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on April 9, 2015
I'm giving this a five star rating for the watch itself. The strap is a steaming pile. I'm new to this whole mechanical watch thing, so I was looking at bang for the buck. I like military/aviator style watches and this one seemed to fit the bill on the checklist. I have to say, when it arrived, I was surprised for so little money you'd get such a nice timepiece. The box and little pillow are nice. This would make a great gift for a nerdy kid. There are a ton of other reviews, so I'll just get down to what I like: The lume is powerful enough that I can read the watch all night long without having to charge it under a light. If I wake up at 4:45 am, I can see that's what time it is. The watch is quiet in operation. I do hear the jingle jangle of the rotor in the back swinging around with my arm when I move sometimes, but it's not annoying. My particular watch is very accurate. I've had it running for three weeks now and it has lost 14 seconds. I took the strap off of mine as soon as I got it and made one out of leather, so my photos are not representative of the strap that comes with it. The strap that comes with it is really thin and cheap feeling. I'd feel guilty using the strap that came with it as a collar for a feral cat, let alone my wrist. My only personal complaint of the watch is that it seems a bit small on me, but fashion comes and goes and changes. It's big enough that it doesn't look goofy. If I wasn't married, I'd immediately buy the other colors so I had one to go with every outfit.
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on March 28, 2013
I've been wearing this watch everyday for about a week now and I'm very impressed with it so far. Here is my own breakdown of the watch, in no particular order:

I have a 7 inch wrist and this watch fits me very nicely. It's such a relief to find an affordable, reasonably-sized, automatic watch these days when every new watch design coming out seems to be 40mm in diameter or larger. I would consider this a "mid-sized" watch for anyone with a medium to small wrist. Also, in case anyone is interested, the width of the lugs and strap for this watch is 18mm.

Fit and Finish:
The quality and craftsmanship of this watch is pretty outstanding considering it only cost $60. The dial is sharp and the lume is totally useable. Make no mistake, this watch was most likely assembled entirely by robots, but I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing (they did a pretty good job on mine). The watch strap leaves a little to be desired, feeling a bit coarse on the skin; I'll probably replace it eventually, but for now, it's doing just fine.

I've been keeping track of my watch's accuracy compared to the US atomic clock for the last week and I have to say I'm impressed. It's been consistently 2-4 seconds fast per day, which is even more accurate than its officially stated specifications. In other words, it's overachieving in a big way. To get more accurate than this you are going to have to shell out at least 5 times the cash.

Automatic Mechanism:
This watch employs a Seiko 7S26C movement, which, in my humble opinion, is an absolute marvel of modern engineering. It is rumored that this mechanism costs all of $10 to produce, which, if true, is simply amazing. It's extremely efficient in winding the mainspring and is reported to be very durable, shock-resistant, and extremely low-maintenance in the long-term. You couldn't really ask for much more from such an inexpensive movement. I will say, the rotor does "rattle" ever so slightly when the watch is jerked around suddenly, but this is nothing that you can hear unless you have it close to your ear. It hasn't bothered me at all and doesn't seem to have any impact on the function of the watch. Lastly, this movement is not officially "hackable" but you can actual manually force it to hack by turning the crown slightly against its normal rotation direction while in the second position... this effectively stops the seconds hand. If you turn it back to normal then the second hand starts back up again. Hack achieved! Now just set the hour and minutes and you're good to go.

Water Resistance:
This watch has a stated water-resistance of 30 meters (or 3 ATM). I haven't really tested this, but I have washed the watch in a sink without any incident. Personally, I won't hesitate to swim in this watch even though the manufacturer guidelines tell you not to swim in a 30m WR watch (the manufacturers are just covering their own skin, in my opinion, but your opinion might vary). I'm betting that this watch will most likely keep a seal while the gaskets and O-rings are relatively new, and besides, it's only a $60 watch anyway... not worth losing sleep over.

Compared to many of the more expensive automatic watches out there, this watch basically gives you 80% of the functionality for 20% of the cost (or less!). I'd say that's a steal any way you look at it!
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VINE VOICEon January 25, 2016
I love the rugged military style of this watch. And the price! Finally, an automatic-watch I'm not afraid to wear camping. In a few years when I've scratched the heck out of this crystal I'll get a domed sapphire crystal replacement for thirty bucks and mod it even better than new.

Meanwhile, with so much saved on the purchase price, this watch cries out for add-on straps like a bund strap, a heavy nato strap or more basic green and black nato straps. Not to mention a bond-style striped jade strap. My wife likes the jade striped best, but after first thinking it was too big I now prefer the bund strap myself (the wide one). The factory strap isn't too bad, either - I like how thick it is, and it's made of soft canvas, not scratchy.

So, to help you choose your own add-ons, I've posted a few images, along with links. Enjoy!
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on April 1, 2015
Love this watch! A great buy. This is my first and only automatic watch. I wasn't sure about the color when I first got it. I put a leather strap on it with a stainless steel deployment clasp with a brushed finish and WOW! I think it looks fantastic. The green face gives it a unique look. It is darker green and almost looks black from a distance. The white with brown leather and the black with brown leather are the more classic combinations, so I feel a little special with the green and brown leather, which I like. I'll post some pictures and you be the judge. I think it is fun to keep it as close to the exact time by checking the accuracy with an radio controlled "atomic" clock ($10) each morning and night. I learned how each night position affects the accuracy so I use the position that will keep it most accurate. I generally end up losing about 2 seconds per day and I make a minute adjustment about once a month. I have a small wrist, so the smaller size suits me fine. The lume in the dark is not the greatest for my aging eyes. It is ok if I go from sunlight to dark since the lume will be brighter for 20 minutes or so. I still can't believe I got this for around $56. My guess is most more expensive automatics aren't much more accurate. I wear it almost every day, so I have not had a problem with it stopping. To me this watch wants to be worn and wants my attention. Like a good pet, if I give it my attention, it gives me back much in return.
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on September 14, 2016
The overall atheistic of this watch has an "outdoors look" in appearance. The fit and finish is very good and a bit above what you can expect for a watch in this price range. The movement is silent, it can't be heard in a quiet room at all, the glow in the dark hands and face are a nice touch as is the day and date feature. This watch is also easy to set and adjust, however it must be taken off the wrist to make doing so easier. The watch face is very well labeled with large minute markings on the outside and hour markings on the inside, the second hand looks as if it was taken from a compass which again goes with the "outdoors look".

The band isn't uncomfortable at all. I've read reviews about people saying the band is "scratchy". But to me it seems fine. Maybe my tolerance is higher compared to others.

As for its main function, that will have to wait for a few weeks at which point I'll update this review. As of right now it seems to be keeping perfect time with my Fossil Quartz watch.

I bought this watch as a "casual dress" watch, something I can wear with regular cloths, plus I've always been a fan of OD green. I also like wearing watches and thought it would be fun to dive into the world of mechanical watches.

9/21/16 so after owning this watch for a week I've found that I actually love having the crown at the 4 o'clock position. The crown doesn't dig into your wrist at all. As for keeping time this watch is very accurate, I've been switching between this watch and the SNK793 (both have the 7S26C movement) they have both been very accurate, not even a minute off in a weeks time. Over the course of a month I'm sure they will be a minute off or so which is to be expected from a mechanical watch. However for the price I paid for these watches I can't complain at all.

I've included photo's of this watch.
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on March 19, 2016
I really wanted to like this watch. It looks great. I really love the way this watch looks. Others have reported that the band pops off. I had this happen once. Many have reported that it will not keep time if you take it off overnight, mine has less than 2 hours of reserve. When I got it, it was losing about 40 seconds a night. Now I am lucky to accuracy like that. So far today it has gained over 3 minutes. I expected much more from Seiko even though this is a lower end watch. This watch is only a few weeks old. Since I received this in the mail, my other 'beater' watch has lost only 30 seconds. This watch is all over the place. Hours behind one night, 15 minutes ahead the next, if it doesn't die completely anyways. Buy this watch if you want a nice bracelet, but not if you want it to actually tell time.

Edit 6-16
I had this watch replaced and for the past several months it has been working very well. I bumped the rating up to 3 stars because while I have had no problems with the replacement, my original became unusable. This leads me to believe they may have a quality control issue. With my replacement, for the price I have absolutely no complaints.
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on April 9, 2016
First let me say I'm not a watch guy, I like watches I think they look cool but frankly I don't know what makes a good watch good or what makes a cheap watch cheap, I only know that the general consensus is that Seiko is a good "starter watch". That being said this review is from the standpoint of a normal guy who just likes the watch.

This isn't a "starter watch" a good product is a good product no matter the price! It's suited for a guy who owns a Rolex or a guy who buys no name watches and just wants something nicer. Honestly after owning this watch a while I would have no problem paying the full retail $180.00 for this and at $60.00 it's a steal and let me tell you why.

First the size, it's small! I think the modern style is for watches to be big, I actually own another seiko that's in the recraft series it's a good looking watch and looks nice with a suit but it's big and cumbersome. On the contrary the seiko 5 is much much smaller more like the classic sized watch you would have seen your grandfather wearing. I have very large wrists most watch bands only fit on the last or even second to last hole comfortably and this watch looks perfectly sized for my wrists in no way does it look feminine although this could make a fine large watch for a woman. Take a look a look at the picture below and keep in mind I have large wrists at 7.8 inches. The size makes it possible to go along with life with out your watch getting in the way or digging into the back of your hand.

Next up the strap of the watch.
This watch is classy and has an awsome retro design. I feel it was a mistake for them to place this beautiful timepiece on such a cheap watch band. The included watch band is made with a seat belt material and while I think it would last a while I find it to be ugly and it takes away from what the watch could be. I'm sure it was chosen to go along with the military design of the watch it is also probably a cost cutting method.

I honestly never even wore the included band I changed it the moment it came to my door. I first tried a band from Amazon made by strapsco a very beautiful leather watch band but too small for my wrist. Then I got a cheap Walmart 18mm watch band, it worked but didn't do the watch justice. I ended up getting a watch band from crown and buckle the watch band was on sale for $30.00ish and is made out of realy soft calf leather, call me cheap but I find even that price high for a watch strap but if your looking for a high quality watch strap I recommend trying crown and buckle.

The watch color.
When choosing the color I asked my wife what color I should get and she said green. Honestly I thought green was the ugliest color and wanted to go with black or maybe even blue but I have this nasty habit of asking my wife's opinion and doing what I want any way. My wife is a smart beautiful classy lady so I decided I need to listen to her opinion and I did and I'm really happy I did. The green face is less military green in real life its more of a forest green, when paired up with a nice leather band it gives this watch a really unique classic look and as stupid as this sounds it's the only way I can accurately describe it, it looks very earthy. Having the green color on my wrist I wouldn't choose any of the other colors.

The dial markings are another treat, where as the seiko and 5 shield are applied the second and hour markings are painted straight on the face. That may sound like it would look cheap but I think it actually gives it a very classic and timeless look. Also the way it's set up makes telling the time a simple quick look down process. The watch also has loom admittedly, while it's very bright at first it fades quickly, although it's faint you can still make out the time in the middle of the night.

Now the movement.
When you look at that second hand you are going to be treated by what looks like a sweeping second hand, it's so cool. And while I don't think it's really a sweeping hand it's close enough for this non expert! Turn over the watch and you have that beautiful exhibition display you can see the mechanism that swings when you move that powers the watch also the watch spring moving like a tiny heart beating it's really an awsome thing to look at. This watch is also an automatic, that means the power is derived from the moment of your arm winding the watch as you go, I have been told it has a life span of nearly 30 or so hours although mine has yet to die. During the work week I wear a digital watch to work and wear this watch for around 4 hours a day and so far that has been enough to keep it alive. Reseting the watch is a snap. First pull the watch crown all the way out and set the clock to 12.00, then push the crown in one click rotate the crown forward to change it to the correct date and backward for the day, pull out the crown again and set the time. Setting it to 12 initially keeps your watch from turning to the Spanish day of the week in the middle of the day, just a learned helpful tip.

And lastly the overall build of the watch. Although it's a small watch it has some nice heft to it and in no way feels cheap thanks to that stainless steal bezel. The bezel is a really complementing dull stainless steal although the sides by the strap are a nice polished stainless steal. I also really like how the crown is set at 4:00, it gives this watch a very unique look while keeping the crown from digging into the back of your hand.

This is not my only watch nor is it my most expensive, as I also mentioned it's not my only seiko or my newest watch but it is my favorite. It's not just that it's an all around beautiful watch, honestly seiko nailed it here. But this watch is quality and when it comes down to it money doesn't always determine how long something is going to last even though that's what consumerism tells us. This watch is quality the stainless steel body not to mention the same movement that is found in a wide variety of seikos including watches that cost much more comparatively. Although it would have been nice to have a nicer crystal even if it would have cost more and even a nicer band included, the price reflects this and I think it's an even cheaper price then this watch could be.

This isn't only the best watch buy of my life but the absolute hands down best buy of my year when it comes to quality to price ratio.
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on July 9, 2015
What a giggle this watch has been. I've waited about a month to write this review in order to give the watch some time to settle its action, and to see how I'd truly like it.

It has stood up well to surf fishing (lots of salt water splashes), ATA trap shooting matches (shotgun recoil), mountain biking, and day to day usage.

The rich green face has become a friend to me, hacking away with as good a movement as could be hoped for from watches below the $500 mark.

The watch has settled to +/- 5s a day, a fully wound spring lasts about 36 hours (excellent for this price range), the white numerals and unique face (minutes on outside, hour on inside) is both easy to read, and a conversation piece.

I've even considered purchasing the black face version as a result of how well this watch a performed, for more formal occasions (jubilee and super jubilee bands aren't my style).

Buy with confidence knowing you'll get the best value in automatic watches
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on September 2, 2015
So, I'm no watch expert, but I am a fanatic. I have yet to own a good quality automatic watch, as I've only owned low quality Chinese movement watches, and decided I wanted to start with this watch.

This is a military style watch. A little smaller than I'm used to. Most of my collection are 40-44mm vs this watch at 38mm. The color is close to OD green and very nice. I live the matte finish off the watch case also. The clear case back allows you to see the movement, which is very good looking in itself. Depending on where you buy the watch from, you'll get the Asian market watch (much less engraving on the movement/rotor, different watch box) or the American market watch (blue box with white pillow, warranty booklet, engraving on the moment/rotor). I have the American market watch. The strap that it came with is canvas, and very comfortable, but I swapped it out for a NATO strap that I had that happened to fit it. If you do wish to change the strap, the lugs are 18mm.

The watch is not hand windable and non-hacking (the seconds hand doesn't stop while setting the time). The day is multi lingual (mine is English/Spanish) and takes between 11pm to 3am to change. This is very important to remember when setting the time. I suggest you do a full day rotation when setting the watch to find AM and PM, and make sure you set the day properly. The day/date are quite easy to read. Saturday shows up as blue, Sunday shows up as red. Automatic, for those that don't understand, means it winds automatically from your body movement. The rotor spins, and winds the spring inside the movement. Some people gripe about the watch not lasting for very long if you don't wear it every day, and it won't if you don't move around a lot. The manufacturer gives a 35 hour per reserve. That's fully wound. If you don't have and automatic winder, I suggest you shake the watch for about two minutes after you take it off. That will give you about a full day of reserve without wearing it, before you have to wind it again. The crown is quite small, so setting the time while wearing the watch is a bit difficult. It keeps time well. I've noticed +/- a minute a week. The rotor is a little on the loud side when winding, but not really noticeable when wearing. The lume on it is great, and last for a good but of time. Very easy to read in the dark.

Personal Opinion:
There's a reason why these watches are so we'll respected. They apparently will last you forever with very little maintenance required. The price point and durability make these an awesome everyday watch. The different variations of the entire Seiko 5 line gives tons of options, and there's a huge group of modders who do custom builds with these watches all the time. If you're looking for a first automatic watch, you won't go wrong with this, and I do suggest one of you're just starting your collection.
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on April 26, 2017
I bought this to replace my now nonfunctional Seiko SNK793 (also a 5-series). First thing I did was swap the band from the old watch to the new one. The old one had always run fast and after about 2.5 years just quit working altogether. That one was more expensive but only came with a 2 year warranty, whereas this one was slightly cheaper but comes with 3 years. So I've had it for a total of about 6 days now. I set it to correct time then and now about 6 days later it is 13 minutes fast. Do they not check these things when they're made? I've been thinking about contacting Seiko about this and since Amazon prompted me for a review and I had to type all this out I'm going to do just that. I'll update if/when they make this right.
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