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on April 9, 2015
I'm giving this a five star rating for the watch itself. The strap is a steaming pile. I'm new to this whole mechanical watch thing, so I was looking at bang for the buck. I like military/aviator style watches and this one seemed to fit the bill on the checklist. I have to say, when it arrived, I was surprised for so little money you'd get such a nice timepiece. The box and little pillow are nice. This would make a great gift for a nerdy kid. There are a ton of other reviews, so I'll just get down to what I like: The lume is powerful enough that I can read the watch all night long without having to charge it under a light. If I wake up at 4:45 am, I can see that's what time it is. The watch is quiet in operation. I do hear the jingle jangle of the rotor in the back swinging around with my arm when I move sometimes, but it's not annoying. My particular watch is very accurate. I've had it running for three weeks now and it has lost 14 seconds. I took the strap off of mine as soon as I got it and made one out of leather, so my photos are not representative of the strap that comes with it. The strap that comes with it is really thin and cheap feeling. I'd feel guilty using the strap that came with it as a collar for a feral cat, let alone my wrist. My only personal complaint of the watch is that it seems a bit small on me, but fashion comes and goes and changes. It's big enough that it doesn't look goofy. If I wasn't married, I'd immediately buy the other colors so I had one to go with every outfit.
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on September 22, 2017
This watch does everything it sets out to do at a price point that can't be beat. It's a simple, modest, and reasonably accurate automatic watch. No, it's not as accurate as a quartz watch, but that's the nature of mechanical watches. It is much more accurate than the manual wind mechanicals I've used. Every few days you might have to adjust it a minute or so. No big deal. You do have to wear it 8 hours a day or so for it to keep working properly. It really is an "every day" watch, as opposed to something you just wear every now and then.

Some may find it a bit small for men, especially by today's standards. I happen to think it looks great. It's a nice contrast to the ridiculously oversized Chinese watches with designer names that everyone seems to be wearing these days. This watch says you know what's what, and you're not the type to overpay for a designer name.

After a year and a half, there are no problems. The design and craftsmanship are outstanding. It's stainless steel, not some crappy "base metal" that will turn your wrist green. It's surprisingly hefty for a watch its size. The recessed crown at the 4 o'clock position is genius. It's highly unlikely that it will catch on anything and break.

Many reviewers dislike the strap. I think it's great. Very sturdy and comfortable, and stylish in a low key casual way. And the hardware is stainless steel, just like the watch.

I'd like it a lot better if there were a way to hack the seconds hand and a way to manually wind it, but I don't expect those things at this price.
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on August 12, 2017
I only bought this watch really for its second hand when I work at a hospital. So I'm not exactly sure how good the time it keeps is however it's not a problem I can simply reset it everyday. The watches interesting it looks durable. The picture doesn't quite do it justice as its back piece is glass and shows you all the inter workings. I was very glad I found this because no store I visited near me was able to sell me an automatic watch for a reasonable price. Every store I visited either only sold battery-operated watches for the exact same price or reselling Rolexes for $2,500. My only complaint and it's a nothing one is that afternoon the day of the week is displayed as something different than it was in the morning not sure what this is but it's not much trouble. And if you have big hands it should still fit you I do.
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on August 11, 2014
As an entry, this PDF should be read alongside the booklet that comes in the box: That is for assuring how to take good care of it. This "INITIAL" review (wore them for only a week now) will work for both Seiko 5 Automatic SNK805 (Green) and SNK809 (Black). They share a story (At the end). These watches are, at the price I bought them ($50 each) A BARGAIN! For an automatic watch, these are just missing few seconds per day (5-7). The strap is a bit cheap, but it is OK for the price of the machinery (7s26C), which is outstanding. Improvements on this calibre (C variety) means that now the parts are exchangeable with other Seiko 5 (7S2X/7S3X/4R15/4R3X/6R15 as I'm aware). I'll update this review after 1 month to watch for consistency.

Been coveting this watch for over one year now. My girlfriend saw me (finally) buying the SNK809 and she liked it (she likes military-like gear), so asked me to buy the SNK805 for her, she'd pay for it. When they arrived, she wore it and... didn't like it because of its weight (she's used to small, plastic quartz watches) and the fact that it stood still (didn't wind it). So... she gave it to me as a gift! Lucky me! :)
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on December 22, 2016
Beautiful watch, automatic too which means no batteries needed. It would have been even better if the straps were slightly wider. But overall I am happy with the purchase.

Amazon's warranty is automatically applied to this on top of the seiko 3 year warranty that is included. I was confused because there is no proof to show that this is covered by the 2 year amazon warranty as well other than what is mentioned in the website and what customer service tells me. I did ask them to email me the warranty just so I have it for my records. Thought it would help someone else too if I mentioned it in my review.

----------------------------------------POST CHRISTMAS UPDATE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The watch looked too small on my son's wrist. As I guessed earlier on, the straps look too narrow when worn. Sadly, it will be returned.
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on September 18, 2017
So far so good.... I bought the larger version (SNZG09K1) but after a few months of wearing it the second hand fell off.... so not as rugged as I would have expected from Seiko, hoping this one will fare better. This one is smaller in diameter and in band width, but so far the self-winding feature is as described and looks great. I actually like the look of the SNZG09K1 better but had to return it. I'll have to wear this one for a few months to feel confident that it's rugged enough for consistent weekend use. Hopefully will have better luck with this one!
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on October 25, 2017
Nice watch for the price. I've had mine for 4+ years now. the glass is getting a bit scratched up. Mine runs abit fast, i have to adjust the time every two days. It runs about 2 mins fast a day. Better early than late right? Band is still holding up ok. will most likely replace the band and put a nice sapphire glass upgrade to the standard glass so it's more scratch resistant. I like not having to waste time and money getting a new battery every few years like my other Swiss Army watch.
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on September 15, 2017
The watch looks quite handsome. Rugged-looking enough too be relax. Simple enough to be (well, for lack of better words) cute. However, beware that it's tiny by today standards. Well, on the other hand, it's unisex. In fact, my then-fiancee (now wife) seized it from me when she saw it first time.

That said, the watch has not been the most reliable one. After about 6 months, the screw on the automatic winding came slightly loose, which means that it stops winding. I tightened it a few times (each gives it about a month of service) before junking it.

However, for $60, it's excellent value. Very handsome, automatic (with a display case back!), relatively accurate (automatic == don't time nuclear devices with it).
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on May 28, 2017
This the third Seiko 5 with I've owned over the past 20+ years the first 2 were markedly better. They seemed to have more substance. This one with the canvus strap feels cheap, not the strap the actual watch. The dial hands are bright and bold, however the dial seems dull and cloudy.
I have worn it all day 4 days and the watch stopped during the middle of the night 3 times. The watch has been disappointing so far. I regret the purchase. It is not common for me to give negative reviews. I'm just not that critical
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on November 14, 2017
This is an excellent nifty watch. Under $100 for a reliable automatic (i.e. self-winding, *not battery powered*, meaning this watch powers itself from the movement of your body) movement, shown off by a fascinating display back, is a truly unparalleled deal. I've worn this watch daily for a couple of months now, and the proprietary hardened mineral glass crystal is like new, as is the sandblasted, stainless steel case. Rain on my daily bike-commuting rides hasn't affected the watch, and any grossness on the glass is easily wiped off with a shirtsleeve, without a worry.
The details on the dial--the "Seiko" and the "5" markers, the day/date window, the hands--show Seiko's expert commitment to refinement regardless of price point. I've put this watch on a NATO strap for style purposes, and it's really astounding how affordable this watch is. Highly recommended.
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