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on April 9, 2015
I'm giving this a five star rating for the watch itself. The strap is a steaming pile. I'm new to this whole mechanical watch thing, so I was looking at bang for the buck. I like military/aviator style watches and this one seemed to fit the bill on the checklist. I have to say, when it arrived, I was surprised for so little money you'd get such a nice timepiece. The box and little pillow are nice. This would make a great gift for a nerdy kid. There are a ton of other reviews, so I'll just get down to what I like: The lume is powerful enough that I can read the watch all night long without having to charge it under a light. If I wake up at 4:45 am, I can see that's what time it is. The watch is quiet in operation. I do hear the jingle jangle of the rotor in the back swinging around with my arm when I move sometimes, but it's not annoying. My particular watch is very accurate. I've had it running for three weeks now and it has lost 14 seconds. I took the strap off of mine as soon as I got it and made one out of leather, so my photos are not representative of the strap that comes with it. The strap that comes with it is really thin and cheap feeling. I'd feel guilty using the strap that came with it as a collar for a feral cat, let alone my wrist. My only personal complaint of the watch is that it seems a bit small on me, but fashion comes and goes and changes. It's big enough that it doesn't look goofy. If I wasn't married, I'd immediately buy the other colors so I had one to go with every outfit.
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on September 18, 2017
So far so good.... I bought the larger version (SNZG09K1) but after a few months of wearing it the second hand fell off.... so not as rugged as I would have expected from Seiko, hoping this one will fare better. This one is smaller in diameter and in band width, but so far the self-winding feature is as described and looks great. I actually like the look of the SNZG09K1 better but had to return it. I'll have to wear this one for a few months to feel confident that it's rugged enough for consistent weekend use. Hopefully will have better luck with this one!
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on October 25, 2017
Nice watch for the price. I've had mine for 4+ years now. the glass is getting a bit scratched up. Mine runs abit fast, i have to adjust the time every two days. It runs about 2 mins fast a day. Better early than late right? Band is still holding up ok. will most likely replace the band and put a nice sapphire glass upgrade to the standard glass so it's more scratch resistant. I like not having to waste time and money getting a new battery every few years like my other Swiss Army watch.
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on September 15, 2017
The watch looks quite handsome. Rugged-looking enough too be relax. Simple enough to be (well, for lack of better words) cute. However, beware that it's tiny by today standards. Well, on the other hand, it's unisex. In fact, my then-fiancee (now wife) seized it from me when she saw it first time.

That said, the watch has not been the most reliable one. After about 6 months, the screw on the automatic winding came slightly loose, which means that it stops winding. I tightened it a few times (each gives it about a month of service) before junking it.

However, for $60, it's excellent value. Very handsome, automatic (with a display case back!), relatively accurate (automatic == don't time nuclear devices with it).
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on May 17, 2017
I finally found a watch that met my requirements, small diameter, automatic
Strap : it's a Ballistic strap with buckle bearing the Seiko brand
I added a vintage band to the watch and I feel it makes it look really well and stand out on its own
Accuracy : It keeps the time petty well, my watch shows about +10 seconds when it's worn full day.
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on July 8, 2017
I really love this watch. It's build quality and accuracy really exceeds expectations for a roughly $50 watch. I found I couldn't stop wearing it for about six months. And I still love it, but I allow my other watches back in rotation now. Mine is absurdly accurate. If I keep it fully awound (which no crown winding is the biggest drawback) it will keep +/- 4 seconds a day. The view of the mechanical movement is great, and the overall retro feel of the watch is terrific. I went with the green one, but might just have to pick up another.
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on January 18, 2017
Overall, 3 stars.

Bang for buck: 4.5 stars.

First, the bad: This is a cheap watch, and it behaves like a cheap watch. It gains about 5 minutes every three or four days. The band is cheap and quickly show signs of wear (scratches, dings, color loss) especially where the tongue goes through holes.

The good: It looks good and it's easy to read at a glance. It keeps a charge for about three or four days without needing to be wound. It's tough - this is my sport watch that I wear when I'm active (and often in water) and it takes a beating just fine. It's handled sunscreen, salt water, lake water, sweat, dirt and is still ticking just fine. Haven't noticed any scratches or dings on the face or the bezel or the case. The olive color looks good when you have a tan and goes with many different colored clothes. The hands are very luminous and stay bright for a long time after the sun goes down.

Neutral: The second hand's tip is red, which doesn't look great on an olive watch, but this is a personal preference.

Overall, it's a good starter mechanical watch for anyone who thinks they might want an automatic watch, but doesn't want to spend a ton of money to find out they don't care.
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on May 24, 2017
Great watch keeps good time not sure why other have had problems with durability..Its mechanical and needs to be taken care of. set day and date when watch hands are in proper instructions it is multi language for days...and so on. its not rocket science.
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on May 16, 2017
Classic Seiko styling and quality, everything you would expect from one of the best watch makers. I like the offset stem. The band is durable yet very comfortable. You can not go wrong buying this watch, and it is at a great price point. This is an excellent value.
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on July 28, 2016
Here are my initial impressions on this Sekio timepiece.

I am a huge fan of watches, and am a borderline WIS. If I was single, this addiction would be seriously out of control.

I wanted something to take with me on holiday/daily beating that I wouldn't care so much about. My grail is an Omega Planet ocean 42mm 8500 - and frankly I grab it every day. I never really thought about having another watch to wear daily until I booked my extended trip to Europe a few months back.

I picked one of these up on a whim to give it a test drive. I am impressed with the quality Seiko is delivering in a sub $60 watch. The movement is nothing crazy - but it's epic to have an automatic movement at this price range. I have a lot of quartz examples that don't feel as "homely" (for lack of better verbiage) as this timepiece. It certainly packs a punch value-wise.

My issue with this piece lies in it's size. I'm a size whore, and this watch (coming in around the 37mm mark with crown) was just too small for my reasonably large wrists (7 3/4"). I love the look, I love the value, but I don't love the size. If you're into smaller dials, or have smaller wrists, this watch is a must for your collection. I opted to exchange it for the larger 45mm Sport 5 model, in the same army green.

That's my 0.02.
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