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on April 9, 2015
I'm giving this a five star rating for the watch itself. The strap is a steaming pile. I'm new to this whole mechanical watch thing, so I was looking at bang for the buck. I like military/aviator style watches and this one seemed to fit the bill on the checklist. I have to say, when it arrived, I was surprised for so little money you'd get such a nice timepiece. The box and little pillow are nice. This would make a great gift for a nerdy kid. There are a ton of other reviews, so I'll just get down to what I like: The lume is powerful enough that I can read the watch all night long without having to charge it under a light. If I wake up at 4:45 am, I can see that's what time it is. The watch is quiet in operation. I do hear the jingle jangle of the rotor in the back swinging around with my arm when I move sometimes, but it's not annoying. My particular watch is very accurate. I've had it running for three weeks now and it has lost 14 seconds. I took the strap off of mine as soon as I got it and made one out of leather, so my photos are not representative of the strap that comes with it. The strap that comes with it is really thin and cheap feeling. I'd feel guilty using the strap that came with it as a collar for a feral cat, let alone my wrist. My only personal complaint of the watch is that it seems a bit small on me, but fashion comes and goes and changes. It's big enough that it doesn't look goofy. If I wasn't married, I'd immediately buy the other colors so I had one to go with every outfit.
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on April 13, 2017
This is truly a great automatic watch for the money. Probably the least amount you can spend to step into the world of automatic watches. Clear open back so you can see the internals. Feels good on the wrist. And it has true heritage of the Seiko 5 line going back to the 60's. It comes in at 37mm. That is probably my only hit on this watch. Its a bit small for my wrist. Will probably give to my son. If you want a little larger watch then look at the Seiko SNZG15. Almost same watch but its 43mm I believe. You truly cannot go wrong with this watch. People may equate low price with cheap quality. That is not the case here. There is a solid EDC (every day carry) automatic watch you can get for the money. True watch line with horology.
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on July 11, 2016
I liked the looks of this watch but was convinced to buy it because of the Seiko name. I was not disappointed by the looks of this watch. I particularly like the transparent back on the case so I can see the winding movement and and a few of the gears inside. The face is supposed to be colored green, but it's more like a greenish charcoal. The hands are easy to see although they do not glow for long after dark which was a disappointment. Setting the watch is a bit of a challenge. The instructions are not entirely clear although they give enough information that with a little trial and error you can get it done. At the end of June, the date showed "Friday 31". I moved it manually to the 1st and the day remained "Friday". The green nylon band that came with the watch had several irritating areas on the inside causing discomfort and a bit of a rash. I was able to smooth some of the irritating fibers by carefully using a lighter to melt the offending fibers and it helped, but the nylon material remained less than comfortable. I turned to Amazon and found an 18mm stainless steel mesh watch band. I chose the mesh because nylon didn't work out and leather doesn't handle perspiration very well. So far the mesh band is great. Since the case of the watch is brushed stainless steel I wasn't pleased when the new band showed up in bright, shiny stainless steel. I didn't like it at first, but I like it better every day.
The major disappointment is that it looses about one to two minutes every day. I didn't expect that. It's not hard to adjust the time, but so much for my hopes of a precision time piece. It's usable for a general idea of the time. If I need the precise time I'll look at my iPhone. After my experience with this Seiko I probably wouldn't buy this watch again. If I want a reasonably accurate analog watch that looks pretty good Walmart sells them or $12.88. I'll probably go back to a digital quartz watch next time. I've worn reliable digital quartz watches with many other features from two major manufacturers for over fifty years and have been relatively pleased. I really expected more from a Seiko.

Update: I've tried using this watch from time to time over the past 10 months. As long as I'm activate the watch works well. When I'm not active the watch slows and will even stop, particularly if I'm not wearing it for a few hours. This would be a great watch for someone who is active most of the day. For those who spend a lot of time on the computer, reading or watching TV, I'd stick with a battery powered watch.
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on May 4, 2017
This is a little thinner than other automatic watches I own. Luminous hands are a real bonus. One thing not mentioned in any specs is that this watch cannot be wound manually. The instructions state that in order to start the watch you need to swing it like a pendulum for 30 seconds or more. I suppose you could wear it for a while. The instructions also mention that the watch should be worn 8 hours a day in order to maintain the winding, and that it has a 40 hour reserve time when fully wound. The day date indicator changes (slowly) between 11PM and 4AM, so If you really need to know what day it is you may have to resort to another source during those hours.

As I write this I have been wearing my new watch for about 4 hours, and it has stopped! I took it off a swung it around for a minute and it started working again... Not really sure why 4 hours of wear wouldn't wind the watch sufficiently to keep working. Stay tuned.

Two weeks later: The watch has stopped again. Although I wear this every day it stopped today. I did not notice this for a few hours, so I went to reset the time, and the minute hand got caught up on the hour hand and seems to have dragged it out of place. The watch no longer sets the correct time as the hour hand lags behind the minute hand by about 30 minutes. E.G. when I set it for 4:30 the hour hand sits directly on 4:00. I am returning it for a replacement. This review is turning into a blog. Stay tuned.

Amazon replaced the watch without hassle or expense. The replacement has been working fine. I also purchased the white faced version, SNK803, and have had no problems with that watch.
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on September 22, 2017
This watch does everything it sets out to do at a price point that can't be beat. It's a simple, modest, and reasonably accurate automatic watch. No, it's not as accurate as a quartz watch, but that's the nature of mechanical watches. It is much more accurate than the manual wind mechanicals I've used. Every few days you might have to adjust it a minute or so. No big deal. You do have to wear it 8 hours a day or so for it to keep working properly. It really is an "every day" watch, as opposed to something you just wear every now and then.

Some may find it a bit small for men, especially by today's standards. I happen to think it looks great. It's a nice contrast to the ridiculously oversized Chinese watches with designer names that everyone seems to be wearing these days. This watch says you know what's what, and you're not the type to overpay for a designer name.

After a year and a half, there are no problems. The design and craftsmanship are outstanding. It's stainless steel, not some crappy "base metal" that will turn your wrist green. It's surprisingly hefty for a watch its size. The recessed crown at the 4 o'clock position is genius. It's highly unlikely that it will catch on anything and break.

Many reviewers dislike the strap. I think it's great. Very sturdy and comfortable, and stylish in a low key casual way. And the hardware is stainless steel, just like the watch.

I'd like it a lot better if there were a way to hack the seconds hand and a way to manually wind it, but I don't expect those things at this price.
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on August 12, 2017
I only bought this watch really for its second hand when I work at a hospital. So I'm not exactly sure how good the time it keeps is however it's not a problem I can simply reset it everyday. The watches interesting it looks durable. The picture doesn't quite do it justice as its back piece is glass and shows you all the inter workings. I was very glad I found this because no store I visited near me was able to sell me an automatic watch for a reasonable price. Every store I visited either only sold battery-operated watches for the exact same price or reselling Rolexes for $2,500. My only complaint and it's a nothing one is that afternoon the day of the week is displayed as something different than it was in the morning not sure what this is but it's not much trouble. And if you have big hands it should still fit you I do.
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on July 16, 2015
I've been wearing this watch for a few weeks now and it's perfect! It's only about 15 seconds off (if that) from those few weeks of use. I tend to abuse things I own due to all of the outdoor activities I do, but there's not a single scratch anywhere on the watch. I know of at least 6-8 times where I've accidentally bashed it on doorways, car door, etc. and each time I look down at the watch expecting a huge scuff or even a tiny scratch, but no. I actually just brought it canoe camping down the Wisconsin River for 2 days this past weekend and it withstood the elements. I did take if off when I went swimming just to be safe, but there were several times when my fishing line was snagged on a submerged log, and I reached into the water for 20+ seconds trying to dislodge it (those Rapala's aren't cheap) from the canoe with the watch underwater and no problems.

I've read comments from reviewers who said the "lum" wasn't great but my watch stays brightly illuminated all night. From 10pm until about 5am, it stays lit (both the hands and the hour markers). I do agree with many other commenters regarding the cheap band that comes with it. I hated it at first but now it's growing on me. I was going to immediately replace it with a leather band (which I still plan on doing since I'll be attending a wedding next month and would like to fancy it up a bit) but I kind of like the green band. The first day I wore it I brought it out fishing and over the course of 3 hours, I already had a run in the material. Later that evening I took a lighter to it (to burn away any runs and loose ends and it's significantly tougher now. Haven't had a problem since, and you can't even see a difference.

I bought this watch because I initially bought a Timex Expedition but couldn't stand the ridiculously loud ticking. For those of you saying it's not that bad... maybe I just have superhuman hearing but I returned it the same day. I then did some research and found this watch. It has a unique ticking to it that you can really only hear if you put your ear up to it. Otherwise, I don't hear it at night while sleeping, or at work in a quiet office.

Overall, I'd say this watch is perfect and absolutely deserves 5 stars. Also, it took me 30 seconds to set the time, day of week, and date (and I've never owned a non-digital watch before.. except for the Timex Expedition which I returned the same day). So don't let other reviewers fool you. It's pretty self explanatory. I highly recommend this watch to anyone who is awesome. For 50 bucks... You're getting much more than what you're paying for
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on November 6, 2015
Purchased a second watch through amazon hoping the first was a lemon (and it would cost more to fix than to replace). Well the second watch lasted 4 months before dying of the same issue as the first. Purchased 11/17/15 and died 3/16/16 when the rotor came loose (over the past week or so). As of right now the watch has lost two hours today but is still ticking. I have worn this watch 24/7 other than showers/swimming so no reason it shouldnt be winding. Too bad Seiko will not warranty because Amazon isnt an authorized seller! Time to find a different watch to try, or maybe go back to a digital Timex.


Purchased this watch about 9 months ago from Amazon. In that time I loved the watch (looks great, fantastic price, kept time well) and it would require setting the time every few days (ran fast) but i never took it off and enjoyed it thoroughly. About 48 hours ago it started rattling and the rotor came loose. I took it to a local jeweler who quoted me to repair but it would far exceed the price of the watch itself. It stopped ticking last night and i am at a loss about how to proceed. Seiko will not warranty any purchases through an online retailer including amazon. Amazon will not accept the watch back due to the time since ordering. Do I test my luck with another, repair, or just go back to a digital Timex.....
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on August 11, 2014
As an entry, this PDF should be read alongside the booklet that comes in the box: http://www.ee.ryerson.ca/~elf/snk809/seiko-7s26-manual.pdf That is for assuring how to take good care of it. This "INITIAL" review (wore them for only a week now) will work for both Seiko 5 Automatic SNK805 (Green) and SNK809 (Black). They share a story (At the end). These watches are, at the price I bought them ($50 each) A BARGAIN! For an automatic watch, these are just missing few seconds per day (5-7). The strap is a bit cheap, but it is OK for the price of the machinery (7s26C), which is outstanding. Improvements on this calibre (C variety) means that now the parts are exchangeable with other Seiko 5 (7S2X/7S3X/4R15/4R3X/6R15 as I'm aware). I'll update this review after 1 month to watch for consistency.

Been coveting this watch for over one year now. My girlfriend saw me (finally) buying the SNK809 and she liked it (she likes military-like gear), so asked me to buy the SNK805 for her, she'd pay for it. When they arrived, she wore it and... didn't like it because of its weight (she's used to small, plastic quartz watches) and the fact that it stood still (didn't wind it). So... she gave it to me as a gift! Lucky me! :)
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on March 20, 2016
What must a wristwatch do to earn five stars? In reality, keep time well, look good and be durable. I've only had the watch for a week, so I will address style and function. It does look good! I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the well appointed box at what I found. A stylish, casual watch. The green color is very neutral and goes with whatever I wear. I like the dark face and light hands, so just a glance gives you the time. The band is very nicely made, although I am not sure that the band will be as long lasting as the watch. I did get some salad dressing (oil and vinegar base) on it, and it wiped right off not leaving discoloration. The watch is a matte stainless and looks great.

I set the time to my cell phone and after a week it appears to keeping time perfectly. I like the day/date option, especially being retired and sometimes not having reference to the day or the date!

About the only think I think is a bit nuts is that the large numbers are the minutes and inside in smaller numbers is the hour. I'm sure there is a reason for this.

To let you know where I'm coming from, my expensive....and I do mean expensive, watch of 25 years broke and the jeweler wanted 700+ dollars to repair it. Now that I don't work or dress up, and things are changed I just wanted a knock around watch I didn't have to worry about. At times I would worry going through security at the airport I would lose sight of my watch in the bin, or afraid I'd get accosted for my watch. No more worry.

I will try to revisit this review in a few months or a year to tell you about the durability. I will probably buy a few more watches in the future in different styles. From Amazon of course.

Well, It's been a few weeks now and I've found a concern. The free end of the band has begun to fray a bit. I just pull the threads and it disappears, but how many threads can one pull before the band becomes threadbare? So I deducted a star from the watch because I don't feel the band is up to snuff, it's poor quality.
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