasons I knocked a star are: (1) the watch rattles when the rotor spins to wind it, which is a bit unsettling until you get used to it, and (2) the seconds hand actually moves backwards when you are adjusting the time in a counterclockwise direction, but this can be a plus since you can use this trick to hack the seconds hand.

Last remarks:
Adjusting day and date is faster and easier than all of my high-end swiss watches (ie rolex, breitliing, etc).
The crown is a bit difficult to pull out if you don't have nails.
It takes a while to get used to seeing the minutes indices outside of the hours indices, but it makes more sense if you think about it (minutes hand is longer).
This is a great homage of the Laco Type B.
Lume is decent, obviously not as good as a diver.
Discrete size.
With such a cheap price and free returns (with prime), you can't go wrong with at least trying the watch if you are considering getting it.
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on June 15, 2017
It is a very nice watch. It is very good looking and it has nice beach feel to it. And the fact that its automatic and water resistant makes it almost perfect except its too small for me. The materials are very nice for a 60 dllr watch and I would encourage anyone to buy it after making sure it fits them right. I'm more used to larger watches on me cos I'm on the... heftier side of the scale so small watches don't particularly look good on me (I feel) so I am keeping it because I have a thing for nice watches, but I don't think I'll be wearing it other than when I go to the beach (and that won't be to often cos the closest one is 12hrs away) so it won't be seeing too much use which in a way I guess is a good thing cos it'll last me a long time. If you're a smaller person this watch might work well for you though and consider that I am 5'10" and weigh 200lbs. This would be a better watch for someone around 5'-5'6" tall and 120-150lbs. Unless you like the thin small watch look on you
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on February 2, 2015
I love the layout on the dial, absolutely perfect. Easy to read quickly. It's been a trusty watch for the first 5 months I've had it. Waited to write a review until I had used it a little while/


-Quiet, not a lot of noise comes off this thing. You can feel it in your wrist a little bit, which I enjoy. My whole arm feels naked without it now.

-Easy to read and setup.

-Band is comfortable and stylish. It's color is slightly darker than the photo but still a nice neutral Tan that will go with anything.


-Canvas strap doesn't hold up to being tightened to the wrist. This, for me, is the biggest flaw of the watch. While the strap offers comfort it doesn't hold up well to being tightened to the wrist. My wrist is very small and upon arrival I used the third smallest hole, then the second, then the first. I don't think it has any more stretching to and as of now is grips my wrist comfortably. Throughout that process I went through differing comfort with the tightness of the strap, as at one point the loosened third hole would slide around my wrist while the second hole cut off circulation to my hand.

-Leather strip lining the holes has noticeable ware from the metal buckle rubbing on it.This piece is stitched to the canvas strap and is coated with a thin tan layer to make it match the strap. The ware is especially prominent where the buckle has been strapped in, which in my case is three locations due to the stretching.

-Loses time. Just sync it up ever couple days.

Final thoughts: Don't be fooled by the lengthy explanations of the cons, this is a great watch and well worth the buy. I got more than I payed for and would buy it again.
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on July 7, 2017
I got this watch on Amazon Deal of the Day for $39!

It goes from business to casual with ease, is comfortable, and in the short time I've had it, seems pretty durable.

Water resistance (per the manual) is only 3 bar (hand washing or rain), but I've showered with it and had no problems. I've read some have swam with it, I take mine off for those kind of activities.

I swapped the band for a Barton (18mm) chocolate colored band ($13.95); it really improved the appearance.

Power reserve is just shy of 48hrs.

Getting this watch for <$40 really makes it more enjoyable, but I'd pay the $55 or so it's often at on Prime...totally worth it to me.
review image
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on July 26, 2017
I originally purchased this was as a means to working on Seiko movements(the mechanism they makes it tell time). Figured at this price, I wouldn't be worried breaking anything.

Unfortunately, when I opened the box I realized that this watch it too good looking to use as a guinea pig!

This watch punches well above it's weight. The dial is striking. The applied Seiko and "5" are a nice touch. The hands are gorgeous and congrats beautifully against the cream dial.

The case size is a little small for my taste. But as with most instances that one falls in love, you look past the shortcomings.

I put her on the timegrapher and, amazingly, her positional variance is the least of all my Seiko's. She's +6 dial up, +9 dial down, +1 crown up and +2 crown down. Crazy good numbers!

Just a great buy!!!
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